Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson on Alternative Ancient History

By Joe Rogan

Graham Hancock is an English author and journalist, well known for books such as Fingerprints Of The Gods and his new book Magicians of the Gods is available now. Randall Carlson is a master builder and architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and renegade scholar.


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5 Comments on "Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson on Alternative Ancient History"

  1. Wait… THREE HOURS? Some other time when I have even less to do, perhaps.

    • you could play the video at double or even 1.5 times the speed… cuts the time down significantly, and you can still catch the info. If you have trouble you can simply put it to the intended speed and slow it down so that you can interpret the info.

  2. The “us and them” attitude, anti-Darwin aspect of your post really sets the mind to a negative closure. Belittling those who have less education than you really just shows how self centered and egotistical you are.

    • Dear Ren.
      TALK about “us & them” attitude! Ha!
      Have you noticed the virulent militant pooh-pooh-ing attitude of so-called “academia” et al? Towards true alternative historians?! With continual slurs, slights, and ad hominems like: “Pseudo archaeology”, “Fringe science”, “Spurious interpretations”, “Not peer reviewed”, “Contested” by “resident, well published, elite-supported, scientists?”. etc. ad infinitum?
      Not only that, but have you noticed perhaps, how tested and proven historical methods like Euhemerism (think: Heinrich Schliemann & discovery of Troy!) and “grand” Diffusionism (think: fx, similarity between Rongo Rongo script of Easter Island and Indus Valley script!) are continually belittled by Darwinist gatekeeper Wikipedia, and all the grey eminences of the Darwininian Establishment, which is ostensibly the “scientific” standard for all things and all of us these days? Ren! Ha! You so funny! Ha! You are trying to make me laugh, right?? Ha! You so funny! I can’t believe it.
      Or are you indeed really prefering to try create a perfect strawman by ignoring the message of all the above facts by simply shooting down the messenger with unsourced ad hominems of your own belittling? (Belittling? Where? Quote?) And because you are willing, obviously, but unable to refute the facts (because of having chosen the deception? A preferred Darwinian bias?), you feel SLIGHTED because you feel you have less education? Nothing of the kind was said above, or even implied. The Darwinian dictatorship was merely taken to task (and rightly so!) with a different and far truer paradigm plus solid facts. But because that establishment is so used to bashing and beating up alternative true historians, after we NON-Darwinians have suffered virtual persecution, loss of jobs, academic positions, now they suddenly feel slighted? Because they can’t do it anymore?
      Oh, I’m so-o sorry for those poor crying sensitive Darwinians that they can’t deceive us anymore. [My Stockholm Syndrome is kicking in] I’m so sorry they can’t demonise, and obfuscate, and minimise, and persecute, and fire, and ostracise, and refuse publishing, and initimidate, and strong-arm, and curse anymore, and therefore are so-o-o-o justified in throwing a verbal fit.
      And if YOU dear Ren, are such a poor sensitive persecuted Darwinian, then please forgive me for trying to set the mangled historical record straight again. I’m sorry Ren. I’ll never do it again. Promise.
      Lu Xian

      PS: This sarc is not to make you feel bad, Ren, I normally care much about people, but this is to help you to WAKE UP also out of the grandest mass delusion campaign this world has ever seen. We have ALL suffered from it, all the way from elementary school to every damned Darwinian TV nature program. It was rammed down our collective throats, Ren. Please wake up! It IS A LIE! We’ve been had! It is worse than Climate Change! Worse than a 9-11 inside job! Open your eyes! Be liberated today! Darwinism is a Banker scam to turn you from an in-dependent thinker into a mental slave!
      Remember the little boy who saw that the Emperor had no clothes on whatsoever? He was just being honest! He didn’t want to hurt anyone? But if speaking the truth hurts? Well, then, I’m sorry.. then we need to hurt, I guess. Sorry.
      Happy New Year anyway!

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