Social Media Research Shows At Least 65 White Helmets Members Support ISIS, Nusra, Extremism

By Brandon Turbeville

Ever since the Western corporate media began pimping the White Helmets as the “heroes of the Syrian crisis,” lavishing praise upon them, and even giving them film awards for some of the cheesiest filmmaking in the business, the alternative media has been consistently exposing the terrorist organization for being  a propaganda wing of al-Nusra Front.

Since the very beginning, Vanessa Beeley has been the tip of the spear in deconstructing the myth of the White Helmets, having traveled to Syria on multiple occasions, taking photos, conducting interviews and investigations that have revealed beyond a reasonable doubt that the White Helmets are indeed terrorists and, more specifically, aligned with al-Nusra Front. I, myself, have also traveled to Syria in October, 2017 and have seen clear evidence of the same.

After repeated videos of sectarianism, the fact that White Helmets only treat terrorists, that they literally operate out of the same complexes, faked videos, faked terrorist attacks, complicity in executions, sectarianism, and openly carrying weapons, the myth of the White Helmets has been busted time and time again.

A new investigative report, however, will go even further in busting the myth, since it has provided proof that at least 65 White Helmets members have social media accounts that espouse loyalty to terrorist groups, claim membership, or express sympathy with terrorist organizations such as ISIS, Jobhat al-Nusra, Jund al-Aqsa, Ahrar al-Sham, and/or Jaish al-Islam.

The report was conducted by the Inside Syria Media Center in coordination and cooperation with Dr. Tim Anderson, an academic expert in economics and international politics from the University of Sydney.

The report, which was first published at Syria War Blog, entitled “White Helmets Exposed As Extremists: 65 Facebook Profiles Of Their Members,” states,

The public Facebook profiles of individual White Helmets members prove that a huge percentage of them have connections to extremist groups, or at least sympathize with them. Several Facebook profiles have been discovered before by others, but I have discovered many more. A total of 65 White Helmet Facebook profiles are documented in this article. These White Helmets have praised suicide bombers, posted photos of Bin Laden and of ISIS flags. The evidence here is so overwhelming that it becomes comical. The White Helmets featured in this article have shown support for the following groups:

1. Jabhat al-Nusra: Syrian al-Qaeda branch.

2. Jund al-Aqsa: al-Qaeda affiliated.

3. Ahrar al-Sham: Salafi jihadists

4. Jaish al-Islam: Salafi jihadists.


The report then contains photos of the White Helmets members and their Facebook profiles as well as the relevant posts and statements made by these individuals that would incriminate them in terms of their support for terrorism and extremism.

I highly encourage readers to access the report and have a look for themselves at just what kind of sentiment is held by the much-praised White Helmets terrorists.

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Image Credit: 21st Century Wire

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5 Comments on "Social Media Research Shows At Least 65 White Helmets Members Support ISIS, Nusra, Extremism"

  1. | November 30, 2017 at 5:23 pm | Reply

    There goes Clooney’s presidential aspirations

    • Maybe Mrs. Clooney can represent Mr. Clooney at his conspiracy trial on aiding and abetting an International War Crime proxy Army. Of course, since Mrs. Clooney is already an International Criminal Lawyer –she’ll want to represent the ” White Helmets” since they will get tons of American and Israeli funding.

  2. All Islam wants dead infidels.
    Just ask the antiChrist, Mohammad, there is a reason his name ends with MAD.

  3. This needs saying.

    It’s been known for a while by those who try following events, but I don’t think the reality has yet sunk into public consciousness.

    The entire saga of Syria is an American disgrace. Hundreds of thousands killed, millions made refugees, and for what? To destroy a government that does that rare thing in the Middle East, tolerate various religions, which is why Syria’s many Christians have always supported Assad.

    Of course, the same filthy game was played in Libya. A government which treated its people well – they enjoyed free education and health care and such creative projects as a vast water-supply system – and kept them out of war was reduced to chaos. Why? It did not toe the American line, and toing the American line means in part taking no exceptions to Israel’s brutal behavior.

    Syria’s is a proxy war waged against an unliked government through the use of fake-jihadis who are actually paid and supplied mercenaries. Of course, they get the odd naive fool joining, but those fools have nothing to do what the organization does.

    The war reflects the terrible influence in the Middle East of Israel and the terrible influence of the Israel Lobby on the American government, as did the illegal invasion of Iraq.

    Syria’s fake-jihadis are the creation originally of the US and Israel and Saudi Arabia and Turkey with assistance from Britain and France and a few other minor players.

    Were they real jihadis, their first targets would be Israel and the rotten, corrupt princes of Saudi Arabia, but neither of these are ever touched.

    American policy is out of control in the Middle East, out of the control that is of any responsible government.

    One hesitates to even call it policy. It is a tyrant’s brutality. Since Bush, America has killed more than two million people there, created millions of refugees, destroyed beautiful lands and responsible governments, and generally behaved like a cut throat thug.

    The phony White Helmets are just the public-relations frosting on the whole poisonous cake.

  4. Alt writers still haven’t reported Syria’s ambitious rebuild is strongly emphasizing privatization of public assets (as is being done around the entire globe in a very big way, virtually all nations). This smacks of another massive plunder of a nation state, shades of international bankster henchman Larry Summer formally ‘advising’ on the privatization plunder of Russia in the 90s.

    When all major forms of transportation (roads, highways, bridges, airports, etc) and all natural resources are in the hands of the global elite (fascism) then all bets are off on any kind of meaningful dissent.

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