Anarchists Debate Secession (7pm EST/4pm PST)

Anarcho-capitalist and lead singer of BackWordz, Eric July, debates SECESSION with agorist entrepreneur and TV star of Showtime’s “Gigolos”, Vin Armani at Activist Post’s Facebook Page.

Will secession hurt or help the struggle for individual liberty?

California leftists are angry that Trump is president. It’s the first time leftists have seriously considered seceeding from the United States in a CalExit. Many libertarians and anarchists think secession is a good idea because any decentralization of government is generally viewed as a step in the right direction. Yet, if the goal is more individual liberty, what happens when the new state is communist?

You don’t want to miss this discussion! Watch replay below:

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1 Comment on "Anarchists Debate Secession (7pm EST/4pm PST)"

  1. What happens when CA becomes part of the NAU? Bet Soros is funding this too.

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