Points For “Good Behaviour”: Canadian Government Introduces the Creepiest App Ever

By James Corbett

Yes, the Canadian government has rolled out an app that gives you points for eating well and exercising and taking quizzes about the flu shot and other healthy activities! And everyone seems totally fine with this. Welcome to the future, everyone, because the totalitarian states of tomorrow will be more carrot than stick, and we will all be pigeons in a virtual Skinner box. What could go wrong?

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9 Comments on "Points For “Good Behaviour”: Canadian Government Introduces the Creepiest App Ever"

  1. its nice to know about this. something which is unique.

  2. “Carrot” What a great name for this program. Reminds me a cartoon of a carrot dangled in front of a horse as an incentive for him to go in the direction of the one holding the carrot. Somebody has an agenda behind this app. This definitely registers high on the creapo list.

  3. Canadian government needs a mental health check up.

  4. Only demented psychopaths seek high office.

  5. Oh yeah you get points for using a device which is known to cause health problems, so you can make some points from taking your flu shot.

  6. This is definitely nothing new, it’s just getting more refined and dehumanizing. It’s reminiscent of the episode on the UK TV series “Black Mirror” in which everyone is wearing glasses similar to Google’s epic fail of Google Glasses. The episode is kinda like Government Glasses meets Facebook meets a government steered society gone nightmarishly wrong. Everyone is “valued” based upon their social standing. Everyone can see these levels of standing when they come in contact with one another. The slope is slippery and once you dip below an arbitrary level of standing the downward spiral gets faster and harder to recover from. The “lesson” (at least my take away) is how a even a small social mis-step, or the perception of one can push anyone into an abysmal future with nowhere to go.

    The scary part is that it’s steeped in today’s reality. They threw a little bit of tomorrow’s technology for dramatic effect, but it wasn’t much of a stretch to imagine the episode far away from what easily could happen.

  7. Sylvan Peckerwood | July 19, 2017 at 12:33 am | Reply

    You are only 187 points away from becoming a level 4 citizen!

    Why don’t you ..

    Receive a flu shot? (200 pts)
    Have homosexual sex? (200 pts)
    Get a vasectomy? (2400 pts)

  8. I’m sure you will ‘get points’ for taking vaccines that destroy the auto immune system and cause all sorts of disease from cancer to neurological.

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