Creating Freedom and Empowerment with Project Dèmos

project_demosBy The Conscious Resistance

Derrick Broze talks with Roman Van Ree about his new project, Project Dèmos.

Project Dèmos (demos meaning people) is about freedom and empowerment through technology. We know there is a much more efficient way to communicate, organize, and co-create on a worldwide basis, and therefore believe the time has come to update societal organization to contemporary possibilities.

The Dèmos Platform will: improve the way people handle and share information, cooperate, and act, by facilitating a solution-oriented environment, focused on researching topics and possibilities, identifying problems, generating and implementing solutions, and finding a common ground to make it easy for people to organize their community, manage their business, and set up grassroots initiatives, by providing them with a structured working space to start and manage projects … and more.

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3 Comments on "Creating Freedom and Empowerment with Project Dèmos"

  1. Is this anything to do with the Demos think tank in England? There is an affiliated branch in the US as well. Both are incredibly destructive and divisive “progressive” think tanks. Set up as the Hegelian opposite of the “neo-con” think tanks. Both “sides” of the think tanks are just the right and left feet of the body politics crushing the people underfoot as they march forward.

    Demos, in England, is tied in heavily with “Common Purpose” . Julia Middleton is a trustee of Demos, now CEO of the influential Common
    Purpose, an organization who “discover new leaders”, especially in the
    UK “public sector”, including education, local authorities, police
    “Common Purpose is an international leadership organization that runs
    programmes for leaders of all ages, sectors and backgrounds. And much more…check out the UK Column.

    Demos in the US Founding Board members included Arnie Miller, of Isaccson Miller, an executive search firm; David Skaggs, a Colorado Congressman; and Barack Obama, then an Illinois State Senator.
    They are linked to the Carnegie foundation, Emily’s list ( a democrat front group), and so many more.

  2. Yes, and no, about e-democracy, direct democracy, internet-democracy, delegative democracy, liquid democracy, liquid feedback, and such structures. We thought these names where too related to governance and the state. And we are not. So we als voluntaryists called it “delegation”, related to the verb.

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