Financial Whistleblower Explains What’s About to Happen to the Economy

economic collapseBy Isaac Davis

How is the government going to get people to pay their taxes if the government is not viewed as legitimate? ~ Catherine Austin Fitts

The world economy is designed to fail through the mechanism of a banking system that requires all users of money to pay usury every time a transaction takes place. In this way, the financial systems of the world can be manipulated into a managed collapse, thereby causing global chaos so that the world’s nations and citizens can be tricked into demanding a global currency managed by a global elite.

Problem, reaction, solution. Economic hit man John Perkins wrote about this strategy as it was used in the 20th century to bring developing nations under the control of the international monetary fund and transnational profiteers, and at present this scheme is being globalized.

If an EHM is completely successful, the loans are so large that the debtor is forced to default on its payments after a few years. When this happens, then like the Mafia we demand our pound of flesh. This often includes one or more of the following: control over United Nations votes, the installation of military bases, or access to precious resources such as oil or the Panama Canal. Of course, the debtor still owes us the money—and another country is added to our global empire. ~ John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

For decades now, the dollar has been in a slow burn style of collapse, and while many journalists, primarily outside of the mainstream, have been warning the world about how and why this is happening, we’re quickly approaching a turning point, where the slow burn moves into something more severe. While at first glance this seems like a frightening potentiality, the truth is that an economic collapse may very well be our best chance at freeing ourselves from the rule of the Gods of Money.

A Whistleblower Warns Us and Gives Us Hope

Speaking to Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog news, former Wall Street banker and former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush Administration, Catherine Austin Fitts explains why the slow burn is about to come to an end.

The system has the capacity with monetary policy in one sense to keep going forever if the force and military capacity is there to do it, but at some point, you burn through the fat, you burn through the muscle and then you have to change institutions. ~Catherine Austin Fitts

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During the financial crisis of 2008, the government was able to prevent an uncontrolled firestorm collapse of the system by colluding with the chiefs of the financial sector, giving them bailouts of extraordinary magnitude, then inflating the dollar by the Federal Reserve’s introduction of quantitative easing. Eight years later, this tactic has reached its limit; however, it has given the public significant reason and time to understand why our economy functions the way it does, and people are losing faith in our leadership.

It’s going to be extremely difficult to get people to continue to pay their taxes when they’re highly confident the money’s not being spent legally and it’s going to the advantage of small parties or things that they don’t understand. And so you can’t move further without institutional overhaul. ~ Catherine Austin Fitts

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The thing that frightens her most is the fact that groups within the U.S., such as ALEC, are already calling for changes in the law and even a new Constitutional Convention to overhaul these institutions. The financial sector has already been operating outside of the law and beyond the Constitution for some twenty plus years, and if we haven’t been using the Constitution, she notes, then why do they wish to change it?

If you want to enforce the Constitution or fix things, that’s what you do. The reason you get a Constitutional Convention is you want to tear it up because you’re worried, now that people realize the extent of the corruption, that they’re going to try and enforce. ~Catherine Austin Fitts

Her warning is that as people continue to wake up to the corruption of our government and financial rulers, the entrenched elites who are fully invested in destroying the middle class will fight tooth and nail to prevent us from holding them accountable, by means of bringing more Draconian laws into place to protect themselves.

In this light, the economic war that is brewing isn’t completely technical, it is social as well, quickly becoming class warfare. The world’s financial elite are in grave danger of being held to the fire for their crimes, and surely they know they how quickly things can change in favor of the populace, as historical events like the French Revolution have shown.

Prepare Now

As individuals stuck in the debt-slave matrix, there is very little we can do to challenge this sort of massive global scheme as it’s happening; however, preparing now for collapse is our best chance of chucking our burden of debt to these people, if they are even human, and of creating a future without such obvious criminal financial tyranny holding us back.

Working now to expose these criminals is imperative so that when the ball drops, ordinary people understand why, how and who is truly to blame, thereby making resisting to the takeover possible. Taking care of personal emergency preparations by gathering healthy storable foods, networking in your community, and having plans in place to survive are absolutely necessary at this stage, and once this is done, efforts to awaken others are critical.

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5 Comments on "Financial Whistleblower Explains What’s About to Happen to the Economy"

  1. Not by humans ? > Disinformation and distraction.

    The author of that linked article writes such nonsense as : “…the fiat money scheme is so absurd….”

    Fiat money is NOT a bad thing.
    Fiat money is a GOOD thing !

    It is just in the hands of CRIMINALS who control the money supply AND established the FRAUDULENT Fractional Reserve Banking.
    The result is our financial system.

    It would be the the same, and it always was the same, without fiat money but with a currency on Gold Standard.
    It would be STILL in the hands of CRIMINALS !

    Any commodity – gold, silver or whatever – has inherent problems serving
    as money since it is, and always will be, first and foremost, a commodity.
    This inherent fact is what the Gold-Is-Money advocates believe to be the
    premier virtue of commodity-backed money. “They just cannot turn on the
    printing press and create ‘real wealth’ such as gold.” We have all read this
    a thousand times and it is a half-truth at best. It is true you cannot print
    gold the way you can print paper dollar bills. It is not true that having a
    gold-backed currency is the solution to this problem created by expanding
    the monetary system arbitrarily. But if you believe that only a gold-backed
    currency is the solution, then you will fall into the coming trap that is
    presently being woven all around you.

    • Good reminder Croco Dile, it always gets back to fundamentals. An inherent problem of an apathetic, morally numb, dumbed down citizenry, engineered to be that way (all of us shoved through the cookie cutter) cannot be solved via a new ‘system’, hence TPTB’s sale pitch for digital slavery as the next “solution”.

  2. No Bull Nonofit | October 30, 2016 at 3:43 am | Reply

    People are too fragmented to fight a system that owns the military, induces paranoia and squeezes until you can’t focus on anything other than survival. The war they create and are developing upon mankind in the eyes of the Zionist is near perfect.

  3. deplorableSallyM | October 30, 2016 at 6:30 am | Reply

    The entire ‘banking’ system is fraud.
    The sooner the zentral banks collapse, the sooner a thousand years of peace and prosperity will commence.
    END the FED and all zentral banks.
    USURY is unChristian.
    TAXATION is unconstitutional.

  4. Absolute power corrupts absolutely when in the hands of the few. In everyone’s hand, absolute power will un-corrupt the world. Humanity needs real democracy: Our own system designed to relentlessly define Our true will for all to know. Science recently proved that OBSERVATION IS MANIFESTATION. When We can all easily see (OBSERVE) that all but a few of Us want only JUSTICE, TRUTH, FREEDOM and PROSPERITY for Posterity, then Our observation of these facts will automatically manifest them, triggering Our golden age.

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