The Psychopathic Elite, Order Followers, And WWIII — YOU Are The Solution

americans-voting-4Op-Ed by Suzanne Borho

The world finds itself at the brink of a 3rd world war between the U.S. and other NATO allies on the one side and the nuclear super-powers of China, Russia, and potentially Iran on the other; in other words, potential nuclear disaster.

Electing a Hillary Clinton, or a Donald Trump, or any other state leader will not bring an end to the endless war, the killing, the torture, or the destruction that has plagued the world since the false flag attacks of 9/11/2001.  No, replacing the puppet on the puppet master’s hand, or changing it from the left hand to the right is not the answer.

After all, was it the leader of the Ottoman Turk Empire who himself went out and slaughtered 1.8 Armenians between 1915-1923?  No it was not.  Was it Stalin who himself went around and shot, tortured, starved or otherwise killed upward of 20 million of his own people, or Mao who went out over all of China and killed, by some estimates, between 50 and 70 MILLION people during ‘The Great Leap Forward’?  No it was not.  So WHO?  WHO is responsible for those killings, and for the enslavement and torture of their fellow man?  It was the soldier, the policeman, the bureaucrat, the government spies and operatives, the neighbor who snitched on his neighbor … the ORDER FOLLOWERS. It is and was the individual men and women who sold their soul for a paycheck, or for a bowl of rice, out of blind devotion to ruthless god-like leaders who, from their perspective, think of these order followers – and think of YOU – as nothing more than animals … mindless, unthinking, base creatures who are disposable, replaceable, a means to an end, and nothing more.

In the words of former U.S. Secretary of State and National Security Advisor, Henry Kissinger:

Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy. ― Henry Kissinger

I’d like to take him to task over that statement and contest it and show it to be untrue but, then, if I look back at history, and I see how easily men have been hoodwinked, tricked, pawned into killing, murdering in cold blood, torturing, doing the most inhumane of things to people in the name of ‘freedom’, democracy, and patriotism… Well, I guess I have no grounds on which to refute Mr. Kissinger’s claims.  Governments will always do what government always has done … lie, cheat, steal, and KILL for control; but Governments are fabrications.  They are human constructs of the mind.  They have no real power without the people who comprise them and the order followers who enforce their draconian laws without any critical thought.  Without YOU, the individual, their little chess game is OVER.

I’d now like to read an excerpt from what I refer to as a FACTIONAL novel entitled “Will” written by Todd Borho, who, in the interest of full disclosure, is my brother, of whom I am very proud.  From his 2nd novel, “Will”, Chapter 58.  First, a little background…

Will, the main protagonist, (formerly known merely as the number 2001) volunteered, out of patriotism, to take part in a secret mission for his government.  What they did to him, though, was not of his knowing or free will.  They implanted his brain with micro cameras, along with antennae for transmission; and he was drugged, short-term memory wiped, and dropped on the opposite side of ‘the wall’ which divided the world into two regions.  The one side, Will’s side, was divided into 3 nations, each run by a powerful, controlling government; the government educated (or indoctrinated) all of the children by mandate; and the media was used to spread lies and propaganda to keep the people in a state of fear and ignorance, and to pit the people of each region against the others, to create a state of perpetual war.  (Sound familiar?)  The other side had no government, and so therefore, enjoyed peace, freedom, the ability to live out one’s passions, to become educated on various things (not just indoctrinated into one specialty); they were free to trade, explore, and live to their fullest capacity, in accordance with Natural Law.  So, in this scene, after several years of life on the other side of the wall, and learning about how life COULD be without the chains of government holding them down, Will has returned to the dark side of the world, and is meeting with Mason Black (who had summoned him), the head of the entirety of the 3 regions on the other side, but working behind the scenes, being the power behind the curtain, so to speak. 

So, here I go with a short excerpt from about mid-way through Chapter 58 of the novel “Will,” written by Todd Borho…

“You’re wrong, violent coercion is never necessary, and in fact, it is in opposition to Natural Law,” Will said defiantly.

Mason Black’s face lit up with dark amusement. Who was this, a slave, speaking of Natural Law?

“What do you know of such things?” Mason asked with great curiosity in his voice.

“I know a great deal more than you might imagine, Mr. Black.  I know that what is taught in the schools about the other side of the planet is a complete lie.  There is peace and freedom there, not chaos.  And here, where we are taught there is freedom, there is chaos and slavery.  I know that you and your psychopathic gang withhold the keys of wisdom from the people, in order that you may rule with ignorance and fear as your weapons.”

Mason Black gave a seething response, “People? What people? All I see are animals who refuse to use their minds and hearts.  They deserve what they get, 2001, they most certainly do.  We keep those animals in order, that’s what we do.  They need us!”

Will interrupted, “No, I’ve seen proof on the other side of that wall! People live in harmony with Natural Law.  They have freedom, peace, and prosperity.  They broke the chains of slavery long ago! And look at the fruits they have brought about! They create wonders and travel to the stars! Your pathetic little control structure couldn’t even create flying machines until you stole it from them.  Nearly everything you have, Mason Black, you have stolen!  Not only that, but you have murdered how many millions and thrown how many others in cages!”

“I have stolen nothing and I have murdered nobody! That is where you are wrong.  You see, I give orders to individuals.  That’s all I do.  The individual has a choice, and if you’re such an expert in Natural Law then you should be aware of this.  The individual has a choice of either to follow my orders or not, to steal or not, to murder or not! I have never pulled a trigger! Even in the case of your wife, did I strike her? No, those mindless fools did.  They are no better than dogs, never thinking for themselves, doing whatever it takes for me to throw them a treat.  Money, a TV show, a carnival, a sporting event, comfort and diversions.  They enforce my laws! They collect the taxes! They pull the triggers! They throw their fellow man in cages! No, they have responsibility for those actions, not I!”

Both men stared each other down and didn’t blink. Will finally responded.

“That might well be, Mr. Black, but you are culpable in your own right.  You cut the legs off the cow and then curse it when it cannot walk.  And what would you do without your slaves, Mr. Black? You are just as fearful as everyone under your mind control is, if not more.  You and your family might have to actually do something besides scheme on how to maintain your opulent lifestyle through mind control.  You might have to actually do something in accordance with Natural Law and not diametrically opposed to it.  Instead of sharing the truth of Natural Law and the Trivium with your fellow man, you hide it and use it to your own disgraceful and selfish purposes.  You keep others in darkness so that you can reign in hell, helping to destroy countless lives. You are, Mason Black, nothing more than a coward.”

Mr. Black looked smugly at this man before him.

“So what now, 2001? What will you do?”

Will responded, “You’re not going to kill me?”

“No, of course not.  Why would I do that now? You can suffer with everyone else.  I’m curious as to what you plan to do, though.  Will you run back to the other side?  I imagine you have the means to do so.”

“I might, or I might not.  Another option is to educate the people about Natural Law so they can break free from the slavery you’ve helped put them under.”

Mason laughed heartily.

“The people don’t want to know.  You can tell them truth until you’re blue in the face and they will never change.  Not only will they not change, but they won’t even listen!  Hell, they might even kill you for telling them the truth! The fact is, they love their servitude! They love to believe the lie! They don’t even know what their rights are or are not! They don’t know right from wrong! Their thoughts, emotions, and actions are in complete chaos.  So go ahead, preach all you want, Mr. Will 2001! You will be wasting your life on futile efforts, and the world will go on as it always has– those with knowledge, will, and wisdom ruling over those who do not.  They choose to be slaves and will continue to do so, forever.”

“That might be, but I will do my best effort to help educate them because it is the right thing to do.  Sharing knowledge is right, and I will do right, and concealing knowledge is wrong, and that is what you do, Mr. Black, what you do is wrong.  Goodbye, Mason Black.”  Will turned and started walking towards the exit.

“My driver will take you wherever you wish.  Goodbye, Will.” Mason spoke from behind.

“I’ll find my own way,” Will said as he kept walking.

[End of excerpt]

So, it’s up to each individual to decide.  Is this the world you want? Endless war, famine, poverty, homelessness, disease, living in constant fear, struggle, being strangled by bureaucratic red tape, rules, regulations, and color of law? Struggling day to day just to make ends meet, working a slave job, being a cog in a machine, stealing, robbing, and killing for these men? For the 0.1% at the top that parasite off of the rest of us, for the banks who fund both sides of every war? For valueless paper, or in actuality, for numbers on a computer screen that determine the value of your time, your energy, and your LIFE?  You were not brought into this world to be a slave — to merely work, eat GMO food, pay taxes, be drugged by big Pharma, and then die!  Don’t let the psychopathic elite who believe themselves gods rob you of your spirit, your God-given freedoms, and your LIFE!

Don’t support their evil system.  Don’t take part in the enslavement of your fellow man!  Your life has Divine purpose!  Find it!  LIVE it!  And above all else…QUESTION EVERYTHING and SAY NO!

Ultimately, it’s up to you … each individual.  Without YOU, without the people taking part in their control structure, their war machine, their theft, their lies, their enrichment; they are and have … NOTHING; and the whole system will crumble. And they know it.

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Suzanne is an English teacher working overseas with a Ph.D. in Naturopathic Medicine, but above all, is a truth seeker who is not afraid to speak out in the face of war, criminality, and injustice.  Feel free to look her up and follow her on Facebook.

For more of Todd Borho’s thought-provoking and often-times humorous political writings, please visit his blog at or by searching ‘Steeminganarchy’ on

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5 Comments on "The Psychopathic Elite, Order Followers, And WWIII — YOU Are The Solution"

  1. deplorableRedneck | October 25, 2016 at 6:43 am | Reply

    KUDOS for this. You and your Brother are spot on.
    The goat worshipers hide behind their stolen wealth, whilst the plebs are sent forth to kill and mame.
    They bring vaccines, to destroy the auto immune system.
    They bring synthetic drugs to attack other organs.
    They bring gmo to cause disease.
    They bring only misery and death to the very ones that send them their wealth.
    USURY is UNChristian.
    END the FED – Ron Paul and me.
    SHEandHEandTHEYareDespicable goat worshipers.

  2. “was it the leader of the Ottoman Turk Empire who himself went out and slaughtered 1.8 Armenians between 1915-1923?”
    How would one slaughter eight-tenths of an Armenian?

  3. Too many people forget history. With government social engineering of a resurgence of Mao in China and Stalin in Russia, young people and many adults have almost no sense of the history of democide. Polls are showing 25% believe Stalin’s brutality was “necessary”, close to 20% support the “liquidation” of homosexuals and nearly 40% would like to see them isolated from society. The only gulag open to the public as a museum reminding of the horrors of the Stalin era has now been changed into a tribute to WWII. This year, middle school students interview by a Russian journalist said they thought Stalin wasn’t so bad believing he killed a few thousand people. Mao’s atrocities are also being whitewashed. This is the danger of losing control over the internet. Veils will be dropping until we are completely blind and ignorant to tyranny.

  4. What a refreshing article. Thank you.

  5. I particularly like the needless overuse–anything more than zero times–of all-caps words and strategically placed ellipses. It’s cute.

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