As Thousands Left Homeless from Hurricanes, Trump Sends $75 Million MORE to Israel

By Rachel Blevins

As many Americans struggle to get back on their feet after their homes were destroyed by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the United States government has insisted that the only way to raise money for relief efforts is to increase the national debt—while setting aside another $75 million in aid for Israel.

Just one year ago, the Obama Administration signed the largest military aid deal in U.S. history, promising Israel $38 Billion over the next 10 years. However, while the deal stated that Israel was expected to return any money that was more than the original amount, the Trump Administration is breaking the rules.

According to a report from the Jerusalem Post, while Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was against giving an additional $75 million to Israel, a senior State Department official insisted that, “The administration is committed to ensuring that Israel receives the assistance that has been appropriated by Congress,” and that Trump will “work to ensure the $75 million in additional aid is delivered.”

While Congress had no problem giving Israel another $75 million in military aid, it did so by once again turning a blind eye to the long list of human rights abuses carried out by the Israeli military—and funded by the United States. Israel has occupied Palestine since 1967, and in those 50 years, it has been accused of numerous categories of human rights violations, according to a report from Human Rights Watch:

At least five categories of major violations of international human rights law and humanitarian law characterize the occupation: unlawful killings; forced displacement; abusive detention; the closure of the Gaza Strip and other unjustified restrictions on movement; and the development of settlements, along with the accompanying discriminatory policies that disadvantage Palestinians.

When Donald Trump ran a campaign based on “Making America Great Again” and truly putting “America First,” his supporters latched on to his promises, as if his presence in the White House would make everything different. While some of Trump’s supporters were adamant about his support for Israel, it should be noted that the Trump Administration is not just putting Israel first—it is also putting every country that is a recipient of U.S. foreign aid at a time when Americans desperately need help, first.

As Congress debated raising the Debt Ceiling, in order to find money for hurricane relief efforts, Sen. Rand Paul proposed an amendment that would allocate $7.85 billion in aid for repairing the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey, with an additional $2.5 billion set aside to prepare for Hurricane Irma—all by simply making cuts to foreign aid.

“My amendment, the ‘America First’ amendment, would take the money from money that we were going to send to foreign countries,” Paul said. “We send billions and billions of dollars to countries who hate us. We send billions and billions of dollars to countries who burn our flag. I think it’s a very simple choice that when we’re looking at those in need in our country, we quit sending money to other countries.”

In response to Paul’s proposal, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made a motion to table it, which passed 87-10. Unfortunately, while the majority of Congress does not seem to care about how much money the U.S. is wasting on foreign aid, it also does not seem to care about the status of the National Debt.

The United States’ National Debt surpassed $20 TRILLION this week, after jumping $317,645,000,000 in one day. The Trump administration’s $75 million gift to Israel is in addition to the record-breaking $3.8 billion a year the country already receives from the U.S.

The idea that the United States should continue to hand out obscene amounts of money it doesn’t have to the nations it favors—with no oversight—is a reminder that the vast majority of the elected officials who claim to represent the will of the American public, do not have their best interest in mind.

Rachel Blevins is a Texas-based journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives. Follow Rachel on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This article first appeared at The Free Thought Project.

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21 Comments on "As Thousands Left Homeless from Hurricanes, Trump Sends $75 Million MORE to Israel"

  1. Are some people not aware the US government cares more about Israel than its own citizens? It’s been this way a long time now.

    • Israel has threatened to destroy America and is infinitely more of a threat to America than any other nation.

      • Yes indeed. Imagine the homegrown terror cells led by neighborhood rabbi here in America. Might see another Germany, oh wait we’re not supposed to have recollections or memories of that. Excuse me, need to watch more of that silly girl family on the programming box. Yep, get a daily dose from Minitrue.

  2. Thank you Rachel for your informative article. I enjoy that you question what the US government and Trump is doing and not doing with regards to helping the poor and needy of our nation. We certainly need more like you who is not afraid to voice their opinion. Good job, keep it up. We support you.

  3. I know, I know, mention any slight disagreement with the Trump MAGA train of thought and you get labeled a heretic, but, come the phuck on, more money to keep Israel what, happy, alive, what?

    You tweet out a golf swing that knocks Hillary over, and I love ya for it, then you go and send money to Israel and don’t give me the 9th dimensional chess stroke-job the sycophants love shatting out online, there is no higher dimension to this bull, it’s more of the same requirements to stay in office from the deep state, certain criteria to not get a CIA sponsored “back and to the left” party in Dallas.

    Questioning the actions of President Trump is a valid means of discussing what the literal phukk is going on in DC, or the Tower of Trump, or Mar-a-lago, or wherever he does his thing. What benefit do the American people get from this deal, oh that’s right, NOTHING. Ahh who the hell cares, send them some more funny money, when the dollar dump finally happens globally, it won’t matter much anyway. Tough times on schedule!

    • @UncleB….Bibbedy Bobedy Boo, and a plate of Pig Knuckles too. It’s a hell of a thing when even the POTUS has to bow down to them or it will be a nuclear KABOOM. At least that is what I have figured out. They DEMAND things with an OR ELSE at the end, and POTUS knows they aren’t bluffing, since the WTC Nuclear Craters are very obvious to see. The Pics Are On The Net !!! Bone up on Project Gnome, Project PlowShare, Davey Crocket Nuclear Weapons, Special Atomic Demolition Munitions (SADM’s), and the Protocols of the Learned Elders where they say to keep large caches of explosives in caves under large cities for blackmail purposes. Then you will start to get the picture.

  4. Increasing the debt ceiling was the point of geoengineering Harvey and Irma. Trump made it clear he was in Israel’s pocket when he campaigned. No surprises here.

  5. There may not be any surprises here for some folks who are aware of what is happening but this article serves as possibly a new source of information for the unaware and it is necessary to publish it if for nothing else but as a reminder of what is current.

  6. Zero aid to Israel. Read Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.

  7. It appears that Israel has some kind of spell on the USgovernment.

    • @Windy….A SPELL ? Can you spell “Samson Option” ? For 15 years prior to 911, 350 of the nuclear pits from decommissioned Davey Crocket Nuclear Weapons went missing from Pantex in Amarillo, Texas. Three of them were deployed 50 meters below the basements of Lucky Larry’s sky scrapers on 9/11. That leaves how many left ?

  8. Public funds sent to Israel as “foreign aid”? This should explain why:

    No president can take the White House without affirming unbreakable allegiance to Israel, and attendance at the annual AIPAC meeting is mandatory. Once in office every member of Congress is expected to act, vote and defend the state of Israel on almost every issue, or face the consequences.

    Originally called the American Zionist Committee for Public Affairs, the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) was an offshoot of the American Zionist Council, changing names in 1963. With a sole purpose to advocate for the state of Israel, AIPAC ought to be listed with the US government as a Foreign Agent. – Tanya Cariina Hsu

    And then there’s the “Israel Advisory Committee” – wtf? Is there an EU Advisory Committee? a China Advisory Committee? … Every president must also kowtow to the Israel Advisory Committee – see their ‘demands:’

    A look at this poster will show you what the Jewish state is expecting / has been promised by the Trump presidency.

    And not just in America – Zionists have infiltrated most countries.
    Israel’s International Conspiracy: Nearly every western country has an Israel lobby MPs Working for Israel

    British MPs working for Israel

    How the Israeli Lobby Works in the United States

    “Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East
    The Infamous “Oded Yinon Plan”. Introduction by Michel Chossudovsky

  9. I have beyond 0, as in negative numbers, respect for our current POTUS. Can we send him to help some ordinance team clearing a mine field? I bet he would fare dashingly well, or not.

  10. Bring forth Shipping Containers to help the Homeless across America, cannot just leave this unto Britain in Europe –

  11. I give this article two thumbs up !

  12. Israel hasn’t signed the nuclear non proliferation treaty. It is well known they have undeclared nuclear arms. It is against our own laws to give aid under such circumstances. We have a lawless government. I contend we are actually ruled by the Issraelis and their traitors, operatives and infiltraotors.
    We should not only not be giving them aid, we should declare war on them. You want the real culprits tampering with our electiions? They have so much power you can’t even discuss it.

  13. if a country cant support its self should it be a country!

  14. officials who claim to represent the will of the American public, do not have their best interest in mind. Boy!!! Is that the understatement of the year.

  15. Any congressman who is not 100% subservient to Israel and the Zionist lobby doesn’t last 5 minutes in Washington just ask Paul Findley author of “They Dare to Speak Out”. Better yet read the book if you you still can’t see what’s going on. The American people are the only ones who can change the situation but zionists control everything. This was their end-game all along.

  16. Well…I want IRAN to return the $33 billion Obama gave them. Israel is an Allie in this uncertain time of war. If N. Korea detonates anything HERE Hurricane victims will have worse problems. Besides the church should be a massive tool to help people recover. Government should not be a security blanket for every issue.

  17. 75 million to Israel is peanuts. Trump is allotting BILLIONS to Texas and Florida for storm relief, Obama in the last hours in Office gave the Palestinians 221 million dollars. Trump tried to stop it but the Palestinian authorities acknowledge receipt of this money. Under Obama’s watch the Palestinians received about 2,5 billion dollars. (4.5 billion total since 1995.) Its is guestimated that a very large portion of this money went into private bank accounts in Switzerland. The money was to promote democracy for the Palestinians. Now that is a joke.

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