UFO Sightings on West Coast Reveal Secret Government Operation

By Luke Rudkowski

In this video Luke Rudkowski tells you about the breaking news of the mysterious light that many people saw in California and confused as a possible UFO or alien. We talk about this secret government operation that was done without warning and the implications of this being done in plain sight for everyone to see.

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1 Comment on "UFO Sightings on West Coast Reveal Secret Government Operation"

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    All of thee are TOP SECRET – especially AREA 51 – yu get any where near there and you are shot at by GUARDS who aim to klill . YOU FLY over that area 51 and you are sshot down . /////////////////////////////// PRIVATE COMMERCIAL JETS stay away from AREA 51 . /////////////////////////////////////////
    Don’t let OBOOOOMASSS – the magnificent FARCE – thell you any different . //////////////////////////////////

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