CDC Knowingly LIED About Mercury in Vaccines: Proof Has Surfaced

By Catherine J Frompovich

Finally it’s coming to light and the fact is being told: Vaccines given to infants contained inordinate amounts of ethylmercury in the form of Thimerosal; the CDC knew about it and conspired to keep the devastating reality of mercury damage from healthcare consumers and public health agencies. A true crime against humanity and nothing short of federal agency child abuse!

Thanks to the intrepid vaccine safety advocacy work by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his writing partner Lyn Redwood, RN, MSN, we learn,

FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) was responsible for adding up the cumulative exposure to mercury from infant vaccines, a simple calculation that, astonishingly, had never been performed by either the FDA or the CDC. When the agency finally performed that basic calculation, the regulators realized that a six month-old infant who received thimerosal-preserved vaccines following the recommended CDC vaccine schedule would have received a jaw dropping 187.5 micrograms of mercury. [1] [CJF emphasis added]

Those calculations were made back in the late 1990s and CDC officials have been covering up their voodoo vaccine consensus science ever since! Those actions should be prosecuted as crimes against humanity, including excessive child abuse by a government agency, and the CDC should be revamped from the inside out; restructured; and ‘surgically’ separated from Big Pharma.

The CDC brainwashing of the global medical profession, international health agencies and the media regarding the deceitfulness of vaccine ‘safety’ is nothing short of criminal action, which must be addressed at every level: local school districts, state health agencies, national courts globally, and the World Health Organization, a ‘mouthpiece’ of CDC’s deceitfulness and fraudulent research and health recommendations. None comes to mind more so than the CDC’s always trotting out the indicted Poul Thorsen’s infamous research that vaccines don’t cause autism!

What does mercury affect in the human body? The brain and central nervous system!

This chart represents models of mercury in blood and tissues formulated by Dr. Barry Rumack, MD, a consultant who offered “toxicologic and pharmacologic evaluation of drugs, biological and potentially toxic or hazardous agents for government and industry [1].”


According to Kennedy and Redwood’s article,

There was no point in time from birth to approximately 16-18 months of age that infants were below the EPA guidelines for allowable mercury exposure. In fact, according to the models, blood and body burden levels of mercury peaked at six months of age at a shockingly high level of 120ng/liter. To put this in perspective, the CDC classifies mercury poisoning as blood levels of mercury greater than 10 ng/L. [CJF emphasis]

A most egregious aspect of the cover up is what happened within the CDC, as reported:

[T]he FDA assigned a pediatrician with little knowledge of toxicology to oversee its public reporting. When Dr. Leslie Ball was asked why she reported the mercury exposure levels in this deceptive fashion, she responded, “That is what I was told to do.” [1, pg.2]

The Kennedy-Redwood article, which I highly recommend you read in full, ends with

Ignoring Etzel’s [U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Ruth Etzel, MD] wise advice, the CDC elected to paper over their catastrophic mistake and double down on vaccine mercury. By continuing to allow thimerosal to be used in vaccines, the CDC is causing harm to American pregnant women, their growing babies and to 100 million children all over the planet. And now we have proof that our regulators know exactly what they are doing.

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President Trump has tasked Robert Kennedy Jr. with heading up an investigative commission regarding vaccines. Here are my concerns about:

  1. Robert Kennedy Jr. will meet up with his uncle’s and father’s fate of being shot. It’s not past vested interests to go to any lengths to protect their turf and enforce their agendas.
  2. Big Pharma will be allowed to get more than its nose under the tent during the investigation. Big Pharma should be kept in outer space with independent scientists performing all assessments.
  3. Congress must not turn a deaf ear and blind eye on what’s being uncovered, as Congress probably has more responsibility than anyone by granting vaccine makers what turned out to be a “get out of jail free” card in the vaccine law Congress passed in 1986. It must be replaced with equitable law, since the vaccine court masters do a very poor job of implementing the real intent of the law.
  4. Vaccine law in the USA must be changed to enforce consumers’ rights to sue vaccine makers individually and collectively for promoting fraudulent vaccine science; product liability disasters; child abuse; and crimes against humanity.
  5. Big Pharma and its lobbyists by law must be prohibited from lobbying Congress and federal agencies.
  6. Pregnant women should not be mandated to receive vaccines.

Nothing short of the above even can begin to rectify some of the horrors perpetrated upon several generations of children globally. California should be ashamed of itself and its SB277 [2]! Richard Pan, MD, should be struck from medical licensure and not permitted to practice.

By the way, if readers really want to know the health problems associated with many other neurotoxins and chemicals in vaccines than ethylmercury, which still is in vaccines, you may want to read my book Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines. It discusses from published peer review science and journals what those toxic ingredients do in the body.

However, I wish Robert Kennedy Jr. would also take a very serious look at microwave radiation EMFs/RFs and the non-thermal radiation wave adverse health effects they are causing. I predict they, along with G5-in-the-sky, will be worse than the autism pandemic we are experiencing in our children: one in 10,000-15,000 in the 1970s; one in 68 in the USA. Check out other countries here.

We’ve seen the demonstrations for women’s rights after the Trump inauguration. Well, isn’t it time to organize about the rights of fetuses, newborns, infants, and toddlers being subjected to apparently legal and condoned chemical child abuse which is making them the sickest demographic statistic of all time for children regarding chronic diseases.

Chronic conditions now affect 15 percent to 18 percent of children and teens, and even those estimates may not fully account for obesity and mental health woes, the Harvard team said. [3]

Let’s protect the future of humankind, our children!




The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on

Her 2012 book A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on and as a Kindle eBook.

Two of Catherine’s more recent books on are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008)

Catherine’s NEW book: Eat To Beat Disease, Foods Medicinal Qualities ©2016 Catherine J Frompovich is now available

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45 Comments on "CDC Knowingly LIED About Mercury in Vaccines: Proof Has Surfaced"

  1. I have a grand that has never been vaccinated and rarely gets sick.
    We used to invite kids over that had measles and chicken pox to expose our children to so they would develop immunity.
    Vaccines are the cause of ailments and kills the natural auto immune system that we are all endowed at birth.
    Stop vaccinating your child it is abuse.
    I suggest all buy Catherine’s books and become aware of these poisons.
    Bless you Catherine and all those who are bringing this to light.

    • Congratulations !
      Catherine Frompovich continues to be a trustworthy voice against the fraud of “vaccination”.
      Vaccination is two steps below “chemotherapy”, which uses the same ingredient that is used in mustard gas. No one has been cured by mustard gas or “chemotherapy”, and anyone still alive eight months afterwards had a very strong immune system. Nor has anyone been “immunized” by an injection of a mixture of infectious animal tissue, mercury, aluminum and petroleum.
      Genuine physicians in Great Brittain notified Edward Jenner over two hundred years ago that his “cowpox” vaccination did not prevent smallpox.
      Due to its novelty, Jenner´s family developed it into a money-maker that over the years has caused the premature deaths of untold millions of people. There is no genuinely scientific research to support vaccination as a preventive measure. There is however the annual trillion dollars profit for pharmacy and MDs who use vaccinaton on everyone else, except themselves and their children.

  2. NJguy - Proudly Deplorable | January 27, 2017 at 9:31 am |

    The people responsible MUST be arrested. They can’t be allowed to kill and then walk away.

  3. So when will they be filing the lawsuit & how can we help?

  4. Parents should be arrested for allowing their children to get vaccinations. That this is still going on proves the mentality of the average citizen. Sad…

  5. @NJGuy – “The people responsible MUST be arrested. They can’t be allowed to kill and then walk away.”

    So…parents, doctors, scientists…and YOU…and ME???

    We are the fools who allowed congress to create law that would protect these child killers, to begin with.

    It is we who blindly believe what the suits and white coats say…and it is we who took our kids to get these poisoned shots.

    WE DID THIS, even after other parents were reporting negative results.

    Our kids got poisoned because we are to afraid to even ask serious

    Too scared to take serious action to protect our children
    from these…i dont even know what to call them…too cowardly to hang these ‘CDC child killers’ from the street lights, like they deserve…

    …and lets not forget, it is the vaulted Judiciaries of western governments, comprised of greedy Jesters and corrupted judges who threatened parents with taking kids and jail time, when parents refused.

    Expect no help from the Judiciary

    We were too cowardly to even question the “pill pushers in white coats” who greedily and/or blindly pushed their drug onto the patients without question.

    …too cowardly to confront the lobbyists and politicians who benefit directly
    from these “poisoned pills’ peddled by big pharma.

    …people pointing fingers too often forget that when they do so, there are three pointed right back at them.

  6. The “Gods in White” have the podium, and 70% collaborate to insure that the citizenry does not get the podium.
    Take non-MD, Dr. Johanna Budwig of Germany, who discovered a cure for all types of cancer and began to publish it in 1956. Many international leaders in government have been cured with her treatment. Yet, how many tmes have you read that Dr. Budwig´s cottage cheese-linseed oil mixture cured a former US president of cancer? It was carefully kept out of the news. Take pres. Jimmy Carter, who was cured of cancer last year. He did not undergo standard oncology treatment. How many times have you read of the treatment used with him?
    How many people even know that pres. Carter was cured of cancer ?
    The “Gods in White” have no intention of dismantling their costly mausoleums with marvelous electronic equipment that makes a good show but has 2% utility. Yes, 2% and that is attributable to statistical error.

  7. By stating pregnant women should not be mandated to receive vaccines, is the author suggesting that other people SHOULD be mandated by the government to take this voodoo medicine?!

  8. Many of us have called for the prosecution of Hillary Clinton, but I believe knowingly poisoning every American child should warrant prosecuting all of these people first. Then Clinton.

    • It is so entrenched it would be hard to know who to charge. Remember you can’t sue FDA or CDC

      • You can jail them if anyone was brave enough to file a complaint with the police and finance their prosecution.
        Start small like the creators and sellers of the non-therapeutic rotovirus vaccine that harmed children and killed few and then CDC MMR/autism hoaxsters that caused harm, crippling, and deaths.

        • American Justice has made sure there are loop holes and protection in place for the Rich. At best, out of court settlements would be the outcome and no person would face prison terms.

          • True that American “justice” protects allopaths and other rich but with enough arrests, maybe the issues could be shown to the public.
            Main Street Media would cover all up but some alternate media is still allowed to leak some information.

          • That happens daily, but law enforcement serves government not alt media

  9. Truths are coming out every day! We can no longer deny the hundreds of thousands of people screaming that vaccine damage is real!!! Stay BRAVE and strong in this war!!!

  10. We have the best Congress that money can buy, and the pharmaceutical industry spends more than any other to do just that.

  11. Refuse to partake in their synthetic killing machine.
    I don’t go to see any doctors, don’t have a doctor and will die in my own bed.
    These pill pushers and tube pushers are not what most think.
    There are plenty of good herbs, minerals and vitamins.
    Ingest only organic.

  12. Is there a solid connection with higher mercury levels and disease? I would feel better about being hysterical if that could be established.

    • Why try to change the dialog to only include mercury?
      Children that are too young to give their personal informed
      consent are being assaulted with injection and oral:
      1. Infectious agents.
      2. Poisons.
      3. Fertility reducing compounds.
      4. DNA and protein from aborted human fetuses, peanuts, monkey viruses,
      more aborted human fetuses, eggs, more aborted human fetuses, etc.
      The above four are also known as non-therapeutic vaccines.
      Also do not narrow the dialog to only non-therapeutic attenuated virus MMR vaccine
      or only autism.
      Most children in the U.S. have adverse reactions to non-therapeutic vaccines.
      Most children mostly appear to recover. Some have issues for life. Some die.

      • Vaccines are necessary to prevent a pandemic. As for your other assertions, I have no opinion.

        • Like the swine flu pandemic?

          • Michael McCarthy | February 2, 2017 at 6:37 pm |

            Try measles, mumps, chicken pox, Small pox, pertussis, tetanus, Hepatitis, polio, among others. This country would be in a panic without vaccines. Maybe you’re not old enough to remember or uninformed of history.

          • You talking about this MMR vaccine?

            “Stephen A. Krahling and Joan A. Wlochowski, former Merck virologists blew the whistle by filing a qui tam action lawsuit in August 2010. The scientists allege that the efficacy tests for the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine (MMR) were faked. The document was unsealed in June, 2012.”

            Or the failing pertussis vaccine?

            I’m plenty old enough to know the history. I’ve also researched the history of the diseases/vaccines. Research the history of the diseases you mention and then get back with me. Start with, Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne-Humphries.

            “This country would be in a panic without vaccines.”

            Do you have any idea what the percentage of people in this country whose immunity from the diseases you mention has waned? You do realize vaccines have a shelf life?

            Suggest you educate yourself.

          • Michael McCarthy | February 3, 2017 at 7:49 pm |

            Glad you are happy with yourself. Also glad you are so educated. I’m assuming you must be a physician working for the CDC. If not, what are your credentials to question vaccines that have saved millions of lives? Have you ever seen a polio victim? Have you ever seen a baby born where the mother had the measles in the first trimester? I have. My sister. Vaccinate your kids and stop the juvenile conspiracy theories.

          • “Have you ever seen a polio victim?”

            Yes I have, there are plenty of them in India caused by the polio vaccine.

            Again, do your own research and stop parroting what you watch on television, or what the CDC tells you. Do you even have a clue of the corruption at the CDC, FDA, EPA, etc. Here’s a hint for you, google CDC spider scientists. Report back what you find. You could also google EPA or FDA whistleblowers. Learning is fun, much better than letting others think for you.

          • I too knew a non-therapeutic polio vaccine victim and agree that there are many more reported to be in India.
            Why aren’t the criminals and their supporters in jail?

          • You claimed, “If not, what are your credentials to question vaccines that have saved millions of lives? “.
            Please verify your credentials by naming one person in history that was saved by any non-therapeutic vaccine assault.
            There isn’t one because that is not how non-therapeutic vaccines work.
            Note: That is not a claim that any non-therapeutic vaccines actually do “work” except of course for allopathic bank accounts.

          • Michael McCarthy | February 9, 2017 at 8:16 pm |

            Smallpox has been eliminated from the earth except for laboratories. I guess we could all stop taking all vaccines and see what happens. That would be ethical with you I suppose.

          • Non-therapeutic smallpox vaccine has not been on the schedule for U.S. non-therapeutic vaccines since 1974.
            It was causing too much disease.
            Put it back on the schedule and the disease that it causes will return.
            For over two hundred years, the non-therapeutic smallpox vaccine cause much more disease that anyone could dream it might prevent.
            It probably prevented nothing.

          • Michael McCarthy | February 10, 2017 at 7:58 pm |


          • If you don’t think that the date was 1974 when the disease caused just got too great to continue to hide,
            then what date do you think the U.S. remove the non-therapeutic smallpox vaccine from the U.S. non-therapeutic schedule?

  13. Great article. I also highly recommend that everyone see the excellent documentary, “Vaxxed.”

  14. Why try to change the dialog to only include mercury?
    Children that are too young to give their personal informed consent are being assaulted with injection and oral:
    1. Infectious agents.
    2. Poisons.
    3. Fertility reducing compounds.
    4. DNA and protein from aborted human fetuses, peanuts, monkey viruses, more aborted human fetuses, eggs, more aborted human fetuses, etc.
    The above four are also known as non-therapeutic vaccines.
    Also do not narrow the dialog to only non-therapeutic attenuated virus MMR vaccine or only autism.
    Most children in the U.S. have adverse reactions to non-therapeutic vaccines.
    Most mostly appear to recover. Some have issues for life. Some die.

  15. One has to keep in mind CDC tactics. Stating mercury has been removed, then leaving it in or some in, provides the kind of FAKE SCIENCE CDC is known for. They can and have claimed, autism numbers continue to rise with thimerosal removed. Is it possible the so called removal never occurred?

  16. Maybe if so many of our government entities weren’t caught in lies people would feel more comfortable with them saying it’s safe. I don’t think infants should receive so many vaccinations in such a short time. Chicken pox is a normal childhood virus that can be dangerous to some but everyone I’ve known to have had it is just fine today. Unless the childs parents or siblings have hepatitis increasing the childs chances of getting it, they shouldn’t be given this vaccine until much later when they are able to decide on their own if they want it. Same with the hpv vaccine. There are just too many given at one time! As a mother it would make me a nervous wreck after my children got their first couple rounds of vaccines because they would become lethargic and run fever, they were miserable! I asked if they could space out the vaccines so it would be easier on them but was told no they HAVE to have them all right now. Wish I knew back then what I know now, I trusted the health system, they were supposed to be professionals and knew were they doing, knew what they were injecting into their patients. I also never understood the argument vaccinate your child so the immunosuppressed don’t get sick, but getting vaccinated introduces the live virus so how is a kid running around with the virus, coming into contact with people who’s immune systems aren’t working right, safer?

  17. How do parents not understand what a non-therapeutic vaccine is?
    The normal ingredients are:
    1. One or more infectious agents.
    2. Adjuvant and other poisons are required so the victim’s immune system is damaged or bypassed because otherwise, not every victim’s immune system would react to the infectious agents.
    3. Fertility reducing compounds.
    Because someone bought into the nonsensical overpopulation myth.
    4. DNA and protein from
    aborted human fetuses,
    more aborted human fetuses,
    monkey viruses,
    even more aborted human fetuses,

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