Paris Attacks Reveal Double Standard For Victims Of Terror

syria_on_fireBy Afraa Dagher

Several attacks took place in separate areas in Paris on the night of Saturday, November, 13th.

What people in Paris suffered that night, Syrian people have been enduring for five years.

Acts of horror committed by criminal groups funded and supported by the West and its allies in the Gulf.

Until this moment, the USA and its allies insist upon calling them “moderate rebels” and have made them a formal delegation in representing the Syrian people under the name ‘Syrian National Coalition’.

Those extremists and their crimes are considered ‘moderate’ rebels and ‘freedom fighters’, while incidents such as what took place in Paris are considered crimes against humanity.

As President Obama called it, it is a case of double standards, something which we in the Arab world are quite accustomed. However we recognize that such incidents like that in Europe would not happen without the help of foreign intelligence assets such as CIA director Brennan who met with his French counterpart before the Paris attack. It happened a day before the Syria talks in Vienna.

France needed a strong pretext to impose its conditions and to escalate its coordination with USA against what they call ‘ISIS’ in Syria, while they keep supporting and funding them under the guise of their being ‘moderate’ rebels.

For anyone who has been living in Syria, however, we know the truth – there is no mythical creature known as the ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria, but rather genocidal gangs who have shed the blood of our people since 2011, gangs created and backed by the US, Europe, Israel, and the Arab Gulf states.

Russia is fighting those extremists in Syria, an obvious problem for the US, Saudi Arabia, and their allies, whose number one priority is nurturing and keeping alive the headquarters of world terrorism, Israel.

Saudi Arabia and Israel are the main enemies of Syria, and since Russia is supporting Syria, an act of desperation was needed. The massacre in Paris was created as a follow up to the failed attempt of using the refugee crisis in mobilizing Europe militarily against Syria.

Two days ago, Syria witnessed missiles attack launched by “moderate rebels” on the University of Lattakia, and yet there was no word of condolences for the innocent victims from those countries who support the extremists. Lebanon also suffered twin suicide bombings as an act of revenge for the advances of Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah in Syria.

Our hearts go out for the innocent people of Paris and everywhere in this world.

We hope this incident will not impact public opinion in the wrong way, causing France to escalate its involvement in Syria and Iraq in supporting Western-backed terrorists and in demanding a ‘transitional’ government without President Bashar Al Assad, the elected leader and the only one fighting terrorists.

Syria has lost over 70,000 soldiers in this horrible war. It was not allowed for Syria to fight those extremists in 2011. The West considered them peaceful protesters.

The incident in France is small compared to what is going on in Syria. Still, you will see French soldiers and security everywhere, with a state of emergency being declared, and more tightly controlled borders.

While in Syria, the demand of the West was for us to remove the state of emergency. Our borders became the main conduit for terrorists from camps of foreign fighters based in Turkey, Jordan etc. to enter our country and destroy Syria.

After what has happened in Paris, the world can clearly see that some lives are worth more than others in the eyes of public opinion.

A double standard indeed…..

Afraa Dagher is a political analyst currently residing in Syria. She has made numerous media appearances commenting on the current state of affairs inside Syria as well as the nature of the current crisis. She has appeared on RT, PRESS TV, and is a regular guest on Activist Post writer Brandon Turbeville’s Truth on the Tracks radio program. Her website is

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  1. Syrians should blame on themselves. Syria was not that bad when it was dictated by Assad.
    They chooses to become a CIA puppet, now they know how CIA treat their puppet. Dumb people destroyed their own country, then cry that they cannot handle the terrorism.
    Keep enjoy your CIA backed revolution, freedom fighters

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