Alaska University: Impossible That WTC Building 7 Collapsed By Small Fires As Claimed By NIST

By Aaron Kesel

The University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) was tasked with investigating how World Trade Center 7 fell on 9/11; the findings were live-streamed a few days ago. The team found that WTC 7 did not fall due to fire, contradicting NIST who said the building collapsed from structural damages due to the fire.

The presentation was presented by Dr. Leroy Hulsey. Hulsey spoke about the building, its design, as well as the methods the team used to determine their first of two conclusions. The first part of the experiment is finished; the UAF team found that WTC7 did not collapse due to fire. The next part of the study is to map out the building’s structural system’s response and what would have had to happen in order for it to fall down. The report was published on Thursday on the UAF’s website.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) opened an investigation into the collapses of WTC 1, WTC 2, and WTC 7 in August 2002. NIST released its final report on WTC 7 in 2008, finding that the fires that were ignited by falling debris from WTC 1 caused the collapse of WTC 7. Independent researchers, however, have assembled evidence that has raised profound questions regarding the notion that WTC 7 collapsed because of fire.

The study was backed by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth; the researchers used a virtual model of the building to conduct the investigation.

Last year, Activist Post talked to the Director of Strategy and Development for A&E 9/11 Truth, Ted Walter, who is also in charge of working with the professor and raised the money to fund the WTC 7 Evaluation. Walter previously told Activist Post that “the project began in May 2015 and should wrap up in April of next year.” That deadline was passed but the study should wrap up in October according to the project’s website.

The reported failure was simulated using three-dimensional finite element computer models of the building. The research team studied the building’s response using two finite element programs, ABAQUS and SAP2000 version 18.

Three types of evaluations were performed:

  1. the planar response of the structural elements to the fire(s) using wire elements.
  2. the building’s response using the NIST’s approach with solid elements; and lastly.
  3. the validity of NIST’s findings using solid elements. At the macro-level, progressive collapse, i.e., the structural system’s response to local failures, is being studied using SAP2000 with wire elements, as well as with ABAQUS, and it is near completion.

The study concluded:

“The findings thus far are that fire did not bring down this building. Building failure simulations show that, to match observation, the entire inner core of this building failed nearly simultaneously,” the website for the study noted.

The building’s structural system’s response to local failures is being studied using SAP2000 with wire elements, as well as with ABAQUS, and it is near completion according to the website for the study.

Former U.S. Congressional staffer Susan Lindauer, a CIA asset, has previously said that she was told by her CIA handler Richard Fuisz not to return to New York City in September of 2001 and that it would be ‘far too dangerous’ to do so due to an ‘imminent’ detonation of a miniature thermonuclear device.

Interestingly enough, a peer-reviewed scientific publication identified the presence of nano-thermite in the WTC rubble. One of the critical aspects of that paper has been confirmed by Chemical Engineer Mark Basile.

A draft report of UAF’s current re-evaluation will be “released in October or November 2017 and will be open for public comment for a six-week period, allowing for input from the public and the engineering community with a final report to be published in early 2018,”, noted.

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Image Credit: Anthony Freda Art

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19 Comments on "Alaska University: Impossible That WTC Building 7 Collapsed By Small Fires As Claimed By NIST"

  1. Try telling that to AIPAC/israel – They’ll send down orders for your government to arrest/eliminate your ass.

  2. This kind of information has been available almost since the destruction of the buildings. In fact, within months is was obvious to anyone checking facts, 9/11 was a false flag and inside job to kick off the Globalist Central Bank’s ‘Project for the New American Century, and directed by the neocons in DC who signed that “agreement”. Only the gullible, propagandized public; most of the sheeple, believed the propaganda narrative about an attack by Bin Laden. The more the Banks and their neocon minions get away with, the bolder they become. How many more people need to come forward with the truth; including hundreds of independent experts and engineers throughout the world, the CIA agent who admitted wiring Building 7 saying he realized others were probably wiring the Twin Towers, another agent who was translating information and realized 9/11 was a set-up [see; Sibel Edmonds and “NewsBud”] before the sheeple wake up? Our ‘government’ is owned and operated by the Global Central Banks for the purpose of economically raping and utterly dominating America and the rest of the world. Most of the people reading Activist Post are far more aware than the general population… perhaps the others will catch up.

  3. “Pull it!”. …and follow the money trail. How it was done, and who did it. Simple stuff. The dancin’ Izzrayleeeez will explain why. Happy FalseFlagOp Day!, Amerika.

  4. Once the results of this investigation have been accepted by the scientific community, the NIST investigators must be charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism, for their part in the cover up. Then of course, the actual perpetrators must be found and punished.

    • How many people who tried to tell the truth were “suicided” or otherwise disappeared?
      This includes some public officials.

      • I keep a list of interesting like Spook murder candidates connected to significant events/stories, presented below for research fun:

        Aaron Swartz
        Barry Jennings
        Brandi Britton
        Danny Casolaro
        Christopher Landis
        David Ferrie
        David Graham
        David Kelly
        Deborah Palfrey
        Dorothy Killgallen
        Eli M. Black
        Flo Pritchett
        Frank Olson
        Gary Webb
        George de Mohrenschild
        George Polk
        James Forrestal
        J. Garrett “Gary” Underhill
        Jesse Trentadue
        Jim Koethe
        John F. Kennedy
        Johnny Roselli
        Lee Bowers Jr.
        Leo Damore
        Malcom X
        Mary Pinchot Meyer
        Mary Sherman
        Martin Luther King
        Michael Hastings
        Philip Graham
        Ray Gricar
        Robert F. Kennedy
        Roscoe White
        Rose Cherami
        Sam Giancana
        Shawn Lucas
        Stephen Ivens
        Terrance Yeakey
        Thomas Hale Boggs
        Tom Howard
        William Pitzer

        The people on this list were all recorded as dying in suspicious context. I believe that the overwhelming majority of Spook murders involve the victim being replaced with an imposter, so the event is not even recorded as a death, much less a potential murder/”suicide”.

    • Why are we even still talking about? But remember there are facts and then there is lies lies and more lies and the lies are winning because we all saw it on TV so it has to be true.
      TV does not lie does it unless we put in alternative facts which defy all logic like kerosene fires able to melt HUGE HUGE STEEL BEAMS from 80 stories up all the way down to ground floor and below.
      And aluminium tubes of a plane able to cut its whole shape through Massive Steel Columns and 8″ thick Concrete Floors and exit its UNDAMAGED NOSE CONE on the opposite side.
      16 years and most people still believe this nonsense. I could go on but will stop for now.

      • AlexanderAmproz | September 13, 2017 at 2:22 am | Reply

        Who enjoyed the Crime
        is the only correct question !

        It was a disaster for the Muslims community
        Afghanistan and Iraq,
        a bonus for the Military Industrial complex ,
        the US NeoColonialism, and the Zionist bashing
        the Muslims.

        What really happened ?
        Who know keep mum,
        who don’t know invent stories,
        It was the same with Pearl Harbor
        or with the Kennedy’s and Martin Luther King assassinations

        NB: May I remember you, during Poland invasion,
        80% of the engines were Ford and GM
        20% of the Oil was provided by GM.
        No Engines, No Oil, No War, very simple !

        The Kennedy, Bush, Ford, Hunt, Harrimann and al families
        chose and supported Hitler rise to power…
        The German Economy was mostly owned by American’s

        • I am sure the Americans who died because of it were really happy to die for their countries propaganda lies and I am sure the dead Muslims were extra happy to die for American exceptional freedom and democrazy as the American humanely killing bombs fell on them and destroyed their homes and everything else they had.

          • AlexanderAmproz | September 13, 2017 at 4:10 am |

            After Hiroshima,
            the US said Atomic was a nice way to die !

            But access to the site was banned for Journalists,
            and still alive Children’s were taken away
            as experimental Guinea Pigs,
            on a Dr “Mengele” Nazi Style…

            NB: The war was already over before,
            but the US needed to afraid the World
            for Colonial supremacy

          • AlexanderAmproz | September 13, 2017 at 4:12 am |

            Discus censored my polite answer… !

    • Search Youtube for “Former NIST Employee Speaks Out On World Trade Centre Towers Collapse Investigation” along those same lines.

    • AlexanderAmproz | September 13, 2017 at 5:05 am | Reply

      Global war on “terrorism”

      In 1980s, the United States and Israel created the concept of “international terrorism” to discredit the national liberation movements, accusing them of being tentacles of the Soviet beast. After the September 11 attacks, responsibility for quashing terrorism was taken away from the police and shifted to the military domain. For the Anglo-American ruling class, the “war against terrorism” had been envisaged as a means of affirming its control over trade routes (free maritime and air circulation), but it served the Bush administration and the Zionist movement to cloak their mistimed colonial adventures (Palestine, Afghanistan, Irak).

      The same concept is used by the West to justify the setting up of an Orwellian surveillance society and by the Shangai Cooperation Organisation (Russia, China) to stymie the intrusion of the nomadic populations of Central Asia and to stabilise them by force.

  5. Presumably they were anticipating and hoping that when the twin towers came down they would cause more damage than they actually did to surrounding buildings, and building 7 in particular. But ‘they’ don’t care anyway, because they control most of the media, and lets face it, even if building 7 had not been damaged at all, they know that it’s just inconcievable to the the majority of people (in the US) that their own government could do such a thing. And if someone could actually prove it to them beyond any shadow of a doubt, it would literally blow their minds. And the PTB know it of course, and knew they would get away with it precisely because of that.

    And of course most people don’t even know that it came down anyway! As I said, THEY own and control most of the media.

  6. Motive, Means, and Opportunity.

    The NeoCons – many of them dual citizens w/ Israeli passports – wanted “a new Pearl Harbor” (PNAC paper) in order for the U.S. to beef up its military might, to help Israel carve out an Eretz Israel in the Middle East and take down its enemies, in a (pre-planned) War on Terror. The ‘Israeli art students’ were in the buildings more than just the weekend before 9/11, laying charges, during the day and in the dead of night (the Bush family was involved in WTC bldg. security; also at some of the airports involved on the day). Larry Silverstein bought the bldgs even though they were gigantic white elephants, filled w/ asbestos that it was going to cost a fortune to remove, and increased the insurance on them to cover ‘terrorist attack’. The caper took meticulous planning, including for drones, controlled media coverage, the theft of gold from the basement of one of the bldgs, etc. Result: As above, w/ the W. Bush admin getting its (already-prepared) Patriot Act pushed through Congress, turning the U.S. into a police state, on the way to the perps’ totalitarian New World Order.

    Motive, Means, and Opportunity.

    And its unraveling can’t come soon enough.

  7. 9-11 was a false flag to suppress the peasants for a couple decades and to continue the stealing of All the money the Zionist Federal Bank could print. Social security fund is all gone along with any other fund that was suppose to help the peasants. Money is now borrowed for everything from SS to foreign aid and China and the rest of the counties that bought our credit are going to stop. The debt is not 21 trillion – its closer to 150+ trillion once you look at the whole international picture and the looting of the US has been going on for decades now. It’s all over but the crying because the bankers, politicians, all government agency heads { fed,state, mini } , generals, corporations and a million more have taken about everything possible. SNAFU to the Max.

  8. Oh please, to think our government could keep this kind of conspiracy hidden is a joke. Given liberals want to claim Republicans and Conservatives were responsible would be allover the headlines.

  9. Hey U.S. government no one believes your made up baloney.

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