Civil Asset Forfeiture Racket: Cops Seize Family’s Business and Life Savings Without Criminal Charges

police-flagBy Lily Dane

A California family is the latest victim of the government racket known as civil asset forfeiture, and theirs is a particularly disturbing case.

Civil asset forfeiture is a nasty legal loophole that allows government thugs to steal your property without charging you with a crime. They can seize your cash, car, bank accounts, jewelry – and even your home or business without arresting you for doing anything wrong.

Under this racket, the government proceeds directly against your property. An individual doesn’t need to be convicted of a crime, so criminal procedure does not apply. And because the forfeiture is against the property, the owner is a third party claimant in related court proceedings.

Your Fifth and Fourteenth amendment rights don’t apply in these cases.

It is, in essence, legalized theft.

It can be VERY expensive and VERY time consuming to fight to get your property back. Sometimes, the cost of a case is more than the value of the goods stolen, and often people can’t afford to fight back at all.

The Institute for Justice – the “National Law Firm for Liberty” – has taken on the case of Med-West, a highly-regarded cannabis wholesale distributor in California.

From the press release:

For two years, James Slatic operated his legal medical marijuana business, Med-West Distribution, from a commercial building on Engineer Road. James was public about his marijuana business because, under California law, Med-West was permitted to manufacture and distribute the drug to patients with a doctor’s prescription. The business complied with state law, registered with the City of San Diego, had a website and paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in state and federal taxes every year.

Without warning, everything changed in January 2016, when San Diego police and agents from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency raided Med-West and shut the business down. The officers refused to recognize Med-West’s legal status and—without charging anyone with a crime—they seized everything from the business, including $324,000 in business proceeds.

But the legal nightmare was only beginning for James and his family.

Watch the cops raid Slatic’s business here, and listen to him tell his story.

“I’ve done nothing wrong,” said James Slatic. “It’s beyond frustrating that my family’s money was taken without any criminal charges being filed. My wife and teenage daughters had nothing to do with my business whatsoever, and the District Attorney took their college savings accounts. This is not just wrong; it is unconstitutional.”

IJ Attorney Allison Daniel, who is representing the Slatics, said,

Civil forfeiture is one of the greatest threats to property rights in the nation. Civil forfeiture takes the American principle of innocent until proven guilty and flips it on its head, treating property owners worse than criminals by making them prove their innocence.

The District Attorney’s Office and San Diego police and sheriff’s departments collect millions of dollars a year under the asset seizure racket. Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill in September that requires criminal convictions before law enforcement agencies can keep most seized assets, but the new law does not go into effect until January, reports The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Both of the major political parties in the US support civil asset forfeiture reform, reports IJ:

This year, the party platforms for both the national Republican and Democratic parties endorsed forfeiture reform. As the Republican Party explains in its platform, “civil asset forfeiture was originally intended as a way to cripple organized crime.” But today, “it has become a tool for unscrupulous law enforcement officials, acting without due process, to profit by destroying the livelihood of innocent individuals, many of whom never recover the lawful assets taken from them.” Similarly, the Democratic Party platform calls to “to protect people and remove perverse incentives for law enforcement to ‘police for a profit.’”

In 43 states and under federal law, once a property has been forfeited, law enforcement agencies can keep anywhere between 45 to 100 percent of the proceeds. Revenue has skyrocketed since those “policing for profit” incentives were enacted.

In 2014, deposits in the Assets Forfeiture Fund for the InJustice Department totaled $4.5 billion.

A federal appeals court ruled on August 16, 2016, that Department of Justice (DOJ) cannot spend budget money to prosecute people who grow, sell or use medical marijuana if they comply with state law. The 25 states who’ve found themselves subject to continuous raids — in spite of medical pot being legal – should, in theory, be safe now.

“If the federal government prosecutes such individuals, it has prevented the state from giving practical effect to its law,” Circuit Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain wrote for the court.

Unfortunately, this ruling occurred too late for Slatic and his family.

On November 8, Californians voted to legalize recreational use of marijuana for adults over 21.

The majority of Americans support legal marijuana, according to several recent polls.

Yet, the DEA continues to refuse to remove the plant from Schedule I. It remains illegal at the federal level. It shares Schedule I status with heroin, LSD, and methaqualone (Quaalude) and it is more strictly regulated than the powerful prescription painkillers that have killed more than 165,000 people since 1999. To date, not one person has died from a cannabis overdose.

The article Prohibition, Politics, and Profit: The Truth About Cannabis and Why Government Wants to Control It provides a detailed history of cannabis and the truth about why it is still illegal at the federal level (and will likely remain so).

An excerpt:

The DEA runs a cannabis eradication program that provides funding to 128 state and local law enforcement agencies. Its purpose is to aggressively search for, seize, and destroy illegal marijuana grows across the US. In 2015, federal spending on the program was $18 million, consistent with levels seen in previous years. That works out to a cost-per-plant of $4.42. Last year, local, state, and federal authorities uprooted roughly 4.1 million cultivated marijuana plants in all 50 states.

Who pays for this? Americans do. Much of the money the DEA uses to run their operation comes from the Justice Department’s asset forfeiture program, which is controversial itself: under this program, police can seize your property without charging you with a crime. In 2014, the government seized $4.5 billion from citizens – that’s more than the total value of assets that were stolen by criminals the same year. In other words, more assets were taken by law enforcement than by thieves.

In 2014, via the DEA’s program, 4,300,833 plants were seized, 6,310 arrests were made, and the value of assets seized from “cultivators” totaled $27,342,950.59.

As you can see, the federal government has a lot to lose if cannabis is fully legalized.

For-profit prisons and the pharmaceutical industry also do not want to see cannabis legalized because it would result in substantial financial losses for both industries.

The seizing of the Slatic family’s assets has nothing to do with fighting crime and everything to do with padding the pockets of the San Diego police department and the DEA. In the nine months since the raid, the District Attorney has not brought criminal charges against the Slatics or anyone associated with Med-West. Despite this, the DA has left the family’s money in legal limbo, refusing even to begin legal proceedings in which the Slatics could prove their innocence.

A victory in this case will result in the return of the family’s money – and will uphold the principle that no American should lose his or her property without being convicted of a crime.

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34 Comments on "Civil Asset Forfeiture Racket: Cops Seize Family’s Business and Life Savings Without Criminal Charges"

  1. This is when you kill all involved.

  2. Is there any doubt left in anyone’s mind that these men and women are NOT peace officers, but Road Pirates?? Does anybody know what the fate of captured pirates used to be??

    • The term for “road pirates” is HIGHWAYMEN, BTW.

      • Probably 90% of the people you mention the term Highwayman to will scratch their head and wonder what the heck you’re talking about. But say pirate, and nearly everyone knows what you mean, an evil, wicked and blood thirsty criminal. That’s way more appropriate than someone who only wants to rob you of your money and jewels.

  3. “When people lose everything…they lose it!” -Gerald Celente
    ….This is nothing more than a gang of gov. sanctioned / endorsed thugs & thieves…. & should be treated accordingly….The DOJ has simply become a proxy for this outright mendacious connived & contrived ‘organized’ theft contravening the RICO Act…..’put the horses in the wagon…it’s all downhill from here’.

  4. noprotectionforyou | November 30, 2016 at 10:03 am | Reply

    So much for OATH keepers.
    Tell a man his job is to steal from others and…yes sire.

  5. Who put this bandit trash into office? Were they elected by the people or chosen by the “Evil One!”This evil should have been eliminated before it gained such control!!!

    • “Who put this bandit trash into office?”

      Those we are not allowed to criticize?

      • I promise you faithfully, I had nothing to do with Oslumbo being in office nor any of his anti-GOD Muslim cohorts, did you, smart a—?

          • Myrtle Linder | December 8, 2016 at 9:51 am |

            O Holy One, who do your think you are to test??

          • I am banned from various places.

            A few minutes ago;
            “Moderator4 Cannibalism coming to America 3 days ago
            Bye. You’re banned.”

            “7 hours ago Removed”

          • Myrtle Linder | December 8, 2016 at 10:05 am |

            As long as it is with JESUS CHRIST and HIS followers, I will be happy to suffer and be banned with HIM and HIS people for life everlasting!!

            By the way who holds the records for Satan? Are they clutched in his filthy hand or does he have helpers for that?

            Oh yes, how do you know this??????????

          • “As long as it is with JESUS CHRIST and HIS followers, I will be happy
            to suffer and be banned with HIM and HIS people for life everlasting!!”

            Jesus said Give to Caesar, turn the other Cheeks and justice
            in Heaven. Jesus was a Roman Era psychological operation.

            “By the way who holds the records for Satan? Are they clutched
            in his filthy hand or does he have helpers for that?”
            Satan is a Fudiatic invention?

            “Oh yes, how do you know this?”
            You hear and read on the Internet.

          • Myrtle Linder | December 8, 2016 at 6:09 pm |

            I get all of my news concerning GOD from HIS WORD called the BIBLE, not the internet!! I believe the internet is your news source!!

          • Fooled are you, by the Fudaics.
            “Alan Watts: How We Got The Bible – YouTube”

          • Myrtle Linder | December 8, 2016 at 6:59 pm |

            What will you say when you stand before HIM and HE asks you about the events of your life, including HIS WORD. That day will come and you will have no answer, if you do not change!!

          • Are you talking about a tyrant that was assigned to this universe?
            Why should I cringe and deny understanding?

          • Myrtle Linder | December 8, 2016 at 7:45 pm |

            GOD created this universe, it is HIS just as if you had made house, but then you did not make the materials for the house, GOD did. He grew the trees for the wood……………. HE made you!!!! He made your body and ran the blood through the blood vessels, and breath into your lungs…

          • Feeding and rearranging this universe,
            Is God similar to someone keeping a fish tank?

          • Myrtle Linder | December 9, 2016 at 12:36 pm |

            I think HE has done a perfect job, the failures are all of mankind, who HE gave a choice to do good or evil, but there are rewards for both, though some are not rewards we want, at least, for our deed of evil!!! HE did not leave us lacking, what HE loves and what HE hates are listed in HIS WORD

            By the way, are you questioning or baiting? are you GOD or a sinful man trying to make a better world?

          • “By the way, are you questioning or baiting? are you
            GOD or a sinful man trying to make a better world?”

            Some basics; before the year 1,100 AD, most people
            were too primitive for the Industrial Revolution.

            Life arose from chemical possibilities.
            With limited knowledge, we have to dig from there;
            Search “Jack Szostak” and related video.

          • Myrtle Linder | December 9, 2016 at 6:12 pm |

            A sinful woman trying to make things a little better!

          • That sounds silly. Choice arises from confusion.
            We did the best with incomplete information.

          • Myrtle Linder | December 9, 2016 at 7:28 pm |

            Good grief, I am confused, a continual relapse of the mind from birth! Is it completely hopeless?? You sound confused, what is the”world coming to?”” Total confusion and Satanism?? NO GOD will not allow that , HE will send HIS SON for HIS people and then ………… Revelation 21-22!! If you don’t believe you are in for some great surprises!!!

          • “If you don’t believe you are in for some great surprises!!!”

            Belief is motivated by fear. When there is clarity,
            choice is not (read somewhere by Krishnamurti)

          • Myrtle Linder | December 10, 2016 at 8:47 am |

            When you get down to the nitty gritty, i believe it is what we fear that makes the difference. I think my greatest fear is my great granddaughter never getting to know the real America. All she will ever know the insanity that we have allowed it to become because too many wound not speak up and act, we have allowed the enemy to rule, far too long!!!!!!

          • Caught up in manufactured news and desires,
            We did not know what was happening.

            Will Globalized (Rothschild) Banking be eliminated?
            That seems to be the key to Global, Satanic, control.

          • Myrtle Linder | December 10, 2016 at 7:00 pm |

            I am not familiar with that one, therefore cannot answer the question!!!

        • Puzzled, I watched as young Sikhs became elated on Obama’s election. The CEO of the marketing company was interviewed . .. …

  6. I hope every single one of these corrupt “law enforcement” ‘bastards in the US pay for what they have done, in full-on Karma…you despicable human garbage

  7. if ever there was a case for citizen violence………..

  8. This is another in a long list of abuses and usurpations committed in the name of law and order. Only there is no law and order, Only sanctioned piracy and thuggery.
    The Constitution has been ground into the dirt and the Bill of Rights are now only privileges. Police in America are nothing more than armed thugs for the government, controlled by a Marxist Dept. of Homeland Security. Jeh Johnson, a Marxist, communist, arrogant ,megalomaniac now in charge has further destroyed what’s left of our rights.
    Since the planned false flag of 9/11 which ushered in the destruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, America has steadily turned into a militarized police state, where even posting at sites such as this can label you as a domestic terrorist threat.
    America for all practical purposes no longer exists. The illusion of freedom is just that: an illusion.
    Organized thievery in the name of law is still thievery. The thugs carrying out this criminal activity are nothing more than robots, trained to obey their masters without question. Their IQs being on the low side of any intellectual account.
    That the entire police force of America is now under control of the DHS, has been militarized and trained to regard the rest of us as the enemy, civilians ,criminals and even domestic terrorist threats should raise the alarm in all who still believe in the Constitution.
    Unfortunately those who continue to do so are labeled domestic terrorist threats.
    Whatever happened to the nation known as the United States of America?
    I know thee not for thou art no longer the nation of thy forefathers.

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