On Returning From Syria: More Convinced Than Ever Western Media Narrative Is Bullshit

By Brandon Turbeville

In early October, 2017, I had the pleasure of visiting Syria on a mission to get a sense of the toll of the war, the mindset of the people, and the general situation on the ground. The goal was to see the country in person, get a sense of what life is like in Syria today, talk to the Syrian people and hear their side of things; i.e. their opinions on the government and the “rebels/terrorists,” their living conditions, Syria before the war versus Syria now, and whatever else they wanted to share. We wanted to see the areas formerly under control of the terrorists and talk to the residents there. We also wanted to visit the areas firmly under government control and speak to the residents living in these areas as well.

Having covered the Syrian crisis for the entire six years of its duration, I had a pretty good sense of the opinions of the Syrian people and the situation they are facing as a result of numerous contacts inside Syria. However, there is no substitute for examining a situation first hand and talking with Syrians themselves with whom one has no prior personal connection as well as random strangers on the street in order to get an unfiltered response to the many questions we wanted to ask.

After having the chance to visit many of the places I had written about during the course of the crisis, everything I have written has now been confirmed first hand. I am now more convinced than ever that the “information” being spread across mainstream media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and the rest are, quite simply, complete and total bullshit. There is no wonder Americans are so tragically ignorant of what is happening in Syria and the rest of the world when the constant barrage of media propaganda they are subjected to does nothing but promote claims and statements that are in direct contradiction to the facts.

The itinerary of the trip involved seeing a number of cities – Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Tartus – and many smaller towns and villages in between.

Upon arriving in Damascus, the first thing that stands out is not the architecture or the traffic or even the fact that life has almost fully returned to the areas liberated by the Syrian military, but the people themselves. Many Americans, constantly tortured by media propaganda telling them that everyone in every foreign country hates them for freedom, religion, and short shorts, might be surprised to know that many of the people are intelligent enough to separate the American people from the American government even if Americans are not always intelligent enough to extend the same courtesy to them.

Regardless of the propaganda peddled to Western audiences, the Syrian people mark as some of the most welcoming, friendly, human beings in the world. From the first moment of entering the country, we were greeted by Syrian soldiers who, at virtually every checkpoint, welcomed us to Syria and then on to Damascus where the Syrian people expressed their famous hospitality. Everywhere we went for the entirety of the visit, we were greeted “Welcome to Syria” by soldiers, strangers, passersby on the street, business owners, and virtually everyone we came in contact with. The welcomes were clearly genuine. Everyone was obviously pleased and felt strangely honored that foreigners were visiting Syria and many expressed happiness that “tourists” were returning to Syria after six years of war. It was a sign that things are slowly returning to normal.

While Americans may remain under the impression that Syrians are obsessed with religion, wary and hateful towards foreigners (particularly Americans due to all our alleged “freedom”), I can say without qualification that this is not true and that never once did I experience any hostility from any Syrian during my entire visit. In fact, we were shown the complete opposite with myself and others being repeatedly invited to homes for dinner, tea, and coffee following a short conversation.

While one may be quick to dismiss the content of this article as mere ramblings of a tourist, it is nonetheless important. After six years of bombing, funding terrorists, and hysterical propaganda on the screens of virtually every American, Americans know as little about Syria as they did in 2010. The average American views Syria and Syrian culture as something similar to Saudi Arabia where all the women are covered from head to toe with no rights whatsoever, where non-Muslims are persecuted, and where Islamic law dictates that such an unlucky soul who might be born there cannot even access alcohol to drown his sorrows.

The landscape of Syria to the average American is nothing but sand dunes as far as the eye can see – no water and no trees. Indeed, Hollywood and corporate media have done an excellent job at convincing middle America that these “normal” people are sand-dwelling savages from the Stone Age. This is no mistake since it is easier to hate and bomb savages than it is to murder human beings with families, jobs, and dreams of their own. American media has earned its money in this regard.

To dispel a few of these myths that should have been dispelled long ago it might be worth mentioning that the traditional depiction of the Middle East (covered women, savagery, and beheadings) is closer to the reality of America’s ally Saudi Arabia than anything in Syria. The country has deserts for sure but it also has mountains, lush green areas, coastal regions, and lakes. Women are able to drive, vote, hold public office and do virtually everything a man can do in Syria if they desire. Women are not covered. Instead, walking the streets of Damascus or any other major city, you will see plenty of uncovered women wearing tight jeans and tank tops. There are no religious police hunting them down, as the government is secular and enforces secularism in terms of law and policy. Religious freedom applies to Muslims, Jews, and Christians alike.

Bars are plentiful in the cities as are liquor stores and the general ability to be as drunk as one needs to be in order to feel like a Westerner is always present.

Religious fetishism plays harder in the minds of Americans themselves than it does in the life of the average Syrian. Muslim, Christian, Jew, and all the other branches of religion have coexisted peacefully for generations and continue to do so today. A walk on the street of any city will reveal this clear as day. No one in Syria is engaged in a religious civil war. Only in the minds of Westerners subjected to daily propaganda is the Syrian crisis related to religion and only on the teleprompters of CNN and MSNBC is the crisis a civil war.

All throughout Syria, even after six years of intense fighting and some of the most brutal atrocities the world has ever seen having been committed by America’s terrorists, the Syrian people are beginning to rebuild. Even in areas formerly controlled by America’s cave-dwelling proxies, life is returning to Syria. Shops are reopening. Homes are being rebuilt and services are being restored. This is a hallmark of Syrians which has helped see the country through; resilience in the face of unimaginable odds.

A walk in the Souk near the Aleppo citadel which, once teeming with life and shops is now reduced to rubble and pockmarked walls, revealed Syrians walking to their old shops with bags and a shovel to begin the process of digging through the dirt, rocks, and rubble and clear out their shop stalls for the eventual remodeling and reopening. Even in the midst of the constant sounds of shelling and bombing and under the hovering threat of suicide bombs, sleeper cell attacks, and counterattacks by America’s terrorists, restaurant owners and shopkeepers are back to work, carrying on with life in the aftermath and the fringe continuation of such incredible amounts of death.

Syrian Determination

It is almost impossible to put to words the determination that the Syrian people have shown in not only preserving their culture through possibly the darkest period of the country or in rebuilding their homes and businesses but also their defiant will to refuse to submit to the attempts by Western imperialists to destroy their country and their culture.

Syria is a special country and most Syrians are conscious of that. It is not an abstraction to the people who live there. Having dinner in a hotel restaurant in Damascus, we met a Syrian couple who expressed their own knowledge that Syria was a special country on every level and how they were themselves tied to that land in a way in which most people would have no understanding. Truly, the blood of the land runs in their veins.

We spoke to a group of art and theatre students and their teachers who remained in Damascus throughout the war. The girls were in their early twenties, having experienced the entirety of their teenage years in the throes of war. When they should have been learning to drive in the Damascus traffic, going on dates, and generally being teenagers, they were watching bombs drop on their city, seeing their friends and family members murdered, and struggling to get enough to eat day by day. Theirs is a youth wasted by America’s terrorists, teenage years that contain memories of the worst kind of atrocities with no room for teenage angst and resistance to the confines of schooling. Instead, bombs took the place of parties and teenage rebellion.

Despite all this, their outlook was surprisingly positive and incredibly life-affirming. “For us,” said one of the girls, “life is about living. We are surrounded by death so, for us, living is enough.”

After the conversation, as we were leaving, one member of our group thanked the women for taking the time to invite us in and to speak with us about their lives and the tragedies they each had to endure on such a beautiful day. To that, a woman responded, “Yes, but all days are beautiful. You only have to be able to recognize the beauty.” That, in a nutshell, is the Syria I experienced over ten days.

Later on, in discussions with a Syrian man, the question was asked how Syrians seem to be able to get back up on their feet and start living again, sending their children to school, working, rebuilding even as the war continues two miles away. The answer was simple: “This is Syria.” When it was suggested that the Western powers do not understand the Syrian connection to their country and their unmatched resolve to continue living and rebuilding what was lost, he agreed. “That’s right,” he said. “They don’t understand us. And that is why they lost.”

Brandon Turbeville – article archive here – is the author of seven books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President, and Resisting The Empire: The Plan To Destroy Syria And How The Future Of The World Depends On The Outcome. Turbeville has published over 1000 articles on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. His website is BrandonTurbeville.com He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at) gmail.com.

This article may be freely shared in part or in full with author attribution and source link.

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24 Comments on "On Returning From Syria: More Convinced Than Ever Western Media Narrative Is Bullshit"

  1. Activist Post is finally catching up with what the readers of Veterans Today have known for a long time.

  2. And what do you want to bet Damascus gets rebuilt before Houston.

    • That’s because they don’t have a pack of useless halfrikans running the city more interested in protecting the “rights” of the rainbow freaks and the community activist !!

  3. Two things not mentioned once: Israel’s quest for “Greater Israel”, and Bashar Assad. It’s OK, and I’m not criticizing, as your article was excellent. But when talking about Syria I ALWAYS mention the Mossad’s role in ISIS, as the tail wagging the American dog, and their reason for it. And the media’s portrayal of Bashar Assad is the single biggest pile of BS in their whole narrative. Didn’t you ask any of these sweet people how they felt about their President? My impression is that he enjoys near universal popularity, and is loved by ALL his people. He didn’t gas his own people any more then Saddam had WMD’s. What Iraq looks like now is what Syria will look like if it falls to the West; which, thank God, doesn’t look like it’s going to happen now. But that’s what Isramerica does: divide, conquer, rape, pillage, scatter, and salt.

  4. The great American traitors John Boy McCain (bff’s with the leaders of ISIS), Hillary and Obama funded, trained and equipped ISIS to slaughter Syrians. President Assad protected Christians in Syria while the three stooges of America slaughtered Christians with their ISIS mercenaries.

  5. American media=what happens when leftist, hooked nose folks with dual citizenship takeover and control your news and turn it into propaganda.

  6. It’s not Middle America that is clueless about Syria. We actually have Syrians living right here and all of the ones that I have met just seem like normal people even here in the Midwest United States. We are getting along quite nicely thank you. I am surprised though at the crazy anti-Syria talk I hear coming from the east coast. It’s not us rubes in the midwest that the Syrian people need to educate but the liberal war crazed neo-cons of out east.

    • Ahhh, you mean those Khazarian FILTH on the East Coast, yes, yes I know WHOM you mean….

      • Nope. I’m thinking of the D.C. think tanks and the crazed crowds shouting USA after the fake Bin Laden (Bin Hidin’) fiasco. Lots of screaming and not much thinking going on out there. As an aside we have plenty of Jewish / Israeli connected folks here and they get along just fine too.

  7. news from the west= b.s.

  8. No mistake America is behind the genocide against Christians at the hands of ISIS in the Middle East. Every day, this Country looks more and more like “Mystery Babylon” as described in the Bible. If anyone does not know what happens to her, well the Bible tells us she is destroyed in one hour………..

    • Indeed, has anyone asked why the US only attacks the countries that PROTECT Christians? They love the hell out of the ones who will not tolerate Christians. Just run that back to the zionist entity where Christians are assaulted almost daily, spat upon, churches vandalized.


      • Hi Lisa, long time no see, thanks for highliting what reall goes on in israhell, I had a friend who went on the Christian tour, Let’s put it this way, she was not happy on how she was treated there, not in words ( not sure if they made her sign something where she isn’t allowed to utter a word about her treatement) but in facial expression.

  9. No doubt, if it not for Russia, ISIS would be the new Sheriff in Syria and she would be back in the 1500’s.

  10. The zionist spawned narrative which we were fed our entire lives that Israel is surrounded “evil” countries that want to destroy it could not be further from the truth based on this journalists experiences. The fact an American was able to visit Syria and be treated to such hospitality rather than being publicly lynched speaks volumes about the anti-Islamic B.S the Western media has been feeding the masses and yet the PTB accuse the alternate media of spreading “fake” news. Aside from Syria’s unfortunate geographical location, next door to Israel, I see no other reason for the American military to be there other than oil and blood lust.

  11. I am totally against this NATO/Israel instigated war on Syria, but did you have the chance to talk to the people without the security services around? I know alot of Syrians, and they know how hard handed the Syrian govt was before the invasion. In retrospect i guess it didnt matter, as NATO/Israel/Saudi were still able to almost win. I think the syrian govt still hasnt learnt their lesson. Maybe Russia can help Syria to open up more, create a new constitution and come to terms with its authoritarian government. Maybe something even like South Africa, truth commissions…

  12. “And thou shalt speak, and say before the Lord thy God; A Syrian, ready to perish was my father, and he went down into Egypt and sojourned there with a few and became there a nation (goy), great, mighty and populous.” Deuteronomy 26:5 KJV
    Reference to Laban, grandfather of some of Jacob’s (Israel’s) sons. Laban means “white.” If you switch the first two letters you get Alban, the early name of Scotland. Alban also means “white.” Just like LBN (the voweless Hebrew spelling of Lebanon which means “whiteness.” How do you pronounce the letters LBN?
    “Elbien”- or Albion (white) the first name of Britain. People moved in mass back in those days.

  13. Thus has to be the people of any country who love their land, their soil. Thus has to be the people of Venezuela where is winning the real lovers of their homeland.

  14. Assad said ‘NO’ to a US pipeline, and since that day we have been told he was a ‘bad man’ who needed to go.
    ALL of our wars and interventions (Syria was covert for quite some time, with the US pretending it really wasn’t involved) have been based on LIES since WW2, sadly. Propaganda to get the support of the public for our greedy PILLAGING AND DESTROYING for MORE MONEY.
    We want to TAKE EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE, as well as squelch ANY solidarity of people or a leader who wants to be GOOD to his/her people.
    And know that our ‘privatization’ scam – defense, federal prisons, healthcare insurance, Medicare Part D (and the list they want has education and infrastructure next, with MANY THINGS after that) allows the people running such systems to BILL THE FEDERAL GOVT ANY AMOUNT, providing massive exec salaries and BILLIONS in profits.
    Sure they lie to us about the country ‘can’t afford’, and there is a ‘debt’ (no, it is our NATIONAL SAVINGS ACCOUNT) and so on, but the greedy knew since we went off the gold standard in 1971 that the federal govt was then free to issue money with almost NO CONSTRAINTS – and they want it ALL, endlessly. Our pathologically greedy money addicts have NO THOUGHT for humanity, or the country, or the planet, they just want their MONEY FIX, always.

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