9/11 Awakening: My Personal Moment of Truth

By Lionel

Justice In Focus: 9/11 | 2016 – A Weekend Symposium in NYC (September 10, 2016) Great Hall of Cooper Union in New York City. This is the story of my awakening. My moment of truth. But first, a proem. I am not a truther. (And as Gore Vidal noted famously) nor am I a conspiracy theorist; I’m a conspiracy analyst. The official story of 9/11 is folklorish and mythological.

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11 Comments on "9/11 Awakening: My Personal Moment of Truth"

  1. Where’s the plane, in Shanksville or the Pentagon?
    And why is the hole in the Pentagon so small?

    • Based on personal experience: IT WAS HIT BY SOMETHING SMALL IN DIAMETER. A cruise missile. They’re really good; they can hit a specific office where certain records are stored!

      • I know, it’s got to be that or something similar; it’s just so obviously not a passenger airliner and so clumsily covered up that I’m amazed that reasonable and intelligent people still buy the official narrative. I did initially, until I started looking at the work of amateur investigators who pointed out the conspicuous disparities between the official narrative and the evidence. At this point, I prefer to think of myself not as a conspiracy theorist, but of those with an emotional and psychological investment in the 911 Commission Report as deniers.

        • “Deniers” they certainly are. Every bit as much as the wife who takes her husband’s shirt with the lipstick stains on the collar to the dry cleaners – and it’s not her lipstick color – and finds some wacky rationalization for it.

    • The biggest question about the Pentagon ‘hit’ is….Where is the security camera images? The most secure building in the land, with cameras everywhere… Where is the footage? Why where all the security cameras, across the street, seized by the FBI within minutes of the ‘attack’? Just these facts put the whole days events in a dark light. Time for a new and ‘honest’ investigation. Not done by the government, but by outside specialists in all fields, covering the facts!

      • Actually, I just mentioned those questions as a convenient response to the video. The number of “questions” (observations and contradictions to the official conspiracy theory) are so numerous that this thread could fill volumes. I do remember that in about 2003, like the speaker, I began down the path to 911 truth from some posts about the pentagon: the size of the impact, the cameras, the lack of debris, the implausibility of the flight path etc. It seems so long ago, and by now the official story just seems so absurd in so many details that I often take for granted that “911 truth” is mainstream,

  2. deplorableLittljo | September 26, 2016 at 6:27 am | Reply

    And how did building 7 collapse on itself?
    Where is the billions that were in the bathtub that still had a function light rail train?
    Why was the air declared ‘safe’ to breath? How many first responders are dead from lung disease?
    Why did Larry ‘pullit’ Silverstane say to pullit?
    Pancake this…

  3. “Proem”?

  4. “Folklorish and mythological”! How about also amateurish?

  5. The official version never have the conviction and security Defenders of Truth

  6. Why distance yourself from the term conspiracy theorist? Do you know where it came from? The CIA invented the term as a way of discrediting anyone who investigated authority. Conspiracy analyst means the same bloody thing. Stop playing their games. Anyone who looks into this kind of stuff is a conspiracy theorist. Myself included. In any field of research you have serious investigators and fools and paid trolls. Discernment is the key. I call myself a conspiracy theorist now, I don’t distance myself from that term. Because as soon as the crazy tin-foil hat comments start it gives me a chance to explain that it’s just research, as long as that research is done properly, it matters not what the subject matter is. It is however a good propaganda tool used to scare people away from asking awkward questions. Having that conversation with people has done more to wake curiosity in them than the actual subject matter of the conspiracy. Much like the ridicule heaped on the ufo community in the past, it’s a tool used to stop people even looking at a certain subject for fear of being called crazy. Once that label no longer bothers you you can make real progress by discussing what this term actually means instead of playing into the propaganda game and claiming your not a conspiracy theorist. There is no shame in it. Another good tool is to point out how many things were once considered crazy tin-hat theories that have since been proven true. Don’t be afraid of being called a conspiracy theorist, have a conversation about what it means.

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