Former Psyops Officer: Recent Domestic Terror Events Designed to Distract Attention Away from Syria

chelsea-bombingBy Kurt Nimmo

Scott Bennett, formerly of the U.S. Army 11th Psychological Operations Battalion, told RT the dumpster bombing in New York, a pipe bomb explosion prior to a charity race in New Jersey for Marines and Navy sailors, and a potential bomb threat resulting in the closing of 60 schools in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island were part of a psychological operation to draw attention away from an effort by the US to step up the war in Syria.

Scrub to 12 minutes, 34 seconds on the video below to view Bennett’s claim.

Kurt Nimmo is the editor of Another Day in the Empire, where this article first appeared. He is the former lead editor and writer of

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23 Comments on "Former Psyops Officer: Recent Domestic Terror Events Designed to Distract Attention Away from Syria"

  1. Scott Bennett, can you run for president please!??
    Thanks for posting these videos. I appreciate all the alternative news reporters, we need their opinions because the mainstream media is too out of control with their own propaganda. Too bad most people only watch a half hour of nightly news and think they have the full story. Plus whenever a terror attack happens here, people get enraged and then encourage the U.S. to bomb Syria more to fight ISIS. And unfortunately their brain is clouded and misinformed, not knowing our government is bombing the wrong ones! Oy vey!!!

  2. It’s a good thing we send billions of dollars on oath breaking erosion of privacy and civil liberties otherwise this bomb wouldn’t have detonated.

  3. Americans have such a short attention span, all the Mockingbird kooks need to do is hype some celebrity gossip and all is well. War stories keep eyes off a sinking economy and domestic shenanigans. More likely, the domestic events (terror or Soros’ BLM riots) are designed to excuse the Gestapo police state and further divide the nation. Ironically, this senior writer’s home base, the highest traffic conspiracy website, is pumping out nonstop pro-Trump articles and anti-Killary, but on A.P. he publishes highly critical Trump articles. ??

    • White man speaks with forked tongue (lol)

    • Doppelganger Putin is Jesuits’ agent charged to start WW III that will destroy Russians because 30 000 000 Slavonic deaths in WW II were not enough !
      One must STOP the US / Vatican elite gone mad ! We will not survive their satanic wars

      • You have a pure kind heart, Gifteconomy, and I agree the entire world must wake up, esp. Americans. I hope this eases your mind a bit – I spend hours every day sifting through countless papers and articles carefully observing the geopolitical shifts taking place comparing the real alt media, the co-intelpro alt media (there’s a lot of this), main stream media, journals for academics and diplomats, and major financial transactions, mergers and acquisitions. Four levels of analysis and the very consistent pattern I have been observing for a long time is the powers that be of all nations under the control of the international central bankers are working out their issues behind closed doors without any threats of war or major conflict, they are jostling for better positions in the new world order yet are being closely monitored and refereed. In the US and west, it is the co-intelpro media outlets that are the source of intense WW3 talk and Armageddon (the biggest site constantly flashing images of fighter jets, warships, and mushroom clouds – a certain mind control technique), in turn, this is echoed by others who are unwitting to the cooperation behind the curtain. A major world war would destroy the very infrastructure that the satanic global elite have been building out around the world to enslave us in densely packed high tech cities. As far as depopulation goes, they are more likely to use some kind of targeted poisons or engineered viruses. Regardless, we are in grave danger of being locked down in electronic gulags and made to be sick in several ways. This has to stop and the internet is on the verge of being even more heavily censored. Time is of the essence. Peace, Blue.

        • They are going to get busted – playing around with Psychological Terrorism on the public is very shaky ground, they get busted and this can happen in the blink of an eye and it’s game over. Until then they are destroying their credibility and control over the public at warp speed. LOTS more people are awake than they realize.

          • I truly hope you are correct and a tipping point in our favor is close.

          • StarvetheBeast | September 26, 2016 at 2:50 pm |

            The tipping point has already happened, the powers that be just don’t realize it yet. I’m just waiting on that wonderful moment when they are forced to look in the mirror and see the egg on their faces.

        • Hello Blue579. Your sentence, “Regardless, we are in grave danger of being locked down in electronic gulags and made to be sick in several ways” rings a bell. Edward Jenner´s 200-yr-old “vaccination” has not accomplished the “miracles” with which it is credited, rather the opposite.
          Making humanity sick and lengthening illness instead of healing has been
          in formal operation since Rockefeller bought out medicine in the early 20th
          century. The 500,000 in the USA that die from chemotherapy poisoning and
          400,000 that die from prescription medications, annually, provides a glimpse. I
          view the Bush/MOSSAD “October Surprise of 1980” as a shift of phases. The
          George H. W. Bush/CIA entourage emerged more openly, the MOSSAD remained secretive. The increase in N.W.O. activity was accompanied by Bush/CIA drug smuggling and subterfuge that led to the election of George W. Bush, 9-11, the attack on Iraq, the Patriot Act chain of subterfuge, destruction of Libya, and the unification of straggling mercenary units into ISIS in 2014- 2015. If an “October Surprise of 2016” occurs, it will not be a bloodless coup delimited to the U.S. as was the 1980 event. Most likely, secretive N.W.O. plans will be enacted with wholesale suppression, violence and murder, throughout the Western World. German chancellor Merkel has mimicked Obama since June 15, 2015, assuming dictatorship of the E.U. nations that comprise NATO. Predictably, that which occurs in the US will include the E.U., and with the military support of NATO. The USA is dotted with electronic Gulags, but a FEMA-type operation in Europe has escaped my attention. How do you view the E.U. – NATO situation ?

          • Excellent reminder about the sickcare industry, Drbhelthi. No allowances for nontoxic decentralized cures as we were recently reminded with the deaths of Bradstreet and Gonzalez as well as the continuing harassment of Burzynski. Regarding the shift, you’re absolutely correct there was a large globalism inflection point taking hold around that time with the 100% Trilateral Commission Carter admin expanding on Nixon’s ties to China, with Brzezinski at the helm, and then another team of Trilateralists (Bush Sr., Cheney, et al and Reagan as the front man) using their position in the dialectic to introduce privatization while breaking the backs of unions to support the plan to move American manufacturing to slave labor China. Regarding the Oct Surprise, interesting note if you weren’t aware, is that Khomeini was not a US adversary. In fact, he was on good terms with the western plutocracy (in the back pocket as was Stalin and Mao) and while this has been known for sometime, some recently released documents of exchanges with Khomeini and US officials confirmed this. Anyway, back to the “surprise”, some FBI employees and diplomats from the era are aware that a large contingent of high ranking US officials and intelligence assets were told to immediately leave the Iranian embassy and travel out of Iran for a vacation before the hostage crisis took place. Left behind were low level administrative officials, thus it was a type of false flag coordinated with Iran. It’s yet another example of a high profile geopolitical event having been staged. Why? My guess is the type of rapacious attack on a sovereign US economy that was needed for the big shift / phase would not make sense with a POTUS Dem. When you speculate on another possible October surprise, do you mean an upset to place Trump in office? If so, perhaps you are concerned that Trump rhetoric will be a catalyst for intensified geopolitical acrimony? That is possible as a tool to frighten the public and create an anti-globalist strawman to attack and undermine patriots and, in a way, that’s exactly what we are seeing now, it would be a magnification. If I catch your drift correctly, I think you are wondering if there’s a plan scuttle the elections and install a dictator under martial law. I don’t see that in the tea leaves, yet. No need I suppose, as the incremental takeover is receiving virtually no resistance. However, if the mood spins a dime and shows signs of a greater awakening, then all bets are off, as they say. If we aren’t on exactly the same wavelength here, I hope we are on parallel tracks! 😉 Regarding EU/NATO, I’m sure you already know there’s a move to create an EU Military Force. NATO is the old paradigm, the new one would be regional military forces coordinated under a global central command. One might expect these regional military forces to be akin to fractals, so, yes, prepared to put dissenters in holding camps, makeshift or already existing facilities. The US is a special case being more heavily armed and the heart of the military hegemon. With biometric and RFID chips limiting travel and no cash, my hunch is the camps are not plan A, rather worst case scenario & telling that fearmonger AJ harped on the camps nonstop. Finally, I still see TPTB continuing to set up a strong inflationary scenario in the US and other ways to confiscate wealth to make the shift towards austerity / lower consumption and greatly increased dependence on government subsidies for basic survival – thus a [neo]liberal would be the better fit as POTUS thus Hillary would be the preferred choice for greater socialism if her health holds up.

          • im glad to hear that tea leaves are not saying “dictator” yet. d. trump’s debate point that hilary and democrats haven’t helped the economy or jobs or isis infiltration or the citizen’s rights in these past 12 or so years there does not seem to be a push for that if she is elected.

          • good point about calling out the the dems on citizen’s rights

  4. The very fact that more persons with actual knowledge are speaking out than ever shows how disturbing the American perpetual war and worldwide killing is to more and more Americans who identify with America as a country. In fact, the death bed confessions and books coming out from persons who participated in horrendous CIA and security operations over the past 60 years also shows that these folks do not want to die with these horrific secrets on their souls. We must pay attention to what these folks are saying, please. 5 Billion more persons were added to Planet Earth in the past 50 years, so if widespread genocide is a goal, as many folks say, then why were 5 billion people added except to give all these perpetual wars a target and a source of human suffering? I’m watching millions of Americans who are glued to content driven cell phones, even while walking and riding bicycles. I wonder if any of them are watching and listening to videos like this?

    • Of course they are – HI GUBMENT – you really are idiots you know that?

      Remember God hates deception, you may think your smart but the big guy is just playing with you like a ball of string. When he gets tired of this nonsense he’s going to pull the rug out from under you so fast you won’t know what happened.

  5. I’m eating some awesome apple cake made by an Amish lady in my county. Spent the day catching 25 perch from our lake. Life is good.

    • There you go enjoy this wonderful world – the elitist “powers-that-be” are destroying themselves you can already see it happening. We are already going through a period of Tribulations as well as Revelations, all is being revealed. Looking forward to the future after God and Jesus kick all the money changers out of the temple. Can’t wait to see what he has in store for Obozo.

    • There will be a fee accessed to each fish caught to further fund government game wardens in there effort to control you.

  6. we may end up with a constitutional convention. balanced budget needs to make a comeback in these high yukkety yuck circles.

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