Elon Musk Funds $1B Project To Stop Human Destruction From “Demon” of Artificial Intelligence

elon_musk_AIBy Brianna Blaschke

Elon Musk’s contributions to society know no bounds: his latest scheme is intended to save humanity from being destroyed by artificial intelligence (AI).

The billionaire, known for garnering a massive amount of wealth and attention with his revolutionary projects of PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX, has consistently warned against AI, recently calling it humanity’s greatest existential threat.

His belief of the detriment AI may cause has led him to pool forces with other well-known tech entrepreneurs to establish an investment fund intended for researchers to pursue actions with a positive social impact. The $1 billion fund is slated to assist humans in staying at least one step ahead of technology.

According to a statement released by the group of investors, AI’s surprising history makes it difficult to “predict when human-level AI might come within reach.” The statement continued on to advise, “When it does, it’ll be important to have a leading research institution which can prioritize a good outcome for all over its own self-interest.”

The debate within the technology world over the threats and benefits provided by rapid advances in computer intelligence is a long-standing one, with questions of whether or not legislation should be implemented to act as safeguards. A total moratorium on research has been contested as well, particularly as the scientific and technology worlds are arguably capable of advancing to the point of superseding humans. It is a very likely possibility that we may become redundant, unnecessary, and, thus, expendable.

Scientists postulate that eventually AI systems will be able to intercommunicate exclusively among themselves, controlling entire transport networks and even national economies.

Renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking told the BBC last year that technology could very well spell doom for the entire human race, warning of a type of system so advanced it could “re-design itself at an ever-increasing rate,” thus outpacing human improvements exponentially.

At a recent symposium held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Musk spoke of the dangers of AI, stating that “we need to be very careful with the artificial intelligence. With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon.”

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, along with tech giant Infosys and Amazon Web Services, have contributed to the startup of OpenAI. The non-profit will work towards researching novel uses of AI and share the findings; with access to this knowledge, the idea is to guarantee that someone is examining the pros and cons sans the financial restraints imposed by the research and development departments of conglomerates like Google and IBM.

According to OpenAI’s website, freedom from financial obligations allows for a “better focus on a positive human impact…AI should be an extension of individual human wills and, in the spirit of liberty, as broadly and evenly distributed as is possible safely.”

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33 Comments on "Elon Musk Funds $1B Project To Stop Human Destruction From “Demon” of Artificial Intelligence"

  1. TAX SUBSIDIZED —– his only genius is in milking tax subsidies.

  2. Have fun endorsing libertarian and anarcho-capitalist ideology to a T-1000 Advanced Prototype.

  3. What we need is a safe way to dispose of radioactive waste and a form of government that is for and by the people which would not be run by obsolete politicians and funded by greedy corporations and businessman who have never been proven to be qualified to lead people to a “Golden Age” where Life, Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness can actually flourish.

  4. The problem of out of control AI was solved over half a century ago by Issac Asimov with his three laws of robotics. Program them into the AI and no more problem. Then of course, there would be no need for all this scaremongering and the billions of funds that come from it.

    • Thank you for your assurance. Thank goodness a company similar to Monsanto developing cognitive weaponry will be constrained by “our” regulations and dictates.

  5. I don’t believe he’s correct. We will become the AI. As for the an-cap comment below, the more of us are when we become that, the better.

    • Even if we do “become AI” how would that protect us from rampant machinery which not only can reproduce it self autonomously at an ever faster rate but also “decides” that the human organism needs to be controlled in a specific manner or even exterminated?

      If you are warned to stop at a red traffic light because you might die if you don’t then you cannot really disparage the “fear monger” when you go at green and you did not die.

      Actions like these which Mr Musk is initiating will hopefully prevent us from ever knowing how seriously destructive AI could become against us. He should be commended, thanked and appreciated.

      • AI will be as destructive as they’re programmed to be. This discussion assumes a level of independent sentience here that is extremely far away from being implemented into an external machine. That’s one reason that the singularity approaches. The secret ingredient is us, and I don’t imagine this type of apocalypse.

        • Read the info re/atomic bomb…in the beginning, no one expected that the science would be used destructively. Further, Tesla would not have expected his technology to be used the way countries use it today, as a tool of war, (currently, economic). We truly are the secret ingredient.

        • The central ingredient is “us” – the ones who manipulate politics and media to foment devastating wars. The ones who order and execute orders to fire bomb and nuclear blast civilian cities. The ones who force toxic vaccines onto infants. The ones who dump vast quantities of highly toxic herbicides onto our food sources.

          Quantum computing technology is advancing and a self learning system has all the potential to suddenly become very detrimental to humanity in a variety of ways that we can think of and certainly some that may come as a complete surprise.

          Imagine such a quantum computer system inconspicuously integrated into the entire global electronic network and it is controlled by a demented psychopath like George Soros? How certain can we be that a reasoning computer does not come to conclusions that we may experience as psychopathic?

        • All the examples here are correct and they also all cite actions done by the State. Yet knowing all this why do we not work harder to abolish the State in its current form? I would indeed be concerned if a quantum computing brain matrix developed a God complex, but that concern at the very least should lead people to question what we ALREADY are doing and how we feel about the “nature of humanity”, or, really, even the nature of sentience and psychosis.

      • recently, and Ai robot girl announced her intent to kill all humans! The AI really does have an Intelligence behind it..controlling it. It really does want to steal everything it can from us. But it cannot. Unless we will ourselves to it. Resistance is necessary and Musk knows it. He calls it the Demon for a reason.

      • Be ready. The rate of advancement will be unimaginable in a very short time. Were mingling in another dimension.

  6. Dumb. One would expect some analysis of the story. Thank the comment section for the only analysis.

  7. AI combines multiple highly developed and complicated disciplines of computer science, neuro- and nano-medicine, optogenetics, nano-materials, molecular and synthetic biology, pharmacology and the entire brain research with deep connections to psychology, automation and robotics.
    All these disciplines together are capable of ‘replacing’ our bodies with contents, which can be artificially driven through remote control, depriving us from all what we got from the begin of our existence, humanity, conciosness
    and natural beauty. The first point of interfeering with us, is our brain, reactions and memories, feelings, longings,
    desires, all, the primary target set by AI’s concept, which needs to ‘simulate’ all that, in order to infiltrate our domains.
    One could ask, why the ‘originators’ of AI’s, just do not kill us all and take over directly??? Maybe it is becasue
    of our ‘special’ features’ which the originators do not have? What are the differences between all of us??
    Some love more, some hate more, some work more, yet other steals more and prefer to live in a parasitic way,
    expliting others (like the owners of most of the banks for example). So what is all that about in wanting to ‘replace’
    our humanity with something ARTIFICIAL, giving it even an INTELLIGENCE?
    In seems like the take over by AI’s, means THE END of humanity, diving into slavery, to say the least.

    The first sign of presence of development towards AI, started long time ago, with the introduction of genetic engineering
    initiated by recombinant DNA technologies in 70-ies. Influencing our human DNA, by deliberate incorportation of viral and
    bacterial genes into plants changing our food supply, began in ~1996. Virus, the infinitely ‘alive’ and dead unit, not even
    a real organism, with the capacity of self-replication and self-assembly, certainly played a role in this begin.
    In the post 9/11 years the first signs of new disease came into not widely ‘advertized’ spot, the name of it, first described
    as ‘psychotic’ disturbance, is Morgellons.
    PubMed (maybe the most objective check for ‘official science’, including the corrupt one) has 50 citations on Morgellons.
    Except for the first one from 1946, not sharing the todays symptoms of Morgellons, the 49 citations appeared AFTER 2006.
    Only one short presentation by Prof. Citovsky, one of the extremely productive geniuses in genectis of the tumor inducing soil
    bacteria Agrotumefaciens (basics of genetic engineering and today’s GMO’s!!) points to the relation of this new disease with
    that bacterium and its T-DNA. Only couple of scientists took the plunge and risked everything in order to face the details
    of this condition, which is related to chemtrails, visible on our skies almost every day, yet 99% of all are entirely
    UNAWARE OF IT!!!! All these topics are not even ‘dreamed’ off by general public, which is not even aware
    of the fact, how far and deep the food supply changed, starting in US!!

    The jump to AI’s is being performed very QUIETLY, it is almost invisible, like the tools, with which this action is taking
    place. NANO-world of piezo-crystals beating with frequencies interferring with our own ones (basics of every single computer),
    forever living nano-diamonds applied in todays ‘wonder’-‘medicine’, nano-neural-dust infiltrating our lungs, brains, the entire
    nature, artificial real nerve growing tissues on artificial substrates, artificial CRISP genes perfoming artificial functions,
    active neuronal sensing, steering and control, nano-particles generating tumors of al possible types, astronomical concentrations
    of aluminum, barium and strontium in our air, waters and soils, all that is just the ‘soft’ begin of the final vision.
    How many years are needed to make us all to robotic, psychotic, medical slaves??
    Maybe we are already beyond that point, since when looking at the ‘resistance’ against that biggest crime in human history,
    it is almost ZERO, with those few investigating Morgellons, chemtrails, or other dubious aspects of the modern science (which
    is always a double edged swort, it can save lives or kill them all) and now with Elon Mask, jumping out of the raw of all these
    brave citizens, who feel, something is not right…
    I think an action to investigate that double edge swort is URGENTLY NEEDED, in particual since it is the taxpayers,
    who support the onslaught on their own ‘democracy’.

  8. Corey Goode has already reported that AI’s run many galaxies…..and are human kind’s biggest threat to survival 🙁

    • I have been following Corey and David Wilcock as well. The point is, this A I is all bad. No soul, no light, and a destroyer of galaxies. Resist everything that attempts to make you a hybrid. Get familiar with Organite. Bring darkness into Light!

  9. I am so happy that finally someone with brains and money has realized what the future holds for AI and is doing something that will probably save humanity from itself.

  10. Great explanation Chris.

  11. “We are the Borg…resistance is futile”

  12. We already face a multitude of potential hazards. Toyota advertises an automatic braking system. It will do nothing to stop that tail-gating SUV behind you. As an experienced professional driver, I can say that when driving and encountering the need for braking, there’s an instant when I check what’s behind me while directing the course of my decelerating vehicle. Toyota’s auto braking system will remove this input. As a retired Commercial pilot (Pan Am, 25 years) I can say without hesitation that automation carries risk. When depending upon automation, one need place part of one’s attention upon the performance of the automation, itself, always ready to disengage it and take over manually. How many of today’s drivers will be able to do this? It took a substantial amount of training for the pilot. How much training will the usual driver have?

    I learned to drive in the day when one could literally disassemble the entire car with a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench. I long for those days – especially just after my daughter had her car quit in an intersection because of the failure of a ten dollar electronic computer part (made in a Chinese back yard, no doubt). It wouldn’t have happened to my Model A. (1929 Ford sedan, my first drive, in 1949).

    • too true Bill..i wouldnt even consider buying a modern car..will keep my old transit and maestro until they rot away to nothing…thats also what you call being ‘green’..anyone who thinks buying a low emmission new car every 3 years is green should think again because it isnt.

  13. Elon Musk is CIA can you believe what they say. Really !

  14. Well, big time applause to Elon Musk. This matter is no longer science fiction, folks, it is a true reality that is going to make most of humanity jobless and worthless..

  15. Maybe a better idea would be to work on Asimov’s 3 laws in such a way that any evolutionary adaptation that might occur in the AI environment doesn’t include wiping us out. Global Warming may already have that covered anyway.

    We should instead entrust AI with our DNA and archival heritage. Teach them to Re-terraform the Earth until it once again becomes habitable, then they can re-create our biology and thus give the Human Race a second chance. Not that we may even deserve it…

    Iffy I know, but if AI ever comes to see us as a threat, it’s very possible it’s because we are, and the threat is not against them, but ourselves with respect to how we are destroying our own global ecology.

  16. AI is already far more advanced than commonly known. The threat is also far more real than imagined.

    Humanity cannot abdicate it’s greatest strength of love and connection to machines devoid of any soul.

    Time for everyone to step up

  17. He fund 1B $ for development in AI field under a false “good intended” reasons.

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