4 Truly Important Items For Your Post-Election List Of Things To Protest

politiciansBy Dylan Charles

Supporters of Clinton in the painfully long 2016 presidential campaign warned us before the vote that if Trump lost the election, his supporters would stop at nothing to disrupt Clinton’s inauguration. They said riots, violence and revolution would break out, and that Republicans would claim voter fraud and refuse to respect the democratic process or accept the results should Hillary have won.

This scare tactic and all the other nightmare fantasies about Trump projected into public consciousness by the left were insufficient to persuade enough voters to go for Hillary, and as many suspected would happen, Clinton voters are now doing the precise things they had previously declared to be unacceptable.

Hypocrisy is now as American as apple pie, and no one is really all that surprised that phony idealists are taking to the streets, destroying property, threatening to assassinate the president elect, and organizing to prevent Trump’s inauguration. Some are even openly calling for revolution. The deeper irony here, though, is that people from all walks of life should be out protesting the government as well, but for much more significant reasons than to protest the outcome of the election.

In the true American spirit of redressing grievances, and as a public service to a nation struggling to find purpose and reason, here are four critical issues that any worthwhile protester should add to their post-election list of complaints against the machine.

1.) The Orwellian Permanent War and The Military Industrial Complex

This is the biggest elephant in the room. The U.S. has ongoing military operations in dozens of nations, and it has at least 800 military bases in eighty something foreign nations. Hundreds of non-combative foreign civilians a year are killed by U.S. bombs and drones and written off as collateral damage. The military industrial complex has fully commandeered the progress and development of technology, and sells billions of dollars of weapons each year to countries around the world including severely oppressive dictatorships like Saudi Arabia.

At home, expenditures on ‘defense’ account for over half of every dollar U.S. taxpayers give Uncle Sam, diverting resources away from improving our country here at home. Surplus military equipment and battle-hardened veterans are increasingly moving into the civilian law enforcement sector, dramatically exacerbating social issues such as police brutality and racism. The security industry has expanded to include the mass surveillance of every American and continues to invade our privacy in evermore creative ways. Genuine organic terrorism against Americans at home and abroad is the indirect result of destroying foreign nations and entire civilizations, stealing oil and other resources from foreign nations, while murdering innocents.

War has become the health of the state and it’s poisoning every segment of our society and culture.

2.) Serious Human Rights Abuses Committed by Government

Protesters today are taking to the streets to reject the verbal and emotional abuse of minority and sensitive members of our society, while actual physical human rights abuses are going under-addressed.

Government openly engages in the brutal torture of enemy combatants and even American civilians in facilities around the world and on American soil. The largely privatized U.S. prison system houses more inmates than any other country in the world, and has the highest per capita prison population of any nation ever. Rights abuses in U.S. prisons are rampant, rarely receiving public attention. The vast majority of these prisoners are locked away from family and life for non-violent, victimless crimes.

Members of America and the world’s elite are involved in covering up and participating in a global trade of sex slaves, and widely believed to be involved in pedophilia, child abduction and occult worship and rituals.

3.) Debt Slavery

The top-tier of the banking and investment world have created a global system of economic slavery which intentionally creates ever-increasing public debt. The human race owes so much money that no one really understands to whom it is owed. It could be aliens for all we know, but if the status quo remains, it would take the daily productivity of many generations to come to pay off only what is owed today, and the debt increases every minute.

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This is a stealthy form of slavery that is written into the matrix code of society. To be born on earth is to owe money. This is utterly unacceptable, and so systemically unstable it’s guaranteed to collapse, causing worldwide suffering.

4.) Environmental Stewardship is Criminally Negligent

Viewpoints on the environmental stress we see in our world today vary wildly depending on who you talk to and what their background or agenda may be. Call it global warming, climate change, or whatever you like, but at its core, our natural world is being sold off and destroyed for corporate profit. Massive unchecked pollution and environmental destruction by the energy industry and corporations at large is destroying this planet at an exponentially increasing rate. Industrial disasters like Fukushima go unaddressed while the world’s rainforests are being decimated and indigenous cultures driven to extinction. This sad list just goes on and on. It’s just too much to put down here.

Final Thoughts

You could easily add so much more to this if you like, as there are a thousand and one causes rebelling against, yet so very few ever seem to make it into public consciousness and onto the corporate mainstream news. If you’re outraged about what is happening in America today, but haven’t yet included these issues on your ‘mad as hell’ list , then your protest isn’t living up to its full potential, and your idealism is only half-assed.

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Dylan Charles is a student and teacher of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, a practitioner of Yoga and Taoist arts, and an activist and idealist passionately engaged in the struggle for a more sustainable and just world for future generations. He is the editor of WakingTimes.com, the proprietor of OffgridOutpost.com, a grateful father and a man who seeks to enlighten others with the power of inspiring information and action. He may be contacted at wakingtimes@gmail.com.

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11 Comments on "4 Truly Important Items For Your Post-Election List Of Things To Protest"

  1. Those are 4 worthy and great things to protest. As to the anti-Trump protestors, I think that along with the compromised US Government what these protests really are, are attempts to destabilize and destroy the USA. The reason is that Globalism cannot and will not succeed without the destruction of the USA, and all first world, free, western countries/civilizations. So from that perspective I think these are anti-American protests not anti-Trump.

    • Very cogent analysis, Johndoe. An engineered refugee crisis + extreme polarization = destruction of what remains of the free world. Protesters falling for the trap.

  2. No mention of the surveillance control grid? Can’t emphasize enough how this one paradigm threatens activism against ALL forms of tyranny. Locking dissenters out of society with the tapping of a few keys.

    • Excellent point Blue579! I just don’t see surveillance being removed,not even close. I suppose that is why true activism is now happening outside of the “grid”. You know like the ole days?

  3. I desire protesting the light in the fridge in store #323123 of Mom & Pop’s Shoporium on the fifth floor, room #6 being out. This has bugged me no end for the last thirty years. Yes, I go by there on my way home from trips to Pluto to check and get some of my cleverly hidden G’an Jiji beer from T’oha 8 in the Lebsion galaxy. That stuff is illegal in eight universes, got to keep it well hid.

    I think the article touches upon some very good subjects warranting much fixing. Although, I am doubtful we, Americans or international common peoples will have adequate redress of grievances, or any genuine remedy of the same. I might suggest we let the Yezadi tribe ethnically cleanse the Khazar tribe. Then, we might see things becoming better.

  4. That’s the alien/military/industrial/complex as the recent Podesta emails reveal at Linda Moulton Howe’s earthfiles.com reportage.

  5. Don’t forget during the debates when the moderator (can’t recall who it was now) cornered Trump about accepting the outcome of the vote as well. That seems to be a very telling point now…

  6. Hillary is a criminal ( as is Obama ) and the rest of Obama’s administration.. What don’t they get ???

  7. Well I think those issues already dove-tail with a Trump Presidency although they more or less would apply under a Hillary admin as well– Police Brutality/torture, the military-industrial complex, (Trump supports), absence of environmental stewardship or leadership (Trump supports fracking & fossil fuel), and his party across the board believes in right-to-work-for-less/NO minimum wage, which is PRO wage slavery. Of course all the wanna-be bullies will feel empowered and friends-of-Don will get rich. We needed a more centrist candidate & party. Sad that we only get to pick between two corrosive extremes.

  8. The useful poor dumb idiots in Oregon must have to prove they were working the mean streets to get the $18 bucks an hour that the Georgie NGO is paying them.
    Mayhem for no reason other than cold hard cash per diem.
    Sacrifice the goat.

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