Eagles of Death Metal Frontman says Guards Knew About Paris Shooting in Advance

jesse-eagles-parisBy Claire Bernish

Eagles of Death Metal lead singer, Jesse Hughes, made a stunning statement in an interview with Fox Business Network: He believes it’s possible security guards at the Bataclan Theater knew about the Paris terror attacks in advance.

As a veteran performer, Hughes realized something was odd the night leading up to the attack, when the security guard for the backstage area didn’t make eye contact with him.

“When I first got to the venue and walked in, I walked past the dude who was supposed to be the security guard for the backstage,” Hughes recalled, noting the guard’s odd demeanor.

I immediately went to the promoter and said, ‘Who’s that guy? I want to put another dude on,’ and he goes, ‘Well, some of the other guards aren’t here yet,’ and eventually I found out that six or so wouldn’t show up at all.

Though Hughes refused to speculate at length “out of respect for the police investigating,” he added, “It seems rather obvious that they had a reason not to show up.”

On November 13, 2015, 89 people were killed — including the band’s merchandise manager, Nick Alexander — and 200 were injured, when attackers stormed the Bataclan during the Eagles of Death Metal show.

After the attack and a brief break, the American band returned to complete their European tour last month, though they recently canceled due to an injury.

Fox Business Network aired the first portion of Kennedy’s interview with Hughes on Wednesday, and the second part is scheduled for tonight at 8 pm, EST.

UPDATE: Band Frontman Pulls 180 – Suddenly Retracts Damning Testimony of Paris Shooting

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3 Comments on "Eagles of Death Metal Frontman says Guards Knew About Paris Shooting in Advance"

  1. Wow, I sure hope that these so called “guards’ ” backgrounds are gone over with a fine tooth comb!

  2. Well look, out the back in the lane, when the mercenaries arrived from La Belle Equipe to pick up the, erm, shooters, they shot “security” guard temps and you’ll recall that some were shot out front when the, erm, shooters arrived. Now because the Paris Prosecutor had control of the understaffed not high-tech morgue that evening, they couldn’t make the bad guys tally without those temp security guards which you can bet your bottom dollar were Algerian French or DOM TOM French. So what? The security guards who “knew” were — the shooters. Film taken out the back in the lane – after the shooters had left, inujuring passers-by who spotted them too – has shots ringing out in the Bataclan and 3 types of firearms were used.Bear in mind for all the hue and cry, not a single one of the much advertised ‘organisers’ — or the Brains, as they have been so ifrequently described – has been caught. We have, in France, come realise that ‘terrorism’ is terrorism – not a religious rite.

  3. the other thing I can’t help but tell you is that the Big Brother Eyeballin all of us, in France, set up following the Bataclan Massacres got a bug end February/start March. And was down for a week!! And all those intercepts and cases they were working on are no good. I wouldn’t put it past the Bataclan Massacre organisers — we all have a fair idea who they are — to have, thanks to their own high-tech resources, zapped the newfangled intelligence gathering effort. It was supposed to save money, but costs have now spiralled out of control. That’s what you get when you subcontract to privateers: low security, high cost, delayed delivery – also known as Hidden Treasure. And no results of which to boast. My private theory – impossible to test, of course – is that the Stingray was used to fiddle with it until it blew a gasket.

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