The Truth is Vault 7 is Empty! Government is Totally Incompetent!

By Vin Armani

In this video, Vin Armani takes a deep dive into Vault 7 and discovers that the CIA’s technology isn’t nearly as scary as media reports have made out. Most of their “hacking” tools require a tech-savvy agent to be physically in the same room as the target device in order to install malware. And most of their malware is wiped out by the next routine software update by the device maker.

Watch the full broadcast here
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9 Comments on "The Truth is Vault 7 is Empty! Government is Totally Incompetent!"

  1. Who is Vin Armani?

  2. What a bunch of BS, as if the deep state is any way limited to “gov tech” … quit screeching!

  3. Vin obviously knows next to nothing about technology. How many lines of code has he programmed? Does he he even know what I just asked? For the army of people who ARE tech savvy and HAVE programmed and who do have access to some or all of the tools in Vault 7 they realize how dangerous it really is.

  4. Javier Torres | March 18, 2017 at 3:38 pm | Reply

    Idiots arguing about seating, with whom and what level…as the ship obviously sinks. We humans are something else.

  5. The Truth Is Vault 7 Is Empty! That’s right. It was hacked by the Russians, which means that was really the CIA which emptied their own vault, which was already empty from decades of carelessness and chicanery in every corner of planet earth. Why don’t we just all agree that they’re…too costly, unreliable, unsustainable and have no place in MAGA and shut them down along with the EPA, the State Dept and the Dept of Monsanto’s Agriculture?? Anyway you could think of – morally, ethically or financially, this country would be better off and way ahead of that expensive…BIG govt curve by keeping these criminals unemployed and looking for a Think Tank for more honest work.

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