In The Midst Of Crisis, Syria’s Grand Mufti Has This To Say On Religion, Faith, And Humanity

By Brandon Turbeville

While the mainstream corporate press continues to paint the Syrian crisis as a civil war between religious denominations (since it works right along with the idiotic narrative painted of the Middle East peddled in the West for decades), Syrians have proven MSM outlets wrong every day for the last six years. That is, if anyone bothers to speak to them about what is happening in their country and their own views on the situation.

Many Americans would particularly be interested to learn how Syria was a multi-ethnic multi-religious state without civil war and religious warfare prior to America’s rebels. Indeed, while America’s religious leaders are consistently focused on promoting a military mindset and war across the world, Syria’s religious leaders are doing the opposite, focusing on inter-faith dialogue, peace, and unity.

In fact, a man who has been leading the efforts for peace in Syria, the Grand Mufti himself, has been repeatedly maligned in the Western press as someone who is complicit in war crimes and even being personally involved in the handpicking torture victims. These narratives have repeatedly fallen apart, since they are nothing more than propaganda. The Grand Mufti has often angered Western journalists and Western politicians by refusing to play along with their idiotic narratives that Assad is murdering his own people and engaging in wanton atrocities and refusing to engage in primitive religious nitpicking and division.

However, despite the negative press Sheikh Ahmad Bahreddin Hassoun has received in the West, he continues to remain stalwart in the face of Western media pressure. He also continues to push for understanding and dialogue between the various faiths as well as the denominations within his own.

Many journalists and activists have traveled to Syria and have had the opportunity to meet with the Grand Mufti. In my own personal interviews and discussions with these individuals, I have consistently been told of the kindness and compassion of Sheikh Hassoun as well as his extraordinary wisdom when it comes to issue of spirituality, religion, and humanity in general.

Recently, speaking to journalist Vanessa Beeley in Damascus, Sheikh Hassoun had this to say about religion and human identity.

In the UK Theresa May made dangerous statement, when asked if she regrets the Balfour Treaty. If she had just said no, it would have been better. But she said, that the Balfour treaty is a religious promise, we are very proud of it. That she said that, is very dangerous. She put herself in the place of God, making such promises..and that is not true. God is in our heart, He does not have a particular place, not in Saudi Arabia, not in Palestine..just in our hearts.

As a human being in any land on earth, the land is my mother, my hand is from the sand, my soul from God, from heaven, our souls have the same source, our bodies are from the same source so why would God force us to leave one land because one land is of God and another is not?

I criticise Saudi Arabia because they forbid Jews and Christians to go to Saudi Arabia. It is Abraham’s land not Saudi land, Abraham built the Kaaba, we all believe in Abraham. Saudi Arabia is only a political authority disguised as a religious authority.

When I am asked if I am the Mufti for all Muslims, I say, no, I am just the Mufti of Syria, I have responsibility for the Jews, the Christians, for all the people in Syria. That is why its important to think globally.

All people grow old, but love never grows old. As love grows older, it grows stronger. Love is the soul of belief, I dont love those I cannot believe in. Thank God, that God is not Jewish, Christian or Muslim..God is for all people. That is why I should not be for one particular faith, you will not find me in the mosque or in the church.

God is in the hearts of children. The heart, when it beats has energy, this energy is God.

A lot of people have a lot of medicine, a lot of food..but their hearts will still stop because God decided to let it go. A person can replace his heart, but it will still die,

because God says “stop”. It is God who started the heart in the beginning. A lot of young people ask me how the heart stops. I ask them how the first beat happened. Only the one who started the first beat can stop it in the end.

The true Christian, Jew and Muslim are those who live in our hearts…

Hassoun’s philosophy is thus markedly different from the philosophy Western media outlets accuse Syrian religious leaders of espousing. It is also markedly different from the warlike rage machines of religions being peddled in places like Saudi Arabia, the United States, and Israel. If the United States and its own religious contingents truly wanted to see an end to conflict, they would allow the peaceful to live in peace and take Sheikh Hassoun’s words to heart.

Brandon Turbeville – article archive here – is the author of seven books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President, and Resisting The Empire: The Plan To Destroy Syria And How The Future Of The World Depends On The Outcome. Turbeville has published over 1000 articles on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s radio show Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. His website is He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at)

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11 Comments on "In The Midst Of Crisis, Syria’s Grand Mufti Has This To Say On Religion, Faith, And Humanity"

  1. Neato….Very nice.

  2. Establishment journalism and their handlers are committing outright crimes against humanity. There must come a time when they get shut down and punished.

    Every displaced refugee and every European who is raped or killed by immigrants is on them. They are the ones who twist the narrative and make it possible.

  3. There is no Civil War. It’s the Western Powers trying to steal someone else’s Land. Demolition on a Grand Scale, Just so that they can build an Oil Pipe across Syria. That’s all it is. Except that I forgot to mention the huge Gas Field in that part of the Region, claimed by Israel, It reaches from Syria, along the Coast, past Lebanon, and down to Egypt. Tearing Islamic Countries apart is a consequence of Western Extremes, but they used the excuse of “Fighting Terrorism” to cover their Crimes Against Humanity. It is theft and murder on a grand scale. Of course they have control of the Worldwide Media to create the narratives that pushes the Public to support them. Even when it is obvious that these are lies. The Public accepts Government Credulity, rather than observe the Obvious. The “Rattling of Sabres” by some political cowards dressed in suits, backed by Bankers and Taxpayer’s Money, is a guarantee that more innocent women and children will die. Is this Eugenics? Not according to the U.N…. While Russia and China are busy around the World helping Impoverished Nations to build by using their Scientists and Engineers. The West is busy blowing up Nations,.Using their Military and paid Mercenaries.

    • You’re describing the pyramid cap’s use of the Dialectic, which is aiming at much more than fossil fuel profits, they’re working towards the supranational fascist capture of all the world’s resources and strictly ration them with the most draconian control grid you could ever possibly imagine…. entering the world stage primarily under the banner of UN 2030. Unfortunately, China and Russia are also deeply integrating into this new global paradigm, which is technocracy, another name for the old “scientific society”.

  4. “God is for all people.”

    Let’s not get all touchy feely here.

    Evidence leads to proof which is then a fact. There is NO evidence of god, jesus, or satan. They are all man made myths to steal soveriegn spiritual expression to control humans out of fear.

    Therefore there can be no anti christ or satanists. Just because psychotic, sociopaths choose to hide their evil ways in religious mythology does not validate the myth. They are simply cowards playing malevolent games of hate and harm. It is the 21st century, wake up.

    Think about the millions of people murdered to prove someone’s god is better than anothers. Prior to the organized religious church state for thousands of years people lived in egalitarian (equal rights) reality with no weapons of war or glorifcation of warriors.

    This madness, this insanity of some invisible, male god who created everything yet punishes those for not obeying his rules and regulations, putting “sinners” in everlasting torture can not be anything but man made.

    If you f**king created everything in the universe why would you give a damn if little Johnny in Kansas City masturbates or steals a soda from the store????

    • Yep, religions are just bs!

    • Joe. I wonder what happened to my reply about 3 hours ago? I basically said that i was god & that we are all god, being part of the conscious energy that is the universe. Organized religion is merely about control & boy is the US of A using it to extreme

      • Don’t know Ron. Nothing showed up here. Is it in your profile?

        I like your idea about god however I am always reluctant to use that word for the magic of life and existence. It is very loaded with bad history. I teach metaphysics and that is a common idea that we are all the prime source or creator. Which means, and it upsets many when I say it, “god” is in your bowl movement as well as your heart.

        I agree that the misuse of the “god” idea is prevalent in American politics, etc. We must understand that to rise above the horrible conditioning affixed with guilt and condemnation that is called religion is very challenging. The common argument is that without a belief in god we would be raping, robbing, evil beings and that somehow the belief in an invisible creator who is vengeful and jealous is the only path. I like this quote a lot…

        “Are you a God?” they asked Buddha. “No he replied.”
        “Are you an Angel
        the?” “No.”
        “A saint?” “No.”
        “Then what are you?”
        Replied the Buddha, “I am Awake.”

    • What an idiot you are. Wow. Tell us about the “jigaboos” (your word). “They are simply cowards playing malevolent games of hate and harm.” This describes you to a T.

      “Prior to the organized religious church state for thousands of years people lived in egalitarian (equal rights) reality with no weapons of war or glorifcation of warriors.” Read a history book, you buffoon.

  5. The MSM repeatedly condemns Assad for killing his own people, but doesn’t even have independent sources that can verify this.

    It has been shown so often that Syria is just the next muslim country to be destabilised, and a secular but muslim government be replaced eventually by a religiously fanatical muslim government (not the intention, but the inevitable outcome). The support by the oil and gas companies just adds to the CIA’s lobbying.

  6. congratulations ron R. While you are playing God. People are dying.

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