One Detailed Chart Exposes Exactly How the Bilderberg Group Controls the World

bilderberg-chartBy Jay Syrmopoulos

It’s one of the most secretive and powerful organizations: the Bilderberg Group. With virtually no mainstream corporate media coverage of the event, the ultra-exclusive 2016 meeting of the Bilderberg Group, being held at the Taschenbergpalais hotel in Dresden, kicked off on June 9.

Nearly 130 politicians, financiers, and industrialists are attending this year’s conference, with the guest list including the chief of the International Monetary Fund, as well as the former heads of the CIA and MI6. What were once considered among the world’s most secretive meetings, the Bilderberg Meetings, have been held annually since 1954. Until recently, the entire existence of the meetings had been generally brushed off by the mainstream media as nothing more than fringe “conspiracy theorist” paranoia.

The annual meeting of the global power players — including representatives from government, private industry, media, finance, think tanks, academia, as well as numerous other organizations representing both private and public interests — began their closed-door meetings amid a heavily armed security presence, and extremely little in the way of transparency — with journalists being arrested.

“No minutes will be taken. No reporters will be allowed in. There will be no opening press conference, no closing statement, and participants will be asked not to quote each other,” the UK Independent says of the 64th Bilderberg Conference, which began on Thursday at the Taschenbergpalais hotel in Dresden, Germany.

Participants are bound by what’s known as the Chatham House Rule, which allows people to make use of the information they’ve received, but not reveal the identity or affiliation of the person who gave it to them. With so many high-powered attendees and so little media coverage, many question the actual intent of the annual meeting.

Some perceive the gathering as a giant “corporate lobbying” event, while others assign more nefarious intentions of creating regimes of global governance to the meetings. The one thing that is certain is that the gathering allows for the world’s power players to meet in secret and have “off the record” discussions without the public being aware of the details discussed, nor the informal agreements agreed to by attendees.

“All those finance ministers sitting round discussing the ‘geopolitics of energy and commodity prices’ with the group chief executive of BP, the vice-chairman of Portuguese petroleum giant Galp Energia, and the CEO of Royal Dutch Shell. And then afterwards saying nothing to their respective parliaments about what they discussed. It’s so off-the-chart inappropriate that it beggars comprehension,” according to The Guardian.

Make no mistake that the fortunes of kings are created at this event, as the fates of future presidents and prime ministers have seemingly been decided at Bilderberg.

“Bill Clinton was a conference attendee in 1991, as a mere governor of Arkansas, a year before he was elected U.S. President. Tony Blair was only a shadow minister when he got his invitation … in 1993,” said The Independent.

Coincidentally, (or more likely not) Blair became the prime minister of the United Kingdom in 1997.

While there is a publicly posted agenda, this does little in the way of allowing for the public to have an informed say in, or understanding of the frameworks and decisions made in these private meetings between some of the most powerful individuals in society, who essentially control the levers of Western power, and whose decisions have an inordinate amount of influence over the lives of almost every person on the planet.

Considering that these attendees have such a significant presence within private industry, state and global governance, and the overall geopolitical direction of the world, the fact that the details are hidden from public purview is deeply disturbing to anyone that believes in an accountable and transparent global society.

To help readers better understand this complicated web of top-down control, Zero Hedge has created a chart laying out the linkages and various connections of those in attendance. The graphic below exposes various connections and links – public, private, financial, political, statutory and otherwise – between a small group of individuals that are at the core of Bilderberg and the rest of the world.

Click to expand image.

bilderberg-group_1Jay Syrmopoulos is a political analyst, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has been published on Ben Swann’s Truth in Media, Truth-Out, Raw Story, MintPress News, as well as many other sites such as, where this article first appeared. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

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18 Comments on "One Detailed Chart Exposes Exactly How the Bilderberg Group Controls the World"

  1. Why are the police and security services providing security and privacy for this PRIVATE meeting? The police and security services are paid for by taxpayer money. And the police and security services working to keep the taxpayers from knowing how their fate is being decided and manipulated at this PRIVATE meeting? Surely not!

    • Pretty nifty scam isn’t it? The police were created to protect the ruling class. And just like with the creation of the Income Tax Act, it is all designed so that it is the taxpayer who supports their comfort.

      Private Profit, Public Debt. Corporate Welfare at it’s finest.

      Such is the nature of their Social Darwinism. Why they are so easily able to excuse their own behavior. To live with what they do and still sleep so soundly.

      Born as sociopaths. Grown into psychopathy. A least in complicity.

      The private-military-industrial-banking-complex.

      No of course the police themselves, mostly, believe they are “public” servants. Their hierarchy works in a similar proportion to the general public, so only a few at the very top are willingly collusive.

      Nonetheless, most of them sure do seem to have a huge lack of empathy for their fellow “public man”.

      The living breathing Human Beings who move around them in their daily living struggle to just survive. Find some happiness somewhere, somehow.

      Soldiers in the military have also always been a curiosity to me as well. How they can be trained to be so willingly disciplined. Not all of course. Some hide, some become cellmates to Chelsea Manning.

      Some become politicians. But not because they are adverse to the killing. They merely prefer someone else do it while they watch, glass in hand.

      One thing that is very striking about this turn-of-the-century, which can be seen in the progressive media reporting each and every day. And even in the MSM to a growing extent, is their blatant and open behavior to this effect. As they discover to their certain satisfaction that we the people, beyond our moaning and groaning seem to be quite complacent with the arrangement. A little protesting here and there, but then their militarized police can handle that…

      Something gets exposed in the news by someone, say like Edward Snowden. We pressure our leaders to act. They huff and puff a few threats. Sometimes, but not always.

      Then some time passes. And it’s all forgotten. We move on to the next act of constitutional insurrection by the elite.

      Repeat, repeat.

      What did Obama say almost as soon as he was in office, when being pressured about the banksters and war criminals from the Bush WH?

      “We need to look forward, not back”…

      I guess no one ever explained to him that “justice” can only be applied to acts already committed. Future justice is a matter of preservation. Whereby you “prevent” injustice from occurring.

      And now like the barely party-discernible before him and over the last century or more, he has taken on their evil ways and made them his own.

      So that he may take his place in history as another “exceptional” POTUS of the Imperial USA.

      Don’t believe it. Who get arrested, who get jailed? US or THEM?

      Maybe the pigs are just confused.

      Either way it really sucks, and we really ought to try a bit harder to do something about it huh? You know one of the things I’ll bet they’re talking about this year is their Global Warming “escape plan”. It’s sure otherwise hard to believe they could all be so stupid not to understand that their selfishness is destroying the entire environment, and not just in the 3rd world and the ghettos…

      Could they be that dumb?

      And BTW, look who’s in line to continue this political heritage in the WH? And then wonder how so many can be so duped into electing one or the other of them, with history and all their previous mistaken votes staring them in their collective memories.

      Oh, yeah “I forgot that they forget…”

      Yeah, I really kind of expected that the internet would offer us a chance to
      not only expose, but respond to this brutal and arrogant control mechanism. In a peaceful
      and non-violent fashion.


      There is no Plan-et B. And we’re running out of time on this one, our Earth. Our Terra Firma.

      I mean those of us who aren’t Bilderberg-Select.

      Things may need to get a little more drastic before they start to get crazy, and when our action can no longer be focused where it needs to be.

      At THEM instead of each other. For food. For water….

      • And talk about a trained and docile public. Just look at the lack of attention this article is getting.

        Thanks to the media propaganda where one simple label, “conspiracy-theorist”, can be whispered from behind, and public hysteria ensues. Not at the conspiracy of course, but at the theorist.

        To discredit. To distract.

        To hide in plain sight…

      • Good read until the global warming nonsense…it’s been debunked by their own email leaks more than once.

    • They own the police and security services. Google the last speech JFK gave before he was killed. He was talking about groups like this and others.

  2. Hillary Clinton was invited last year… my God !

    • And Bills is listed, and Diane Fienstien along with Rothchilds and Rockerfellers..vot Bernie for a noncorrupt gov that represents the 99%. Bernie or Bust. Evil has no place in power✊

  3. The chart is great except for the fact that it is difficult to make out the names. Might I suggest a better image.

  4. Impressive infographic! I can only imagine how long it took you guys to compile this.

  5. Thanks! I’ll check it out at length for sure. The Denver airport story, weird. I’ve always scratched my chin when I thought about Colorado. So much to like, so much not to…

    • Colorado’s free massons have started the destruction of our world as we know. Also, they have prepared a “story” on destruction that is to be found under the capstone right on the Airpport !
      We should open it and see what they want that our children read in 20094 ! We could caught them and prove their criminal deeds – no state institution will do it! Either police nor army will have a look on this weird “message” !
      American people must do it.

  6. I’m confused- is it just the Bilderberg Group that secretly controls the wolrd or is it doing so in conjunction with the Trilateral Commission????

  7. Here are some others of the bilderberger – enslavement and depopulation crowd.

  8. This one is a bit more simplified.

  9. I think it may be an old chart – some of the people on it are dead…….

  10. They’re all members of the Pentaveren. They forgot the Queen of England and Colonel Sanders with his beady little eyes. He puts something in the chicken that makes you crave it fort nightly.

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