So You’ve Decided To Boycott Google…

By James Corbett

You’ve decided to boycott Google? Congratulations! That’s a great idea! But now, where do you go for alternatives? Are there any other search engines? Join The Corbett Report’s open source investigation into search alternatives as we explore the good the bad and the ugly of online filter bubbles.

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11 Comments on "So You’ve Decided To Boycott Google…"

  1. I have never used google, but it links to most search engines. TRY DUCKDUCKGO.COM No tracking

    • I have used google, but have also gotten away from using it. I like Ducky and StartPage / Ixquick. Yes both will look like StartPage, both are made by the same company & now combined. One served Europe and the other North America. Finally, brought both under one search engine.

    • I have been using a web browser called waterfox. And the duckduckgo search.
      With that said, “Snowden” made clear that “internet privacy” is 100% illusion.
      EVERYTHING is monitored, and saved.

      • Might start encrypting comments I make on public forums. Know darn well I posted a polite, civil, decent comment in reply to @LowellST13:disqus. Seems your reply knocked mine off. TPTB want to save everything, I might like to help by offering up one terabyte poodle bombs encrypted with AES military grade encryption. At least those seeking to have something saved would enjoy all that vast spaciousness. 🙂

        I’m sure enough Hardoop servers can be invested in, in Utah where the NSA cannot get water ran into their facility. I know they use Hardoop servers from a one sided conversation with a friend who neither confirms or denies his knowledge of such. That and it makes logical sense.

        • Yep there is a lot of comment-policing going on. It reminds me of North Korea where there is only one “correct opinion” allowed on all topics.
          I won’t invest in FANGs or the Milplex. There are plenty of great opportunities in non-evil investment sectors.

      • You might want to give Pale Moon a try – I found it to be faster and less glitchy than Waterfox. Pale Moon is a branch of Mozilla, but it’s becoming more custom and uses tech that takes better advantage of new CPU’s. Pale Moon’s creator has also said in the forum that he will NOT support Mozilla’s new “fake news” filtering that’s being sponsored by the Soros Demon.

  2. Not only google but it’s subordinate company . Both sites have been ruined by psychopaths and their need to control others. Money is where it is folks.Farcebook, Twit, and others are in on this as the same gazillionaires that own the media ( 90% hostile to liberty ) feed money to these and other useful idiots to help corral the rest of us like a Judas sheep at a slaughter house.
    We can ” Demonitize ” THEIR site.
    If we can quit feeding the beast and it’s parasites ( Like the Propaganda media ) the laughable bastards will die. Where there is no host to suck dry the the parasites that feed off of the groups of producers have to die off. It’s nature after all.
    Over sized and over reached Gov and their fascist Corporations exist in four hidden dynasties.
    Politics, Finance, Education, and Religion. Not one of these areas have producers but only takers.
    When your forced to make a living off of the backs of producers you have to stay out of the lime light for eventually they will become awakened to your deception, tax schemes, false money, and farming mechanisms and begin to look for ways to get rid of you.
    Right now, overzealous controllers are a 10 pound tumor on the backs of the producers and the tumor is getting the cream of the crop and providing nothing with the exception of more promised growth. Have you noticed all of the expensive new vehicles and equipment present at parades and demonstrations? They are 95% Government and the majority is paramilitary police state items. Add it up on your own?
    The Deep State is similar to that tumor. When it understands you are taking steps to be rid of it, you are immediately subjected to temper tantrums, false flags, fear and intimidation tactics, and socialist screaming bloody murder..
    Shoe fits ? Wear it where I can admire them at eye level when your hanging from a lamp post.
    Who will be the ORKIN to rid us of this pest? YOU ! ME! all of us.

  3. DuckDuckGo has worked great and it’s business as normal.

  4. Get the @#$@ off gmail, hotmail, etc, but your OWN domain name (not a .com, .net, .org) the us government can confiscate those, then go to countermail and control and protect your own email without the threat of it being used against you by the globalist antichrist totalitarian atheist system.

  5. Second, use an offshore based vpn at all times, changing the ip location regularly.
    I use boleh.
    Then use cash purchased credit cards that have no trace to you when buying
    something online.
    Finally expatriate to a country not under the thumb of the globalist antichrist totalitarian atheists.

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