Obama’s Legacy: A Failing Healthcare System

obamacare-big-brotherBy Paul A. Philips

When Obama leaves the oval office in January and hands over the US presidency to Trump he will leave behind a troubling legacy. In a number of different ways he has betrayed those he was supposed to serve, the American people. Whether it has been through his involvement in healthcare or running up a serious national debt to the tune of over 20 trillion dollars, or the climate change scam, rising mass poverty and unemployment,  homelessness, etc., he will affect many Americans for generations to come.

Taking the case of health as an example, he will leave behind the consequences of his involvement in a seriously failing healthcare system that has done far more harm than good. Some have argued, quite justifiably, that Obama’s involvement in the US healthcare (sick care) system has been deliberately set up to fail due to a number of reasons, which will be explained.

In effect, Obama’s actions have had nothing to do with the genuine welfare concern and health of the American people. Instead, his actions have been tied in to oiling the wheels of the profit-driven Big Pharma and Big Insurance corporations.

It’s simple: if you want health and longevity then get actively suspicious of Obama’s involvement in “healthcare” policies and mandates. Be actively suspicious of Big Pharma’s “healthcare” industry and its advice. The same goes for the FDA approval body. The last thing they want is to see you healthy through alternative, non-toxic, non-invasive health practices that undercut their controlled businesses: This is the underlying reason why the healthcare system fails, exactly what it’s meant to do.         


In terms of Obamacare, the American healthcare system has virtually imploded. It has structurally and economically failed due to the following reasons:

1. Insurance premiums have skyrocketed by well over 50%

Even before becoming president, Obama promised to lower premiums for employees by working with employers, but this has not happened. With Obamacare, premiums have increased by 50-67% to prevent insurers from pulling out due to significant financial losses. Talks of repealing Obamacare have been ongoing.

2. The majority of the Obamacare countrywide co-ops have left the system

…and continue to leave due to a lack of membership. For the system to work it requires enough membership and revenue to overcome the huge costs tied in to lawful, mandatory regulations.

3. The dreaded Obamacare penalties

Obama had continually lied about the cost of Obamacare insurance. It turned out to be much higher; as if the higher and forever rising costs weren’t enough, there are also the dreaded Obamacare penalties, costing 8 million American tax payers billions of dollars. The lovely IRS penalizes those who fail to comply with the government’s edict to buy healthcare insurance.

How’s that for a “caring” Democrat government? Make you buy something you’re unable to afford through legislation then penalize. Even Bill Clinton thought this was the “craziest thing in the world.”

4. Skyrocketing deductibles

Put simply, the rising deductibles for individual healthcare plans are now so costly that you would have to have something majorly serious happen to you and receive some major treatment in order to justify paying such a high premium. That indeed makes the healthcare cover worthless for the vast majority.

How long will this ‘pay more and get less’ disastrous system continue? Haven’t the American people stomached enough?

Obama Executive Orders

Over the years Obama has made a number of legally binding Executive Orders, such as those that are health-related. At first, they seem innocuous, looking like they’ve been issued for the American people’s well-being, when, in fact, they are nothing more than profiteering and medical tyranny in disguise.

For instance, days before the November 2016 presidential election the soon to be departing President Obama quietly signed an Executive Order: “Advancing the Global Health Security Agenda to Achieve a World Safe and Secure from Infectious Disease Threats.” It falls in line with the CDC’s intention with health agencies worldwide to enhance authoritative powers using stricter control through detainment and tighter quarantine guidelines during disease threat.

Will this Executive Order be used to enforce vaccinations?

A number of health freedom advocates are understandably gravely concerned. Mandatory vaccinations have long been on the related authorities’ wish lists.  This new Executive Order frames a number of historically “proposed” policies related to mandatory vaccinations:

Besides the life-threatening illnesses, the CDC is looking at some 90 plus percent compliance when it comes to ALL ‘vaccine preventable disease’ (VPD). The fact that those highly vaccinated in densely populated areas during outbreaks have not benefited due to the largely ineffective vaccines has not deterred the CDC. Then there has been the deliberate underreporting on ill-health caused by vaccine damage…  

Measles, for example, falls under the VPD category. In line with the new Executive Order, for instance, 90 plus percent of 15-month-old infants would be required to get vaccinated with measles vaccines. Documented evidence, as in the case of CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, shows that children less than 3 years are susceptible to autism from the MMR vaccine, but this has been ignored.

Further, the new Executive Order will give the related governmental health authorities greater cooperation from the police and enforcement on a worldwide scale, which could even involve Interpol (The International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO)).

Unvaccinated or suspected disease carriers could face some serious police enforcement, as these individuals would be considered a threat to national security. They could be isolated and detained beyond the 72-hour limit to establish their condition: Treatment, vaccination enforcement would be the condition of their release and may be electronically tagged… Non-cooperation could lead to heavy fines or imprisonment.

People would be encouraged to snitch on those suspected of being one of the unvaccinated … demonizing the unvaccinated has been helped along the way by mass media hysteria and fear-mongering, especially in a false flag disease psy-op.

In Summary

As  mentioned earlier, whether it’s a failing healthcare system or an involvement in running up a serious national debt to the tune of over 20 trillion dollars, or the climate change scam… or any other acts of betrayal to the American people Obama will leave behind a troubling legacy that will no doubt affect generations to come.

And it’s seriously doubtful that the soon to be inaugurated 45th President Donald Trump will make a difference, unless the voice of the American people really makes itself heard…  

You can read more from Paul A. Philips at his site NewParadigm.ws

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3 Comments on "Obama’s Legacy: A Failing Healthcare System"

  1. Bizarre article. Obamacare is working EXACTLY as planned. It was DESIGNED to cause skyrocketing premiums, penalties, etc. It is working great for the foreign insurance companies (banks) who wrote it and got it through. Obama is a GREAT front man. Soon he will be making millions in “speaking fees” a la Hillary Clinton.

  2. I warned the world about this. But the world is too stupid to listen to me, even though I have a proven track record over and over.

  3. uhh, let’s see.
    He gets a Peace prize for perpetual wars.
    He should get:
    A health care prize for destroying the health care insurance companies.
    A vaccine prize for pushing immune killing and disease inducing crap in a tube.
    A Co2 prize for killing the coal industry.
    A jobs prize for killing millions of jobs.
    A press prize for killing free speech.
    A congress prize for making all senators and house of reps impotent (see health care).
    A false flag and hoax prize for the various give me your gun scripts. (Sandy Hoax, Missouri, too many to list).
    A prize for decimating the military.
    A bowing prize for the best sorriest apologist the U.S. has ever known.

    and the bestest prize of all.
    A FOOL prize for fooling the fools that were fooled.

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