Ron Paul on Trump, Anarchism & the AltRight

By The Conscious Resistance

On September 23, 2017, Derrick Broze interviewed former Congressman Ron Paul at the Nexus Earth conference in Aspen, Colorado.


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11 Comments on "Ron Paul on Trump, Anarchism & the AltRight"

  1. Ron Paul is a Masonic Jesuit Temporal coadjutor. See the work of Eric Jon Phelps. He’s a globalist puppet attempting and failing to control the “opposition”.

    • Oh boy..
      Mr. Phelps is just some shady smear artist, exposed long time ago:

      Eric Jon Phelps exposed

      • OK, then find a different source, there are plenty out there.

        • if you return to this thread I want you to drop a link or explain more what you mean about Ron Paul. Anyone who would rub shoulders with Alex Jones and the NRA has got to have some creepy interests by any logic.

      • So is alex jones but Ive even met Jesse Ventura and they would deny their own conspiracy theories! And change over time for political reasons.

        It’s actually a fallacy to say this man is not credible without evaluating the authenticity of the claim itself.

    • I can see what you mean about the Libertarian Party in general. It’s not exactly a progressive agenda. Gary Johnson was a total tool. Why not Ron Paul? It’s like, let’s completely destroy the government beacuse its evil (which it is) instead of using it to do something good for the people which would have theoretically gotten him elected cuz it worked for Obama. Despite NDAA, Tar Sands, CISPA, war in the Middle East and now Africa.

  2. Notice the doorknob phenomenon at 4:29, a dirty and rather underhanded attempt at smearing Lew Rockwell. Dr. Paul quickly shut the door on this s.o.b. and rightfully so.
    Took me some time to realise that there are quite a number of so-called Ron Paul supporters in the alternative media who are really just out there to undermine RP and the Mises Institute.

    • actually. there are many altrighters who are former libertarians and there is a clear path from the paleos to Hoppe and the AltRight.

      • but as a libertarian I oppose this alt-right. It is anything but libertarian and I am now an ex Alex Jones fan. These jerks get all the traffic. Im having a tough time actually giving a shit about anyone or anything at

  3. I enjoyed Paul’s perspective in this video though

  4. I’m running for president 2028

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