Mass shooting, San Bernardino, plus “training exercise”

c2da3fab0f674a89a2748dd880e5dedd_1jz2FhG_headerBy Jon Rappoport

KTLA reports (“More Than 14 Killed, 14-Plus Wounded After Up to 3 Shooters Open Fire: San Bernardino Police Chief”) — here’s a key quote:

The call first came in at 10:59 a.m. of multiple shots fired from the area of 1365 S. Waterman Ave., San Bernardino Police Department Lt. Richard Lawhead said. The department’s SWAT team was training nearby and was suited, ‘ready to roll’ and responded rapidly, Lawhead said.

Yet another mass shooting where, by chance, a training exercise was going on during or prior to the event.

San Bernardino, east of Los Angeles. Reports state several shooters in a cluster of three office buildings that employ 600 people, 20 victims down, and shooters apparently at large.

Here is a recent article I wrote about mass shootings paralleling training exercises:

Training exercises dovetail with mass shootings What are the odds?

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6 Comments on "Mass shooting, San Bernardino, plus “training exercise”"

  1. My heart goes out to the victims and their perpetrators. It is a
    tragedy when anyone is convinced that violence is the only good
    response. If only law makers/peace keepers could pass laws that
    criminals would abide; oddly enough criminals do not abide by laws.

    • criminals can access guns anytime they want….look what happened to Germany when they gave up their guns…& what’s happening to Oz….the stasi police state is there for the protection of the criminal 1%…they don’t care about us at all…ever

  2. I’m confused… why are the police dressed like military personnel?

    • Average Joe American | December 3, 2015 at 11:50 am | Reply

      They wear camos to blend in with the surrounding cityscape and the jungles and forests of modern suburbia. Also to strike fear into the hearts and minds of terrorists. And because they don’t want to be confused with those namby-pamby blue uniform wearers who once protected and served their communities. Oh, and of course they think they look like GI Joe.

  3. “They don’t even bother to hide it anymore”.Geo.Carlin….ever so predictable… another False Flag running concurrent with a ‘Drill’…people are right when observing that the NWO has absolutely no creative imagination beyond their compartmentalized programming.(imo)

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