Researchers Connect a Human Mind to the Internet for the First Time Ever

By Jake Anderson

Have you ever thought about whether future humans will live out aspects of their lives online in simulated environments, or even extend their natural lifespans by uploading their minds to a secure cloud ecosystem? It’s been a familiar idea in science fiction for decades. With news that Elon Musk was attempting to build a “neural lace,” the concept of a brain-machine interface (BMI) entered the public lexicon. Now, researchers at Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa, claim to have linked a human mind to the Internet in real time — a biomedical first.

The project, dubbed the “Brainternet,” required the researchers to gather EEG brainwave signals using only an Emotiv EEG device and a simple Raspberry Pi computer. The experiment allowed the human brain to become an information node in the Internet of Things (IoT).

The experiment’s supervisor, Adam Pantanowitz, described it this way:

Brainternet is a new frontier in brain-computer interface systems. There is a lack of easily understood data about how a human brain works and processes information. Brainternet seeks to simplify a person’s understanding of their own brain and the brains of others. It does this through continuous monitoring of brain activity as well as enabling some interactivity.

Researchers say the project could provide valuable information for future deep learning algorithms and could even assist Musk’s endeavors in creating true BMI. Many futurists believe that as the impact and everyday importance of the Internet grows, it is inevitable that humans will merge the physical world with online virtual environments, ushering in a generation of enhanced augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and a synthesis of the two that some call Mixed Reality.

While the concept of “living” on the Internet may seem remote, we are in many ways already cyborgs dependent on the Web and artificial intelligence. Linking our brains to an online “hive mind” may ultimately prove to be the most efficient way humans can both receive and transmit information, though concerns over surveillance and privacy will likely follow us all the way through the century.

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10 Comments on "Researchers Connect a Human Mind to the Internet for the First Time Ever"

  1. I did not read this article beyond the title. It is a mistake to think that the mind is the brain. The brain is a material object; whereas, the mind is non-material, and not a material object. The mind is a formless continuum that functions to perceive and understand objects. Because the mind is formless, or non-material, by nature, it is not obstructed by physical objects. The mind is not made out of atoms; it’s non-material. No one has ever seen a mind, or X-rayed a mind or photographed a mind or scanned a mind.

  2. I hooked my brain into the internet (or, was that teleporting? I can’t remember…) and I saw a lot of politicians on porn sites, and making lobby money transfers, too…!
    Seemed to be SWIFT-coded from Is-Ra-El…

  3. My first thought on reading that someone had been directly connected to the internet was that person looking up suddenly and saying…

    “My God. It’s full of porn.”

  4. JimmyGotHisKornCracked | September 21, 2017 at 5:54 am | Reply

    If there is one thing that is a proven constant, it is that the hive mind is often and always rooted in incomplete and fallacious information. Possibly due to the limited scope of views that the institutionalized(college, prison, occupation, etc.) almost always adopt.  It is well noted that those whom introduce the new and brilliant ideas are often ostracized if not murdered or imprisoned. While what they have imparted as a contribution to humanity is seized and used to enslave. It matters not if it is religious, governmental, educational, monetarily , or whatever else, through human desire, enslaves the mind. This practice of mobs, and their empowering constituents; murdering stealing and lying to attain physical “riches”, has left humanity crippled.


    yet it is not seen by the people asleep to the reality of their existence, that they have only traded their existence for fleeting pleasures, that are more poison than pleasure. Humanity, is not designed to exist in this way, and surely there are cosmic mechanisms which have been, are, and will be triggered, in order to curve humanities persistence in their works.
    The very works which have depleted the worlds resources, pitted person against person, and enabled governments to behave in the current manor of destroying and enslaving the world through debt.

    Yet, even as the day grows dark, there is still hope. Hope that the good in people will succeed over the evil within people. Hope that we will put down are weapons of war, and pick up the seeds of love. Hate has been sown throughout the world, and it is a fruitless tree. Even worse, it is a tree that consumes all it’s leaves and roots touch. So long as it’s roots are so deep in the earth, and its leaves hang upon the heads of humanity; righteousness cannot prevail.

    Though the time is upon us for that tree, old in age, to wither and face it’s demise. Its poisons have seeped deeply into the hearts of humanity. Yea, we are judged and condemned by time. Submitted to it’s whims time and time again until we expel the poisons of that consuming tree from our hearts.

  5. it seems like the control of the brain, which is not the mind, harbors one of the biggest crimes: mind control… That’s all what this article is about, every CPU is the center, control unit of any crappy device, called computer. For the last human to loose freedom, one needs the tinniest CPU.. But even then, the CPU is nothing but CPU, which needs electrons to be fed, and even with those, the CPU is ‘just’ a bunch of dead material, INCAPABLE of FEELING ANYTHING!!!
    Without ‘Human Heart, Cosmic Heart’ (Thomas Cowan), there is no joy, no laugh, no hate, no empathy. And physically, actually, without heart, there is no brain either.. Everything needs to be there in the same TIME, which unfortunately is LIMITED, for everyone, even the richest ones, like Rockefeller.

  6. Watch The holographic universe to c how the minds perceives, it’s a 5 part series, very interesting

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  8. I thought I was already connected.

  9. William Gibson wrote cyberpunk dystopia novels with BMIs 30 years ago

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