Is The NTP Rat Study Already Obsolete By Design?

By Catherine J. Frompovich

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences issued a News Release February 2, 2018 titled High Exposure to Radiofrequency Radiation Linked to Tumor Activity in Male Rats referring to the National Toxicology Program (NTP) study in rodents exposed to radiofrequency radiation (RFR) or what is known as microwave technology used by cell phones.

Since the NTP report is not finalized, I do not wish to comment about any preliminary findings.  However,

NTP will hold an external expert review of its complete findings from these rodent studies March 26-28.

There will be plenty time to dissect and parse the official findings from the final report.

Nevertheless, at this juncture, I find some information in the February 2, 2018 News Release that sparks a special questioning and interest with regard to frequencies used in the NTP rodent study.

To conduct the studies, NTP built special chambers that exposed rats and mice to different levels of RFR for up to two years. Exposure levels ranged from 1.5 to 6 watts per kilogram (W/kg) in rats, and 2.5 to 10 W/kg in mice. The low power level for rats was equal to the highest level permitted for local tissue exposures to cell phone emissions today. The animals were exposed for 10-minute on, 10-minute off increments, totaling just over 9 hours each day. The studies used 2G and 3G frequencies and modulations still used in voice calls and texting in the United States. More recent 4G, 4G-LTE, and 5G networks for streaming video and downloading attachments use different cell phone signal frequencies and modulations than NTP used in these studies. [CJF emphasis]


The above paragraph states the studies used 2G and 3G frequencies, but more recent 4G, 4G-LTE, and 5G networks for streaming video and downloading attachments use different cell phone signal frequencies and modulations, and apparently were not used in the NTP studies.  Why?

Okay, so do you see, or perceive, what I do as being technically outdated with what appears to be an ‘obsolete design’ study?

In my opinion using only 2G and 3G frequencies, which studies should have been done years ago before those generations were implemented, probably are of little relevance since those generations are practically obsolete and being upgraded in favor of 4G and the highly coveted 5G, which is being fast-tracked.

Now here’s a proverbial “monkey-wrench” in this NTP study, as I perceive it.

If the NTP study conclusions are confirmed, as being leaked, “tumors, malignant schwannomas, increased cardiomyopathy” at the lower-end spectrum of cell phone/microwave transmissions—2G and 3G, what physiological damages would have been found in rodents using the current exposures to RFRs humans receive from 4G, experimental 5G being “trial run” in cities in the USA [Austin and Waco, Texas; Kalamazoo, Michigan; South Bend, Indiana (1)], and RFRs from the almost ubiquitous presence of AMI Smart Meters utilities are retrofitting on to homes, businesses and everywhere in between?

Frequency Differences

5G operates at faster frequencies per second than 2G, 3G and 4G.  Remember, were talking about the Gigahertz (GHz) range, which pumps out ONE Billion Hz/cycles [2] per second.  The 5G bandwidth range supposedly is 15 GHz frequency, whereas the 3G/4G frequencies top out around 2.6 GHz.  Do the math!

If the 2G and 3G NTP studies indicate certain health problems, how much more amplified will the 5G exposure health problems be?  Doesn’t anyone want to know that before you gladly accept faster Wi-Fi?

What I find absolutely ridiculous and even scientifically silly is this:

“These studies were complex and technically challenging, but they provide the most comprehensive assessment, to date, of health effects in rats and mice from exposure to RFR,” said Bucher. “Cell phone technologies are constantly changing, and these findings provide valuable information to help guide future studies of cell phone safety.”

John Bucher, Ph.D., an NTP senior scientist, made the above remark and apparently doesn’t realize the study already is obsolete by design since it has an “apparent built-in default” to “back pedal” microwave science while it encourages “these findings provide valuable information to help guide future studies of cell phone safety.”  The microwave industry’s perennial mantra is “more data are needed before conclusions can be drawn!”

Human EMF Exposures Are Intense

Technically, there are conclusions: Humans and all life forms on Planet Earth now are exposed to electromagnetic frequencies that are 200 million times more intense than our ancestors experienced!

Furthermore, there are estimates that humans are hit with 300,000 DNA-damaging frequencies per minute, which does not allow for DNA repair, thereby leading to pre- and cancerous health problems.

Professor Olle Johansson of the Karolinska Institute says that compared with EMF radiation penetration of just ten years ago, humans now are receiving “a quintillion” times more, or numerically, that’s a one with 18 zeros after it: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000!

Will cell phone and smart technology users have to wait ten years or so to find out what 5G RFRs do to rodents’ health and/or humans, wildlife and the environment?  A default research protocol seems like a perfect built-in microwave industry concession being endorsed so that humans deliberately are deprived of the radiation facts about “smart” technologies that are introduced and sold to them, but still don’t know the physiological harms RFRs can do to their bodies and lives.

There are opinions that if cell phone technology was tested properly before its introduction with the results published, cell phones would not have been permitted to enter the marketplace or they and microwave technology would have been made much safer!  However, that would have impacted and interfered with the military’s role in microwave warfare.

Coincidentally, there’s an almost parallel NTP-like RFR rat study that was performed by the prestigious Ramazzini Institute of Bologna, Italy, which is to be published soon.  If that study confirms the NTP findings, I think cell phone and smart technology users ought to be demanding an immediate 5G rodent study BEFORE implementing Wi-Fi in the sky and placing 5G mini cell towers on poles every so many feet.



Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on

Her 2012 book A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on and as a Kindle eBook.

Two of Catherine’s more recent books on are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008)

Catherine’s NEW book: Eat To Beat Disease, Foods Medicinal Qualities ©2016 Catherine J Frompovich is now available

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1 Comment on "Is The NTP Rat Study Already Obsolete By Design?"

  1. Here is my two cents on what is going on:
    The gig is up on the current cell phones. The bodies are piling up AND if you remember there is that DC lawsuit that allowed medical experts and thus “discovery” to occur.
    You are seeing a massive push for 5G. Significant money as well as regulatory and state laws to get it in and fast.
    5G does not penetrate as far into the body like 2-4G.
    The establishment will finally admit some problems with the older technology but will tell us 5G is different and safer. They will start the 30 year process all over again.
    5G – millimeter size waves interact with water. It will penetrate your skin and your skin contains many sweat glands holding water.

    NTP study took over a decade to do? why?
    NTP study was “expensive”. Compare $25million to the money just appropriated for the silly Zika scam. Compare the risks of zika to the risks of EMF’s and see if the money spent on each is appropriate. Note also that the Rockefeller’s hold the patent on zika virus as well as it has been known since the 1940’s to only cause mild health problems.

    Consider also, why would you build such an elaborate expensive chamber for study and then immediately destroy it after study completion?

    My bet is that the DC law case will be settled with non-disclosure agreements attached and the truth will never come out. You had to prove you got a brain cancer from a phone manufactured prior to 1996 in order to sue. Why 1996? Because after 1996 Telecommunications Act, the telco’s were protected by law. All they have to do is comply with the FCC guidelines THEY control and they are absolved from liability.

    We will be “played” once again unless we can truly expose these games they play of constantly delaying. At the press conference Bucher mentioned that there was amazing work being done with RF for good things. That also then proves there are biological effects beyond heating. An action needs to be initiated quickly to seize on teh fact that there biological effects other than heating and there are no guidelines to protect the public. So 5G should not be implemented until FCC Docket 13-84 is completed and the guidelines are updated to consider biological effects as well as accumulated, chronic exposures to multiple sources of EMF’s.

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