3 Characteristics Of Small Thriving Communities That Work For Everyone

By Paul A. Philips

The transitional period we’re currently in calls for us to re-educate ourselves in ways that many have not even considered. For our protection, preparedness, survival and stability, to help each other out during these uncertain times, there needs to be a number of solutions in place. One empowering solution is to form small close-knit communities based on food self-sufficiency and health freedom.

As a nature-based alternative way of life, community living contrasts to the current ‘winner takes all’ consumerist, ‘digital dictatorship,’ concrete jungle, rat race: it’s an alternative to being part of an exploited, unjust society, dwindling in environmental friendliness, wealth, food quality, health, happiness, morality, and self-expression.

For effective advocacy, organization and development, a stable, small thriving agricultural-based community must have 3 vital essential characteristics:

1. Unity

The wave of the future is on the local level. Don’t waste your heart and mind trying to pull down what is already destroying itself. But come into where you’re almost below the radar and reorganize life. We want communities where we live and work and fight for the future. – Joanna Macy

Getting stuck on being divided and ruled; forever arguing and bickering amongst each other with closed-minded differences of beliefs and opinions only throws away the opportunity of developing our greatest asset. That greatest asset is the people surrounding us. Consider what would happen if we put our differences aside, agreed to disagree. We could then move on and take a stand in unity. Find a common-ground, share a vision needed for building strong, innovative small thriving communities based on maintaining food self-sufficiency and health freedom.

2. Self-sufficiency

Whether it’s at the level of confined urban spaces or open-land, small-scale farming, the impetus for food self-sufficiency is totally justified. ‘Big Food’ and ‘Big Agriculture’ corporations’ mass sales of nutrient-lacking processed ‘acidic’ junk foods and toxic GMOs laden with harmful pesticides have served as an unequivocal abject failure in promoting good health.

The sustainable small-scale organic food production model is a solution, enabling us to return to our dietary roots and eat more healthily. One such successful farming community that has achieved self-sufficiency and thrived, having championed their business and have spread the word through internal training, are the Greenhorns.

Not just at the level of food self-sufficiency and health freedom, small thriving communities also extend into helping each other out socially. Unlike today’s sick and dying Western society, nobody in small thriving communities are left isolated and alone.

Cultural commodities involving the making of arts and crafts also occupy some small communities.

Further, there are inter-communities who help each other. For example, if one community is lacking in a particular resource then another can supply it. A classic example of this exists in permaculture (‘permanent agriculture’) communities.

3. Discernment

Along the way, discernment is crucial. You cannot find a solution if you’re unaware of the problem. That problem can be found by discernment. Discernment is the ability to identify anything that threatens to prevent the community from working such as the effects of legal problems, spiritually bankrupt crooked politicians with ulterior motives, corporations having greed-driven hidden self-interests, shady business operations from traders outside of the community, and dark infiltrators.

The mess that the world is in can be attributed to people who have not made certain crucial vigilant discernment and taken appropriate action.

In reflection of this, we need to be aware that the world’s rulers are taking us into darker and darker places. For example, the world’s governmental and corporate power structures with their forever growing concentration of wealth are leading us into abject poverty. So, as a response, while building communities we need to expand our unity and solidarity by refusing to buy into their control system and no longer co-operate with it.

For some added inspiration have a look at this short video taken from the Thriving Communities website.

Thriving Communities Conference 2017 from Thriving Communities on Vimeo.

You can read more from Paul A. Philips at his site New Paradigm

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8 Comments on "3 Characteristics Of Small Thriving Communities That Work For Everyone"

  1. Dancing Sayanim | December 3, 2017 at 1:06 pm | Reply

    This article almost seems to be written by those who put us in this position. I certainly wouldn’t put it past them, and being the cruel sadistic semitic mold that they are, if we do what is suggested in this article, they’ll move in for the kill with appropriate legislation and we’ll look back on the good old days when only childrens’ lemonade stands were being raided by SWAT teams.

  2. Probably small floating sovereign island nations would be a preferable option. Some are being designed at this time. There certainly is a cost factor and issues like pirates and the presumption of powerful global interests who would see such sovereignty as an effrontery must be considered. But as with the intentional communities to which this article alludes, the sovereign floating island mini-nations can be of various types, appealing to the various lifestyles. In theory, these would be exempt from any other global legislation. The one major sop, however, which would have to thrown to Baphomet would be to prostrate yourselves at his altar in funding the operation(s). Then once your island nation is in business, do not set up a gold-based currency or do anything else which can be perceived as a threat to the blood-soaked petrodollar or the oil-based energy scam.

    • LOL… which means it will end up like Gilligan’s Island. Seasteading dot org seems to be on the right track. Check them out.

  3. Psychic Warrior | December 4, 2017 at 7:11 am | Reply

    What is missing from this presentation, which has its merits; is the fact that we are imprisoned by the karma of a race beings who are not human but humanoid. They and others are responsible for our present genetic condition which is another problem that needs to be addressed. The mind-control of these entities who are our progenitors has interfered with our development for millennia. Those who have raised their awareness to a level of consciousness that can accept this have a some what better chance to adapt to their coming changes.

  4. I tried to form a cooperative, self-sufficient community a decade ago. The only ones who came forward were highly religious types. While that in itself is not a problem for me, their inability to join with others who did not share their dogma (as opposed to spiritual beliefs) prevented them from embracing cooperation–putting the greater good before their personal anchors.

    • This is very true… even amongst Christians, internally, denominational differences cause an idiotic inability to put their minute differences aside to create a “common defense” against antiChrists. Sad and quite pathetic, actually.

  5. The other benefit of small community is accountability!
    Even an individual of some questionable morality would not want to do anything ‘bad’ in a small community.
    As potential shame and accountability are usually inherent to a small community for wrong doers.
    Being shunned can have tangible consequences.

  6. Libertarians need to copy the basis of the Free State Project, only aim a bit “lower”. Start with villages, towns, cities and even small counties. Structure land development companies where all the Bitcoin nerds can re-invest their profits into something stable. Build time-share units for those who don’t want to relocate there permanently. Have a “porcfest” or “Anarchopulco” all year long. It’s not rocket science. If the inbred Mormons can figure it out, why the phuque can’t 140 IQ MensaMind libertarians? duh. Stop whining; get working. [email protected] if anyone wants to discuss it further.

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