Blaming Russia For Everything Wrong in the US is Getting Dangerous

By Luke Rudkowski

In this video Luke Rudkowski covers more geopolitical moves and how the recent presidential election with Hillary Clinton is making the situation with Putin worse. The situation between these two super global powers is intensifying and becoming dangerous for both nations. As WikiLeaks keeps releasing more information, the more pressure the DNC is putting against Russia instead of taking responsibility.


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46 Comments on "Blaming Russia For Everything Wrong in the US is Getting Dangerous"

  1. Any myopic lens is dangerous, as Luke himself must know given last year the leadership of the Los Angeles chapter of We Are Change went rogue and demanded a new narrative for 9/11 Truth: that the entire operation was strictly Israeli while denying the history of false flags such as Sandy Hook. The group fractured but it foreshadowed a cointelpro operation obscuring crimes of the Bankers and the purpose of the UN.

    Ignoring the fact that behind the curtain Russian elites are working hand in hand with the top cap of the pyramid is also dangerous. All nations including Russia are now tied to BIS and doing the following; implementing Agendas 21 and 2030; G20 agreement on central bank Bail-Ins; G20 agreement to share income and tax data on all individuals via a central data base, the precursor to a global tax; G20 stance on world government; deep economic interdependence esp. in energy related companies (the plan hammered out last year to redirect $90 Trillion in capital to the new economic order); implementing cashless society with smart cards; globally connected Smart Grid; participation in global geoengineering; WHO and global mandates on vaccinations; and the cross selling advanced military weapons (US & Israel to Iran; Russia to Saudi Arabia, etc). Something wicked this way comes = global gulag.

    • Thank you, Grace by Faith on yt. Perfect summary “teeny antithesis to a whopping thesis”. Here’s your comment from Disqus notification:

      Grace by Faith on yt:

      Boom! Truth bomb deployed! Great comment! The entirety of We Are Change sold out and now is pretty much considered controlled opposition in most truth networks and communities, just playing a teensy little antithesis to a whopping thesis, and actually aiding the creation of the synthesis by misdirecting us. Truth’s out, Luke sold us down the river and the only proof needed is articles like this that blatantly mask the truth.

  2. Grace by Faith on yt | October 29, 2016 at 2:08 pm |

    That’s right ban me for telling the truth. Shame on you, you’re nothing but controlled opposition too, just like Luke, and you know it. And now a whole lot of others will, too. So much for free speech, turns out it’s a massive psy-op too.

    • Grace by Faith on yt | October 29, 2016 at 2:10 pm |

      So you let that comment post but not the one with the meat of the truth with zero potatoes? Wow. smh. Pieces of work, you are, AP. You don’t ban, you just refuse to post anything that doesn’t follow your money-making narrative.

      • Activist Post is a shill – make viral.

        • Agreed 100%, if only for the fact they’re still promoting this fake fight with Russia and promoting typical fear-porn just like msm. Don’t know what’s going on with my Disqus account, first they ban me, or the notification pop-up said I was banned for life from Disqus, and then I checked my account and here I am! Watch out for AllNewsPipeline, too, those are the only two websites I posted on. LOL Pathetic.

    • Thank you, Grace by Faith on yt. I re-posted your comment below mine.

      • Grace by Faith on yt | October 29, 2016 at 4:04 pm |

        Thanks, blue! This is the second time in a week they’ve refused to post my comment, the first one said I was banned for life on Disqus for, get this, spamming! Guess that was smoke & mirrors too, because here I am! Don’t know what’s going on, but it’s going to take more than this to hush me up. God bless and thanks again. 😉

        • You aren’t the only one…getting banned or rather not allowing one’s comment to post. Is that what you are talking about? What an irritation to spend a lot of brain energy and time to write a conscientious comment and then ‘not able to post’ in red. Is this the same thing you’ve seen?

          • Grace by Faith on yt | November 2, 2016 at 12:59 pm |

            No, I actually sat waiting for an hour for it to post, said it had to be reviewed by activist post first, then received a big red pop up saying I was banned from Disqus for life (LOL), then after researching it, it was supposedly for spamming – which is laughable. They lifted it, obviously, but they are all doing their best to hush up the truth~ Good luck out there, Stormy, it’s going to get worse and even more confusing most likely. God bless~

          • I just got kicked off again…let’s see if I can paste it here…There is always more to a story than what you’ve been given. This David Draiman Dude…is a NORMAL, family loving guy that just happens to have had voice training only those with talent or money can access. He is playing the GAME. And doing beautifully. This revision of this wonderful song that comes with so much baggage put him on the map. Do you guys understand what it takes to make a living doing what you love that few have been able to pile up the big bucks? Love Simon and Garfunkel. Their song is a huge part of our culture. But David and his voice made this song to last for another 100 or so years. Just something about his voice…for real. I grew up with Simon and Garfunkel and others. Change causes genetic adaptation, creates heartier humans. To hold onto an idea just because it is familiar, perfect for its time is wimpy. Sorry. A song that lasts this long deserved to be refreshed yet still within the original form from its conception. WHOA

  3. Putin knows he is dealing with teenagers, and is waiting for more reasonable leaders. The amount of patience for all the blaming and false accusations, knowing if he doesn’t cooperate with the NWO agenda of giving up Russian sovereignty he’s in line for assassination attempts, etc. is an astounding burden for one man. The US better get it right this election, and ferret out the election fraud and the entire actual process, or the world will be groaning under more war and pollution. It is time for free energy, and to rid ourselves of the environmental catastrophes of oil, and past time to work together for the good of all.

    • Grace by Faith on yt | October 30, 2016 at 5:02 pm |

      Gosh, I just don’t know how to respond to you. First, Putin knows precisely what he’s doing because he’s following a script. He’s already sold out his countrymen to the UN just like every UN nation has, especially the USA. Why would he be assassinated when he’s actually FOR the NWO agenda? Doesn’t make sense.

      And the US won’t get it right in any election because there are none. Your vote is not a vote at all, it is your opinion which the corporation masquerading as our government needs to manufacture its consent to rule – a contract, and the president of this corporation has already been chosen. A VERY long time ago. The world is groaning and has done for EVERY war they’ve put us through – and they’ve done it on purpose – again, part of the script/plan.

      The environmental catastrophes are wholly illusory – global warming is one of the biggest scams of them all, and they’re implementing Agenda 2030 in order to regulate everything on earth, including the CO2 we breathe out. They have the utter nerve to say it’s a toxin when in fact, it is a building block of life. Life IS CARBON BASED. They just want to own, document, regulate, and control every single thing that exists in the world, and it’s quite possibly the biggest lie of them all. To think they can on the one hand say the environment is unsafe so we need to sacrifice for future generations, and on the other spray us and the environment on a daily basis now with toxic metals and God knows what, is the epitome of evil.

      And lastly, “for the good of all” NEVER, and I mean NEVER, EVER includes us. “For the greater good” is a UN meme, and it means “For the good of the great” and I’m sorry to report, that doesn’t include us, who are nothing but slaves sold into bondage to uphold debt, or human capital. See: Executive Order 13037.

      • All we can hope for is there is one world leader who is sane, not an implant, and will come through for humanity. All is not lost yet. Faith vs. fear. I am betting on Putin who outlawed GMO’s and is loyal to his country. If anyone can make their life count, his nonverbal says it is him. Besides, being half Russian, he and I would have been peers there had my grandparents not been running from the Cossacks. I sense his intelligence and his character are strong in the right places. His reluctance to shake Obama’s hand was one moment of truth. In a world of clones and treachery, anything can happen. The complacency and path of a country like ours is a lesson for the world.
        Who are the authors of Agenda 21 btw?
        Also, I would say the chemtrails, pipelines and Fukishima polluting air, water and land are not illusory. Peace.

        • Grace by Faith on yt | October 30, 2016 at 7:11 pm |

          You’re still sleeping, hon. The NWO is pure evil, and there is much you can do to stop it, which is way better than wishing these Luciferians who have been plotting it for, well, ever, will be benevolent. They will not be, I assure you, and you can see for yourself in their strides to cull the population for a “manageable” number of people to keep the world “in perpetual balance with nature”. That’s all BS, they want to kill us because they will not need us anymore when they replace nearly all our jobs with drones and a robotic workforce. They want to preserve nature for themselves, not for humanity, and the only reason we’re still here now is to hold up their ridiculous debt.

          Putin’s in the same Fraternal Templar Order as Obama, and just about every leader of every UN nation. These are Roman Orders, and they’ve been around for millennia, and the goal to unite the world under one leader is simply the resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire. If you happen to think this new Pope Francis is benevolent, and I don’t know if you do of course, he’s the very first Jesuit Pope. Google “Jesuit Oath of Induction” and you will see what’s really going on in the world. The Pope claims to own everything on earth, including you. He is the “leader” of every fraternal Order, including freemasons, every world leader bows to him, and they believe “the ends justify the means” and they will do anything, even murdering their families and innocent babies, to have their ends which is control and ownership of everything and everybody on earth.

          Putin’s just telling people what they want to hear, rather like Trump is doing, but he’s in on the FRAUD to complete the takeover of the entire world, so I would tread very carefully in your support for him.

          I would agree with you on chemtrails being real, they are most definitely spraying something on us, and it’s not good considering almost everyone I know is on an inhaler now and is constantly fatigued and sick, and also real is them poisoning us (slow kill) with fluoride, immunizations, pharm drugs, GMO foods, and toxins in just about everything now, not to mention them attempting to kill our will and our mental health with all their fear- and trauma-based garbage they throw at us on a daily basis.

          What’s illusory the authority they claim – it’s wholly a fraud, and also illusory is the notion that any world leader now is benevolent, and everything they say, 99% of it, is BS designed to distract and misdirect us.

          God save us all, and God bless you, dear.

          • Glad to see AP is letting you get out some ‘free speech’…I get moderated regularly

          • Grace by Faith on yt | October 31, 2016 at 4:17 am |

            I know, right? LOL What’s up with that? I was really frustrated when I got the ban, and I thought, oh no, not here, too! I was banned for life a long time ago from RT for posting similar thoughts and legal citations and they never let me back in. I’m not sure why they’re letting me post after all here, but I’m not complaining – just happy to have a voice. 😉 I’d remove my previous posts about the banning as they’re way off topic, but I think they’re a good indication of things to come, if not here, on other forums.

          • Great post, Grace by Faith. Again, all very well said and from the heart. I also shared some details of Putin’s 1999 FSB false flags attacks (Moscow apartment buildings, if you’re not familiar) with Pamela. Thanks so much for shining your light, a prayer answered. God bless you and kind regards. Blue579

          • Grace by Faith on yt | October 31, 2016 at 4:27 am |

            All glory to Him! Thanks, blue, so very much, dear brother? or sister?. You’ve a special place with me now, since it’s because of you that I’m posting here – you know that, don’t you? Had you not copied and reposted my comment, I doubt they’d have let me back in. They could have just left me banned and no one would be the wiser! I’m not familiar with that ff attack; I’ll definitely check it out! Thanks again – for everything. God bless you, too and most kind regards backatcha.

          • Sister. 🙂 And you, maybe brother? An honor to meet you.

            Here are some links you may want to check out. The first is an article on the Moscow false flag bombings. The second is an Activist Post link from ‘Rusticus’ on Russia and Technocracy. Third is an overview of the rapid development of the global electronic control grid (Mark of The Beast) from Waking Times. Fourth one is the website of a Christian-minded researcher on the rise of global technocracy. Thanks again!





          • Grace by Faith on yt | October 31, 2016 at 8:06 pm |

            I’m a sister as well. 😉 I’ll check those out, thanks!

          • Terrific! I think you’ll appreciate Patrick Wood’s work. BTW, he collected some great interviews, accessible via the upper right hand side “Technocracy News Hour – On Air – Technocracy.Studio”. Hope to see ya around, Grace by Faith on yt. 🙂

          • Thanks for all your postings!!! Very eye opening. It’s hard to know which sites and articles are true or not, but I’ve at least known for awhile that there have been very evil individuals running the world and that some very hard times are on the horizon for a lot of people. 🙁

          • Grace by Faith on yt | October 31, 2016 at 5:08 am |

            My pleasure, thanks for the encouragement (all glory to God!) The easiest way to discern truth from fiction is obviously to follow the money. The sordid quest for coin has been the downfall of many a good man, and tptb have counted on this fact. The other way is to follow history and realize it’s just been repeating itself, so the people responsible must all be party to ONE agenda. I followed this line of thinking, with the help of my faith (discernment is a huge factor for me), and discovered that what’s been going on for centuries and centuries is down to one malevolent power who believes by Divine Right it owns everything, including us, which is a lie. We have divine rights as well, and no one man has the monopoly on it apart from in his own little, corrupt mind. We have rights afforded us by our Creator, that no man can touch, no matter how hard they try, and this is what tptb are trying so desperately to destroy – what we think, and therefore, what we do.

            This power, which is only powerful due to earthly riches, has agents (actors, employers, followers) that have infiltrated every aspect of our lives: education (especially education, indoctrination of our children is paramount to their success), religion (all of them, so I’ve rejected them all and only follow the Word of God and His Law which has been replaced by man’s morally relative law where something is moral, just and legal in one place, but not in another), business (the simple act of “incorporation” where they’ve turned something that is living and breathing, like us, into dead “fictitious legal entities” which have no rights, only privileges for which they must pay), finance (’nuff said there), medicine, agriculture, and governments. This is going on all over the earth now, and it’s taken centuries to get where we are now. But fear not, because this earthly existence, as it is written, is not even close to being as important as our spiritual survival – and that’s precisely what they’re trying to keep us from attaining by deploying all these physical and psychological weapons on us. God bless~

          • Pamela Cohen | October 31, 2016 at 1:26 pm |

            Btw: my name is exactly what I have posted. It is not ‘hon’, so unless you want to be seen as one of those ethnocentric folks who believe their views are Gospel for all, and try and put others down by condescending terms, like the NWO coke head sexually and humanly deviant “intelligencia”, please refrain from what I’ve heard from many religious-invested people in the bigot/self righteous dept. You know, the soft put-down. Perhaps we need to stay open, as I’m sure there will be a lot of Halloween surprises.
            I am not perfect, either, far from it, as I just referred to the last three corrupt US Presidents as bastards.

        • Pamela, in 1999 Putin orchestrated a series false attacks in Moscow, horrific large scale apartment bombings. Large complexes utterly destroyed, floors pancaked in the middle of the night when people were sleeping. In the final attempt, FSB agents were caught red handed by residents. Putin, in the process of transitioning from head of the FSB (KGB) to Prime Minister, tried to pass off the thwarted attack involving FSB agents as a drill but the local authorities confirmed the bombs were the real deal. In the wake of the apartment bombings, Russian civil liberties were eviscerated and new broad “extremist” laws were enacted. The false flags were also used as a pretext to bomb Chechens, destroying the city of Grozny in the manner of Fallujah. Concerned Russians trying to get to the bottom of the coverup, including family members of victims, bureaucrats, activists, and journalists were silenced, some dying in strange accidents. Thus, the entire event closely paralleled 9/11.

          Last year Russia used the extremist laws to prosecute Jehovah Witnesses for practicing an “unauthorized religion”, Hindu is fine, Islam is fine (despite the alleged Chechen attacks), but not JW? These same extremist laws are being used to silence ALL dissent, even peaceful mild dissent. Bloggers criticizing government policies and government corruption are being sentenced to labor camps and Siberia. Zero tolerance at a time when the Russian government has been promoting a resurgence in the popularity of Stalin. Last month the only gulag museum was converted into a pro WWII memorial. The horrors under Stalin are being systematically whitewashed.

          There is much more and I can provide links to coverage of the Moscow apartment bombing false flags. Finally, Russian scientists are aggressively pursuing research on the new precision genetic engineering technology, thus the GMO stance is a head fake.

          • Pamela Cohen | October 31, 2016 at 1:37 am |

            Blue, I read about the 9/11 type false flag bombings. The diversion tactics, blame and propaganda where innocent people are sacrificed, and rights curtailed which is such an attempt at control, like these governments are the parents, and we are the robots or children playing roles of slaves to serve the entitled rich. They have to institute birth control and population events because they are afraid humans will never get it, and be responsible for their procreating, as if disease or a shift or changing axis or other events don’t depopulate. It is amazing that our world is still so primitive. It’s like a bad domestic violence relationship that I saw repeatedly in Batterer Intervention groups I co-facilitated as a Social Worker. Then there’s the leaders and cronies making money, buying houses and land and expensive cars, which are mainly pieces of metal with wheels, as if that is the purpose of life. When are people going to realize that true success has nothing to do with artificially taken power and money? Happiness is caring for yourself and others. Making a difference. Satisfaction in the creation of good, kindness and human comfort and growth. There are very few wise leaders in history it seems.
            I wonder what the billions or trillions of dollars donated to the Pay n Play Clinton Foundation could accomplish, the Haiti scandal orchestrated probably by HASRP and then the Clintons fly in to save the poor people and act like Opportunists. I wonder what the FBI, NSA and CIA could tell us about the ‘missing’ trillions of dollars.
            So, yes, I have been disappointed at the lack of spiritual development, but I have faith in Putin. Men seem to want acknowledgement for accomplishments and a pretty woman on their arm. Ego. As we mature, we seek for a partner, a peer with our intelligence and experience and a chemistry and spiritual bond, not a showpiece where we can be lonely, unless we are developmentally stuck or rebounding. Many middle aged men grab the gold ring like a middle aged crisis after a divorce. But we are all entitled to find our own happiness. Children bring that renewal. Putin is so talented and multi-faceted, and is at a time in his life where he can certainly see what really means something in this world, that I think he is an influential leader, and can be a world leader, despite the current kicking he’s getting from under the table. He’s not just popular as he appears loyal to Russia, but someone who can get things done, use advisors and determine the best course of action, etc. He must be a chess player. He certainly has had to have patience with the Ukraine situation, the weapons near his borders, the slander and libel, being blamed for the plane being shot down, financially blackmailed and punished by the West, etc. Look at this last year, and tell me it’s just a script. And then I hear him praising Obama. Did they strike some deal, and are they partners in an illusion? I look at Snowden having to hide from the Despot Obama, and how Hillary wants to permanently stop Assange. There are so many political prisoners and dead opponents. There has to be a better way. Where is truth and freedom and equal positive regard and hope for the good in mankind?

            Maybe we need to hope the old Bilderbergers and banking cartel die out if they are never going to contribute to good for all. The ruining of the environment with oil pipes and fracking doesn’t show a lot of intelligence or respect for the planet and our precious resources, so who exactly is in charge? Maybe it’s time good women take over the reins for a while, and I’m not talking Hillary, Merkel or Pelosi.
            If Russia is developing genetic engineering, hopefully they are wiser than putting insecticide in a plant for human consumption, and transhumanism and losing gender is just as stupid and scarred a pollution as any oil spill. We are confusing the H…ll out of our children who aren’t frogs in some experiment. We’ve allowed the sexual abuse of children until we have quite the sexual arousal pattern/gender identification mess, and the military has added their own spin, like despots with too much funding and time on their hands, and I see Putin making boundaries there, also.
            As far as the JW’s, perhaps they stepped on a last nerve, but we all have prejudices based on our beliefs.

            Hero worship and false history has to stop, unless we have no respect for our children and the future. So, allowing men like Stalin to murder people as expendable animals, or Obama droning around the world and then rewarding them with statues and Peace prizes is just hideous. It’s insane, like not having Hillary, Bill Clinton or Bill Cosby behind bars. How can we disrespect the truth, and ask people to pretend the Emperor has clothes? If there is a God, please let me find an island far from the madding crowd, the actresses supporting a criminal because they want a female in the White House, like those that enabled a disingenuous bi-racial man they call a black man. I guess it’s fashionable for a drop of black blood or a portion to make a person black. And if we relate to one part of ourselves, is it a good idea to represent the part of us that we hate or deny or minimize?
            The world needs a shrink. We repeat ourselves and expect different results. No wonder the earth vomits and swallows whole cities. Is it a reset for humanity, with the hope that we’ll find decency and evolution of thought, like Redfield suggested? Just thoughts….

          • Thank you for sharing your perspective, Pamela. As a social worker, you have a strong grounding in abuse patterns and understand the long relationship between the US govt and the American people has been predatory, illusory, and dysfunctional. The parasite psychopaths have to keep their prey content enough such there is there is little to no resistance against the continuous harvesting, the exploitation. TPTB are extremely adept at this, to the point where most people are in denial and easily rallied to different sides and to nationalistic frenzies (e.g. after 9/11). This is true for all of humanity, having the same hard wired frailties that are then exploited This would be no different than Putin directing horrific false flag attacks and then using them to kill more people, yet millions of Russians bought the terrorism narrative and rally around the flag. We know people by their deeds, the words of politicians = rhetoric. I honestly cannot understand how you could give Putin a pass for such a diabolical act as the bombings, used to enact extremist laws against peaceful critics and the example of JWs, who should have a right to their own views, whatever we may think from our spiritual perches. It gets worse via the slippery slope of new draconian Yarovaya laws passed this summer. You have faith in Putin despite this march towards totalitarian rule as he also promotes a resurgence of reverence for Stalin, recently closing the only gulag museum commemorating the tens of millions of dissidents murdered under Stalin’s iron fist rule?

            Behind the curtain Russian elites are deeply tied to the apex global oligarchy via central banking, UN Agendas, G20 agreements, technology transfers, including Hillary’s State Dept directed transfer of classified technology to Skolkovo, Russia’s version of Silicon Valley, a PET PROJECT of Bill Gates, the Clintons, and the powerful Trilateral Commission. Do you wonder why that may be? If you are aware of the final global gulag endgame of totalitarian technocracy, then it all makes perfect sense. A collaboration to track and monitor every human being on the planet in real time.

            Better to have faith in ourselves to resist the digital slavery being rolled out for us, and Russia too, exact same playbook. The rest is geopolitical theater with a Putin as savior meme designed to sideline many awakening people who think they don’t have to resist smart grid, a cashless society, or the threat of internet censorship as control shifts to ICANN – the founding chairwoman of ICANN, Ester Dyson, being a CFR elite stooge and huge promoter of the Skolkovo project….connecting dots until a forest emerges from the trees. I hope you reconsider, Pamela.

        • Russia participating in global geoengineering project (chemtrails). One of many examples on youtube:

          • Garry Compton | November 1, 2016 at 3:48 am |

            I live in Russia – I’ve never seen chem-trails – and I look for them when I travel – Never saw them in St Petersburg,Moscow, Crimea – or any other place. And the food is grown in small farms within miles of every market place.

          • I didn’t only rely on the dozens of videos I found on youtube, in a personal exchange with Dane Wigington (, I asked him specifically about China/Asia and Russia. He confirmed that these regions are part of the geoengineering program from his contacts, documented evidence sent to him, plus the satellite photographs. The image from Sochi (Today Show) in the link demonstrates it does take place, how much compared to the rest of the world – who knows, we aren’t being told. About a year and a half ago, the Putin admin formally asked the IPCC (UN organization) to OK the use of geoengineering. From a Guardian article reporting on the request, it’s clear there is still a technocracy mindset in Russia (not everyone, of course, just like any society) and that includes weather control, with govt experimentation going back to the 40s -50s, exactly paralleling Peter Kirby’s timeline (Activist Post) on the US govt history of geoengineering. Not arguing you should be seeing the tell tale signs, that’s my “research” anyway. I know a lot of people living around the US, directly and indirectly, who say they never see them even though I know those general areas get sprayed – maybe there are different patterns used in different areas.

          • Garry Compton | November 1, 2016 at 9:40 am |

            I live in Crimea and as an X pilot – 20 yrs- i am always looking up so I just don’t see them here and i’m on the sea and in country. This is a big place Russia – have to admit the winters are much better than where I’m from – Alaska – It’s a shame the Pentagon has made – Russia – the big Monster – just in order to steal Trillions from the taxpayers – they were no threat after looking back in history and I’m retired – Nam Vet with friends here that also were in Nam – diff. army , of course. Russia is freer than mainstream America – in many ways.

          • Thanks for the feedback, I remembered well a previous similar comment you made awhile back in a brief exchange we had. FWIW, I think there are good and bad people everywhere with most people wanting to do the right thing and live with at least a modicum of freedom and dignity. That being said, the apex elites at the top of the pyramid (including Russia too, imo) are hellbent on controlling all individuals under a global totalitarian technocratic control grid. I keep up a lot with major business and social developments in Russia, China, and the Middle East and I’m witnessing very clear shifts and trends towards this system that is also preparing to overtake the west as well. No place left untouched, even relatively impoverished peasants living in desolate areas in Africa are getting the necessary basic infrastructure for the “Mark of The Beast” in the form of digital tracking and payments. On the surface, it seems innocuous, even seductive with the lure of high tech. Underneath it is highly destructive to human freedom. The tapping of few keys and dissent to any edicts locks that person out of society. That’s my warning, that this is coming to every part of the world. China is TPTB’s large scale model for this dystopia epitomized by the Social Credit Score with similar algorithms being developed for all nations . The details are mostly hidden and not reported by alt media as most of it is controlled opposition. I greatly respect the Russian people, it’s this emerging system I am trying to shine a light on. All the best to you and yours.

          • Garry Compton | November 3, 2016 at 9:41 am |

            Well ,agreed in many of your posts but I only made to 2 yrs at Wisc. St and after Nam – reclused to the bush and forgot totally about the outside world and my college vocabulary.. You write well — and I see that the Russian people don’t ask for much – they are all country people who are satisfied with the simple things in life and of course this makes it very easy for their Gov. Putin is loved because he is looking after those easy going things Russians like and he is all Russian in their eyes. I like the guy because he speaks with common sense. I think he is sincere and understands the fact that the Russian orthodox church relies on him to help. Many Native Alaskans are Russian Orthodox and I have buried many a good friend with the help of the R O church. I have been sanctioned this week by our US Gov. I may have to leave soon . Spacibo

          • Yes, and thank you too. хорошие благословения (hope that’s correct)

  4. American problems are made in the USA, no where else!

    • Says the person who thinks there are no globalists or internationalists. Not apologizing for the psychopaths commandeering the US govt, I’ve been nipping at their heels since 9/11, have taken verbal abuse in polite 9/11 activism venues, watching people come unglued when they see an A&E scholarly poster on bldg 7. If you don’t care to understand who and what the international banksters represent and the techno global gulag they are building, then that’s your prerogative but it’s a lack of penetration into the deep state and its historical underpinnings.

      We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. – Albert Einstein

      • Grace by Faith on yt | October 31, 2016 at 4:43 am |

        Another winner, blue~ Well said. Some are developmentally stuck in their idol worship, where facts are meaningless. Like Pamela in her Putin worship. But it’s not her fault unless she’s a shill, she’s only clinging onto the only thread of hope that appears (illusion) to be left, not realizing letting that final thread go is the first step needed to realize and accept these cognitive dissonant truths. It’s kind of like the Stockholm Syndrome we feel with our bankster thieving owners – we hope against hope they don’t collapse the entire system, not acknowledging, when deep down we know it, that they’re the ones causing the collapse in the first place.

        • You can stand corrected about ‘worship’ of anyone. I don’t think Putin has shown all his cards yet, but I have faith in him as a human being. People wake up and make changes, despite how gritty their past in arriving where they are.
          What brings me notice is his ability to create boundaries, or a line in the sand, etc. It takes tremendous energy and time to keep up with the scope of world pollution at this point.

          • Grace by Faith on yt | October 31, 2016 at 3:22 pm |

            That line in the sand is an act, because he knows WW3 must be started, that’s the plan, and he’s only following orders. Russia would be gone if they had even ONE leader who didn’t go along with the program. It is sad you’re still naive, but no fault, hon, you’ve been programmed to have hope rather than question everyone and believe nothing from those who are in power. God bless you dear.

          • Pamela Cohen | October 31, 2016 at 11:42 pm |

            Well, the current politicians may be competing for an Academy Award, and everything might be an act, but I am going to weigh in on good winning. It would be too miserable, otherwise. The power of collective intention is huge. People are waking up. I can see leaders who squirreled away wealth use it instead for the common man, along with religions tired of one more temple providing the poor with food and water.

  5. Mollie, Russian scientists are aggressively pursuing research using the new precision genetic engineering technology to create all manner of organisms, as is China. China was said to be against GMOs, then China’s govt did a 180 on policy plus now ChemChina is purchasing Syngenta, Monsanto’s evil twin. The GE issue can spin on a dime. In contrast, Russia’s central bank is directly tied to the Rothschild owned Bank of International Settlements, the big granddaddy central bank providing the foundation of central banks for virtually all nations – including the new BRIC banking organization. As for Gates, he is backing (along with many top tier western elites from the Trilateral Commission, including the Clintons) the construction of Skolkovo, Russia’s version of Silicon Valley, officially a UN Sustainable City. This is important because TPTB are creating a global totalitarian technocracy, 24/7 tracking and monitoring of every person (Mark of The Beast for modern times). BTW, explains why the governments in China and Russia are promoting a resurgence of Mao and Stalin, respectively – extreme totalitarianism.

    Agenda 21, Technocracy, And The New World Order In The Russian Federation

  6. Another link if you want the back ground on the Moscow 1999 false flag attacks.

    • Thanks! I’ve never read the story behind Litvinenko’s poisoning, and Putin definitely has a history, but I didn’t know it included this. I don’t want to whitewash him or his KGB record by any means, but I don’t have a reason to believe he has the ‘anti-human’ or ‘anti-life’ intent we’re currently facing.

      • He’s definitely participating in the creation of the global gulag, the new world order – whatever term. If you happened to glance at a comment I made to Pamela (above) about Putin directing the FSB Moscow false flags, you’ll recognize a pattern that parallels 9/11 where the false flag is used to eviscerate civil liberties (like the Patriot Act) and as a pretext for bombing cities (Russia utterly destroyed Grozny just as the US destroyed Fallujah). And now Russian “extremist laws” enacted in 1999 “for terrorism” are being used against peaceful dissenters and ordinary critics of government corruption (critics like us). One person was sent to a labor camp for two years for liking or sharing on social media an image of a tube of toothpaste with the caption “Squeeze Russia out of yourself” – the point being the extremist laws are being used on people who are not calling for violence or engaging in violence, but for “thought criminals”. We see the same thing slowly creeping in to the west. We need a big consciousness shift, soon!

  7. The Pentagon and its psychopathic buddies have made Trillions by keeping Russia – the Monster enemy and this won’t change until the American people are eating dog food – after the collapse.

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