Russian Plane Crash Blamed On ISIS, Western Fingerprints On The Scene?

who-created-isisBy Brandon Turbeville

With the recent downing of a Russian passenger airliner and the subsequent headlines which grabbed the attention of the world, a myriad of questions have likewise appeared regarding the nature of the attack as well as the perpetrators. The one thing that is clear, however, is that the crashed plane is being used for propaganda purposes by the West, who wishes to see Russia pull out of Syria, NATO forces move in, and for Assad to ultimately fall.

Yet for all of the hysterical calls from Western nations that ISIS was behind the attack, it should be remembered that Russia was the main victim in this case. Still, Russia has been the one nation that has acted with a cool and level head, suggesting that an investigation be conducted and all the evidence ascertained before proclamations are made regarding the nature of the guilty party.

Who Did It?

While investigations are still ongoing, there is a growing consensus that the plane was brought down not by a missile or equipment failure but by a bomb placed on board. The main question is whether or not the bomb was a barometric pressure-based bomb or whether it was detonated via remote control.

Still, the United States could not scream loud or early enough that the culprit of the bombing was ISIS. Indeed, Sinai-based group Ansar al-Maqdis has claimed credit for the bombing publicly.

According to an article posted by CNN on November 9, 2015

Several senior U.S. intelligence, military and national security officials have told CNN about the growing confidence that terrorists bombed the plane.

One official said it was “99.9% certain.” Another said it was “likely.”

The plane was headed from the Egyptian resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg, Russia, on October 31. But not long after takeoff, it disintegrated midair and crashed in the Sinai Peninsula.

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond told CNN’s “The Situation Room” on Monday that his government still believes “it’s more likely than not” that an explosive device caused the plane crash.

“Obviously, we won’t know absolutely for certain until the final analysis of the wreckage has taken place,” he said. “That could take some time.”

British officials, he said, “acted on a precautionary basis” using all the evidence they had when they decided last week to suspend flights to Sharm el-Sheikh, he said. He declined to detail what intelligence led to the move, but said the decision — which came a day before Egypt’s President was scheduled to visit London — wasn’t made lightly.

“We’re sharing what we can. But some intelligence is sensitive, and clearly we don’t share the most sensitive intelligence. What people like the Russians and the Egyptians will very clearly be able to see is the conclusions that we have reached. … Clearly, that was not a comfortable decision for us to make. We made it on the basis of the information,” he said.

Egyptian officials, who are leading the main crash investigation, haven’t expressed as much confidence in the bomb theory.

“All the scenarios” are still on the table, said Ayman al-Muqaddam, the head of the investigation.

“We don’t know what happened exactly,” he said.

The Egyptians aren’t the only ones involved. Experts from Russia, France, Germany and Ireland — countries that are connected in various ways to the Airbus A321-200 that crashed — are also investigating.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed to reporters Monday that the United Kingdom provided Russia with data on the downing of the jet.

Meanwhile, talks between U.S., Russian and Egyptian officials about the potential scope of American assistance in the investigation are ongoing. U.S. law enforcement officials told CNN that the FBI is already offering limited support but has no plans to send a team to the region.

Russian state news agency RIA Novosti reported Monday that Russian experts may receive the first forensic analysis data potentially revealing traces of explosive substances on the wreckage as early as Thursday. But more definitive conclusions could take longer, according to the report.


In an interview with Russian magazine, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev did not exclude the possibility for the plane crash to have been terrorist-related. “The possibility of an act of terror is of course there as the reason for what happened,” he said. Notably, Medvedev made no pronouncements à la the United States declaring the crash an act of terror or who was responsible for it as the investigation is ongoing.

Still, the evidence seems overwhelming that ISIS was in fact involved in the bombing – whether by placing a bomb on board the plane (despite the necessity of some level of skill in order to do so) or by simply acting as the patsy for some other agent who stands to gain heavily from the fallout of the attack.

The West?

But it is just this “other agent who stands to gain heavily from the fallout of the attack” that should concern us the most. While it is certainly possible for ISIS to occasionally find itself off the Western reservation, the fact is that such incidents rarely manifest themselves in such spectacularly successful terror attacks. Instead, they tend to result in dead fanatics and bombing campaigns that are designed to herd the jihadis to a different location of the target country.

It is precisely because of the nature of ISIS calls into question who was truly responsible for the downing of the Russian plane. After all, ISIS was entirely a creation of the West and it remains as the U.S. NATO Arab Legion, particularly in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Nigeria, and other locations including the United States and Europe. Thus, if the guilty party in the Russian plane crash turns out to be ISIS, then the figures pointing blamed should be aimed Westward at the controllers of those terrorists groups and not merely chalked up to yet another brilliant defeat of a highly advanced military apparatus by a group of pre-civilized fanatics in a string of events that defy all statistical odds of happening coincidentally.

The evidence presented by the United States, Britain, and Israel has thus far been either questionable or extremely coincidental.

For instance, a number of “intercepts” being used to analyze the part played by terrorists in the plane crash have come from Israeli intelligence, a notoriously deceptive and misleading organization when it comes to international affairs.

CNN reports,

At least some of the intelligence intercepts being used to assess what happened to the jetliner came from Israeli intelligence, according to a U.S. official briefed on the intelligence as well as a diplomatic source.

The communications were captured by Israeli intelligence focused on the Sinai and passed along to the United States and Britain, the sources said.

Israeli officials would not comment on the claims.

Muqaddam said Egypt was not given any information or evidence tied to reports suggesting a bomb took down the flight, and he urged the sources of the reports to pass along related evidence to Egyptian investigators.

Notably, there is no report suggesting that the information was passed along to the victim nation (or nations) who are currently involved in the investigation – Russia, France, Germany, and Ireland.

“Chatter” was also analyzed by British and U.S. intelligence that is being used by the Anglo-American powers to suggest that the attack was conducted by ISIS. CNN reports,

The belief that a bomb was most likely to blame centers, to a large extent, on British and U.S. intercepts of communications after the crash from the Sinai affiliate of the Islamic militant group ISIS to ISIS operatives in Syria, officials said.

The Sinai affiliate has publicly claimed responsibility for downing the plane, but so far hasn’t explained how it was done. That’s prompted questions about the claim among observers, considering ISIS’ tendency to publicize its acts for propaganda value.

The ISIS messages monitored by British and American intelligence agencies are separate from the group’s public claims, a U.S. official has said.

The two Western countries have been analyzing the specific language in the chatter to determine to what extent the operatives were talking about the type of bomb and detonator used, and whether that language was a true representation of what happened, one official told CNN.

Several officials said it’s the specificity of the chatter that has contributed to the U.S. and British view that a bomb was most likely used.

At this point, there is a vast difference in the opinions of the Western “experts” and the Egyptian investigators, even on the nature of the “mysterious noise” heard shortly before the blast.

With that in mind, suspicions that the Western nations backing ISIS were responsible for the Russian plane crash, while relegated to ridicule and catcalls of “conspiracy theory” in the West itself, is receiving much more attention in the Egyptian media.

As Maram Mazen writes for AP,

Egyptian media have reacted with fury as Britain and the United States increasingly point to a bomb as the cause of the Oct. 31 Russian plane crash in Sinai, and many have hammered home to the public here the message that the country is facing a Western conspiracy to scare off tourists and destroy the economy.

The warnings of a plot have been widely promoted by opinion-makers in print, online, and on TV, sometimes hinting and sometimes saying flat-out that the West has restricted flights to Egypt not purely out of safety concerns for its citizens but because it wants to undermine the country or prevent President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi from making Egypt too strong.

“The people defy the conspiracy — Egypt will not cave in to pressures,” the state-owned Al-Gomhuria newspaper proclaimed in a front-page headline this week. “Egypt stands up to ‘the West’s terrorism,'” an independent daily, El-Watan, headlined.

Of course, Mazen attempts to ridicule the Egyptian suspicions by the usual insults of “conspiracy theories” which the writer blames on “poor education, suspicion of others, a lack of government transparency, limitations on speech, and the historical fact that powers inside and outside the region do often work behind the scenes to sway events and conflicts,” ironically all conditions that can be applied to the United States. Mazen also insults the Egyptian outlets by pointing out that the papers also accused the West of supporting the 2011 uprising that brought Mohammed Morsi to power along with his Muslim Brotherhood organization, all documented in relative detail in both the mainstream, independent, and alternative media.

The AP report continues by stating,

Other commentators went further, hinting at some sort of collusion or at least a mutual interest between Britain and IS.

Hazem Moneim, a commentator with El-Watan, wrote that the West was “afraid” of Egypt.

“Why would Britain issue this statement coinciding with the beginning of el-Sissi’s visit, as if they know the truth from its source?” he wrote Saturday. He compared it to a TV drama in which “the evil side contributes to committing the crime, then accuses the other side.”

A fair question indeed, Mr. Moneim.

The AP chronicles further suspicions of the West by writing,

In the same paper, Lamis Gaber wrote that London “was very pleased” with the IS claim of responsibility. “As long as the English and (IS) are in political agreement and ideological and strategic harmony, then perhaps the information might be true,” she wrote.

. . . . . .

In the largest state newspaper, Al-Ahram, Taha Abdel-Aleem wrote that British and Americans statements on the crash were part of pressure “aiming to empower the Brotherhood and humiliate Egypt, as well as turn public opinion in Russia against its war on terror in Syria” — referring to Moscow’s air campaign there.

The Saudis

Some researchers and commenters have a somewhat different few as to the specifics of how the attack may have taken place. Ziad Fadel of Syrian Perspective, whose website, has functioned as one of the most up to date and reliable sources of information in regards to the Syrian crisis has put forth the hypothesis that the Saudis played a major role in the downing of the plane. He also suggests that the Russians share this hypothesis. Fadel writes,

The hushed rumors are now being disclosed to persons like myself, and, therefore, to my readers. There is a deeply held Russian suspicion that the crash of the Russian airliner over the Sinai as it took off from Sharm Al-Shaykh was the work of none other than Prince Muhammad bin Salmaan, the Deputy Heir Apparent and the “Minister of Defense” for the imploding kingdom of mental squalor. That’s right. When this arrogant little pimp left the office of President Putin, in Socchi, he mumbled a threat which was recorded by the Russian minders in the building. The best effort at decrypting it produced a threat to punish Russia for its help to Dr. Assad and to pay Mr. Putin back for the rude treatment the prince received. I will be updating all of you on this curious development. But, you can always say you read it first right here at SyrPer.

In the meantime, the British Press is making a big deal out of a pronouncement from the Ministry of Defense that the Russian Metrojet was downed by an IED placed on board, probably at Sharm Al-Shaykh. What the British are doing is giving cover to a bomb placed on the passenger jet by an agent of the Saudi regime. That agent received the bomb from a British contractor to the Saudi General “Intelligence” Directorate. The bomb is believed to have been designed around a barometric triggering device which is technology not available yet to ISIS. Nonetheless, the British liars are kiting this story in an effort to anticipate the results of the investigation which will prove that the plane was downed by a bomb. It smells of British. It was a British operation.

Don’t pay any attention to the coordinated Western effort to deflect attention from the Saudis who are definitely behind this operation. CNN, also, is referring to ISIS as the culprit. They are a part of the same boring cabal of Zionist-controlled media. What they won’t tell you is that the captain and the crew of the plane could not communicate their plight for the reason that the plane was severed in midair by an explosion of C-4 ignited by a barometric device. The explosion cut the plane’s hydraulics and all wiring for communication. Even the transponder was vaporized in the conflagration. The passengers were killed nearly instantly.

Why Did The Attack Take Place?

Assuming that the plane was indeed brought down by bomb or, at the very least, a terrorist act, and assuming that the terrorist actor was a member of ISIS or its Sinai branch, we may be able to deduce the nature of the event and what it means if the preconditions mentioned above are met by the evidence uncovered in the coming weeks and months. Considering the history of the United States, the NATO bloc, the GCC, and Israel in regards to terrorist attacks and geopolitical treachery, one could obviously make such an assumption with a reasonable certainty that the attack was directed by the West for a variety of purposes.

First, if the terrorist act was committed by ISIS or a related terror organization, it must be understood that the ultimate responsibility lies with the Western/GCC nations and Israel who control these organizations as a means of foreign policy and domestic propaganda. At best, the West will have supported these organizations by such means that they were enabled to conduct a terror attack on the Russian civilian jet. At worst, however, these Western nations were directly responsible for the attacks as a method of intimidation and propaganda.

While any warning to the Egyptian people as a result of the Russian plane crash would undoubtedly center around the country’s relationship with Russia, the real message is no doubt aimed at the Russians.

First and foremost, the attack signals a message to the Russian people that, if their government continues to stick its nose in NATO imperialist business and continues to bomb ISIS targets in Syria, then ordinary Russian people will be put at risk. In other words, the NATO imperialists want to tell the Russian people that Putin has put their lives in danger as a result of his action in Syria. The message is the same as that of all shadowy terrorist bogeymen who have been used by NATO in the past to deliver warnings to governments and populations – live in fear and do as we say, or bad things may happen to you. Thus, it appears that the West is trying to capitalize on the hesitancy of the Russian people to commit ground troops and full Russian military force to Syria and to convince them to pressure the Russian government to pull back what force is already committed.

Second, the attack on civilian airliners will, at least, provide useful cover for further Western intervention in Syria under the guise of fighting ISIS and protecting civilians. After all, as former Israeli soldier, Obama Chief of Staff, and presidio of America’s domestic Guantanamo system for American citizens, Rahm Emmanuel once stated, the American ruling class must never allow a crisis to go to waste.

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As the world awaits the final investigative results, the West has moved at a lightning pace to create and control the narrative surrounding the Russian plane crash. By controlling the narrative, it can then control the ability of the Russians, Egyptians, or other interested parties to properly lay blame after the investigation is completed since the general public has an attention span that scarcely lasts a week.

Regardless of the details of the attack, the event itself continues to be used as propaganda for a number of different purposes. If the attack was truly conducted by ISIS, however, it stands as yet one more example of how Western geopolitical goals tend to match up the goals of ISIS. Indeed, the goals of the two have mirrored one another so many times in the past that any claims of coincidence completely defy the odds.

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Brandon Turbeville – article archive here – is an author out of Florence, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of six books,Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, and The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President. Turbeville has published over 500 articles dealing on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s podcast Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at)

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  1. As we are part of the “west” we read and absorb (or not) the western viewpoint. Failing to recognise that 7 billion of the world’s population are not of the “West”.
    The news that reaches the rest of the world does not consist of American and British “talking heads”, but often has insightful editorial analysis.
    Fortunately, the propaganda mills of Washington and London are losing their power as more and more even westerners are turning to alternative sources for information.
    Edward Bernays is spinning in his grave.

  2. Excellent insightful article on the sad series of events revolving around Syria. I doubt the Russian people will be detered in there support of there President since he is doing the right thing. Its extremely uncomfortable knowing I pay taxes to parties responsible for much of this madness. Really time for God to purge this land of the wicked.

  3. Once again, Turbeville calls a spade a spade and with documentation !
    Similar to the shift of blame for the assassination of JFK to Lee H. Oswald, an attempt to shift the guilt for the destruction of A321 away from the creator-owner-financier-directors of ISIS, directly to the ISIS organization itself. The concept of a bomb, allegedly placed on A321 prior to takeoff, distracts from the NATO aircraft maneuvers that extended from Israel throughout the Sinai the week of the downing of A321, and the possibility that a US-build F-15 could have fired an air-to-air missile at A321.

    The “one week memory” of too many persons is being carefully used by string-pullers of the news media to overlook the widely published articles stating that the Israeli MOSSAD and U.S. CIA taught leaders of ISIS and organized straggling groups into ISIS in Spring of 2014. Nor do they mention that
    ISIS has been re-supplied from Turkey with supplies flown into the NATO (USAF) airbase, Incirlik, located 220 Km WNW of the western border of Syria. Nor do they publish that a wing of F-15s was recently re-located to the Incirlik airbase, to “assist” with additional bombing of ISIS inside Syria.

    Turbeville´s seminal concept, ” – – the nature of ISIS calls into question who was truly responsible for the downing of the Russian plane. After all, ISIS was entirely a creation of the West and it remains as the U.S. NATO Arab Legion, particularly in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Nigeria, and other locations including the United States and Europe.” Seems appropriate to me to spread the truth, that Syria is a sovereign nation, and not the property of the U.S/NATO arab legion. Thus, Syria has international authority to defend itself against all NATO-member aircraft and ground forces that enter Syrian air-space and borders. No Israeli, U.S., French, Saudi, Turkish or other member nations of NATO have authority to intervene in Syria without authorization from the government of Syria.

    E.U. nations also need to be reminded that France (Sarkozy) led the NATO air-attack and destruction of Libya and murder of Muammar al Qadhaffi. The CIA whistle-blower, American heroine, Susan Lindauer, revealed in her eye-opening, semi-autobiography, “Extreme Prejudice,” who ordered NATO to destroy Qadhaffi and Libya, and also why.

    Sarkozy acted as the puppet of the CIA/MOSSAD in the Libya debacle. One is clearly justified in posing the question, “Is Francois Hollande repeating the puppetry of Sarkozy, and acting as the agent of the CIA/MOSSAD in the ISIS-Syria misadventure”?

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