Same Judge who Covered Up CIA Torture Dismisses Suit Against NSA Surveillance

cia-torture-judge-nsa-surveilannceBy Andrew Emett

Responsible for helping cover up the CIA’s torture program, the same judge dismissed a lawsuit on Friday filed by the ACLU, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Wikipedia, and other organizations accusing the NSA of conducting mass surveillance. Although it is now common knowledge that the NSA can retroactively access phone records, text messages, emails, Internet activity, GPS locations, and metadata, the judge dismissed the suit because the NSA refuses to admit that they are incessantly violating our constitutional rights.

“The NSA’s mass surveillance violates our clients’ constitutional rights to privacy, freedom of speech, and freedom of association, and it poses a grave threat to a free internet and a free society,” asserted Ashley Gorski, a staff attorney with the ACLU national security project. “The private communications of innocent people don’t belong in government hands.”

According to the lawsuit, the NSA secretly violated the First and Fourth Amendments by creating a program called Upstream, which intercepts both foreign and domestic telephone and Internet traffic along major internet cables. Although whistleblower Edward Snowden publicly disclosed the existence of the program in 2013 and the government has acknowledged its existence, Judge Thomas Selby “T.S.” Ellis III dismissed the suit because he admittedly did not have enough information to confirm their allegations.

“The decision turns a blind eye to the fact that the government is tapping into the Internet’s backbone to spy on millions of Americans,” ACLU lawyer Patrick Toomey said in a statement. “The dismissal of the lawsuit’s claims as ‘speculative’ is at odds with an overwhelming public record of warrantless surveillance.”

By playing the national security card, the NSA proved once again that it is currently immune to public scrutiny and accountability. If the ruling stands, the ACLU believes it will be impossible to challenge the NSA in civil court. Although Judge T.S. Ellis III said the suit relied on “the subjective fear of surveillance,” the ACLU plans to file an appeal.

Ellis proved his loyalty to the State when he dismissed a suit in 2006 against the CIA for torturing an innocent man. In a case of mistaken identity, German citizen Khalid El-Masri was abducted by the Macedonian police and handed over to the CIA. After months of beatings and forced rectal suppositories, El-Masri was released without charges.

Instead of dismissing the case on merit, Ellis dismissed the suit on the grounds that a trial would risk national security. Caught torturing innocent people and spying on U.S. citizens, the CIA and NSA have caused more damage to national security than any lawsuit ever could. Willing to sacrifice justice in the name of state-sponsored torture and mass surveillance programs, Ellis represents a judicial system that no longer participates in the political pastime of checks and balances.

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17 Comments on "Same Judge who Covered Up CIA Torture Dismisses Suit Against NSA Surveillance"

  1. Kay Griggs told during an 10 hour interview in 1998, that the US judges had a navy historie, and covering up. We see the truth. I recommend to watch this interview, very illuminating.

  2. what passes for government and the judicial system are both illegitimate.. fraud, lies, conspiracy against the people.

    • A nation isn’t it’s bureaucrats.

      This judge obviously is biased towards protecting the wrong sorts of behaviors. Another trial like this and “3rd strike and you’re out” should apply, but judges at his level might as well be a king, when trying to get them to leave office. Oh, and the replacement would be just as jaded.

      • An alleged nation run by psychopaths, sycophants, sociopaths and pathological liars IS NOT A NATION! It’s an ongoing criminal organization.. just a bunch of mental rejects forcing us to give them money at the imminent threat of death! If you disagree, Irwin Schiff “who recently died in prison handcuffed to his bed, for nothing more than challenging the government and showing them to be the frauds that they are!” would strongly disagree with you!
        The death penalty for proving the government is nothing more than criminal fraud!

        • No, was saying a nation is also it’s people and their culture. Saying that just because someone has a heightened (narcissistic) sense of self-entitlement and thinking they ‘deserve’ power, doesn’t make them actually superior human beings, nor a legitimate authority.

          But just keep going off half-cocked, it makes for entertaining reading.

          • desertspeaks | October 29, 2015 at 1:58 pm |

            Ohhh, so you’re allowed to make a point and then clarify but when I make a point, i’m going off half-cocked! Well you must be special. Now explain why you don’t give others the same consideration you apply to yourself?? What are you 12?

          • I said that because you made all kinds of assumptions that looked like you didn’t even read it.

          • desertspeaks | October 30, 2015 at 8:18 am |

            you’ve mistaken facts for assumptions! Those people in what is alleged to be government are nothing more than a group of criminals with an assortment of mental aberration’s, mania’s and psychopathy!

          • LOL, I think you’re speaking another language. ‘Nation’ doesn’t mean what you think it means. That or you’re deliberately misunderstanding the fact that I was implying that the people are the nation, and governments are a subset of said people. See also in computer security terms: “trust” meaning a likely failure point. AKA, part that hackers exploit.

          • desertspeaks | November 8, 2015 at 1:57 pm |

            I noticed you didn’t actually refute my post, why is that?

            Oddly you believe your “implications” are facts.. delusional much? In your post you were implying and making assumptions, right?? the same thing you accuse me of! sadly, you’re not nearly as bright as you imagine yourself to be!

            How precisely are the people the nation? The UNITED STATES is not the united states of America. So which one is the nation? I’ll presume since you’re an educated individual, you’ll know the correct answer to this already, right??

  3. (IMO)These are not what we normally call impartial judges…these are Saturnalian black robed satanists that sold their soul to the hijacking NWO Rothschild cabal & Old Black Nobility with their rabid attack dog zionists/jesuits that lead a coup on America on 9-11

  4. Elite have always been writing “laws” for slaves – those laws are not written to be respected by the very elite that wrote them ! They do what they want! That’s why there is a DC in every capital! The DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY and “intelectual corruption” protect them for at least 5 milleniums (since Ancient Egyptian hierarchical worl order)

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  6. Enjoy one of the ‘last’ vestiges of truth dissemination, because the vultures of the matrix will be swooping down on the internet shortly to control the flow of info.

  7. Undertake a due diligence on the judge, is he an graduate of a Jesuit university? Is he a Mason? Is he on the take? ACLU has the resources to conduct a legal background check on the actor in black robes.

    • Currently the entire judicial system in USA is corrupt from top to bottom, so a thorough housecleaning via passing new laws, defunding these crooks and clawback of their ill-gotten racketeering gains, and replacing them with honest decent new people is the civilized answer. However, they will resist decency with all their might so most likely they will have to be dislodged via physical aggression which will most likely come from abroad in the form of a large war.

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