Drought-Stricken L.A. Admits to Using Weather Modification “To Produce More Rain”

drought_2By Mac Slavo

The weather patterns have become cruel and extreme.

For California, it has meant outright desperation as water reserves disappear and needs for cities and farms have created a standing crisis.

Water and rainfall remain consequential to life as we know it. Mankind is no longer leaving it up to just praying for rain and waiting for a miracle.

Now, a company in the Los Angeles area has admitted that it was hired to seed the clouds and make it rain.

Via Daily Mail:

El Niño has brought some much needed rain to California in recent months, but a Los Angeles storm earlier this week may owe some credit to unnatural modifications.

For the first time since 2002, the Department of Public Works has turned to cloud seeding, using generators to shoot silver iodide into the clouds to produce more rain.

The county estimates that this produces roughly 15 percent more rainfall…

Cloud seeding is a weather modification process that aims to increase the amount of rain in a particular area.

According to the L.A. Times, this method has been used in the county to boost the amount of rain produced by clouds since the 1950s, taking a hiatus during heavy rains or periods of potential flooding from wildfire devastation.

And so, rain has increased in California by something like 15%, and L.A. is happy to get all the water it can.

But cloud seeding is not without its consequences – it could keep it from raining in the area downwind, or have other potentially disastrous effects:

The company says the method has no significant environmental effects, as the amount of the seeding materials used are very small in relation to the affected area.


It could have unintended consequences, including a change in precipitation or other environmental impact downwind of the target area, though such effects have not yet been demonstrated.

An earlier cloud seeding contract from 2009 was terminated in L.A. after the Station Fire, which destroyed about 250 square miles of the Angeles National Forest, L.A. Times writes.

Technology and money can make it happen, and there is reason to think much more is going on than just seeding clouds to bump the rainfall.

When it comes to blame for the drought and the environment in general, many are quick to point to the hyped-effects of global warming and climate change, which are supposedly attributed to the every day activity of people en masse.

But few are daring enough to look up at the sky and question the weather manipulation programs that have become common place and which are being carried out covertly on behalf of a shadowy agenda to control the weather, and the economic cloud that surrounds it.

Researcher Peter A. Kirby explains how a secret project on the scale of the Manhattan Project may have been incubated under government research projects to engineer the weather:

After so many years of watching airplanes produce the lines in the sky, largely without knowing of what this Project consists or why, we have recently gained an understanding. Evidence suggests that today’s chemtrail spraying operations consist of airplanes saturating our atmosphere with nano-sized particles influenced by electromagnetic energy for the purpose of weather modification.

U.S. patent #4,686,605 “Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth’s Atmosphere, Ionosphere and/or Magnetosphere” shows how stratospheric and tropospheric aerosols can be manipulated using electromagnetic energy in order to modify the weather. The ground-based antennas (known as ionospheric heaters) needed to produce the appropriate electromagnetic energy exist. For a detailed discussion, please see the author’s previous article “Smoking Gun: The HAARP and Chemtrails Connection.”

The 1996 U.S. military document “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025” outlines a program using aerosols sprayed from airplanes which are then manipulated with electromagnetic energy in order to modify the weather.


Controlling Earth’s weather would necessarily require a gigantic scientific effort. Oddly enough, when one looks for a National effort in weather modification, one finds a lot. Specifically, if one looks, one can find a history of weather control programs involving electromagnetic energy and atmospheric particles; all in a coherent chronological order.

It is stunning to learn that there are means for manipulating aerosols with electromagnetic energy in effort to change weather patterns. But there are many scientific papers on the topic, and experiments to boot.

Many of these agencies are likely compartmentalized and don’t understand how they fit in to the larger project… but the truth is that most don’t want to know – along with the rest of the general public.

They don’t look up at the sky for the same reason they drag to work, and live an empty life. Most are too conditioned by fear to face the truth, whatever it proves to be.

For now, it is enough to point out that California is admittedly altering the weather in the hopes of catching up on its lost water.

But what are the true causes of the drought in the first place, and what other aspects of weather are being changed for the benefit of a few, and the detriment of entire populations?

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You can read more from Mac Slavo at his site SHTFplan.com

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8 Comments on "Drought-Stricken L.A. Admits to Using Weather Modification “To Produce More Rain”"

  1. GrandmaAmerica | March 11, 2016 at 1:49 pm | Reply

    The Great state of Californication. God works in mysterious ways.

    • EmmettGrogan | March 11, 2016 at 3:38 pm | Reply

      So according to you, everyone in CA is evil, is that what you’re saying? What about all the “good Christians” who live here? How can you condemn an entire state of people you don’t know?
      I’ve lived in CA all my 61 yrs except when I went to another state for 10 yrs. You don’t know me but you think I”m evil??? What kind of person thinks like that?

      • Calm down there. Guilty conscience much? Nowhere is evil mentioned in his post. Nor does it condemn every resident anywhere in the post. But that being said, where are all the good Christians (why you put that in quotes is beyond me?) who keep electing these Luciferian politicians for the past how many decades?

  2. An article i n my local paper recently ran an article admitting to “cloud seeding” in my area recently as well. Complete with a picture of one of the pilots next to her plane with the smile of a lunatic on her face.

  3. Thanks for this Mac, and for doing some research on the issue. Yes, there is evidence that TPTB have been playing their HAARP out in the Pacific to keep rain from California, the main Food Basket for the country, as part of their plan to take the U.S. down, and make us just a mere part of a region of their intended (totalitarian) New World Order. Hopefully, The People will continue, in various ways, to thwart their best-laid schemes; like L.A. seeding the clouds back to producing some needed precipitation. It’s a war. May the Good Guys win.

  4. governments move in mysterious ways, somewhere between haarp, gwen, chemtrails and releasing the water from various damns would seem to be a good bet for the drought. Seeding the clouds is not as mysterious and it would seem well advised.

  5. James Bennett | March 12, 2016 at 9:15 am | Reply

    Relative to the level of manipulation our highjackers have been engaged in; ‘making it rain’ is child’s play.
    Last year, China created 55 billion tons of artificial rain.
    They claim they will quadruple that amount this year.

    Meanwhile, our Agenda adherent traitors achieved the opposite with California’s Central Valley.
    Even ‘releasing’ 70% of water from the Sacramento Delta into the Pacific, rather than give it to the biggest agricultural region on the Left Coast.

    Any manipulations that will wreak humanitarian and financial havoc and remove humans from rural life.
    In keeping with the land use / housing components of their comprehensive cradle to grave – womb to tomb blueprint for everything; UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development.

  6. DemonsInMySoup | June 9, 2016 at 5:30 am | Reply

    Why does this article make claims of weather modification from an unnamed source? If you notice whoever wrote this refers to “a company” that is responsible and goes so far as to state that this “company” has admitted to weather modification and even made public statements admitting to it. Really? You can’t do any better than coming up with “a company” who is involved? What “company”? Do they have a name? An address? A phone number? This article is hogwash bullshit. If not, prove it – what “company” are you referring to? Or is this one of those deals where “the company” will kill you if you reveal their name? What a bunch of bullshit.

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