Transition From Policeman to Anti-Prohibition Activist to Voluntaryist

By Vin Armani

In this video, former police officer Raeford Davis explains his transition from trying to make a better society as cop before seeing the damage of the drug war and then becoming an activist with LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) to now as a philosophical Voluntaryist.

Watch the full broadcast here
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9 Comments on "Transition From Policeman to Anti-Prohibition Activist to Voluntaryist"

  1. sheeple don’t do anything of the sort. If they did we would call them something to reflect honor and courage. So don’t rely on sheeple to garner and defend freedom. It will NEVER happen. So we best concentrate on what is available to the rest of us to attain Liberty in our Lifetime.

    • I’m with you here. Please continue your line of reason. I’m trying to figure out the practical work arounds.

      • Are you aware of the Free State Project? The same concept needs to be put to use as the Free County Project in each state. if you want to pursue it further.

        • I am aware of the New Hampshire project and explored it 2 years ago. I don’t have the means to move but think the model would work for certain counties across the nation as well–especially in a coalition of communities of some type. I start a new job today so need a couple days to re-group. Please share any links you may have on organizing this type of project/community.
          from berrybestfarm at yahoo dot com

  2. Yup, first we have to fight, ignorance.
    Then stupid consensuses.
    The even stupider narratives people have Cut and Pasted from the net, and their line of thinking regarding drugs is so derailed it makes it difficult to take them serious, apart from the facts, that This runs the politics, based upon ignorance, and have no clue, simply.

    And what is it, with “normal” people and those of us that is “stone”, huh, Christ, and beside, an idiot dont becomes more or less an idiot, stoned, period, and the hysteria about “stepping stones” is even worse, drugs have never been an problem to find, and yet so few does it.
    Portugal is one of the few that have done the only sane thing, legalized everything.
    Oh…. the junkies hangs everywhere, yeah, what you dont see, is alcoholism, witch is everywhere to.

    Yeah how easy to spot in the centrum arent they, and then you assume everything from then on.
    I know mu little humble country sucks as much hashish as half of our capital.

    And for the love of god, why do anyone that uses drugs an “psychiatric/mental” basket case, why do this mind boggling stupid narrative about “have to have an psychical/mental problem” since I use drugs still linger.
    I use it now, because of its medical effects, it helps me.
    oh horror, hehe, I have seen trees glow, and I mean Glow, like neon lights in the dark.
    I have to be nuts, right, “normal’s”.

    I have just one last thing, drugs is information, wrapped in matter, its an gate key, and thats it.
    Whatever happens its all yours.
    I dont drink much, infact I hate drunkards more than anyone else, not the ones whom is gone that way of reasons witch I know of, even thru medical dope, and all the misery it have created, so I dont drink much, but I do it from time to time, hot summers, hehe, and beer.

    I will my self, test and go the full mounty on Ayahuanaskha, my last wish, to gain more knowledge, and above all, about my self.
    I know where I am going, do you.

    Legalize everything, and start to use Ind. hemp, for the sake of our environment.


  3. ORGANIZED CRIME profits tremendously from ILLEGAL DRUGS. Organized crime does NOT want drugs to be legal.

  4. wisdom of the knowing | March 15, 2017 at 3:27 pm |

    The drugs problem is many faceted.
    The use of the words “Dope” “drugs” and any other vague words need to be stopped.
    The use of specific names will be most helpful.

    There are the natural “drugs”
    like cannibas / marajuana Opium, heroin , morphine, cocaine, and many herbs and other plants.

    There are chemical synthetics like meth- amphetamine, LSD, crack, and the majority of the pharmaceutical stuff sold a the drug store through a prescription from a Dr.???

    The black market and the insanity of the DEA and prohibition has created a very lucrative situation on both sides. The amount of money spent by the DEA is in the billions and folks are still becoming addicts.

    Being an addict is a sickness and addicts are not criminals.

    The war on drugs is a fraud and just makes more money for the criminals who run the black market.

    No where in the constitution of the Republic is there authorization for controlling drugs, plants, and most other stuff. enough…

  5. The war on drugs is a bust.
    Forcing anyone to ingest only what others say they should ingest is re-dick-u-lus, freedom is tolerance.
    Suggested reads : ‘Barry and the Boys’ Dennis Hopsicker hint, Mena, Arkansas airport was used to drop drugs out at night in large duffel bags with beepers in order to find them. Poor Barry…RIP
    ‘The Committee of 300’ John D. Coleman hint, the royals have owned the drug routes for hundreds of years.

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