“America” Embraces World’s Deadliest Drug as Prohibition of World’s Most Beneficial Plant Continues

budweiser-mericaBy Claire Bernish

Budweiser has now oddly yet aptly rebranded itself for the summer, changing its can to read America — but the company’s awkward patriotic push belies the reality that its product remains the single deadliest substance in the country it now bears on its label. Alcohol.

While canned beer might be perceived as American as, well, just about anything, alcohol “is involved in more homicides than pretty much every other substance, combined,” as the Washington Post put it.

Worst of all, while Budweiser and other alcoholic mainstays firmly maintain their place as legal — and, indeed, American intoxicants, the drug war rages in full force against what many consider the miracle plant, cannabis.

Despite beer’s long and storied history, Americans often don’t realize, much less adhere to, limits that would have been acceptable to those who first began brewing it. Popular rites of passage among youth involve imbibing large quantities of alcohol — and those who succeed in college drinking games are those able to drink enormous quantities without physically succumbing to its detrimental effects.

Alcohol flows more readily than water at sporting events and concerts around the country, yet alcohol-impaired driving stands as one of the biggest killers.

Meanwhile, cannabis — a plant that can not only save lives, it vastly improves them by treating everything from PTSD to epilepsy — inexplicably tops the list of substances prohibited by the government. In fact, a recent report from AAA’s safety foundation found people responsible for deadly automobile accidents due to impairment rarely (1.8%) had only consumed cannabis — and had instead also imbibed alcohol or taken other illicit substances.

As Harold Pollack wrote for the Washington Post,

In my own career as a public health researcher, I’ve come into close contact with many intoxicated heroin and marijuana users. In these moments, I’ve never had reason to feel that my safety was at risk. I have been present for some scary incidents. Almost every time, alcohol was in the mix …

It isn’t a stretch, however, to say America’s relationship with alcohol has been a neurotic love affair. Prohibition brought out the outlaw in almost every member of society — except the most ardent teetotalers. Black markets and speakeasies so exploded during prohibition, its end proved less risky than the drinking it had been banned for in the first place.

Of course, it is the view of the Free Thought Project that prohibition on any level is immoral and unjust. Kidnapping, caging, and killing people for making the personal choice to ingest arbitrary substances is the work of villains and nothing close to ‘public service.’

But as beer and other alcoholic drinks now readily flow from the tap, so does better judgment.

Americans get loaded in social gatherings and are more likely to take the wheel of a car or to become violent — or take any number of other serious risks where keen awareness would otherwise prevent such a situation. As Pollack explained, alcohol permeates the bodies of victims nearly as often as it does perpetrators of serious crimes.

Yet the federal government stubbornly refuses to budge on policies concerning cannabis. The drug war has thus overturned logic in favor of Reefer Madness paranoia — the Nixon-era anti-pot campaign recently revealed to have been started simply to demonize both hippies and the black population. Government’s inexcusable refusal to budge on cannabis prohibition proves policy lacks both logic and reason — particularly when compared to risks associated with legal alcohol consumption.

Budweiser’s choice to emblazon its cans with ‘America’ — when presented in contrast to cannabis — seems not only ridiculous but fitting of a government that cares more for profit and image than the wellbeing of its people.

Claire Bernish writes for TheFreeThoughtProject.com, where this article first appeared.

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6 Comments on "“America” Embraces World’s Deadliest Drug as Prohibition of World’s Most Beneficial Plant Continues"

  1. Marijuana is the safe choice. Beer is more of a gateway than hemp and the amount of healing power it contains is not even measurable. Cures from cancer to neurological have been well stated.
    Move to Colorado and imbibe whilst watching gorgeous sunsets with a little help from your friends.

    • Cannabis is way more expensive than beer. Even the legal stuff. More so, the legal stuff is pricier than black market weed. (of course you get what you pay for: black market weed is jankie smoke compared to dispensary quality canna) Beer is still cheaper than scratchy. That is why alcohol will always be the Americans GOTO intoxicant of choice. This same principle is why Wal-Mart is so popular in ‘Murca: we love cheap.

      • EmmettGrogan | May 12, 2016 at 1:39 pm | Reply

        Anyone can grow pot and it costs nothing, what are you talking about?

        • Pyra Gorgon | May 12, 2016 at 7:39 pm | Reply

          Your property cannot be stolen through civil asset forfeiture for having beer on the premises. Grow pot and see what happens.

          War on Drugs is still going on. Don’t forget that.

  2. A federal law legalizing marijuana will only come when the companies who are worried about losing profits (aka alcohol, pain pill, and antidepressant merchants) can cash in on it.

    • It has begun with MD prescriptions for medical cannabis. The Rockefeller/NAZI medical/pharma establishment continues to control it, with CIA and USMilitary assistance. The scapegoating procedure in the USMilitary for cannabis users will continue until congress members awaken to the fraud. Which will scarcely happen, with congress members sucking up to Israel as 1st allegiance instead of the USA and Americans.
      Go back to the 1984 Iran-Contra cocaine smuggling initiated by VP George H. W. Bush, via the Mena, AR, CIA airport, that was administered by governor William Clinton. DOJ Eric Holder´s secreting guns to Mexican drug lords switched one major route to Mexico. Take the poppy fields in Afghanistan that are protected by the US Military, for example. Removing the illegal law against cannabis would interfere with the CIA/USG drug smuggling and profiteering.

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