New Human Memory Technology in Development: Another Potential Mind Control Tool?

By Paul A. Philips

Recent neurological research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has yielded some interesting radical insights into how our brains work with regard to memory formation. It has led to the ongoing development of new memory technology that enables neuroscientists to locate, enhance or even erase specific memories. It can also be used to willfully implant memories.

MIT lead researcher. Susumu Tonegawa. explains that the technology has been used to implant false memories, having the effect of perceiving a harmless situation as something threatening. This involved using a virus to artificially activate specific neurons in the amygdala, a brain region where fearful memories are stored…

The opposite occurred in a later experiment where a situation normally interpreted as threatening was seen as positive through the memory implanting technology. Memory erasure was also carried out, involving the use of a toxin. The toxin destroyed a specific neural network pathway associated with a fearful experience…  So far, this research has only been done on mice, but looks set to pave the way towards treating human memory.

Basically, the ability to treat memories works on the principle of the new technology being able to detect the specific network of activated neurons (nerve cells in the brain) during a particular memory. Elevated levels of a key protein called CREB is also detected in these activated neurons. For background information on this, go here.

There are other similar explosive new technologies in memory research being developed for enhancing a located memory or erasing fearful, traumatic ones in humans. Like, for instance, the scientists who are working on an enzyme having the ability to delete bad memories. The scientists are looking at using the memory erasure technology to treat soldiers by erasing their bad memories connected with post traumatic stress disorder.

Then there are pills and CRISPR gene technology in development for memory erasure…

Sure, memory technology could offer benefits when developed. However, if developed enough and put in the wrong hands, will it be used to covertly exploit and manipulate human memory for the dark nefarious purpose of mind control?

(Frequenters of the alternative media may well know that there are a number of double-edged sword technologies perceived by many people as purely beneficial while unaware of their potential harm in the deception. For your own protection you need to know about these deceptively harmful technologies; how and why they tie in with the ‘silent war’ on humanity…)

Memory implanting and mind control – remembering events that never happened

Given that it’s possible to artificially erase or implant memories, consider the dark bio-hacking implications on a wide scale.

How about something in the way of a governmental agency using memory erasure technology for mind control to make you love your government? You’ll love your government because the bad memories of your Big Brother totalitarian enslavement have been erased: They’ll have been covertly supplanted by fake pleasant ones…

Does this sound too far-fetched?

Consider the work of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and the extent to which they can control our minds. From whistleblower testimony, author/researcher Dr Nick Begich has given us the startling revelation that DARPA is using EMF (electromagnetic field) technology on unsuspecting citizens for the purpose of mind control.

Originally used as warfare, the EMF technology directs subtle electromagnetic energy frequencies at targeted individuals as a way of hacking into specific areas of their brains so that they can be mind controlled. The effects can result in mood changes such as anxiety, thought implantation and hallucinations…

Courageous whistleblower Dr Robert Duncan (former CIA agent, experienced in black-ops and mind control) tells us that even a person’s most private thoughts can be read and then manipulated accordingly… yes, thoughts are not private anymore.

In conclusion

The research at the MIT, as with other similar memory technologies, is just one of the many projects in development that could ultimately be used for mind control.

Already developed harmful mind control technologies are either highly secretive, or masquerade as something that’s there purely for your benefit. This does indeed raise a number of ethical issues/concerns, which need to be dealt with for our freedom’s sake.

Mind control is all part of the controller’s dehumanization process as we are made to become biological androids in the transhumanist “smart grid” Internet of Things.

Finally here’s an interesting informative video from Truthstream Media to summarize.

You can read more from Paul A. Philips at his website New Paradigm.

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Top image credit: Truthstream Media

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