Growing List of Celebrities Speaking Out About Chemtrails/Geoengineering

celebrities_chemtrailsBy Cassius Kamarampi

First, the alt media exploded with info about Merle Haggard exposing chemtrails/geoengineering when he passed away. Then, it was Prince: now we can add Vin Diesel and Chuck Norris to that list.

Chuck Norris took a particularly bold stance, and wrote an entire article entitled “Sky Criminals.”

According to Inquisitr:

Norris, 76, recently wrote an article at World Net Daily to talk about conspiracies surrounding chemtrails and the U.S. government. He argued that people are not taking the issue seriously when there is evidence pointing to the government as having already used chemtrails.

This is an excerpt from Norris’ article. The full article can be found at this link.

Country legend Merle Haggard, who died of a lung infection (double pneumonia) on April 6, sang in his song, “What I hate”: “What I hate is looking up and seeing chemtrails in a clear blue sky today.”

Several months ago, I wrote a column titled, “Why are geo-engineering researchers being stonewalled?” In it, I gave an array of evidence from scientists that geoengineering and, specifically, covert chemtrailing is taking place in the skies above us and unbeknownst to us.

For those who are unfamiliar with the subject and stratospheric lunacy, let me reiterate a few definitions:

Geoengineering is the artificial modification of Earth’s climate systems through two primary technologies: Solar Radiation Management, or SRM, and Carbon Dioxide Removal, or CDR.

CDR technologies include “bio-energy with carbon capture and storage, biochar, direct air capture, ocean fertilization and enhanced weathering,” according to Wikipedia.

SRM technologies “seek to reflect sunlight and thus reduce global warming. Proposed examples include the creation of stratospheric sulfate aerosols.”

Stratospheric sulfate aerosols “create a global dimming effect [that] has made them a possible candidate for use in solar radiation managementclimate engineering projects to limit the effect and impact of climate change due to rising levels of greenhouse gases. Delivery of precursor sulfide gases such as sulfuric acidhydrogen sulfide (H2S) or sulfur dioxide (SO2) by artillery, aircraft and balloons has been proposed.”

Chemtrailing is the “public’s term for the classified [covert] and ongoing artificial modification of Earth’s climate systems using reflective nano-materials (aerosols) to reflect sunlight. The aerosols are dispersed via jet aircraft trails that expand into reflective artificial clouds.”

Sarah Zielinski, an award-winning science writer and editor, wrote a piece in December 2015 for the Smithsonian, titled, “Airplane Contrails May Be Creating Accidental Geoengineering.”

In the article, Zielinski explained, “Geoengineering involves the manipulation of an environmental process in such a way, usually deliberate, that it affects the Earth’s climate.”

Zeilinski cites Charles Long from the NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado, who reported at a press conference this past week at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in San Francisco: “This haze is caused by airplanes, and it is gradually whitening blue skies. We might be actually conducting some unintentional geoengineering here.”

Many other scientists would say – as we shall see in a moment – intentional geoengineering.

Long went on to explain, “Its existence demonstrates yet another way that humans might be altering the climate system, and you can see this with your own eyes.”

I know, because my wife, Gena, and I have seen it in the skies over our own Texas ranch.

Chuck Norris provides real solutions to our county’s problems and a way to reawaken the American dream in his best-seller, “Black Belt Patriotism.”

Kevin Trenberth of the National Center for Atmospheric Research concluded, “It seems quite possible that [Long is] seeing something that’s real.”

Long still calls the haze “a mystery,” but at the moment primarily blames air traffic exhaust and other aerosols as the most likely culprits of those particles.

But is the origin of it all so unintentional and innocent? Or are there deliberate sky criminals who are also chemtrailing above us with other chemical agents?

Long himself is puzzled how certain areas around the country like one in Oklahoma have significant sky whitening yet don’t get as much known air traffic.

When Snopes was investigating the recent accusations that NASA was spraying lithium (the anti-manic psychiatric medication) into the atmosphere and, hence, onto Americans, the liberal fact-finding website even had to confess that, “Buried among the tinfoil were a few actual facts: it was true that a 2003 study examined the feasibility of mass vaccination by air.”

Although Chuck Norris aimed straight into the eyes of the elite and spat truth, the manner in which celebrities are speaking out is generally hushed, kind of carefully quiet.

Vin Diesel recently posted a picture to Facebook apparently making a somber nod toward the chemtrail conscious public, crossing his fingers in the shape of a couple chemtrails behind him.

The top comments praised his acknowledgment of them.

According to True Activist:

By now, everyone has seen white streaks in the sky. They stretch from horizon to horizon, and ultimately turn the skies into murky haze. While one would think that the streaks are nothing but plane vapor, skeptics have unearthed some convincing evidence suggesting that they are instead intentional pollution, meant to poison communities and cities for the purpose of population control.

The topic of chemtrails, like many subjects, is very controversial. Understandably, one may be wary about accepting any so-called ‘evidence’. However, it appears that famous actor Vin Diesel may just be drawing attention to the presence of chemtrails in the photo below.

In the picture the Fast and Furious star recently posted to Facebook, he is seen crossing his fingers like the white streaks seen behind him in the sky.

13062172_10154249172888313_1612547091258414335_nThe truth is, the consequences of not speaking up far outweigh the consequences of holding on to some petty remnant of perceived credibility in remaining silent about this, and I think the celebrities with good hearts and minds know this.

Some question whether Merle Haggard or Prince died of some illness related to the chemtrail activity. That notion is caught in the burden of proof, and ultimately we have suspicion but no evidence. This theory seems to allude to the idea that specific individuals may be targeted by chemtrails.

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Why would the idea of specific individuals being targeted by toxic aerosols be implausible? The military sprayed San Francisco with harmful bacterial agents in the past, sprayed aerosols can be used for various purposes.

My own mind began to theorize about this when on March 15th, my area was decimated by chemtrails, and one that went directly over my house in Sacramento appeared to “change gears” in the sky, switching from a thicker plume to thinner one right after it went overhead. A video of that can be found here, and below is a screencap. However, I doubt I am important enough to be targeted.

chemmThis is an anecdotal observation, but nonetheless one that should make any thinking mind turn its gears.

The best we can do, is every single thing we can possibly do: talk to everyone about geoengineering, point it out in the sky every day.

The worst thing we can do is give up. Our ancestors did not survive incomprehensibly difficult conditions to hand us this world on a silver platter, only to have us indulge in mindless comfort until the day it all ends forever.

No, we fight. Every single inch we are given to wake people up, let’s stretch that into a million miles: let’s extend our poisoned fists forward and march toward our right to live until the death, just like our ancestors did for us.

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17 Comments on "Growing List of Celebrities Speaking Out About Chemtrails/Geoengineering"

  1. WOW….I’m so proud of Chuck Norris for speaking up about CHEMTRAILS—he’s on a campaign to stop it

    I hope they don’t kill him

    Where are all these celebrity- liberals crying out about this….has the cat got Clooney’s, Sarandon’s, or the other’s tongues? Their silence is damning.

    The last week or so it’s so hazy you have a permanent fog or smoky sky condition and I have trouble with the glare when I’m driving in the late afternoon….traffic lights hard to see too until you get right up on them. Have you noticed? Hard to see even the highway striping it’s so hazy.

    WHAT will Trump do if he gets elected? I wish someone would ask him.

    I wish they would invite Chuck Norris on their shows to talk about chemtrails.

    • Don’t confuse pollution with chemtrails…at least the smog/fog of pollution around a big city is not that indicative of chemtrails. Chemtrails are far too high to cause the pollution you are seeing. What they are doing is making rain for some areas and other areas a drought. Chemtrails turn into water vapor which is THE BIGGEST OF ALL GREENHOUSE GASES and CO2 is the least of the greenhouse gases. Controlling the weather is a big deal and in the meantime the rain and fall out are changing the soil and water pH and chemistry for our gardens and wilderness areas…our forests are being damaged. If they were spraying anything that accutely dangerous we’d be experiencing it now. As it is the fallout is more of a chronic ambiguous problem for our health. Celebrities are cool, they can also foot the bill for putting out information which in itself is a problem. You want these retired nobel prize winning scientists to TALK. Chuck Norris isn’t stupid but a real scientist is far far more effective.

      • Sharon i agree with you sweetie, but in this day & age of “Entertainment”, it would take SEVERAL celebrities to sound the alarm… expert scientists are being quietly killed off without notice because most of the public doesn’t know them…. just like several experts on demolition who contested the twin towers coming down by an “engine”… it’s sad, and we are being killed off with these damn poison gases… why shouldn’t we win? we just won on GMO labeling. we still are fighting & sounding the alarm on vaccines…. geez, we are going through many battles.!!

        • Did you know that GMO labeling has been nullified? They don’t have to do it anymore. Chemtrails aren’t necessarily spraying to ‘kill us off’…that is a byproduct they don’t care about. The military has vowed to control weather by 2025. This is practice time with different chemicals to see what works best. Most of the stuff they are making with heavy metals (bad bad bad for our soils, water, gardens and the workings of plants and animal bodies) is WATER VAPOR which is far and above CO2. What a joke! Water vapor is the largest and most potential of the greenhouse gases, did you know that?

          CO2 is nothing. Us humans, yes we are causing changes but not with CO2 at the moment but using up major resources like the rain forest that is responsible for taking CO2 and making our precious O2. I am certain we aren’t facing global warming…what a joke. Global cooling looks like global warming at the beginning of the cycle. And very normal. Chemtrails are pushing the envelope however with water vapor…which will cause warming. Global warming is what happened to Venus. There isn’t a negative or positive feedback system to stop warming. That is a train on a one way trip to being Venus. Gee we might just be able to cause that but not happening now. Just weird droughts for mostly areas without corporation footholds, too much water/storms for large urban areas, and just enough for Monsanto fields. Grins!!

          And chemtrails have been going on for a long long time. The patents go back to the ’20
          s and refiled continuously to upgrade the different chemicals. I just watched a ’94 movie and we saw chemtrails all over the skies. Can’t believe it took so long to notice them…

          Honest, the GMO labeling has been taken away. I will only buy stuff that IS LABELED non-gmo!! Been hearing horrible stuff lately that ummm TTP and TTIP where they are demanding that GMO seed has to be used period. Other countries got GMO seed, such as cotton, and the little indigenous farmers HAVE to use just that seed now and they are hurting. Other countries have turned away huge shipments of GMO products…ARE THEY smarter than us?? US??? Yes.

          The heavy metals from chemtrails are in all soils now. To reduce the amount of heavy metals or to be able to label ‘Organic’ one has to grow in a green house. Even in HAWAII. Our forests are weakened because of the pH changes happening in our wilderness soils. Not to mention the pH of water bodies.

          Gotta learn to grown your own…they aren’t necessarily spraying ‘poison gases’ meant to kill us peon users uppers of resources from the elites…grins. What they are spraying is potentially ruining our environment and the uptake by vegetables of heavy metals will eventually kill us off…chemtrails are first and foremost playing with changing the weather for POWER by the military. Amazing how stupid us humans can be.

          (9/11 is an amazing testament showing how gullible us humans can be)!!

        • Hit, I think that the celebrities are being treated like anyone with any power and money and are being killed, murdered just like all the scientists. Robin Williams, Seymour, Prince…so many lately. They have money and they cared. And they made noise that was heard by the Elite and were duly stopped from making changes forever.

          I for one do not need to hear science from a celebrity but a celebrity with money that is still breathing can change a lot of minds!!

          Have you heard anything about combining GMO with the vaccines? The two work synergestically…

    • Oh Jesus, here we go again. The inevitable ignorance flooded in the comment section. Why is it, no matter what topic or how serious the topic is such as geo-engineering, someone Always has to scream liberal this, liberal that. For starters, Prince wasn’t a conservative. I would even make the bet that Vin Diesel isn’t a conservative. So your comment has no truth to it. Many celebrities are aware of what’s going on but are afraid of being blacklisted. as far as Chuck Norris, when’s the last time he acted? Exactly. He hasn’t been relevant in decades so it’s not like he is stepping out on a limb here. I mean he also backed McCain/Palin so there’s that. As far as your Trump comment goes, here is another classic example of ignorance. Sorry to bust that delusional bubble of yours but Trump isnt going to do a damn thing about geo-engineering if he is elected. For starters, he’s not getting elected. He is strictly there to break up the Republican Party. All by design. Tptb know Exactly who they’re picking and that is Hillary. She is part of the pact and will play along to the rules. She’s a puppet like every single president we’ve had since JFK. Secondly, Trump IS part of tptb. He knows what his role is and has pledged his allegiance to all the all mighty dollar decades ago.
      Lastly, you need to stop looking at things in a left/right paradigm. You’re being played and you don’t even know it. Do you know the definition of insanity? (Paraphrasing)- to keep doing the same thing over and over again but to expect a different result. Well if you haven’t learned by now that both democrats and republicans are ultimately the same then you suffer from insanity. Wake up before it’s too late

      • So nice to hear someone else with a larger view than most people seem to have. I think that some are so wrapped up with one party or the other, getting lots of drama with little input. Like football. They think and talk about little else so they have to relate everything else in terms they understand. We are on the same page on everything you’ve mentioned. I had to check to make sure I didn’t write this. No one else ever uses ‘paradigm’…I use that insanity clause all the time…giggling. Truly, we are going to be stuck with Hillary…all by design. You are also using the correct, ‘politically correct’ term, geoengineering versus chemtrails! Nice refreshing reply…ahhhhhh.

  2. Chemtrails for engineering the weather…at present. The chemicals used for manipulating the weather are bad enough. Sure they will probably be changed when THEY want to get rid of us but right now this is all about control of the weather, by the military, by the year 2025. Look up the patents for goodness sake! Goes all the way back to the 20’s and have been refiled, revisioned since then to stay current.

    Sure it is risky to talk about these things all things that the government does that you and I should remain ignorant of…

    I am still trying to bridge the gap of information between what we see and why geoengineers and scientists poo poo this stuff when it is right in front of our faces. The only thing I can come up with is that most scientists are on the federal grant business to keep doing whatever it is they want to research. If they don’t say what they’ve been told to say then no money from the federal gov.’t shall be given to them to continue. Makes life tough as a scientist.

    Best information is from Nobel winning scientists those that are retired!

  3. CUIDADO, Chuck and Vin! Watch your backs….

  4. California hosted the chemtrail flu this year. Symptoms such as sinus congestion, sinus drainage, cough, fatigue, general malaise feeling “off” without fever. Not bacterial and not viral…. just tinkering with our DNA.

    • Not only did myself,my girlfriend, her family and our renters all got the chemtrail flu earlier this year here in Cali but we still have symptoms. It has lasted months. Never in my life have I experienced a flu like this one. It pisses me off beyond words that our gov/military gets away with this s#%t. Everyone involved in geo-engineering should be burned at the stake.

  5. Bout time some of the caballywood started to speak against this crap.

    I asked EPA to check into years ago – they just thought it was the funniest thing – the EPA is another useless baggage agency concocted by the gold collar scum crowd for appearances – oops I just remembered they killed the Animas river here in southern Colorado. So they should just keep on quaffing their lattes and scones.

  6. as soon as govt and private corps admitted to cloud seeding by dumping chemicals into the sky, Chemtrails became a mathematical absolute. like oil and water, the heavy metals and aerosols they dump into the air seperate into their own trails/puddles and become visible as glossy, rainbowed, oil-like patterns aka chemtrails

  7. Went to this site you posted…and JOINED. I love this stuff.

    I have to add a caveat here and should do this more often. I am not 100% sure of anything I’ve heard, read…just trying to keep up a bit and every bit of news gets filtered with what I do know and if it doesn’t make sense with my ‘foundation’ it is thrown out or filed for thinking about later. I shouldn’t sound so definitive with the information I’m sharing. My opinions have taken some work some research but how can we know anything for sure? I put myself in the shoes of the GMO guys (eeeuuuuuw) and they are only interested in money. I can’t see how any educated person could mess around with stuff we have no business messing around with (I’ve read tooooo many science fiction albeit HARD novels)…money is making us completely stupid and even more self interested than ever.

    I’ve learned how to mistrust my own decision-making department! After huge ‘awakenings’…just within my own life. Us humans are so good at rationalization and we all have to learn to be very careful and listen to our own sentences to ourselves. This awakening has been pretty painful…little by little is best. So I am saying that I don’t know anything for absolutely sure…haven’t closed the doors to maybe getting information that will make huge changes in my ‘foundation’…my reality?

    Grins. I do know the feeling of feeling crazy when EVERYONE else seems to live in a different reality. Hey we are ultimately alone, born alone, die alone…I’ve learned long ago how to enjoy my own company. Course I’ve always got lots of animals all the time, all my life and they make it tough to feel alone. You should think of feeling alone as a badge of honor, shows you have a thick core of courage to be able to ‘be outside the group’…

    Thanks for the site…love it…’cloning’ is what they’re talking about essentially. Bad word for pc purposes. If there is a better way to show how stupid us humans, no arrogant us humans are…it’s messing around with stuff we know not! ‘Standing on the shoulders of Genius’…Michael Crighton from ‘the Sphere’…Jeff Goldblum went into this in Jurassic Park for part of his script. Chemtrails (geoengineering or persistant contrails pc is better) to control the weather? Some days I am so sure that us humans SHOULD go extinct. Sigh…such a beautiful world, fascinating except where we are concerned. Where is our true niche? It is like we don’t belong at all…see I can’t shut up!!

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