Shell Dumps THOUSANDS Of Barrels Of Oil Into Gulf Of Mexico

shell_oil_spillBy Amanda Froelich

Thanks to Shell oil company, a 2 mile by 13 mile sheen of oil is now visible in the sea about 97 miles off the Louisiana coast. This is a result of 88,200 gallons of crude oil leaking from the company’s pipeline that flows underwater, according to the U.S. Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE).

Reuters relays that the flow line was connected to four wells and Shell’s Brutus platform, which floats in seas that are about a half-mile deep in the Green Canyon area of the Gulf. While it is believed that the sheen came from a release of oil from sub-sea infrastructure, authorities are still investigating the cause of the incident.

Activists aren’t letting the oil company off easy, however. Shell may have shut down all wells that flow to the Brutus platform and dispatched five boats to clean up oil that can be skimmed off the surface of the Gulf, but the recent leak has infuriated environmentalists. According to ABC News, they’re using the disaster as a prime example of why offshore drilling should be banned.

Said Michael Brune, the Sierra Club’s executive director, in a statement:

It’s unacceptable that oil spills have been permitted to become the status quo in the Gulf. We have allowed the region to be perpetually treated as a sacrifice zone.

Since 2012, there have been 147 spills and about 516,900 gallons of oil leaked into the Gulf of Mexico, according to the BSEE. The most catastrophic spill occurred in 2010 when a BP out-of-control well leaked for 87 days, leaking millions of gallons of oil into the ocean. Eleven workers were also killed in the accident when the blowout of the well caused the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig to explode and sink.


Credit: LA Times

While scrutiny of offshore oil drilling has increased in recent years, little action has been taken to prevent further spills from happening. As a result, activists will be marching once again on Sunday in Washington D.C. to Washington, D.C. to demand an end to drilling.

Shell said no injuries resulted from the incident, clearly forgetting that oil spills result in a loss of marine wildlife and a decline in water quality. Will the Coast Guard do what it did during the BP oil spill and try to make this incident ‘disappear’ by spraying toxic chemical onto the oil so it sinks to the bottom of the ocean? Not if you share this article and make this news go viral.

Send a message that fracking and offshore oil drilling will not be tolerated, as leaks such as this one are wreak havoc on the environment.

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28 Comments on "Shell Dumps THOUSANDS Of Barrels Of Oil Into Gulf Of Mexico"

  1. All life must die.

  2. You can blame the Brita for this one, alongside working with Obama. BP = British Petroleum. Figure it out people! An explosion in 2010, then 9/11/01, more threats upon American oil companies (if there are any left)
    and Shell Oil dumping barrels upon barrels of oil into the gulf of Mexico! She’ll is also owned by foreign companies!
    I think the algebra speaks quite loudly!

    • Seems like there are virtually no giant nationally based and owned corporations anymore, it’s all become internationalized (and centralized into cartels). There’s that old buzz word – interdependence. The big neoliberal, IMF, UN World Bank, Global Mafia push for Privatization and “public private partnerships” was another appendage on this Frankenstein creation. Publicly paid for bridges and roads are no longer controlled by local residents, the piggy bank and control are typically given to multinationals or foreign owned entities with 50 year contracts – no public oversight allowed.

  3. So much disrespect for Mother Nature, the global elite are an abomination.

    If this story gets legs it is only because the powers that shouldn’t be have decided now it is time to psychologically condition their serfs to accept a “post carbon era” in order to roll out the the political and economic order reflected in Agenda 2030, the final takeover of ALL resources, including “human resources” using their own Agenda 21 Sustainability language. When the horrific Gulf Oil spill was unleashed on humanity looking very much like a deliberate act, there was a virtual fascist BLACK OUT in the MSM, no photographers allowed, no public access to beaches, no independent journalism, and no organized protests.

    • Tsk. Such disrespect for The Fourth Estate, blue. We did get a photo of Obama walking on the beach. (The rolled up shirtsleeves are to let you know he’s actually working and not just goofing off.)

      • They should have hired you, OS, your photographs are far more elegant and tasteful. I guess the Kool-Aid crowd isn’t good at snapping pics, bleary-eyed and all that. LOL Speaking of the 4th Estate, personal story here, my twin-flame’s brother is a big deal MSM hotshot journalist with a Cornell education and told my pal (AE volunteer) “There’s nothing you could ever possibly say to change my view on 9/11.” Northwoods? Gulf of Tonkin? Gladio? Hmm.

        • Ha… thanks! I really like this photo for a variety of reasons, not the least of which are the Caution Tape around the Chief Squatter and the dead sea life he’s dutifully ignoring while smiling at sand. It really sums things up in a visual way.

          It seems to be a general trend that anyone sporting an advanced degree from a Big Fat University has the most trouble accepting truth because it means everything they learned, all the money they spent and all the effort they expended was a complete waste. That’s a bitter pill to swallow for most. I’ve always felt this is where the red pill/blue pill metaphor originated.

          • Chief Squatter. 🙂 Keen eye and wicked good sense of humor!

          • One must have a well-nourished sense of humor to even discuss Obama without becoming instantly bilious.

            OT to this wonderful repartee we’re having here… Miles Mathis just posted an article regarding the deaths of Bowie and Prince. On page 9 (of 10) you’ll be struck numb to learn that Prince and John Nash are cousins.

            As the Whirled Turns….

          • Terrific, thanks for the heads up on Miles’ take on Bowie and Prince. By strange coincidence I was checking out Prince on Youtube earlier this evening to better understand his popularity and world view.

          • I did some of that after he died, same with Bowie. I was never into either of them, mostly because there was something a little off about both of them. If Mathis’ assumption is right, it appears they were having a little help on the side, they apparently grew weary of the lie, and both dying with a short time of each other is significant for several possible reasons. Or perhaps their deaths were also faked like so many others. This could be part of The Deal.

          • I’ve been intrigued with Prince being a J.W. as their view is strictly anti-Technocracy. I read last year JWs in Russia are being prosecuted under anti-extremist laws for practicing a “non authorized religion” (yet Islam is fine despite the supposed large Chechen terrorist attacks) and Russia is all over NWO Technocracy, a perfect fit given Russia in the Soviet era was the first large scale prototype and ideologically gung ho. Prince said becoming a JW was not so much a conversion, rather a realization, like Morpheus and Neo, red pill moment, and often said we are slaves whether we know it or not….and statements on chemtrails.

          • David Icke spoke at length about Prince being a musical genius but that when he “strayed off the reservation” talking about chemtrails and the slavery bit, he was taken out. Mathis’ theory that so many highly successful musicians are nothing but plants whose careers are sculpted and promoted by VIP marketing makes a lot of sense. Still, one does not equate Prince’s type of performing with JW, so that must have created a lot of psychic tension. I read energy very clearly and I pick up on vibes. This is not special in any sense, everyone does this, it’s just that some people give these feelings more weight than others. Watching some of Prince’s performances and interviews post-death, I felt a tremendous amount of angst in his persona. Well, his life, his choice I guess. I don’t know if all of Mathis’ facts are accurate, much less his interpretation of them, but as I said once before, once you read enough of it, it all starts to slowly gel…. and here we go, skipping down the rabbit hole together, one big happy family of iconoclastic thinkers and matrix expats. I’m so glad we met.

            Interesting aside, I went on a hike yesterday out in the middle of nowhere to a fire lookout, and coming up the trail as I was going down, I ran into a woman with crystal white hair, wearing a Zen Gardener T-shirt! I had been stopping periodically to keep an eye on a large grizzly feasting on a carcass down in the valley and she stopped beside for a minute. I could feel her energy signature like an electric shock before she even said anything. We smiled at each other but didn’t speak, didn’t need to, we were actually talking telepathically. I didn’t mention the griz but she looked down in the valley and saw it without me saying a thing! This is a major first for me. I wanted to hug her (but that felt too odd) and I almost turned around to go back up the mountain just to spend time with her, but it was so odd in an electric sort of way that I just went on my way. Have you ever experienced something like this? Because I never have!

          • I thought about that too, OS, the JW world view versus Prince’s music and the music industry as part of the circus, although, Prince had already developed his style and image when, after two years of debating with a JW musician pal, he had his realization. Seems the authentically brilliant musicians are pushed, shoved, threatened, and bribed into going along with the brain washing agenda. We can pick up on it in lyrics such as Rush’s Limelight. Pink Floyd has some relevant Matrix lyrics, Wish You Were Here is great: “Can you tell Heaven from Hell…a smile from a veil…Did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage”, and, of course, “what did you dream, we told you what to dream…welcome to the machine”. A lot more plants than natural talent now. I bet you’ve explored Vigilant Citizen. Yes, I’ve had a few of those interpersonal vibe immediate recognition.

          • I haven’t looked at VC in a long while, so I just revisited for a peek. I will bookmark it and spend some time there. Thanks for the reminder.

            So I’m curious, with your interpersonal vibe moments, did these include telepathy?

          • You’re welcome The answer to your question would be beyond the scope of a Disqus thread. Thanks for the exchange!

          • Oops, sorry. I didn’t realize we had limits. Gotcha.

          • We don’t have limits and thought-fences but other people do. Too bad online conversations are a lot more stifled than they were shortly after 9/11. There was a gorgeous subculture of sharing and growing rather than looking to reinforce a narrow world view in shallow vacuums. We are so much more than this, it’s strange there isn’t more yearning for it.

          • Does it matter that other people have thought fences? I don’t feel the need to restrict my comments, especially from nosy NSA drones or similar lower dimensional species, but I understand when others feel differently. I have read many articles on ZG and other places about telepathy and it was a skill I set the intention to develop. There is much talk in the alternative world about all kinds of new paranormal skills we can develop, think X-Men Redux. LOL

            I’ve been telepathic with animals for years, but people are much more difficult, at least to me, because of ego blocks. When you meet someone without ego, they are an open book, but you have to be in the same vibration to read them. There appears to be kind of fail safe protective mechanism involved via vibrational frequency. The ego protects us. When you give it up, you have to fashion a different kind of energy protection. Animals have no ego of course, but they have souls just like ours, they just choose different bodies to experience different realities. All species share a group soul they tap into to help the members of their own species survive. I had a conversation with a group of 35 ravens once. It was an informal, informative gathering… I was the one doing all the learning.

            So…. there is much to discuss about this topic that should not be outside the realm of Disqus, but again, we all set our boundaries where we are most comfortable.

          • Once again, thank you, OldeSoul, for sharing your remarkable experiences with Mother Nature. What a rare gift and then to be able to harness that for a raptor rescue / sanctuary program is magnificent. You are well educated and well spoken, I imagine you would have many grateful and eager acolytes if you wrote a book or had a blog!

          • And thank you! I wrote several books in the distant past, a couple of novels and a cookbook. I tried blogging for awhile, that’s an especially great way to showcase photography, but for some reason it just didn’t stick, probably because I had a busy business at the time and was stretched too thin. Thanks for that though, made me feel good! Right now I enjoy commenting quite a bit, it’s a great way to meet people like you.

          • BTW, it was a good question and I bet there would be some great answers on Z.G. Maybe that’s what we need, a news site with the openness of Z.G. and a forum for open source communication.

          • Thanks again for the tip, I read Miles’ analysis last night.

      • Goofing off? Yea instead of_______ 0ff

  4. THEY want everyone off the Coasts, ya know where 2/3s of people live.

  5. And every day major US and Canadian cities dump billions of gallons of raw sewage into those same waters.
    While I am not a fan of oil companies polluting, I am tired of those same people who point fingers at oil companies IGNORING everything else that happens – literally giving the cities a free ride.

  6. Oh but didn’t you know the biggest crime of all is Exxon hiding a study from the 1950’s that is claimed to prove they knew global warming would happen and that makes them responsible for the destruction of the planet en toto. When that happens. From global warming.

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