The Age of Victimhood: A Paradigm On Its Way Out

082615_overcoming-the-tyranny-of-victimhoodBy Rosanne Lindsay

In a sense, many of us have fallen into a trap of our own making; victimhood. In this “woe is me” state, we are co-dependent. We self-censor in favor of expert opinion. We accept a game master to program the rules and tell us who we are.

The game is designed within a holographic matrix of which electromagnetic frequencies are the building blocks. Game masters neglect to tell us that as electro-magnetic beings, we create the game just by being us. No laws or instructions are necessary to create, only imagination. I-magi-nation. Magic. We are a nation of magis. We manifest through manipulation of electromagnetic energy through emotion and intention. Energy flows where attention goes.

Within the hologram is a duality reality. The game masters divide us into groups of opposing sides to distract us from who we really are. They line us up on a grid: right vs. left, blue vs. red, good vs. evil, pawn vs. knight, with the express purpose of harvesting our energy (emotions).

In our squares, we are complacent, but prone to in-fighting. Through our consent to the rules, we stay within the lines, because the authorities (politicians, priests, professors, doctors, lawyers, presidents) tell us they are here to protect us from ourselves. Note the word “author” in authority. By consent, or silent acquiescence, we put down our pens to allow others to write our stories and be responsible for us.

“The victim stance is a powerful one. The victim is always morally right, neither responsible or accountable and forever entitled to sympathy.” – DA Southern, author

In the game of Freedom, the game masters tell the players that they are granted more freedoms than other nations, and more rights than other people. The masters omit the fact that inherent rights can never be granted or denied by another. Rights that are granted are really privileges that can be taken away – the opposite of freedom. As game authors, however, it is their self-imposed right to deceive.

But the game is starting to short-circuit. The parts that no longer function are falling apart. The edges of reality are blurring and distorting as more players are stepping outside the lines. The Master-Player relationship: Three Examples.

1. The Dakota Sioux Red Rock Camp Water Protectors stand against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (i.e. White Man): After centuries of persecution, death, and destruction of their culture and environment, the Indigenous people now face arrest for protecting water with their bodies. Local police, including the National Guard, arrest peaceful “protectors” and barricade the main road to allow the pipeline to go through while major oil pipeline breaches around the country create states of emergencies. Other indigenous nations are joining in to create a united front.

2.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gives itself new draconian powers under proposed rulemaking through the guise of The Public Health Service Act to mandate vaccinations (which have never been proven safe or effective) for all, and restrict freedom of any person entering the U.S. or traveling between States if they believe the person is infected or could become infected with certain kinds of communicable diseases. However, people are declaring that the CDC is an not agency with rulemaking powers. It cannot draw up new laws at whim without the consent of the people who are marching in unity against mandates.

3. A more centralized world government is moving to centralize “Pubic Health” through Codex Alimentarius “Food Code” established by the World Health Organization and the Food and Agricultural Organization to implement supplement restrictions which have reached the US in the new FDA Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), This Act criminalizes natural plants, herbs, vitamins, and minerals. Aconite, chapperall, comfrey, kava, and lobelia, among others, are all on the blacklist. Native Americans have used chaparral for centuries as an anticancer remedy. In fact, it is the cornerstone of most anticancer herbal formulas. It is a blood purifier. It kills pathogens. In response, people are growing their own herbs and seeking out holistic options.

With open eyes, we cannot un-see the reality of a well-built trap that we have created. Imagine being unbounded, and opportunity will exist at every turn. Set up limitations and they will be found. Therefore, there can be parallel realities simultaneously and we can choose the one we want to attract. As long as we focus on the status quo, the Master-Player dynamic persists.

To be grouped together cancels individual identity. To restrict and homogenize a culture creates a sedate race with a broken self-image that is more malleable and easier to control. When we no longer align with selfhood, or with our divine feminine and divine masculine, we disempower. We lose freedom.

“Everyone is a victim at some point in their life, and there is no doubt that terrible things may have happened to you that were unfair. But seeing yourself as a victim is being focused on the past. Instead, look forward to who you can be today, master of your own destiny.” – Alex Blackwell, author

How to Play the Masters

The answer lies within. As creator beings, players can decode their own frequencies. This happens when we listen to the body, which heals itself. The body shows us that we are no more victims of our genes than we are victims of our government. The body frees itself from dis-ease, not by fighting the old, dying, obsolete cells, but by creating new cells while targeting the old cells for removal. The natural state of the body is the vibration of health when the body is in balance.

For us to live in balance, we must embody balance. We must merge our dual aspects, shadow and light, have and have-not, feminine and masculine and connect as individuals, first. As creators, we fuel ourselves from power within, connected to a universal power source. We are individual expressions of a greater Source, all connected. Therefore, if we can write reality, we can also right reality. We only need to change the game. In a dual reality, we can choose different labels to become the Masters. That is how the holographic program functions.

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” – Viktor Frankl

First, we embody individual freedom, then we gather the nations. When we come together in peace, the energy of empowerment ripples out to affect those around us until the reality of freedom takes shape.

The New Paradigm of Peace

The Indigenous youth today recognize that victimhood continues to dominate through division, battle, killing, pillaging, resentment, and anger still witnessed as infighting between elders. The youth choose to use the language differently (Protectors vs. Protestors). They overcome past violence and injustice through forgiveness. They recognize that the battle is within and that forgiveness starts with each of us. They focus on a united humanity versus separate tribes. They start with themselves. The United Native Movement is a powerful image.

The Native youth build community with the power of love, peace and prayer, putting their bodies on the line to protect our deep connection to the planet and the water, sacred to all living beings. They say, “Government and corporations do not know how to fight the powerful energy of love for Mother Earth and prayers of thousands and thousands of people not just here at Standing Rock but all over the world.”

Prayer is not always religious. It is connection. It is vibration through song, chanting, dancing. We are no longer victims when we know that our power comes from within, from merging two sides of our own story, dark and light. We are no longer victims when we accept that victimhood can be transformed in the heart. Knowing we are conscious creators, we can come together and create a new reality simply by choosing it and playing the part.

As within so without.

Rosanne Lindsay is a board certified Naturopathic doctor, a tribal healthcare provider under the Turtle Island Provider Network, Earth Keeper, liberty-lover, writer, and author of the book The Nature of Healing, Heal the Body, Heal the Planet. Find her on Facebook at Natureofhealing and her website at

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6 Comments on "The Age of Victimhood: A Paradigm On Its Way Out"

  1. Pure thoughts with pure vibrations can resonate whole cosmos, since at the end of the day, all is ‘one connected conscious being’!

  2. Author DA Southern sums up the irresistible appeal to this dysfunctional mindset perfectly.
    The victim is always right, never responsible or accountable, and always deserving of pity and or sympathy.
    Just as a child would behave.
    We have a nation of immature children that are of adult age.

  3. LOL. Either Rosanne is a leftover hippie from 1967, who recognized the folly of collectivism but decided to keep the “indiginous” lifestyle along with new-age preachings, or she is longing for a time machine to go back there. Tell us, girl. Which is it?

  4. Blah, blah blah, you writers are getting dumber by the second.
    The worst people in the world are not the war mongers,poisoners, rapist and murderers,
    it’s people like this “writer” who manages to use so many words to say absolutely nothing while making sure she sells her little booky Wookies and keeps us blind of the new Prison they are building for us.
    You actively consent with all this new age hippy dribble.
    If you knew anyone with power or had access to any of our UNLIT, you wouldn’t write pretty feel good little lies like this. This is the garbage they are paying to promote.

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