Obama, Clinton, and Sanders Could Stop the Riots But They Just Watch

clinton-sanders-obamaBy Daisy Luther

Is it just me or have you also noticed that Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and President Obama have been silent about the protests?

The very people who have the power to stop these protests and riots with just a few well-spoken words have been completely silent on the issue.

Hillary Clinton

During her concession speech, Clinton said, “We must accept this result, and then look to the future. … Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.”

After that, she has been mum on the entire thing.

Hillary Clinton could have asked her followers to stop this nonsense, and they probably would have listened out of respect for her. (Misplaced respect but that’s a whole different article.) Instead, her silence makes me think that she is hidden away, relishing the chaos. That she has done nothing to attempt to calm the situation underlines the fact that she was not fit to govern. A leader would look out for the best interests of a country they love, rather than watching from afar to apply balm to her wounded ego.

Instead, her Twitter is full of Bible quotes (huh?) and mentions nary a word about the protests. It has not been updated since the day after her failed bid.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, the one from whom the Democratic primary was fraudulently stolen, the one who backed up Hillary Clinton anyway, has also been uncharacteristically silent, especially for an aging peace-and-love hippie kind of guy.

He hasn’t once asked the protesters to be peaceful or to give Trump a chance, but he has fueled the fire with his cries for them to remain vigilant. He’s already opposing Trump before the guy even gets inaugurated.

Even in his essay for the NY Times yesterday, entitled “Where Do Democrats Go From Here?” he did not gently suggest to his supporters that they turn toward peace. He had the opportunity, the platform, and the love from his followers, and his choice to remain silent tells me that he is just as self-serving as the other politicians, despite his humble, grandfatherly demeanor.

President Obama

Then there’s the President, who met cordially with TrumpHis Twitter account is likewise mute on the subject of vandalism, arson, and violence in reaction to the election.

Note to President Obama: I didn’t like it when you were elected either, but I burned neither flags nor effigies. I peacefully dissented throughout your administration but never damaged one single item of property. You screwed the middle class with your horrible health care catastrophe, and yet no one rioted in the streets when you were re-elected to screw us for another four years.

Obama’s only statement of semi-support was on Wednesday, when he said, ““The peaceful transfer of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. We’re actually all on the same team.”

His statement about the riots was via his press secretary.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, asked Thursday about the protests, said the president believes the right to free speech should be protected.

He added, “It is a right that should be exercised without violence.  And there are people who are disappointed in the outcome. And the president’s message in the Rose Garden was it’s not surprising that people are disappointed in the outcome, but it’s important for us to remember, a day or two after the election, that we’re Democrats and Republicans, but we’re Americans and patriots first.”

This won’t end well.

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager, sees it the same way. She has called on Obama and Clinton to address the violence, but thus far, her request seems to have fallen on willfully deaf ears.

Not accepting the result and keeping up the protests will lead to nowhere except more trouble as the contagion of anger spreads. It is only a matter of time before it really gets out of hand and people start dying.

Since protesters are now actually calling for war and death, if Obama, Clinton, and Sanders really loved America, these three would use their influence to ease the transition and call for peace. Instead, one must wonder if the rumors about a Soros-funded, Clinton-approved Purple Revolution to destabilize America are about to become our new reality.

Oh – and one quick note. It has to be said.

The people calling for war and death are overwhelmingly anti-gun.

They just might want to rethink the wisdom of directing their death threats, physical attacks, and aggression toward Second Amendment proponents.

Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor. Her website, The Organic Prepper, where this article first appeared, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at daisy@theorganicprepper.ca

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384 Comments on "Obama, Clinton, and Sanders Could Stop the Riots But They Just Watch"

  1. the rioters should be put in fema camps, where they receive mandatory vaccines and large doses of risperdal.
    or deported to mexico. after the wall is build

  2. Their tearing up Democratic sections of America. Just goes to show how dumb they really are!

    • Never thought of that. Too funny.
      I suggest everyone email corporate media they we will not watch them till they stop covering the riots.

    • Dumb, yes! It also shows exactly what kind of people they are! They support Obama, Hillary and Sanders, etc., all of whom do not open their mouths to quiet this horrific rioting! Unacceptable!
      I think that Obama, Hillary, et al are secretively thrilled that these “crazies” are burning up property and hurting people because it makes them feel important and “loved” and not like the losers they really are!
      Even Obama lost, because he fought for Hilary’s election to preserve his tattered legacy!!!
      These weak politicians all lost because they are truly out for themselves and obviously not very concerned about our country or its citizens!!!
      Trump! ??

    • Let’s HOPE it’s just stupidity. Do they not realize they’re defending a Satanist, (probable) murderess and the head of the most in-your-face crime syndicate since the synagogue created Central Bank??

      • I don’t really think they even have a clue what their doing. Someone is controlling all these actions and I’d love to see somebody find Soros and turn out his lights.

        • He’s about 85 years old with no family heir as motivated so this stuff won’t outlive him. Think how great it is that he has spent so much money funding these rat pacs and he is still losing ground. His influence has dropped with Dem’s out of control. Maybe some FBI people will start to investigate him as part of a conspiracy to commit mayhem. In his last days he will likely never see anything but Republican rule.

        • It’s 100% SOREASS!!!

          HE needs to join CROOKED and OBUMMER in PRISON!!!

      • They are protesting another election where the people’s vote was reversed by the Electoral College and Trump’s racism and ugly comments about women, his mockery of the disabled, his calling the poor “morons.”

        The Trump sheet hate protest, tho he mounted a protest campaign against tolerance: Get em outta here (he said to peaceful protesters). Rough him up. I will pay the fines.”

        What’s to protest. Protest is illegal…or we should make it so.

    • There are no more democrats they all turned communist.

    • Can you say false flag provocateurs as with Occupy?

  3. Insanity…

    Always be a light that is shininginthedark

  4. The Americans who are protesting against Democracy, the Republic, and the Constitution are acting in an Unamerican manner, and these would be those who are engaged in rioting, rather than protesting.

    Voters went to Vote to Elect a President, and the Rules are that the Candidate that wins the Presidential Election is the President.

    We Know that no Candidate was going to receive 100 % of the Vote, and this means that only one side would be have their preferred Candidate win the Election, and the Republican Donald Trump won the Election for President over Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party.

    This means that other side is Obligated to accept the result and to Act Acceptably, and as those who are Worthy of having a Republic and a Democracy.

    This is because this is how the Founding Fathers decided that America chooses its President, and other Elected Representatives, because this is the Only way for that to be considered to be Legitimate, and that Maintains Law and Order, and shows Respect to Fellow Americans.

    Donald Trump has not even been inaugurated and so there is Nothing on which to have a Legitimate Protest, and it is Illegitimate to protest over the winner of a Democratic and Constitutionally Mandated Democratic Election, that was Free and Fair.

    There are People who would Protest over that, and they are the Unelected Illegitimate Dictatorial Establishment Shadow Government that does Not want America to be Democracy.

    This is because these Unelected People want to Rule America Unconstitutionally and Illegally.

    We have heard the Lies by the Democrats, that Foreigners were trying to Influence America’s Elections.

    There are Foreigners protesting in Foreign Countries that the Voters Elected Donald Trump to be President, and this is bringing disgrace to America, because these Foreigners believe the Lies that they have heard from some Americans.

    There are People suggesting the George Soros who Funds the Democratic Party, and who has conducted several Coups of Democratically Elected Governments is behind this, and so he Knows how to conduct Coups, and he does Not want Donald Trump to be President, but he wants the Establishment Hillary Clinton to be Puppet, or for his other Puppet Barack Obama to Declare Martial Law, and Rule as a Puppet Dictator.

    We have certain People saying that they will leave America if Donald Trump becomes President, and is this because they Knew of the Conspiracy of George Soros for a Coup in America if Donald Trump was Elected President, or was it just to try to influence Voters, and time will show which one of these it was, but we must allow for one or a few of them moving to another Country for Legitimate reasons, and preferably if it happened after Donald Trump is inaugurated as President, so that People could see that there will be a smooth transition of power.

    I have do Not know if any American Mainstream Journalists said that they would leave America if Donald Trump became President, because there are Many People who think that it would be Irresponsible for Journalists to say that.

    There could be some People wondering if President Barack Obama wants the Congress to subpoena any American Mainstream Journalists who have said that they will leave America, if People Vote the way they want, unless they provided Very Detailed Reasons in their Written Articles for that, and it must be in Writing and Signed and Dated, and for which it said under oath in order to keep the records up to date, so that President Barack Obama can be kept informed on the matter.

    The Corruptocrats and the American Puppet Mainstream Media with their Lies, Slander, and Propaganda, are the ones who are Responsible for this situation.

    The protesters are saying that they are giving their opinions, but they did that on Election Day, and some of it is Not what Democracy looks like.

    There Could be some of the Malicious and Slanderous comments by Michael Moore that White People Voted on the basis that they are White rather than on the Economy, National Security, and Employment, then a Group of Black People Could Bring a Class Action against him, because he wants the White People to take the Guilt of what happened long ago and for which No one today is responsible for, because it has been Judged that making Charges of Collective Guilt is defined as Genocide, and Congress may Subpoena Michael Moore because of these Very Serious Offences.

    It is important that African American bring this Class Action for these Charges and others, and that Michael Moore can Settle out of Court by Donating half of his Wealth to the African American Community, because he Expressed how much he cares for them, and they say that talk is cheap, unless it is Slander or False Accusations of Genocide, and Racism against White People, because there are African Americans who understand that People Cannot and Must Not be Slandered or held Responsible for the actions of others.

    The Congress should ask Michael Moore in a Private Session if he has been Filmed by George Soros or someone else in an Act of Pedophilia, and that he is now an Unwilling Traitor to America, and that even if he received a Presidential Pardon from President Barack Obama or another President, that he thinks that he Cannot Confess, because his Puppet Master will put the Videos on the Internet, and that he has Not prepared a Country to immigrate to yet, and Congress should try to convince President Barack Obama to grant Michael Moore a Presidential Pardon, and a new Secret Identity for his Services to America.

    Americans have the Right to protest peacefully and lawfully in a manner that minimizes as much as practically any inconvenience to the Public, because that shows Consideration to Fellow American Citizens.

  5. These are the goat worshipers that are paying the poor dumb idiots.
    Sacrifice the goat.

  6. We should pray that the three Americans encouraging protests because Trump won presidency should
    immediately STOP AND THINK. Did I read where each said we must become united and work to
    unite this great nation? I voted for Clinton but as a senior citizen of 81 years, I’m willing to work hard
    to unite this great country and preserve it for my two great-grandchildren.

  7. Time to load up OSCUMBAG’s FEMA camps with the “protestors” They are already built and waiting, so a few days “cooling off” behind bars just might help. FREAKING IDIOTS destroying property in SCUMOCRAT areas. Shows how “intelligent” THEY are…… NOT.

  8. If rioting people causse personal, harn damage property, & or loot, they should be dealt with very severly at the site. According to the law under RIOT provisions. Those that could stop but refuse to help are just as quality as they rioters, possibly aide and abetting them.

  9. Go for it , liberal cretins, riot and then burn the cities that you have to live and work in, burn the liberal dem controlled cities to the ground, no harm done to us.
    A promise for you liberal scum, don’t look to DC to repair it, Obama will be gone.
    Another promise for you, you bring that crap out into our world, we will hunt you like rabid dogs.

    • You don’t have to say that last part twice! Count me in!

      • It’s obvious to all of us now, we can no longer coexist with the liberal dem bloodsucking parasites there is only one way out.

        • Agreed. California is calling for their own country. Adios Amigos…..could care less if California fell into the ocean….they can take their 59 electoral votes with them. Notice most of California is red…..its those cess pool populations that crowd into their rat holes that turn the state blue. I should know I live in Illinois and the same happens here…..the whole state is red except for the corrupt city of rats called Chicago. OK we will give the cretins Southern California….and Chicago. Done.

          • i agree..Illinois is ruled by Cook County and California is run by the loonies in Frisco and LA….The rest of us are Gun-toting rednecks.

          • Why have we allowed them to slander us for so long? We are always described as less….ignorant….uneducated….because why because we are not for their open border liberal agenda….because we are the forgotten throw aways….dinasaurs from another era soon to be replaced……The same is happening in Europe…..The People are being replaced by those they believe will be more suitable for the coming tyrann…..replaced by those that can be controlled…..replaced by those that cannot think…….We must remember who we came from……the blood that runs in our veins does so because so many that came before us sacrificed. They were hoping to chip away at us until we became unrecognizable then just sweep us away into the dust bin of history. Well I can still recognize you and you and you and you and what I see is the sleeping giant

          • Why have we allowed them to slander us for so long?

            I think the answer may be that Whites are culturally not confrontational and are prone to compromise and simply give in. They do not like to fight or argue. And this mess that exists in the rapidly shrinking USA is the result.

          • Noam Beefheart | November 15, 2016 at 8:16 pm |

            “Whites are culturally not confrontational”

            yeah, except for all those black people we lynched.

          • jeannemartin | November 14, 2016 at 8:34 am |

            clinging to our Bilbles …

          • I exactly. I live here in Kalifornivsky. It is overrun with illegals and polluted by a dem legislature, sexual perverts demanding total acceptance without comment, self righteous PCers, global war it’s and all manner of libtard social do good ears.
            Conservatives are plenty but not enough and no chance of fighting this demonic dem legislature.
            I have come to believe that progressives are brain damaged or satanically deceived and influenced…truley

          • As can be evidenced by the fools being hired by the snake Soros, bused ’round the country and, (if it’s possible), making even larger walking colons of themselves.
            All they need do is wait – I have a sinking feeling Trump will embrace the status quo soon enough.

          • Richard Scott | November 13, 2016 at 9:34 pm |

            Let’s give it to them, not much good comes out of california anyway

          • Agreed. They can have Chicago….NYC….and Miami too….they can call it the federation of failures

          • Chuck Morrison | November 14, 2016 at 9:29 am |

            Hmmm….Sixth largest economy in the world, produces 25% of the entire nations’ food supply, home to half the Pacific Fleet, plus the wine, craft beer, Yosemite….Nope. Nothing going on here. Take a look at the County by County election results, and you can see that there are TWO distinct States outlined here. I’m all for a split along the general shape of the red/blue delineation. We in the red area will have all of the ag production, and all of the water. We’ll be charging LA a buck a gallon for it, and putting land BACK in production that has been lying fallow so Moonbeam can send OUR water down to LA to water semi-tropical media mogul gardens and fill their effing pools.

          • sorry bud ..but 25% of the nations food…NO your wrong, cornbelt does and others states add all up, get down off that liberal horse and face reality boy

          • California does provide much of the nation’s winter fruit and vegetables….. It used to provide 90% of our winter fruits and vegetables and that is down to 25% now because of the leftists water policies. The cornbelt doesn’t provide much in the winter. Mexico and South America now provide. We should be supporting the folks like Chuck who understand what’s going on, instead of just putting him down.

          • Chuck Morrison | November 18, 2016 at 3:01 pm |

            You didn’t read the post correctly. I am not a liberal. I’m saying my vote didn’t count because the state is dominated by LA and the Bay Area. And you are wrong. CA is in fact the 6th largest economy on the planet, and produces at least 25% of the total VALUE of America’s ag production. Secession will not be allowed, no matter what the Snowflakes vote for. But splitting the state along party lines, which would give the coast to the left, and the agricultural center and north to the right, may be doable. It could even be the subject of a lawsuit, since those of us who live in the Red counties have almost no representation in either state or federal government. Sorry ‘bud’, get down off your hobby horse and face reality. See how that feels to be talked to like that? Those that lack education should at least hang on to their civility, if they ever had any; it will make them appear less foolish.

          • Richard Scott | November 14, 2016 at 11:13 pm |

            All the good people needs to leave, then let all the democrats stay there and cry

          • gerald Hughes | November 13, 2016 at 11:30 pm |

            Buying votes with handouts, that has been a way of life for the liberal dem bloodsuckers for 50 years.
            We will not change them, as long as it works, for them..
            Their whole program is to take from the people that work, earn and pay their own way.
            Their entire concern about disarming the citizenry, is based upon knowing, that, they can’t stay in power if the citizenry are armed

            I lived in and operated a business, in Chicago, for 22 years, September of1999, I moved my family and business out of Chicago.
            Chicago and the entire state are welcome to join together and form the AXIS of DO NOTHING and HAVE EVERYTHING.
            A quick look at Europe shows you where the liberal scum want to take us.

          • Agreed…..I so want to move to Tennessee! Hopefully Iwill get there before they continue its planned destruction. I have read that Tennessee is one of the states that they are dumping thousands of Muslim refugeees….soon to be millions unless the invasion is stopped. Why did we let it get to this point? I suppose we have been busy doing life…….it had to reach this point to wake us up and speak……and we needed a man such as Donalad Trump to take the reins and lead us. You I have been amazed since Trumps bid for office from the beginning…..why would someone that lives the life Trump does even care about The People….it really says something about the inner man. The DNC…the RNC…THE MSM …the world was antiTrump even down to the Pope….yet The People saw through all of it. It truly is remarkable and I honestly believe there is something profound at work here. Call it a higher power….or lets just call it what it is…God is at work here….”IfGod Be For Us Who Can Be Against Us”

          • gerald Hughes | November 14, 2016 at 7:58 am |

            I live in Tn. we have asmall group of them in a medium sized city just east of Nashville.
            We simply do not tolerate things like these riots.
            It’s likely that, 35% of men here, carry, legally, probably anoter 35% carry anyway.

            Roughly 25% of our ladies carry and are quite proficient.
            The nonsense is simply not allowed here

          • Well then I’ll be well protected when I get there 🙂 (never fired a gun in my life….actually I think I held one only once) Tennessee in my opinion is one of the most beautiful states……its people are beautiful too……I actually believe thats why they are dumping muslims in states like TN……the planned destruction of middle America. Seriously you must start contacting your government and say no more….I believe President Trump will put a stop to the invasion. Pull up on you tube what is happening in Europe…..it is a complete take over with governments that for the life of me I cannot figure out why they are allowing…..Eastern Europe is the last hold out….they are refusing to allow in the Trojan Horse…….Truly I speak truth! Saudi Arabia could house feed take care of indefinitely yet they have not taken one refugee…….its a planned take over……Clinton had big plans for all of us….lets hope its not too late. Actually its never too late

          • gerald Hughes | November 14, 2016 at 1:59 pm |

            The NMuslinms are not having agood time here, everything they try to do is met with much grief,

          • Pay close attention for their next move. Ann Arbor Michigan area has been overrun with Islamic rule….they openly call for Sharia…..the call to prayer begins at 6:00 am with loud speakers blaring Islamic prayers proclaimng there is no God but Allah…..can you even imagine Christian prayers being allowed to be proclaimed on loud speakers…..people who have lived there all of their lives have been forced to move. Islam once embedded grows until it overtakes everything in its path. You know what very soon we will not even be able to talk like this online…..in Europe if you say one word against Islam they come looking for you…..its coming here too….just wait. They say its the Christian thing to do that we must take care of these people…..I dont think so…..God never said to let a people that hate everything you are into your land and allow them to overcome you and your children……allow them to change your laws……that you must bow down to their demands all the while feeding them housing them allowing them to fill your schools…..no God never said once let pagan Gods overcome you. Why are only Western countries being forced to change their culture to accomodate multiculturalism. I hate it. I am not a racist…..never was a racist……but why our countries….our cultures….our people….they laugh in our faces ……always remember we are the only minority on the planet…..do the math…..we are the minority….

          • gerald Hughes | November 14, 2016 at 3:38 pm |

            I am a former marine, my last 2 years in the Corps was spent as marksman ship instructor on the weapons range at Quantico, Va.
            I will not be bullied, I will not allow my rights to be taken.
            Not by Muslims, liberal dem bloodsuckers or perverts.

          • Gerald thank you for serving this country. Please do not get upset….its going to be o.k. We will get through all of this. With this new administration I am certain things will change. Be patient and things will turn around. Your rights are not going to be taken. We voted and we made a difference. I feel confident that President Trump will give all of our Vets the respect they deserve. This administration wil change the status quo.

          • gerald Hughes | November 14, 2016 at 5:59 pm |

            Not upset, at all.
            Determined is the word.

          • Determined is good Gerald 🙂

          • Noam Beefheart | November 15, 2016 at 8:15 pm |

            It’s going to be just as bad as any other administration.

          • Lets hope not. I am thinking that since Trump is not part of the corrupt establishment things might change. I agree both dems and rep play the same game but remember Trump is not beholden to any of them….both the DNC and RNC were openly against him…not to mention the controlled media. I believe he will try unless the system is so defiled Trump will be mired down in the swamp he wants to drain.

          • Noam Beefheart | November 15, 2016 at 9:42 pm |

            It’s over. He’s already surrounded by DC insiders. Once anyone is president they can longer be trusted.

          • Lets hope your wrong…..I cannot think of one outsider like a Trump ever sitting in the oval office. Noam …. hope! If not we just cannot give up…..watching on cable all the chaos….riots all over. Well if they wanted chaos they got chaos. You know we really could use Messiah right about now. Man just cannot get it right on his own. When will we ever understand this.

          • Noam Beefheart | November 15, 2016 at 8:13 pm |

            The state with the highest rate of teen pregnancy? How’s that abstinence working for ya?

          • Seriously……then where do you suggest I move. I am not a teen so it will not affect me directly. Sodom and Gommorah is beginning to look like Mayberry in comparison to the experiment called USA. Interesting name….Noam … pleasant
            Beefheart…..youre not a vegetarian 🙂

          • I like to call them American Socialists and Communists.

          • gerald Hughes | November 14, 2016 at 2:28 pm |

            I prefer to call them liberal dem bloodsucking parasites.

          • Are there really buses by the dozens full of paid protestors going into Chicago? My husband works there, but we live out of state.

          • Not sure but will check into that. Do not live in Chicago (are you kidding me)

          • Oh, I thought you lived in Illinois and may have seen something on local news. Sorry, must have been mistaken.

          • Yep, Soros Funded, DNC SUPPORTED

      • b.s trumps the president now show some leadership instead this is his job to reassure the people unless he’s not up to it.

        • It’s NOT Trump’s job until January 20, 2017!! Until then it’s Obama’s job and he better get off his a$$ and DO IT!

        • Sorry Dude….Trump is not the president…..can you imagine the uproar if he addresses the scum bags as their president before he is sworn in. This is Obamas turf and he knows it…..he is part of it just like he is part of Black lives matter.

          • Obeyme is hoping to start his own Arab Spring, so he can declare martial law…better not come into the Red areas of Calif…or it will be a fight. And we are pretty good at hitting what we aim at.

          • Indeed

          • George Soros’ purple revolutions around the world are precisely why Hillary and Bill came out in their purple clothes the day after Trump won.

          • Noam Beefheart | November 15, 2016 at 8:18 pm |

            Obombya is not part of BLM. He’s just another elitist warmonger, just like Clinton and Bush.

          IDIOTS ALL

        • Ignorant twojakes. Obama is the president now. Better to keep silent than to open your mouth and let everyone know how uninformed you actually are. Now that you know who the president is you must believe that as president it is Obama that should show some leadership, right? NO! You will now disagree with your own reasoning with a liberal spplication of rationalization, because, you are wallowing, lost in the left right continuum. You believe you must pick a side and stick to it regardless of the outcome. Get some education. Try studing the U.S. Constitution. Next time adults are speaking do not. Better to remain silent than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    • Obeemer will probably flee the county.

    • Soros is behind it….the sad truth is these dimwits do not understand that they are being used. And yeah youre right Gerald they are tearing up their own turf….total bafoons. . All those “cretins” (going to use this going forward 🙂 ) will be screaming for those they riot against to demand we go behind them and clean up their mess. We must stand our ground ….. no compromise ……and all of us need to have President Trumps back.

      • In Hillery’s big speech, her and Michel were wearing their purple sashes of organized protest. Doesn’t that let us know that they are actually supporting the riots and protests. And all of this bullcrap is created by Soros. He is the one who supports the destruction of the United States, and the others ar stupid lemmings.

      • Not just Soros, but, he is a lot of the trouble.
        Probably, we are going to have to do something about him.

    • Eat the Ashes

    • “Another promise for you, you bring that crap out into our world, we will hunt you like rabid dogs.”
      Agree…. really dumb, foul sycophants willing to do anything for a few dollars from their Bolshevik Soros….. U.S. burns while Nero – (Obama) fiddles with Michael, oops, Michelle.

  10. These are the populace the libs have tended for so long. Unthinking, emotional, and reactive…. easily controlled. They are the ‘participation trophy’ kids who have never faced actual defeat at any point in their life.

    We are witnessing the collective foot-stamping tirade of an entire generation who’ve just had their DS3 taken away by daddy for the first time.

    • You got it right on.

    • Make no mistake about it…they are dangerous, also…

    • They aren’t easily controlled though. All the liberal elites that have helped to create these monsters may find that out the hard way before long. I doubt they will be too happy when it is their flat that goes up in flames.

      • The democratic party isn’t attempting to control them. This is a prequel to martial law. They’re baiting trump supporters to engage them so they can blame the right. It’s fully funded and supported by the leadership. This could have been called off in a day by Obama or Hillary if they didn’t want it.

        • So you’re saying Obama is going to declare martial law soon? LMFAO. He’s had eight years to do that and he never did. Called off? Obombya told protesters to chill out yesterday. Perhaps you should pay more attention to the news.

        • One very frightening point to consider is this; Like our Israeli-trained cops, these tens of thousands of “protestors” think so little of this nation they will, (for a fist full of dollars), wreak havoc, piss on our founding documents and kill their fellow Americans….. Just as the treasonous cops are doing – to ALL citizens, not just (as Soros pays BLM to disseminate), blacks/minorities.

        • What did Nero do when he perceived he was losing power? He burnt his own city to the ground. What may Obama do now that his power and plans may unravel with a Trump presidency? Naturally, he will burn HIS own city to the ground. What city is that, but Chicago. National martial law begins in Chicago. Just a little insider scoop.

      • Now we will have the fun of dealing with the conservative elites for the next 4-8 years. woohoo!

    • It’s called NEA EDUCATED MORONS MILLENIALS et all.

    • The youth have renounced the moribund Democratic Party, the corrupt Republican Party, and have chosen independence. They voted for Sanders, a socialists who rejects the program of establishment liberals. The young educated who are just starting out are one trillion in debt to pay for their education: they are paying 6-7% interest, earning the Dept of Education $50 billion a year.

      Those who have lost the vibrancy and open minds of youth always condemn them!

      College grads earn a million more than the “poorly educated” that Trump loves for being such sheep they would vote for him if he murdered someone in broad daylight (he stated), and pay $200,000 more in their lifetimes than the “morons” as Trump calls the poor, and they use far less government aid.

      They have rejecting the herd thinking of those who criticize them and are blazing a new path…..which those left behind resent and thus feel compelled to call them names.

      It is the Trump’s who get free stuff: born rich, millions in loans, government guarantees, pay no taxes…send jobs to slave labor nations. 220 billion in subsidies to rich industries like banks, energy, and weapons, drugs and Big Ag. 20 billion goes for Temporary Aid to Needy Families, the majority of whom are children and poor seniors and disabled and working mothers. SNAP gives $4.40 a day for food to those who lost their jobs (8 million in Bush’s last two budgets) due to the Great Recession, reaching 20 million in households with lost jobs.

      Fossil fuel corporations get $5 trillion a year in subsidies (IMF study), despite being literally the richest corporations in all history, often making tens of billions in profits (and often paying no taxes).

      But let’s ignore the real thieves and denounce the youth, because unlike the criminals who have ripped us off so long, they are victims and easy to trash.

      Here is a song by Bob Dylan from the previous 60’s generation that was denounced by the sideline hecklers:
      The Times They Are A-Changin’

      Come gather ’round people

      Wherever you roam

      And admit that the waters

      Around you have grown

      And accept it that soon

      You’ll be drenched to the bone

      If your time to you is worth savin’

      Then you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone

      For the times they are a-changin’

      Come writers and critics

      Who prophesize with your pen

      And keep your eyes wide

      The chance won’t come again

      And don’t speak too soon

      For the wheel’s still in spin

      And there’s no tellin’ who that it’s namin’

      For the loser now will be later to win

      For the times they are a-changin’

      Come senators, congressmen

      Please heed the call

      Don’t stand in the doorway

      Don’t block up the hall

      For he that gets hurt

      Will be he who has stalled

      There’s a battle outside and it is ragin’

      It’ll soon shake your windows and rattle your walls

      For the times they are a-changin’

      Come mothers and fathers

      Throughout the land

      And don’t criticize

      What you can’t understand

      Your sons and your daughters

      Are beyond your command

      Your old road is rapidly agin’

      Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand

      For the times they are a-changin’

      The line it is drawn

      The curse it is cast

      The slow one now

      Will later be fast

      As the present now

      Will later be past

      The order is rapidly fadin’

      And the first one now will later be last

      For the times they are a-changin’”

      Digest this, sideliners
      “Your old road is rapidly agin’

      Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand

      For the times they are a-changin’”

      • That was a lot of words. Must mean you’re really smart.

        So kids wanted Bernie, and oddly, it’s Bernie asking them to continue the protest and damage other people’s stuff while they’re at it. All, while thumbing their collective nose at ‘rule of law’.

        So, our kids think they are above the law…. and that’s where our future lies.

        • Strange, Sanders hasn’t told anyone to riot.

          • He has told them to continue the protest even though it’s really a riot. Protesters don’t destroy property and injure people, rioters do.

            He has very conspicuously NOT told them to can the destruction.

    • The Deplorable Chamber Pot | November 15, 2016 at 2:59 pm |

      They are comparable to Mao’s Red Guards screeching about their little Red Book.

  11. Cannot imagine if this were the other way – freaks like Madcow and the rest of the irrelevants would be howling “they refuse to condemn”. Ok libbies…..you’ve chosen sides and its game on. There was a reason we armed ourselves and this was one of them. Its time for a total cleansing and the Liberty tree is thirsty.

    Soros and his family need to go. In a final and swift way.

  12. It was Trump’s words, not Obama’s, not Hillary’s and not Bernie’s words, it was Trump’s words that gave rise to these protests. Trump is the one who needs to assure these people they have nothing to fear from him because it is fear that is driving them to protest. It is Trump’s responsibility to unite this nation, as he said he would. Now is the time to show he has what it takes. Now is the time for wingnuts to look to the man they elected to begin solving problems, but instead, they want to blame Obama, Hillary, and Bernie.

    Very telling how wingnuts were all about the Constitution and individual rights before the election, but now, they want to lock up all those who exercise their right to protest. Obviously, those who use the protest as an excuse to damage and loot should be shot but peaceful protest is constitutionally guaranteed and wingnuts should now prove they support the constitution by supporting the protestors rights.

    Those who don’t understand why these people are protesting need to realize that for the second time in the past four elections a Republican has lost the popular vote yet was still appointed to the Presidency.

    • Bullcrap! Trump’s words were not harmful except to a bunch of idiots who began getting brainwashed and programmed back in 2008.
      The DemonKKKRatic Mafia party’s emails released by Wikileaks were more dangerous than Trumps words because they showed the criminal elements of the DemonKKKRatic Mafia party. If ObamaTheTurd and Lying Stupid Privileged Cheating Krooked Killary”The Butcher of Benghazi ” Klinton don’t stop this then I would advise President Donald Trump to investigate the entire DemonKKKRatic Mafia party to include ObamaTheTurd.
      Ex Malo Bonum!
      God Bless the USA and Springfield Armory!

      • Sounds more like you’re the brainwashed one. You can be in denial all you want but that doesn’t change the fact that these protests are against Trump and it’s Trump’s responsibility to fix it. You didn’t vote for Obama and he doesn’t owe you a damn thing.

        • Trump won and unless he can also direct our military and EPA why should he intervene in this DemonKKKRatic Mafia party mess?
          The best thing Trump can do is remind the Senate DemonKKKRats that in 2 years 25 of them are up for reelection, 5 in Republican States and 4 in Battleground States, and remind ObamaTheTurd that the new AG will look into everything ObamaTheTurd and his agency/department heads have been involved in. Especially Clinton Crime Family Foundation and the DNC cheating Sanders.
          Let ObamaTheTurd and his DemonKKKRatic Mafia party governors handle their mess which they control and it is wearing thin with most Americans, even DemonKKKRats.
          Ex Malo Bonum!
          God Bless the USA and Springfield Armory!

    • This is what happens when there is a call for law and order. Democrats do like their outlaws.

    • Yeah and ur part of the problem

    • Not appointed, elected!!! By the standard method chosen over 200yrs ago by our founding fathers!!! And these ‘protestors’ are not going to listen to a word Trump has to say at this point in time!!! First they have to calm down!!! No one is trying to take away their right to ‘protest’, its the rioters that must be stopped and once that is done then maybe we can get the legitimate ‘protestors’ to the table for peace talks!!! And it is not Trump’s ‘words’ that has these people stirred up, its the fact that these spoiled brainwashed little brats didn’t get their participation trophies or their way and they don’t know how to deal with it so they are throwing a 5yr old’s temper tantrum complete with the kicking and screaming!!! One of my daughters did that in a toy store one time and I just said bye and walked off and hid around the corner and watched through the shelves and after about one minute she realized she was alone and she jumped up and ran toward the way I went!!! When I stepped out she hugged me so hard with relief and never did it again!!! Point is, if we take out the rioters and ignore the protestors, this whole thing will blow over in no time flat!!! This is in no way Trump’s fault, its is a weak societies fault for rewarding losers when they have done nothing to earn it which makes them expect something for nothing on a daily basis!!! Participation trophies have ruined an entire generation!!!

    • Really?You have been brainwashed by the media etc time to do so some homework on George Soros and the NWO of which the Bushes,Clinton’s and Obama are proponents of

    • Ken, you’re a real piece of work. You’ve bought in to the talking points and would defend the big three with your life. They love your koolaid stained tongue that says they should do nothing at all about this America hating attitude. Sad for you.

  13. So during the day they play with coloring books and play dough and at night they turn into criminal elements. I’m sure some socialist progressive DemonKKKRat will make a comic book of these idiots.
    Trump won’t be helping any of these DemonKKKRatic Mafia party mayors with extra budget money so let them destroy their cities.
    Ex Malo Bonum!
    God Bless the USA and Springfield Armory!
    ht https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d9543d01ea60fe0232aa8b8763acce1df3bec4146f5f93fa317dfd2c56891be2.jpg tps://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/23de676cdc4dbd3d6aa98d3bee1dd2e9b532bd4c75063f60bb9b174d65f857c7.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ca79e2ef10f3c15465ba7bb5b5c0fae7dd032329ed13b2e7aa9077bafc31f75f.jpg

  14. Hope trump is not listening to obama in the transitioning game……Do not trust the man!

  15. If if gets bad enough obama will declare martial law.

  16. Notice what the last sentence said.They just might want to rethink the wisdom of directing their death threats,physical attacks,and aggression toward 2nd amendment proponents.Yes indeed,there are many that would love to oblige them so i would suggest that they calm down,not for our own good,but for their own.

  17. What do people expect from a Socialist administration. A call for piece?

  18. Get in my way and I’ll run these leftists over. If I was president I’d have the cops shoot them where they stand.

  19. Hey why would they stop these RIOTS? Obama since he is President (CAN) declare Martial Law and use the UN to enforce his LAW and to take away our GUNS! and he would then place Hillary as his VP and Bernie would be their Lackey. Obama is a sly Fox he has been in the Hen House so long that the HENS think he is one of them until he ATTACKS and Kills them ALL. Who is OBAMA? DO YOU KNOW? Where was he BORN? WHAT IS HIS REAL BCK GROUND? America has NO IDEA as he is the ONLY PRESIDENT TO (EVER) HAVE HIS RECORDS SEALED! WHY? What is he HIDDING? He will use the UN because President Trump said why pay UN as WE can use this Money to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! America is DIVIDE D but President TRUMP WANT’S TO UNITE AMERICA AGAIN. “UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL!” America wake up before Obama declares MARTIAL LAW, and then do exactly what Hitler did became Germany’s Dictator do YOU WANT OBAMA AS DICTATOR???? Ask yourself all these Questions Only you can be the JUDGE

    • Ain’t gonna happen….this is why we allow these imbecilic morons to trash their democratically controlled cities….go ahead and end up with something that looks like Detroit. They are just stupid and ridiculous…and you cannot fix stupid and they are paid protestors by Soros. Someone needs to throw about five strings of high volume firecrackers into the middle of the crowd that sound like gun shots and see how fast they disperse.

    • You’re 100% correct.

      • i’m not worried that Donald will fall for any tricks BO has up he sleeve! Trump is twice as smart, shrewd and confident as BO!
        Trump created an empire while Obama created a mess!
        I would trust Trump to do what he said he would do, “Make America Great Again!”
        We can’t even trust Obama to quell the disasters in the streets because, like with most things, he has no clue!!!

    • When your being particularly stupid you use large caps!

    • Richard,,,,Obama CANNOT declare martial law without the consent of congress, The Posse Comitatus act specifically prohibits it. Very few in the military would obey such an unlawful order. All he would accomplish would be a coup d’tat that could easily cost him his life.

      As far as him attempting to have UN troops invade the country, they would be blown out of the sky and out ot the water before they ever reached landfall by the very same military that would refuse his unlawful order, but if they did manage to get onto US soil the general population would kill them as they landed.

      • Amen to that.

      • Obama has crafted several Executive Orders that allow him to BYPASS CONGRESS in declaring Martial Law! All he needs is a viable reason to do so which massive uncontrolled riots nationwide would satisfy quite nicely!!

        IF he is going to do anything, it will have to be done prior to the inauguration (Jan.20)!

    • He can declare martial law in the
      LIBERAL city if he wants to but in the rest of the real world we will not accept it and any UN we see will probably not leave

    • If the bumb tries he will be eliminated.

  20. Why would the”inept one”, Crooked Hillary, and the “bern” try to stop the rioting by their ignorant clones? These anti-American protestors are a direct result of 8 years of the current administrations policies to transform the United States into a 3rd world country ! George Soros has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams !

  21. Let’s see here. Mainstream Christian churches abhor, deplore, and condemn acts of violence by radical ‘Christian’ groups – so all christians must be bad.

    Mainstream Muslim leaders refuse to condemn violent terrorist acts in the name of Islam, so they must be peace loving.

    Therefore mainstream democrat leaders who refuse to repudiate terrorist acts in the name of Democracy must be the true peace lovers as well.

    Don’t ‘cha see how it works? Oh wait? Your a conservative, so you must be stupid, too.

    I personally think the idea of a wall is absurd, but if it’s moved away from the Mexican border to be around LA, San Francisco, Chicago, and the North East corridor then I might get on board.

  22. End the Riots NOW!


  23. Protests and Riots are two different things

    The current activity taking place are protests done civily with a few incidents of violence by small groups of people.

    A riot is what happened in Baltimore after the Freddie Gray trial.

    Be very careful what you call a protest and a riot because it may affect you and your right to public dissent “protest”.

    If you have 10.000 people gathered to voice thier dissatisfaction over an issue and a group of less than 1% cause violence that small groups actions does not turn the protest into a riot.

    If they are really that upset Trump won then they should been more activly involved in the election. But they still have the right to public protest.

    • Those small groups you mentioned are being paid to lead the large groups into violence!!! They must be stopped immediately!!! If not then Obama WILL declare martial law and then the SWHTF!!!

      • His federal troops will plow us all down in those UN tanks.

        • I don’t think so!!! There are all sorts of ways to deal with tanks!!! Iraq and Afghanistan taught us that!!!

          • I hope there’s enough of you to go around ! On second thought, if we get an EMP dropped on us it might take out his tanks too.

          • Do you have any idea how many vets there are in this country??? How many of us are also of American Indian descent??? How many of us grew up in the woods or the mountains??? Watch the movie ‘Red Dawn’ again!!! Either version!!! That is what is in store for the UN if they mess with us!!! We will do to them 10 times worse than what Afghanistan did to us and Russia!!! We were only fighting the terrorists over there!!! The UN will be fighting ALL of us here!!! And our WOMEN can shoot very well too!!!

          • That’s comforting!! I’m not a bad shot either.

      • Enough with the conspiracy BS the election is over these morons are the same people that start violence during big sporting event public celebrations. There is always a core group of malcontents that look for any opportunity to incite violence during large public gatherings.
        If you want martial law move to Russia or China but I do not see any reason for such a drastic measure. Larry are you a Russian troll because you sure sound like one ?

        • Normally you would be right but not this time!!! It has already been proven that George Soros has been behind almost all of the dirty play going on that has anything at all to do with American politics for many yrs now!!! He also is funding the black lives matter movement among other similar groups!!! He bussed in protestors from other cities in Ferguson and other cities where blm held protests!!! That’s a fact, look it up!!! He is also behind these riots, not the protests but the riots!!!! They are trying to escalate these riots to the point where Obama can justify declaring martial law so he can take back the WH and keep Trump out indefinitely!!! Why do you think all those UN troops and equipment are here??? Obama knows he cant count on the police or military to back him up!!! Obama, Hilary, and Bernie are nothing but puppets for Soros and you better face that fact for your own good and the sooner the better!!! He is pure evil!!! Betrayed is own people to the Nazis when he was just a teenager and has only gotter more evil since!!! That is also a fact!!! Look it up!!!

          • You’re 100% correct, but some people don’t want to know the truth if it’s unpleasant. I’ve kept up with all this for several years now, and it’s a fact.

          • Larry just because wikkileaks has shed light on the democrats and how they really think and strategize does not mean the same thinking and strategizing is not being done on the other side that would be very disengenuous. Politics is one of the meanist and dirtiest businesses in the world. Why after these elections do you think that when the dust settels all seems to be forgiven as if nothing happened. Trump is already connecting with the republicans that did not back him Ryan in particular, these are the very same politicians Trump stated need to be drained from the swamp. Republican behind the scens players like the Koch Brothers and thier ALEC foundation shape more of our legislation than any other group. ALEC actually writes legislation that is submitted by our elected officials and ALEC is 100% funded by corporations so guess who this legislation usually benifits.
            Evil takes many forms and one form is to believe that one political group is better than the other. If Soros is funding political discord through protest the Kochs are funding political limits through legislation that is given patriotic names.
            I do not trust either party and that is why I made the comment about overstating these protests as riots enabeling politicians to present legislation that will eventually eliminate our “yours and my” right to public protest.

          • Larry Rhodes | November 13, 2016 at 4:14 pm |

            Not all is forgiven!!! look at Chris Christie!!! And the right to protest is protected by the Bill of Rights, one of the most sacred sections of the Constitution!!! Why do you think they have never been able to stop free speech, free press, right to own guns, etc.!!! The Bill of Rights is considered untouchable!!! Oh and I did not get my initial info on George Soros from WikiLeaks!!! I have been a history buff for over 40yrs now!!!! It is my 2nd favorite subject after football!!!

        • No I am an American Veteran who has done his research!!! Try looking up George Soros and do YOUR research before you make a total fool of yourself!!!

          • Then I suggest you look up the Koch brothers and ALEC as well. Obama and marshall law is a dead meme, wasn’t Obama suppose to declare marshall law/sharia law “because we all know he is a muslim and member of ISIS” to remain president and or also write an executive order that would allow him to run for a third term. Executive did not happen and Marshall Law Not Happening !!!!! I also don’t know why people like you always resort to insults when you rant.
            Also Trump just named Reince Priebus as White House Chief of Staff ! A Washington insider so much for draining the swamp.
            Larry I believe that part of the reason why you have lost a good deal of common sense and the ability to reason may be related to your brain injury and take what you say as semi delusional.

          • Larry Rhodes | November 13, 2016 at 7:07 pm |

            Excuse me but did you or did you not call me a Russian troll??? And I was not ranting, I was stating what I believe!!! And as for no martial law, Jan 20 has not got here yet so don’t count your chickens yet!!! Oh and Priebus will not be his chief of staff just so you know!!! His son in law will be!!! And as for my brain injury, that is not what part of my brain was affected so don’t try to diagnose me!!! I still have an IQ of 141!!!!

          • Larry I checked back on my comment and I asked if you were a Russian troll. Also Priebus was announced as Trumps Chief of Staff and Bannon as his Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor.
            Get on line and type in Trump pick for White House Chief of Staff.
            I know you have trouble accepting actual news that does not conform to what you believe “Trump will drain the swamp” but the White House Chief of Staff thing is true.
            As far as the brain injury coment I Trumped you stating my opinion as fact without proof but using a injury that does leed to the issues in the functions I cited. Supposition and speculation without proof it is how Trump operates. Gary Busey is a great example of disfunction caused by brain injury and if we were in a election against each other I would have added Gary Busey to reinforce my point. See how easy it is to discredit a persons health or mental status with a little information.
            The Trump organization is already putting spin on the Priebus selection.

    • Excuse me they wants TRUMP to step down or else, trouble will come if they do not put killary as leader. What does that tells you, me I prefer to shoot those LIBTURDS. GOD BLESS TRUMP GOD BLESS USA

  24. Hillary also said in that same speech that they shouldn’t give up the struggle and that they should continue to ‘make your voices heard’. So I credit her with instigating the riots.

    And while it is stupid to pick a fistfight with an armed man, ‘anti-gun’ is merely an agenda item to make serious resistance impossible. Many of those commies have guns, but they expect to be on the enforcement side after their revolution, not on the losing side. So keep your guns ready & within reach, your blades sharp, your blunt trauma weapons handy. These Azz-hats will work them selves into a killing frenzy readily. I used to know a lot of them at school.

  25. Hello,

    I don’t seem to remember Republicans rioting when we lost the past two Presidential elections to the Communists (OOPS, I meant to type Liberals).

    When I watch the videos of the Communists (OOPS, there I did it again,I meant to type Liberals) rioting, it makes my heart warm and fuzzy.

    While they’re all in one place, maybe that’s where we should build a wall (around them).

    Or, SWAT teams could transport them to a nice prison where they could be trained to behave.

    Peaceful demonstrations are permitted, even encouraged, by the Constitution. However, what these goons are doing is not a peaceful demonstration.

    A peaceful transition of power from one administration to the next is what the USA is all about.

    Just My Thoughts,
    Bill Moore

  26. Has anyone seen any of the videos of those UN tanks and heavy equipment being shipped in open boxcars across the US?

  27. They are not riots.

  28. Are you kidding — this is exactly what obozo wants to see. The more violence the easier it will be for him to declare martial law.(DON’T FOR A MINUTE THINK HE WON’T). I think every governor of every state where there is violence, should call up the National Guard and along with law enforcement SQUASH these protests right friggin now by whatever means necessary. Most are paid agitators and the idiots who are stupid or gullible enough to follow them need to be taught a valuable lesson. This is all demoSCUM BS !!!!!!!

    • There exists a large number of communists and a much larger number of socialists within the democrat party. Let’s not forget there remains an even larger number of democrats that are also patriots and also love liberty. We must appeal to the latter for understanding rather than rebuke them all. Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.
      Our new president will need the help of good men and women of every political persuation to put this nation back on the right path.
      P.S.: Socialism sucks!

  29. As a 75 year old progressive democrat I say no way after eight years of opposition now you Trumpets want to work together. No justice No Peace!

  30. Take names and addresses…

  31. WELL WHEN THEY COME TO MY HOME OR BUSINESS, Being they don’t know what double ought buck is they better look it up, because I will not stand for there vandalism, or should I say terrorism. there is a law written in the late 1800’s that call these people night riders.. You can look it up. they will be shot.

  32. the video with the fat oinking pig calling for people to die,she should set an example and do herself to show how it’s done!!

  33. What people DO and not what they say is the measure. Wikileaks tells us there are enemies of America both foreign and domestic. I think people should really re-read those leaks to understand what’s going down. imho.

  34. Trump despises the system and is bent on wrecking it!!! He WILL make serious changes that should ease your mind!!! Why do you think even the republicans are scared of him??? They are part of the system too!!! And they are afraid he is going to take away their meal ticket!!! I voted for him for one reason: he is not a politician!!! I am sick of the status quo and he is definitely not that!!! Be patient!!! He hasn’t even took office yet and you are already condemning him!!! You are almost as bad as the protestors in that you are not giving him a chance before pronouncing your negativity!!! He has never held public office so you have nothing whatsoever to base your opinion on!!!! Just give the man a chance before passing judgement!!!

  35. To protest is okay — but smashing windshields, looting, destroying property, shooting people is NOT! What I am seeing is young, spoiled millennials, who have never had to work for a thing or strive for success, enraged because they didn’t get their way. Well, wahwahwah. They’re not going to get their free education, food, housing, none of the handouts that Bernie and Hill promised. That is what is sinking our country. As as for the Hildebeast winning the popular vote, I’m not buying it. How many busloads were transported from precinct to precinct, how many illegals voted (with Obummer’s encouragement), how many dead people voted? Donald had it right, it was a rigged election and he STILL prevailed. I would say to these brats to let the smoke from the election clear and give President-Elect Trump and Vice President-Elect Pence a chance! They might be pleasantly surprised. Oh, and one other thing: The Hildebeast is blaming James Comey for her losing the election. What bunk! He didn’t set up and use a private email server, she set herself up and is just pissed that she got caught. Had it never come to light, she would have done the same thing in the Oval Office, in addition to putting it up for sale just like she did the State Department!

  36. The left wing of our society is getting away with disgraceful anti American riots because people like George Soros has the blessings of Hillary.
    Does anyone know how many millions he has added to her bank account? She most likely tells him,” I will not interfere with your riots. Just
    keep supplying the money to me!”
    She is in deep doodoo. She should be in jail.

  37. Why would Obama or Hillary say anything to stop this?? It was part of their agenda to take over the country no matter what the vote outcome!! If Hillary had won, they would have just ‘taken over’! With Trump winning, they can count on the ‘dumb’ ones to respond to their paid ‘riot instigators’! ‘Uniting the Country’ is just one more huge lie from both Obama and Clinton!! The don’t want the country ‘united’!! Why? The Ultimate Power Grab–‘martial Law’!! These people are so ignorant and fearful, they are simply ‘pawns’ in the chess game!! As Christ said–‘they know not what they do’!! By the time the ‘game’ is played out, and we’ve all lost our country and our freedom–it will be far too late to say–‘OOPS, I’m sorry! I didn’t know!!’ Tough cookies!! Your stupid ‘ neg ego’ took over and ‘neg ego’ always destroys!!

  38. when will they realize it’s to late for their actions to matter.
    America has spoken, and Trump WILL be the first legitimate president this country has had in 8 years. And the first real leader this Nation has had since Reagan. All they are doing is violating the law, and as such should be placed under arrest and prosecuted for the crimes they are committing. Now is the time for the honest and legal citizens to stand and demand justice and an end to the worthless attempts by criminals to intimidate the honest people of this nation.
    This is a nation of laws, and those LAWS APPLY EQUALLY to all in this nation or to no one at all.

  39. In 1865 congress passed the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery with 100% republican vote and only 23% democrat vote.

  40. *** WARNING *** Hillary Clinton gave a call-to-protest in her so-called “concession” speech. Did you notice? Recall her odd statement instructing all the volunteers “even in secret private Facebook sites I want everybody coming out from behind that and make sure your voices are heard going forward.” These were not spontaneous protests… these were planned and paid for. Their plan is to steal the election using the Electoral College. They will keep the protests up to Dec 19 to convince 38 electors to go rogue and be “faithless electors” in the Dec 19 vote giving Hillary 270 and Trump 268. If the electors go against the law, it is only a $1000 fine. They could do this. Soros would gladly bribe each of the 38 with $10 Million. That’s only $380M, a pittance compared to what they have invested so far. Hillary is desperate and they will fight to the death. This is no time to be complacent and be distracted by the whinerama. Trump must take some action to prevent this happening. Hillary must be disqualified before Dec 19. She must be impeached re the Clinton Foundation or something serious. The protests are not just dumb temper tantrums. Their purpose is to create a violent atmosphere so that the electors can justify being “faithless electors for the good of the country.” and hand the Presidency to Hillary on Dec 19. We need to take steps right away to prevent this. Any ideas?

    • Members of the electoral college must be addressed by congress, specifically the leader of the House and Senate reminding them of the number of Republican Representatives recently elected in both houses as also reflecting the will of the people.
      No more of the Clinton crime family. This is the will of the people.

      • Not sure what you mean by “addressed by Congress” (?)

        • Uncertain as to the precise manner, however, some sort of conference/meeting to state the case of not reversing what currently is understood as the voting process. The electorial college was intended to correct such error as a HUGELY popular vote being offset by other means and/or a decidedly inappropriate voting system (stuffed ballot boxes). Neither of which is the case today.

          • I can’t find any reliable totals but they are saying Hillary won the popular vote by 600,000. I believe it was in reality a landslide for Trump in the face of massive voter fraud, but that is not what will be reported. Hillary is claiming Trump cheated and blaming Comey’s letter re-opening the investigation for robbing her of her win. She is using the bogus polls as proof that Trump cheated.The MSM will make a big case to back up this position. Even though we know it is BS, it will sound reasonable in the headlines to explain re-assigning 38 electoral votes to Hillary. They will all be paid off, including congress, to go along because that is what they want too. Remember Julian Assange said “they will not allow Trump to win.” I am really afraid they can pull this off. They would think nothing of assassinating Trump & Pence just to make sure.

          • We can only wait and see what happens. Don’t worry too much. 90% of what I worried about in my youth never came to pass. I seriously doubt this will work for Hillary, but, it’s all she’s got at this point, so she continues to try “until the fat lady sings” in Janurary “17.
            Hillary is done. Stick a fork in her.

          • I sure hope you are right. But I’d feel much better if Hillary were disqualified just to help me sleep nights. 🙂

          • Not unless Loretta Lynch is replaced will any charges be made by the DOJ.

      • As we have seen, politicians don’t care about the will of the people. The GOP didn’t even support Trump. If you look at the vote maps, the only places that voted for Hillary were the big cites and DC (92%) which makes me think that the Dem governors probably padded the votes. It is a far-reaching crime family that wants to hold its power. And the vote totals were very close in many counties, so there must be a lot of people whose will goes to Hillary. I just am afraid that if we sit on our laurels, they will blind-side us and it will be too late. It is all up to the Electoral College and if just 38 people get bought off (Bill Clinton is one of the electors!), the constitutionally-supported decision of the faithless electors will decide our fate and the most corrupt candidate ever will be crowned.

  41. The butt hurt DNC and the progressive liberal cretins will never accept the fact they nominated the most flawed candidate EVER. This BIOTCH has more luggage than a 747. Now the progressive liberal morons in the streets are carrying on and crying like four year olds that just sh-t their panties on the play ground. Their ignorance is evident when one considers they are protesting, rioting, looting, destroying, and burning in the cities that were heavily in the Clinton corner. They are punishing their own, how truly ignorant can these people be?

  42. Look at how our Government ALLOWED the Police to violently attack the North Dakota Indians during their PEACEFUL PRAYER. This PROVES who is in charge and what they allow. Look at the destruction from the riots against Trump… and yet the cops don’t shoot off one rubber bullet, or spray them, or anything.

  43. Soros is fueling the fires of protest, why would any of them try to stop it? They are part of the process, divide and conquer, turn us against each other, enslave humanity. Next will be the controlled demolition of the economy, and bringing in the new world order. Soros and all of the other billionaire globalist maggots, and their enablers, need to be arrested for Crimes against Humanity and Nature.

  44. They should absolutely come out and condemn this display and reprimand the violence and damage being done to other peoples livelihoods . It shows me that they are content to let it happen and that should say loud and clear who they really care about.

  45. The officers, board members and major donators of any organization that supports the civil disobedience must be legally served that they are responsible for all damages, injuries and clean-up costs that these instigators and supporters may have been able to prevent.
    Analogy, I buy drinks for and tell an inebriated bus driver to drive off a bridge and many are injured, Wouldn’t I be liable for that accident?

  46. I had to put up with the agonizing years of Clinton, Bush and Obama while they looted the country, even the White Hiuse, killed our people to get into illegal wars, droned, punished Whistleblowers and destroyed the rule of law. The media, Justice System and basic respect for our country has been compromised.
    We cannot go to Alaska without a passport to get through Canada, can’t pour illegally into Mexico or any other country, but illegals can pour across our borders, and then riot when it finally gets addressed? If this is your idea of being an American, please just get out and go home.

  47. Yes, both narcissists, the alias, Barack H. Obama and his female mimicker, Hitlary Clinton, could lessen the terror created by their followers. However, both narcissists enjoy the power of the destruction that is exercised by their followers. They support ISIS-ISIL, Judaism´s hate for Goyim and Bush´s New World Order.
    Bernie Sanders? Licking his wounds, and Obama-Clinton terrorists would not hear him, anyway.

  48. Since Oprah told em all 2008, “this is the one”, she may have very well called in Obama as forerunner for the AC, now beginning to think Soros is the actual AC

  49. Stupidity, is Stupidity, is Stupidity . . . there’s No Gray Area. Of course they COULD do something . . . but they “Won’t”. . . they just want to keep the HATE going, for as long as it lasts, simply to make things as DIFFICULT as possible. Never “Confuse” them, with the TRUTH !.

  50. Disgusting trio. Don’t wait for Obama to say anything because he won’t. He comes out in defense of
    criminals not justice. Hillary? Well what do you expect she’s probably still throwing a hissy fit.

  51. We now see the true colors of the modern Democrat Party’s leaders – Marxist revolutionaries who mouth the phrase “Peaceful transfer of Power,” but then fall silent to encourage continuation of the violence. And Soros’ money WILL continue it – these are what Marx called “useful idiots.” Eventually, they will either run out of steam, or be forcibly stopped by the real Americans – and the longer this lasts, the harder it will be for them to regain any political credibility in this country.

  52. HELLO!!!! Obama and Clinton Will NOT ask the protesters to stop
    They are being paid for by Soros who is the benefactor and mentor of both Obama and Clinton
    They are ALL in total panic Clinton was supposed to win
    Soros especially is in a total tale spin, Obama did not finish the job he was supposed to do totally destroy America. Clinton was supposed to finish it . Trump however won, now they do not know what to do. They need to arrest Soros

  53. On channel surfing with the TV I happened on PBS, the Democrat channel, in some conversation on politics where this gentleman was talking about the Progressive Democrats getting their doctrine out to the people so that the next time around they will have gotten they clear message. Not those exact words but that was the gist of the conversation. Seems to me their message was pretty clear this time around and The People Rejected it. Liberalism is not Liberal, it is a most bigoted way of thinking, it allows for No Free Thought but only Dictation as to how one Must Think.

  54. Sorry folks if you decide you are tough give it a try and see how many body bags we can fill. We the people are believers in the 2nd. amendment and many carry plus most exmilitary trained people are on our side.

  55. So much for that kumbaya moment. Do people really watch CNN?

  56. Why should Obama,Hillary and Sanders stop it. They are the ones who caused it. By taking money from George Soros.

  57. It is probably their people that are instigating all of the protests and destruction.
    It is probably their people that are doing the hate acts that are being blamed on Trump supporters, but the media will not say so.

  58. Anyone expecting Obama , Hillary, or Bernie, to speak up to try and quell the riots is as stupid as the liberal cry baby rioters themselves. They are the ones that spurned the riots to start with by brainwashing these idiots with their insane socialist ideology.

  59. I blame Hillary , Bernie and Obama for not saying something to these kids that are rioting. Its their responsible to say something. Any one getting hurt or killed because of these kids rioting is not only the kids fault which they should be arrested but Hillarys . Bernies and Obamas. I will also include the singers and actors that are telling them to riot. If you notice Hillary . Bernie and Obama and the elites are all in their gaurded homes. As far as people making threats towards Trump these people need to be found and punished. Facebook and twitter has a responsible to shut these peoples accounts down. Freedom of speech is one thing but damage to peoples property , threats and people getting hurt is not freedom of speech but terrorism.

  60. worthless people weaned on food stamps and false promises,under the democratic party!

  61. Time to lock n load!

  62. Ant – Trump, Anti-American, Anti-Gunners! You lost already, now suck it up!

  63. CRY baby liberals suk!

  64. Don’t forget your free one way ticket out of this country!

  65. I am just loving it!





  70. I bet they are, I blame them for the way they have lied to and manipulated the population for their own ends. Too bad so many of these people fell for it.

  71. How sad, this tells you just how much these people really care, to not speak out concerning the riots is to say they are encouraging such acts!! Thank God Hillary and Obama’s legacy is over! But, one thing never fails is prayer!!! It still works wonders!!!!

  72. How many of us Independents and Republicans thought Obama was their President, Clinton their Secretary of State or Sanders representative of them–NONE! Instead we put up with 8 years of devisiveness, racial tension, fomentation of violence and no plans for ending wars, balancing a budget or getting anything done and we did it silently in our homes not creating mob chaos on the street. These three have really shown their true colors–selfishness, self centeredness, lack of vision, corrupt and put themselves before the American people! Obama can’t leave fast enough and what is his legacy–dividing and tearing this country apart!!!

  73. I haven’t seen where Trump has spoken out against all the racist hate signs that are popping up everywhere.

  74. Beware of Trojan Horses. D.T. may not be all you believe him to be. Every elected president has made promises he never intended to keep just to get elected. We shall see by and by.

  75. I assume people know that they’re not putting a stop to these riots and destabilization of the USA and are as a result in point of fact encouraging the destruction and a revolution in the USA? NOT acting to protect the nation is indeed an act in and of itself. I suggest very Strong people get off the snowflake silliness and take a look at EXACTLY what is going on here. Hello?

  76. If push comes to shove, I am pretty sure, at this point any military intervention will recognize Trump as the Commander in Chief.

  77. Obama said who ever lost he would give them a one-time one-way ticket out of here! This means you Obamachrist!


  79. To understand what is happening on college campuses today, we have to look back to the 60’s and 70’s when America’s young people split into two “factions” completely at odds with each other in philosophies.

    There were the “traditionalists”.
    We did what our parents had done.
    Most of us went to war in Vietnam, came home, went to college or got jobs, got married, and tried to make our way in the world as best we could with full faith and confidence, that somehow, with the help of a “higher power” we would be “successful”.
    We worked hard and got our hands dirty.
    We were not “rich”, but, “comfortable”.
    We bought cars and houses and raised kids with the hope that THEY would never have dirty hands or grease under their fingernails as we had had to do or spend their days keeping the machines running at the Cotton Mill.
    We saw “education” as THEIR salvation from such “drudgery” of a 44 hour-a-week “menial” job.
    What we didn’t understand and take into account was that other “faction”.

    We assumed that the “hippies” had faded away.
    That their free-love “communes” and socialist thinking had just collapsed under the weight of REALITY.
    You didn’t hear much about them in the ’80’s and ’90s.
    “Flower-Power” had wilted in favor of self-attainment and self-survival and we thought that they had “matured”. and been “absorbed” into work-a-day society.

    But, they hadn’t.
    They had retreated to the safe havens of “academia” – the college campus where you NEVER have to “grow up.”
    Just be the perfect little “student” – regurgitate what you are told and YOU too can graduate to be a “professor” and walk the “hallowed halls” and sit under a tree on the quad and “pontificate” how the rest of the world – the traditionalists – were “stupid” in their quest for the “almighty dollar”.
    The “University” became the new “commune”.
    From them – Harvard and Yale – came the “politicians” and “journalists” devoid of economic experience in the REAL world where you have to actually WORRY about paying the light and water bill.

    Maybe, they were right, We WERE “stupid”.
    Because we elected them – The Kennedys, The Clintons, The Bushes, Barack Obama – ALL graduates of the “Liberal” Northeastern University communes.

    But, worse than that.
    We GAVE them our children and entrusted them to care for and educate them because we were too “busy making a living” and self-absorbed in acquiring “possessions” to do it ourselves.
    The children, the “hippies”, who never grew up in the REAL world became their teachers and caretakers. “Public Schools and Universities” became THEIR surrogate “parents”.

    And, we wonder why our grandchildren are so “irresponsible” and devoid of understanding of economics or “traditional” values.
    It’s because the SAME people who burned the American flag and participated in the “race riots” in the ’60’s have taught YOUR children and your grandchildren to act out THEIR ’60’S fantasy of irresponsible “equality”. :-<



  82. Keep up the violence, you’re ensuring Trump will win a second term as well.




  86. Obamachrist and Hilldabeast created all these Anti – TRUMP ZOMBIES!


  88. Call in the Zombie Squad!


  90. What a bias article full of hate as well, Trump is
    The one who feed hate and entitlement trough out his whole campaign and now people are just focusing in “liberals” proesting, when he heard over and over the discontect and disrespect towards Obama during this past 8 years. Why must you feel the need for the Democrats call to a stop of this when this started way before by Trump

  91. HiLIARy AND Barack had BETTER put a stop to this crap! If the people have to do it, it WILL be bloody, messy, and VERY SHORT and EXTREMELY VIOLENT!

    I’ve about had it with these un-AMERICAN pukes and I suspect a LOT OF OTHER Patriotic Americans feel the same way.

    I say start with eggs! If that doesn’t stop the crap, then bullets are the only option!

    Put a bounty on rioters heads – DEAD OR ALIVE and watch how quickly the crap STOPS!

  92. You say protesters, but come to my neighborhood and you’re just down range targets… bring it.

  93. What are you talking about….are you kidding me. At least 2 of the above mentioned persons along with Soros are the organizers of these riots. Soros admits being behind the refugee deluge in Europe and his intention was to be the puppet master of Clinton and do the same to the USA with an open border policty. I am not sure why or what the end game is……other than it would ultimately destroy the USA. I do not understand how Soros thinks nor Clinton….nor anyone that calls for open borders. The World is not ready for a borderless society…..we are about 500 years away from it even being possible. I suppose the idea is to have a one world government…..the problem is the World is in such disarray it is impossible. To be honest I only see a one world government with the return of Christ…..it is just not possible otherwise. Why would the Clintons want to destroy the American people in carrying out the diabolical scheme of open borders.

  94. There is absolutely no rationalizing with these type of people and CNN and is irresponsible once again to give these rioters any air time what so ever. They are no longer protesting they crossed the line on the first day with destruction of property. Take away the platform that Soros, Sharpton, and Moore has given them and they are no longer relevant. I went back and looked at elections where the democrats won and republicans lost and didn’t see ANY of this childish behavior. Trump wants people in this country legally -THAT is the way it was set up. If you are not here legally then you are NOT contributing to the country because you are not paying taxes like the rest of us. That is the law of the land. You go through the same motions other people have gone through to become a citizen. My mom did was not granted citizenship. She had to work for it and was glad to do so.

  95. The three off them are to selfish and self centered to think of other people,only care about their own agendas and what benefit they’ll get out of it. It just amazes me their behavior and they call themselves leaders. Well Clinton didn’t lift a finger to help the Americans in Benghazi so her behavior doesn’t suprise me. I believe OBama is enjoying this just goes to show his true colors. Sanders is now a Hillary puppet sad. Their all pretty good with the BS. Of course the right thing to do would be to step up to the plate as the leaders they claim to be because of their love of country and the American people and back up Donald Trump as our new president and call for peace and calm. Don’t expect any of them to do such a unselfish act for Americans.


  97. Obama, Clinton, and Sanders Could Stop the Riots But They Just Watch


    REALLY, Crying, sobbing, going hysterical, becoming violent, having protests, then having violent protests. “Burning projectiles being thrown at officers,”, Mayor Charlie Hales said at a news conference, “We had some anarchists who hijacked that event and did terrible damage to our neighbors and friends,” “They spread violence and fear and detracted from the legitimate exercise of those First Amendment rights”, thousands took to the streets of a divided nation, NO, a few about 0001 % of the population, minuscule, all most nothing, professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting, (probably Soros backed trouble makers), WOW OH WOW. How about some adult childish acting tantrums just because you’re did not win? Well let me tell you why! In all my life, I have never seen a person that expected to win anything and portrayed the feeling into a mind set of “I will win”, I am better than anyone else regardless, I am untouchable and can do anything I want! Actually, in the Clinton camp, the ARROGANCE that was shown and felt, had Sec. Clinton poised for a historic win. Not only was she as her whole life has shown, condescending to the point of unprecedented arrogance, being obnoxious, and overlooking the menial rural/country voters by ignoring them but laughed about it. HILLARY was too stupid to understand that her arrogance in her mannerisms and speech presentations forced the great silent majority of Americans from across the country, not your shackled inner city masses, but true, law abiding, church going everyday tax paying, working class people to become fed up with Washington’s graft, corruption, party bias, do for yours and nothing for the American people, to rebel and make their feeling known through their legal corridor, VOTING! Yes, Democrats, HILLARY, did awaken America’s silent majority and Trump galvanized the deplorable base of the disgusted SILENT MAJORITY and they, the deplorable base, THE PEOPLE did indeed trash your democratic party and we can thank HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON for bringing forth the worst in political maneuvering and illegal underhanded personal dealings for greed and Donald TRUMP for bringing it all out in the open for America to see. HILLARY couldn’t even win when she was given the questions in advance by the DNC. That’s why she lost and your party suffered because you grew apart from the American people. PEOPLE MATTER and you all forgot you work for EVERYDAY MAN AND WOMAN AS THEIR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE. YOU CAN BE VOTED OUT AND YOUR KIND WAS! Clinton suffered one of the most stunning political defeats in history

  99. Of course they are silent…..if it gets worse Oa will declare martial law, end of game for how long?

  100. now is time for conservative and related types arm up in case the losing side presses forward with their ill advised revolt.

  101. This is all on Soros,Hillary, and O,this was planned to happen just this way.With O and Hillary stating good wishes this was getting under way.All of these are paid for this purpose and were flown or bussed to each site.The NWO people are mad,mad,they want to keep this going to see if we give in.I expect Trump to hold firm,not give an inch,then tell them they will all go to prison.This passed being peaceful when fires were started and some were shot.

  102. Not only should the Dems be toning down these riots, Oblunder’s just-us dept could easily discover who booked all those buses carrying the protestors to their points of riot in the various cities. Supposedly Geo Soros is behind it; if so indict him or whomever is doing this on multiple counts of inciting a riot.

  103. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan | November 13, 2016 at 10:55 pm |

    Three days is the usual period for “mourning”. Our inept leaders are pretending nothing is remotely amiss.
    Enough of the crap!!! We get it you’re upset. Now go home and do something worth while.How about cleaning up the mess you made, for starters. How about making restitution to those business owners. Maybe be part of some solutions instead of the problem. Perhaps, President Trump can get you a job better than what Soros is paying you. What have you got to lose? Nothing. You all were so afraid of Trump supporters. You all seem to be the most hateful, disgusting, idiotic individuals ever!!! Beware of what you are doing, there are consequences to your destructive ways. It will not be tolerated forever. Law and order is on the way.

  104. Hillary insisted she had the temperament to handle crisis situations while Trump did not. So, how did she handle losing the election? She did not have the leadership or courage to face her supporters. She sent Podesta to address the crowd. Unable to think for themselves, her minions could not recognize her total disrespect for them. Minions don’t matter to Hillary.

  105. Obama will never act to restrain the rioters. They are his heroes. Remember – he praised the Occupy Wall Street criminals

  106. They are behind them why would they Stop them??

  107. When they get to Qatar I want Bill to sell her for 4 cows to an Islamist who forces her to wear a burqa and shut her mouth and do the women’s work.

  108. Why would anybody support someone you don’t want??

  109. I can’t imagine college students are so immature, perhaps they need to stay home w/Mommy for a few more years before they try going out into the real world. WAH!

  110. Progressives and Communists love disorder and riots.
    Remember, United we stand, divided we fall.
    What has SOROS done for anyone lately, except himself.

  111. Suicide is a valid form of protest, jus’ sayin’…

  112. Reading this article curdles my blood! Obama continues to act like a spoiled little brat, and since he is so concerned about his “legacy,” might I suggest to him that his legacy is DONALD TRUMP!
    As for the demonized female who thinks “people have to die,” I would ask her if she wants to be first. If they think America is going to give up guns so that these fools can continue to impose their will on us, they have another think coming. Obama’s legacy will take over the oval office in January, and finally, law and order is going to prevail. The lawless have shown us why we need President Donald J. Trump.

  113. But the purple that the traitors wore at their concession speech said something else completely different. george soros is still in control of them.

  114. Soros is busing in his goons that he is paying $.35.- an Hr. than non payees fallows , and that is how he start the crowds, He knows he only got 80.+ days left, and TRUMP is not going to be his puppet like NObummer, and Killary. Soros is a wanted man in many countries, and a Criminal in this country. Sure TRUMP figure out what to do with that SOB.

  115. Obumbling Idiot, Crooked Hilliary, and Beach House Bernie Could Ameliorate the Riots, Subsidized by Felony

  116. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand | November 14, 2016 at 10:13 am |

    This is what REAL trash looks like. She can’t take it that she lost. Obama can’t take it that she lost even with his BS help and our tax payers money. Bernie can’t take it because he already lost to her so they want the DEMS out in the country to make things worse on the legal people of our country. The DEMS are getting PAID by SOROS and his money. Maybe this way they can get Obama to play his Martial Law plan. If that happens there will be a civil war and Obama and Hillary and Bernie will loose. I do NOT think OUR military people will shoot there own people as they have famlies and who is going to protect them when the shooting starts. For that matter WHO is going to protect Obama, Hillary and Bernie?? 3 against a whole country?? A civil war over these 3 people?? I can see those 3 being tqaken out so there woould be peace in the land. One civil war is enough and to have one over a election?? Come on you MUST be kidding.

  117. The elephant in the room is the reality we are limited to just two political parties as options…two wings of the same bird.

  118. And this is exactly why Trump won. Americans are sick to death of the gutless who no longer know what it is to be an American. Sanders, Clinton, Obama – instead of being stand-up people and telling those crybaby losers to suck it up and stop embarrassing America – are instead very likely sitting around with a silly smirk on their faces enjoying the bad behavior. Shows precisely why Clinton was voted out and Obama is one of the most hated men in the nation.

  119. Time to lock the bustards up … it’s called TREASON and SEDITION… conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state.

  120. I was hoping he would say something at the press conference today but nothing! I think he is enjoying all the chaos. Very sad and disappointed.

  121. IMO most of these rabble rousers are PAID PROFESSIONAL rioters hired by non other than George Soros. I’d bet he is behind the financing of these idiots. Who paid for the bussing of these people? Have they crossed state lines to incite a riot? That would be illegal. An investigation should be forthcoming. If none is then my guess is this administration is in support of their blatant disregard for our laws. Peaceful protest is one thing, destruction of property or lives is another. If they break the law they should be willing to pay the price. There is no reason for these protests… Trump isn’t president and he’s powerless to do anything at this point. Obama, Hillary, and Sanders should tell these goons to go home and give Trump a chance.

    • So let me get this right, George Soros was able to hire thousands of protesters in multiple cities to protest Donald Trump without any of it leaking to the media or law enforcement….riiiiight! Trump is president-elect. Leadership does come from ones authority… Leadership is convincing people to act…He doesn’t have to be president to lead.

  122. the USA is completely WITHOUT a leader. Their politicians are immoral and unethical to the core.(except a few)
    when the riot erupted in front of the Philippine Embassy in Manila, this month,… PRESIDENT DUTERTE said
    ” I will talk to them and we’ll see how we can solve this problem”

  123. Correct me if I’m wrong, wasn’t Trump and the right wing advocating the same thing if he lost?

  124. Where is President-Elect Trump. Where are his words trying to bring unity? Where are his words to calm the fears of those protesting. Where are his words to those that are committing hate crimes in his name (and that little thing on 60min “stop it” hardly counts). Trump says he can be presidential, here is his first opportunity and so far it doesn’t look good. This is a situation that Trump caused with his words and he needs to attempt to fix with his words.

    • Who is currently President of the United States?

      • Obama is president. The question is, why is this his responsibility? He doesn’t have to live with this for the next 4 years. Trump and the Republicans tried everything in the book to ruin his presidency. Trump claims to be the great uniter. He said it himself “I alone can fix it”. Well here is his chance….FIX IT!!!!!

  125. Protest and picket all you like infants, but when you become destructive and violent and try to take it to the suburbs and rural areas you will meet formidable opposition and fully experience what “Stand Your Ground” means.

  126. News Flash she did not win the popular vote…now what???!!!

  127. Trump incited this, he and his campaign – Let him fix it! Obama stopped his own supporters in the campaign trail and told them to stop booing and respect the opponent. Clinton very eloquently told her supporters to give Trump a chance to lead. What more do you want? Trump will not because this is his term.

  128. Ultimately, somebody will have to take the blows. Some minority has to be on the lookout for the weak minds will soon drop all restraints for the primitive to surface.

  129. The standing President of the United States, the weak, feckless Barack Obama must address the Nation. However, Obama won’t because he is not a leader. Nor are Hillary and Bernie.

    We have a leader and someone who can make this country great again in President-elect Donald Trump.

  130. Isn’t this Trump’s problem? Wow, are you an ignoramus.
    Answer this question – who is currently President of the United States?

  131. An awful lot of blame goes to the Alien-Owned Mainstream Media for being so one-sided in their lying reporting and false stories about Donald Trump and their corruptness in giving questions to Clinton before debates etc.. So both cheated for the Highest office in the land. They vilified Donald Trump with false reports and “quotes” trying their hardest to discredit him while making Clinton look like a Saint when she is totally corrupt and lies all the time, sold out our secrets, etc… And the MSM is still sticking it to Donald Trump with their false narratives and fueling all these protests and then not showing the physical suffering by suspected Trump supporters.
    .Boycott all the main media including their television reports, papers, radio and magazines and make them go broke, along with their sponsors who help pay for all this Anti-Trump rhetoric. Hit them where it hurts – in their wallets. I hope they all fail and we can get true American impartial patriots to take over these treasonous media and honest real journalists report the real news without bias !!!!

  132. They won’t, because they are insurrectionists.

  133. ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial | November 15, 2016 at 8:54 am |

    I said it before and I will say it agin, Clinton, Obama, and their ilk are nothing but scum.

  134. I have to agree: Sanders called for vigilance, a clear case of treason. He is parroting the words of an early traitor: “Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty.” Thomas Paine: The American Crisis, No. 4,1777. .”
    String him up!

  135. No they can’t

  136. Oh for crying out loud, they are exercising their first amendment rights.

  137. They vandalized the property of their enemy – not their allies. The damage was specific and planned in advance – not random, was done without a fee, and was designed to pick a fight with a bully.

    Are you seriously equating this rabble to our founding fathers?

    Get a job.

  138. This is “Loss Prevention”. This is Communism and anarchy all happening before our eyes. Obama spoke of this yesterday in Greece. The mindless sheep are falling in with any words their herder says. He’s just one, the funds are coming from all over including Soros. Pre-planned events, which have been happening the last few years anyway as we all know. No one shows up at a border as a child from deep in South and Central America as the Herder said and the sheep agreed, similarly groups of 1000+ paid protesters don’t miraculously show up at these anarchy events. WELCOME TO OBAMA’S NEW JOB. THE SOCIALIST WILL ALWAYS WANT POWER ONCE HE TASTES IT. THE DEMOCRATS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY SPILLED BLOOD.

  139. make a line for your daily spankings

  140. And Obama and Clinton Sanders they say nothing they are horrible people in these kids in the street protesting don’t have a clue what they’re doing. Are not good listeners if they were they would have no concern with President Trump abilities. I think they’re just worried that they’re not going to get their drugs and heroin into this country when he puts up the wall. They need not get so upset there’s a very simple solution if you don’t like it simply move that’s all what’s the big deal just go

  141. Doris Belanger Frazier | November 18, 2016 at 9:01 am |

    Killary, Obama and Sanders are all hypocrites and they are responsible for all this. Obama has spread so much hate in this country it makes me ill. Don’t any of these people have jobs to go to? most likely not all free loaders tax payers are supporting that are illegals. they all need to be shipped back and apply and come in here the right way. Trump elected so just deal with it. You are all a bunch of spoiled brats who have not had to work for a dam thing and have that you owe me attitude. You are OWED NOTHING. you need to respect the outcome of the election and move on. Life is full of disappointments deal with it.

  142. They are all 3 sore losers who give a damm about this country

  143. These are protests. Not riots.
    It is a perfectly healthy and recommended activity within a pluralist Democracy.

  144. we have gone from a nation of HOPE and CHANGE to riots in the streets in just eight short years………..how did this happen? I thought our nation had turned the corner and everyone’s lives, now filled with this new HOPE, had CHANGEd for the better. Am I wrong??????

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