Plans for a Cashless Society Revealed

By A Changing World

In this video I talk about how the elites are going to take away our cash – step by step. There seems to be a really concrete plan to reach the goal of a cashless society. I’ll let you decide what the ultimate goal is, whether it’s “just” total control, hegemony of banks and financial institutions, or having everyone wearing embedded RFID payment chips.

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8 Comments on "Plans for a Cashless Society Revealed"

  1. Whats that political saying, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”?

  2. y3shuA imMANu3l | May 9, 2016 at 2:18 am | Reply


  3. Put this info on billboards everywhere in all languages. People need to know!

  4. Crime will go digital with the help of the criminal bankers and govt. agencies already involved in the illicit drug trade and other activities in an effort to obscure their command of these crimes. As an side bar look at big pharma “pushing” their heroin substitutes like oxycotin.. What percentage of the cash supply is represented by the 500 Euro or 100 USD note? Are the bankers going to replace this withdrawal of cash by printing up huge amounts of the smaller denomination bills to make up for this loss? Otherwise they are decreasing the money supply and we all know what that leads to.Will cash be outlawed? This as the people will definitely find a work around actually then increasing criminal activity.

  5. More of the same – keep spying on them and record their every move from cradle to grave.
    The great db god will never forget.
    END the FED

  6. I agree with Gawain. Taxation started after the treasonous Woodrow Wilson gave the unfederal b.s. bank the keys.
    Woodie should be dug up and hug upside down for the traitor he was and the damage the gold collar scum have caused. The zentral (zionist + central) have since kept us in perpetual wars and ever increasing taxes.
    Their 7 year shmita pump and dump plan plus usury fees is a failed system
    They have hijacked the worlds wealth and now want to complete their wet dream of funny numbers that they do not have to pay any one to print – and track them from cradle to grave the great db god never forgets.

    END the FED

  7. even if you don’t understand an issue, if it’s being pushed by the same powers and interests which have committed some of history’s most massive thefts, genocides, and lies, it’s a pretty fair assumption that it’s not good for you.

  8. Oops! This means very soon I will have to get my head chopped off for refusing to be implanted with a computer microchip! To any born again Christians reading my comment, please don’t get me started on “the rapture”. No such doctrine was preached, until John Darby was to the first to preach such a doctrine in 1830.

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