Officer Grabs Student By Throat and Slams to Ground While Talking After Fight

teen slammed

By Amanda Warren

Texas dad, Kashka Hughes, says he’ll press charges after seeing raw footage of a Round Rock High School recourse officer grab his 14-year-old son by the throat, swing him around and send him to the floor. Two officers kept student Gyasi Hughes to the floor for some time.

The case highlights a spate of instances where school resource officers (SROs) use excessive force like they would on adult criminals but apply the same force to students. Students across the U.S. have been injured by pepper-spray, batons, Tasers, chokeholds, kicks and punches. It is a nightmarish form of corporal punishment used as a twisted form of discipline and sets a terrible example for how to resolve conflicts.

Whereas Gyasi lost his temper and started a fight with another student over a pair of goggles – the officer used fighting and his power as an adult officer to subdue and overpower the teen who said “leave me alone” and attempted to walk past him.

The father told KXAN:

The police officer that was actually in this particular situation — he should have been trained well enough to know that this is a 130 pound child and that the action that was taken was totally unnecessary.

Some lawsuits calling for better training and punitive damages are cropping up after revelations that a Kentucky officer was handcuffing elementary students behind the back for extended amounts of time as a form of punishment. If CPS workers are being installed in school offices – shouldn’t they turn their scrutiny toward this form of child abuse? People are pointing out that these instances as well as “zero tolerance” are adding to the “school-to-prison-pipeline” imagery that tarnishes the face of public school today.

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18 Comments on "Officer Grabs Student By Throat and Slams to Ground While Talking After Fight"

  1. Plain and simple: This is an assault on a child by a police officer. Result: Lawsuit. Round Rock PD, you should be ashamed of this officer. The child was not combative or resisting. He simply wanted to be left alone. I have no respect for officers like this. What a disgrace. Thank God for i-Phones and video.

    • If my kid mouthed off like that, I would thank the Cop. The kid is a Bully and why does the freedom of free speech allow Blacks to say anything he wants offensive words like Cracker, peckerwood, Opie, but if I call one a N**ger it can be a hate crime. blacks have gotten used to special treatment from whites for what was stopped over 100 years ago. like getting College spots and jobs over better qualified Whites
      and whine when they don’t because they are too lazy to put in the work!
      It happened to me, and I was glad to rub some faces in it when the lazy bum got fired for stealing from the Company.

      • hahahahaha!….you should try stand up comedy…you’re hilarious!…& you say it all with such a straight face….but of course you belong to Knuckle-Draggers Anonymous…all you need is an IQ of a fence post to become a member (lol)

        • You obviously have bought into the crap! Here are some stats garnered by the United States Government from 1980 – 1994, Consisting of 8-13% of the population, African Americans are convicted of 55% of violent crime and theft. A majority of Predominant Black Nightclubs with a median age of 21-35 have to do pat down searches to stop handguns from entering the facility. The last 2 generations have been raised to look the other way to a population where 87% of births are to unwed Mothers.
          Where the fathers abandon the family over 50% of the time before the child’s first birthday and Drug use is at an alarming level. The NFL consists of 66% Black players but violate the Leagues Drug policy 8 to 1.
          Call me whatever childish name you want. You can stay ignorant and accept the poor pitiful me propaganda that the so called Reverends spew while teaching young Black men to hate, to tell them they don’t have the same opportunities their white counterparts do. You also have not been the victim of multiple crimes, and home invasions I have. All while the members of polite society preach of a group that need understanding. I have had a knife to my throat while being robbed, I have also had a gun pointed at me.
          If you would wish to compare IQ I would gladly do so. In the mean time, swallow the stories, and the next time you see a Policeman that works the inner city, ask them what the real truth is. No it isn’t polite. Most of all, try living a neighborhood where a majority of the population is not “European American. Where you hear gunfire and screams and sirens, on a nightly basis.
          Most of all keep those blinders on, and hope you are never a Victim.

          • If this country was invaded 400 yrs ago by rich Black people.. & Whites were in fact enslaved by Black southern plantation owners …& repeated the history of the USA exactly.. White people would be holding a knife to your throat & pointing guns at you(as you take a side in this debate…there is NO side)…catch my drift?….let me elaborate further…..The full spectrum atrocities of the rich & powerful core generational families, that lead unfettered lives of luxury…… purposely inflicted deliberate poverty & neglect upon an easily distinguishable minority of people….& if you grew up under these conditions …you too would be desperate, uneducated & several generations into a vicious cycle of ignorance, poverty & vilification with all of it’s sociopathic ramifications….This situation has been exacerbated by neglect…period…end of story….There is NO separation between people…. only a willfully created ‘dualism’ of “Us & Them’ which is the Hegelian Dialect mind tool used so skillfully by the ‘Shadow Master’ overlords that run this world…(eg: ‘Divide & Conquer’)…basically they play both sides against the middle …& you have unconsciously taken the bait….I could go on…but suffice to say….careful about whom you point your finger at…it could be you …looking in the mirror.

          • Larry Beach | October 13, 2015 at 8:30 am |

            You’re living in the past too, and have that typical attitude, feel sorry for me.
            Those luxurious lives were ended by the Civil War, but half of the country was free. What happened was terrible. but it has been well over 100 years.
            I came from that background, I got out, I chose to.
            You see I have a unique perspective, I made a choice not to do drugs. I was around it every day. The attitude is, it is all the fault of somebody else.
            It is easier to blame someone else, It was harder to go to work and not go out every night and Club.
            If you have never been next to it, woke up with it, and went to bed with it, you can write, theorize, analyze all you want. I know how it is. It is time to stop riding on their great great Grandfathers back, stop with the blame game and take personal responsibility.
            I’m finished here.

          • NO MORE EXCUSES…
            A person KNOWS , INNATELY, Right from Wrong.
            The very fact that there is a very diverse world out there.
            Everyone sees , society as a whole, what is acceptable & what is not.& yes, people know how to behave. It is a matter of CHOICE!

          • Judge, jury & bigot …all rolled into one….sad …

          • I stated absolute facts.
            Nowhere was I judge, jury or biggot.
            You did though.

        • All this from charter member, Edwardo!!

  2. Where are all you drooling red-necks coming from?….when you point your finger…3 more are pointing back at you…stupid is….stupid does.

    • I bet they’re police officers… I’m glad I live in Canada, although this October 19 we’ll be trying to get rid of a prime minister that acts on beliefs just like your famous Dubya’s…

      • I think I just got censored by Activist Post…my reply has been deleted!!!….(I’ll try again after saving of my commentary)
        ….(IMO)I’m a Canadian & what I said was: Harperstein is an obsequious genuflecting ‘brown-nosing’ sycophantic ‘boot-licking’ minion of all things, that are the epitome of NWO fascist corporate enslavement.. & an accomplice War Criminal along with all dual-citizen zionists that hijacked the Canadian Govn’t decades ago.. soon to become another Tony Blair… so if he loses this round of musical chairs… Harperstein prepares himself for a role in the NWO as that of an ‘Appointed’ un-elected slave-driving dictatorial potentate & probably become a multi-millionaire from just showing up at contrived speech-making ‘appearances’ ….after the TTP juggernaut has squashed the life out of our sovereignty….(I wonder if this reply too…will be censored?) this is after all…. MY OPINION

        • must have been a glitch…..maybe?…it did dissappear…..anyway… there’s no doubt about what I think about the despot that’s dictating edicts from his zionist ‘Handler’s’ in Canada…. as if the NWO was already…fait accompli

        • You are right with that, Eddy. And, its the same here in Australia. We are being sold out while we sleep and most people I talk to are totally blind to it. These people will suffer the most when the crap hits the fan. And its coming at us fast right now. The more people that become aware the more ridiculous our Governments become. Because, at the end of the day, they fear us…

    • AAAhahahhaaaa! Uhm, I live in the NE. And indeed, stupid is as stupid does, and you’re the poster boy!

  3. Why did they teach us that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the foundation for the law of the land? It is as if they have been orchestrating a revolution.

  4. No surprise here. Another brain dead liberal trying his damndest to denigrate the South, The conservatives, and my mind is just fine, thank you. Golden Rule applies. They do unto us? We annihilate them. Simple. Just like you! ppfftt!

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