Another Senior DNC Staffer Gone Following Emails Leaked by WikiLeaks

leaked-dnc-emails-show-lax-cybersecurity-showcase_image-10-a-9283By Amando Flavio

The damning emails published by WikiLeaks, revealing how senior officials of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) conspired to ensure that Hillary Clinton secured the nomination of the Democratic Party, is still ravaging the party. More and more people are tendering their resignation letters, stepping aside from the governing body of the party.

Before senator Bernie Sanders left the Democratic Party, he said the publication by WikiLeaks showed a corrupt DNC that cannot be trusted anymore. The Vermont senator then called for a total overhaul of the DNC.

At the time Sanders called for a completely new DNC, the then-chairperson of the body, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, had resigned. Many other junior officials of the DNC also later resigned.

In fact, the revelation by WikiLeaks angered many supporters of Sanders, who have since said they will not vote Clinton in because she cheated the contest to become the nominee of the party.

Therefore, in an attempt to try and convince these outraged supporters that the DNC is credible, the committee busily worked behind the scenes to clear all those implicated in the WikiLeaks leak, to probably get some votes for Clinton. Although he lost, Sanders pulled over 12 million votes during the contest with Clinton. Political commentators say if many of those who voted for Sanders refuse to vote for Mrs Clinton in the November presidential polls, she will lose the contest to Donald Trump.

The latest news displays another DNC top official being made to step down from the committee. According to Politico, the DNC’s finance director, Jordan Kaplan, is leaving the committee as a result of his involvement in the emails leaked by WikiLeaks.

Politico claimed that an official of the DNC pleading anonymity, disclosed the departure of Kaplan to it. Politico quoted this unnamed official as saying that Kaplan has decided to return to his consulting business full time. The official was quoted further, saying although Kaplan will not be in charge of the DNC’s finance, he will continue to manage the DNC’s finance events featuring the president and first lady.

For the time being, it is said Rachel Rauscher will replace Kaplan as the DNC’s finance director. Observers say Kaplan’s departure has been left too late. Some believe it will not repair the damage suffered by the party, as many supporters of Sanders have taken their decision already.

When Politico revealed that Kaplan is leaving the DNC, WikiLeaks tweeted to inform its audience that what it published is eating up the DNC and the entire Democratic Party.

Kaplan has been a close associate of President Barack Obama for a long time. He reportedly worked for Obama in 2004, during his Illinois senate campaign. When Obama decided to contest for the presidential elections in 2008, Kaplan is said to be one of the first people to start raising money for the campaign, which Obama successfully defeated Clinton, going ahead to win the presidential elections.

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4 Comments on "Another Senior DNC Staffer Gone Following Emails Leaked by WikiLeaks"

  1. The thing to see are the emails that the DNC wrote internally, the ones describing how to treat their political base, blacks and Hispanics! It’s a complete joke! Everyone should see that they only want to prop them up to vote, otherwise, they are of no use!

    • Groups like these aren’t the only ones who get lip service only. The GOP has its own base they routinely ignore once they are elected. These people who have resigned from the DNC are the patsies. They might have actually agreed with what they were told to do, but the fact remains they reported to other higher ups. They think getting rid of a few of people who implemented the policies will make us trust them. They think wrong.

  2. Westcoastliberal | September 1, 2016 at 4:53 pm | Reply

    Bernie’s right. They all need to go and start over.

  3. If most Americans get their news from CNN or FOX then I can understand why they all vote like sheep. They say they are a news media but most is more about the entertainment industry gossip and full of adds to pay for the gossip or straight out of the state dept. that can never give a straight yes or no and more a no comment like every item has a confidential clause attached. Just look at the BS where they are unable to say which of their supported rebels are separate from the supported terrorists after 6 months of trying.

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