Launching a Homestead Project in Texas!

Homestead+Plan.jpgBy The Conscious Resistance

Derrick Broze discusses the beginning of a new homesteading project being organized by activists from the Houston area and around Texas.

The basic idea is to buy land in Texas by the end of 2016/early 2017 and form a community of individuals based on the principles of non-aggression, permaculture/sustainability, and mindfulness. The goal is to make the community a hub for education, creation, and networking. The community will focus on becoming independent from all corporate and state systems (power, internet, food, economy, defense) through counter-economic activity.

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6 Comments on "Launching a Homestead Project in Texas!"

  1. Excellent concept. Intentional, sustainable communities working cooperatively is the solution.

  2. The Government will not allow this to be successful….Non-aggression?…. You will have to defend yourself at some point…

    • Exactly. The government has a history of not allowing people to live independent of the government controlled systems. Many stories of gov. demanding gardens destroyed, condemning homes for not being on the grid, children stolen for daring to teach them how to live off-grid. A non-aggression stance will cause this to fail. Just like you said, gonna have to defend it at some point.

  3. If it’s off the ‘Smart Grid’, the government will try to disallow it.

  4. Fantastic. Oklahoma is also a refuge for you Americans who are awake and opposed to the “Obama-Nations/abominations” happening down there. What does a Canadian need to do to live in a community such as this in the US? Any info is appreciated.
    And before you start typing about how Canada is a bunch of useful idiots (which is true) and we’re all so nice, let me remind you that Pierre Trudeau was a devout JESUIT who cavorted with Hollyweird, married Margaret who was around 20 years younger with HUGE Masonic lineage/OBVIOUS mind control (look at her eyes in old pics), and US president Nixon (EVIL, evil man) stated shortly after Justin was born that he would be Prime Minister someday. Nevermind the blood sacrifice of Michel (Justin’s brother) that occurred on a major pagan date, while Justin “happened to be in town” giving a lecture. Justin’s two-headed raven tattoo and the artist are another rabbit hole, should you care to look.
    I think Canada has been painted as this benign “hat” of the US for a reason (don’t forget we are Crown-OWNED). We’re a sleeper cell.

  5. Same as farm or ranch only with it’s own energy source. Good luck with avoiding the regularions

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