U.S. Officials Warn That Russians Will Undermine Election With Fake Documents Showing Voter Fraud

russia hacking daily dotBy Mac Slavo

If the election fraud narrative, cyberattack and rigged voting machines haven’t yet thoroughly confused the American voting public, maybe the latest report from Reuters will do the job.

According to Reuters, U.S. voting authorities are now warning that while the Russians may not actually hack the Presidential election, they may fake hacking the Presidential election.

What they’re saying without actually saying it is that if Hillary Clinton wins the election and Trump supporters show proof of any fraudulent activity, the “proof” will have been fabricated by… The Russians.

Joe Joseph Explains:

This is the height of desperation for the mainstream media and The-Powers-That-Shouldn’t-Be because they know that they’ve been manipulating elections for a very long time now… 

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It sounds almost too crazy to believe, but this is now being disseminated to the public via mainstream pipelines:

U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials are warning that hackers with ties to Russia’s intelligence services could try to undermine the credibility of the presidential election by posting documents online purporting to show evidence of voter fraud.

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said however, that the U.S. election system is so large, diffuse and antiquated that hackers would not be able to change the outcome of the Nov. 8 election.

But hackers could post documents, some of which might be falsified, that are designed to create public perceptions of widespread voter fraud, the officials said.

They said that they did not have specific evidence of such a plan, but state and local election authorities had been warned to be vigilant for hacking attempts.

Source: Reuters

So, according to this latest report, the Russians are either going to compromise the Presidential election by outright hacking it, or they will simply pretend that they compromised the elections by posting fake documents purporting to show voter fraud.

Either way, it was the Russians.

Trust us.

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7 Comments on "U.S. Officials Warn That Russians Will Undermine Election With Fake Documents Showing Voter Fraud"

  1. According to previous articles by activistpost.com, referencing Hilary Clinton and the Democrat party, any such documents from Russian sources are unnecessary, and would be superfluous. Genuine American homepages will provide an abundance of fraud, similar to that already published by activitpost.

  2. I think the Russians care less about our elections than we give them credit for. They may prefer Trump but they will tolerate Hillary, she sold VPutin uranium after all, and now that the NSA fessed up to the email hackings, all will be forgiven. Handling the Assad regime & muslim rebels is a sticking point, but US isn’t about to start WW III over proposed pipeline route (which is really all our Syria issues are about; ain’t it always?)

  3. Russia knows very well that there is no voter fraud to worry about in the US but it also knows that election fraud is rampant.

  4. Patrick Campbell | October 25, 2016 at 4:55 pm | Reply

    We already have issues in Texas with electronic voting machines in suburban Houston.

  5. That’s funny. Since voter fraud has been documented and even bragged about. I remember the media reporting that in many voting areas more people voted than the entire population of the area, and a lot of dead people have somehow been voting. Then there was a lady on the news that bragged about voting for Obama 6 times. In a speech in the 2008 primary election Hillary stated “there are no illegals in the United States”, trying to encourage them to vote democrat. Funny thing is, neither party did a thing about it, even though it’s a felony. Now, the new scapegoat smokescreen to get our attention off our corrupt public servants, The Russians Did it!
    Think about who is saying this, the U.S. Government. The same one’s who are letting our veterans die while waiting for treatment, and letting our veterans live in the street while they import illegal aliens and give them free money and benefits. The same ones who tell us every election, ‘vote for me, I will fix everything’, and then things keep getting worse. Now they’re showing their true colors, both of the Party’s leaders are rejecting the voters choice and supporting the establishment puppet, Hillary. But don’t look at that, because it’s the Russians that are behind the whole thing.

  6. I’m not clear on the word ‘official’, ya mean tax funded public servant.
    The NSA hacks might be throwing their weight around.
    The gems fractional software is absurd.
    It’s very easy to program one vote is one vote.
    In fact, I would wager, fractional counts 1 vote for Trump and 2.5 for the goat worshiping biped the dems are offering.

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