Dick Cheney To Be Immortalized With Statue in US Capitol

Cheney-Bust-Statue-Anti-MediaBy SM Gibson

No matter the subject you wish to illuminate under the spotlight of scrutiny — whether it be finance, intellect, or even morality — Washington D.C. habitually operates with a deficit. Though at a quick glance it might seem that generally everything on Capitol Hill is in short supply, there is an unquestioned surplus when it comes to warmongers.

Not all brutes are created equal, however, and many of the elected are lukewarm. As dangerous as they are hypocritical, the tepid warmongers will boast about being war-weary and how they stand for the pursuit of peace while addressing the American people.  They will simultaneously vote ‘yea’ on any resolution that results in bloodshed — and they’ll do it quicker than you can press play on the song “Bombs Over Baghdad” on your iPod. These cowardly political snakes choose to ask forgiveness from the dead rather than seek permission from the living.

But not Dick Cheney.

While Super PAC panhandlers point fingers and regurgitate a plethora of deceptions and mistakes surrounding past U.S. military conquests — so as to wash the crimson stains from their blood-soaked hands in the view of the voting public — the former vice president unapologetically allows the eternal blood of innocents to flow down his arms with both middle fingers raised high in the sky.

As Cheney famously said in reference to the Iraq War on Meet The Press in 2006, “If we had to do it over again we would do exactly the same thing.”

In 2014, while speaking with Megyn Kelly, Dick Cheney said, “I think we went into Iraq for very good reasons,” also noting he “fundamentally disagrees” with the common view that it was a mistake to invade the Middle East.

Cheney continues to echo his unabashed lack of remorse over his administration’s decision to intervene in the ancient land of Babylon — even to this day : “It was the right thing to do then. I believed it then and I believe it now,” he said in an interview with CNN in August of this year.

“No apologies,” he added.

And how does Congress choose to scold the actions and pomposity of Dick, the suit-and-necktie-clad barbarian? By honoring him with a bust inside the U.S. Capitol building, of course.

A concurrent resolution “authorizing the use of Emancipation Hall in the Capitol Visitor Center for the unveiling of the marble bust of Vice President Richard Cheney on December 3, 2015″ was passed by the U.S. Senate on November 5th.

The Senate resolution is sponsored by Roy Blunt [R-MO] and co-sponsored by Mitch McConnell [R-KY], Harry Reid [D-NV], and Chuck Schumer [D-NY].

And they say bipartisanship is a pipe dream.

How comforting it is to know that both sides of the aisle can put their differences aside to canonize the man who in 1999 said,

Oil remains fundamentally a government business. While many regions of the world offer great oil opportunities, the Middle East, with two-thirds of the world’s oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies, even though companies are anxious for greater access there, progress continues to be slow.

Cheney is undoubtedly one of the principal parties responsible for helping speed up that “process.”

Despite the political hyperbole criticizing Cheney’s braggadocios warmongering ways from republicans AND democrats, they still agree on commemorating him. How neat.

The practice of honoring former vice presidents with busts in the Capitol building began in 1898 when the Senate passed a resolution to codify it.

“Marble busts of those who have been Vice Presidents of the United States shall be placed in the Senate wing of the Capitol from time to time, [and] that the Architect of the Capitol is authorized, subject to the advice and approval of the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration, to carry into execution the object of this resolution,” the resolution established.

Although the thought of Dick Cheney’s dismembered head being displayed for tourists to visit may bring a grin to the lips of some of his detractors, it is doubtful his likeness immortalized in marble as a show of reverence will conjure the same reaction.

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  1. They will be forced to put an armed guard there after repeated vandal attacks.

  2. Think the statue will crack if someone puts a bible in front of it?

  3. Truly offensive

  4. If we must have a statue of Cheney, it should be out on the portico of the Capitol where the pigeons could heap their appreciation of Cheney on his twisted, snarling face. It could only be an improvement.

  5. Hope it gets destroyed, one way or another. DISGUSTING. The man is a criminal and should rot in prison the rest of his life

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