Obama Says Russian Strikes on ISIS are “Strengthening” ISIS

isis-oilBy Steven MacMillan

Welcome to Obamaland, the mysterious, schizophrenic world where the truth is inverted. Washington is rapidly losing the microscopic amount of respect it had around the world, as US propaganda is becoming more childish by the week. Any rational person who is even remotely informed just sits back in amazement at the volume of deceptive, deceitful, and outright ludicrous statements constantly spewing from the mouths of top US officials. One of the latest comical episodes was when the US President, Barack Obama, actually tried to argue that Russian airstrikes against the so-called Islamic State (ISIS/IS/ISIL) are “only strengthening ISIL”:

The moderate opposition in Syria is one that, if we’re ever going to have a political transition, we need. And the Russian policy is driving those folks underground or creating a situation in which they are [debilitated], and it’s only strengthening ISIL.

So in Obama’s mind, Russia pounding key ISIS positions and other affiliated terrorist groups isn’t halting the groups rise, but “strengthening” it. In the real world, however, Russia has been severely weakening ISIS and fellow extremist forces in Syria through bombing terrorist command centers, weapons warehouses, training camps and other enemy positions. Russian airstrikes have illuminated the complete sham of the US-led coalition against ISIS, as Russian airstrikes have been far more effective already, comparative to America’s campaign.

Russia has once again outmaneuvered the West in relation to Syria, after a stroke of diplomatic genius from Moscow in 2013, which led to the Syrian government giving up their chemical weapons arsenal and averting a full-scale invasion by Western forces.

Obviously, the Western narrative that there are “moderate” terrorists fighting in Syria which we can trust and we should arm, is (and always has been), a total fallacy. “In reality, from the beginning, there were never any moderates,” as Tony Cartalucci wrote in his article for New Eastern Outlook: “US Complains As Russia Bombs its Terrorists”. “The Salafists, the Muslim Brotherhood and AQI (al-Qaeda in Iraq), are the major forces driving the insurgency in Syria,” was the assessment of the Defense Intelligence Agency in their declassified intelligence report from 2012. Just in case Obama doesn’t understand his own intelligence reports, al-Qaeda does NOT qualify as a “moderate” rebel group, they are as extreme as you can possibly get!

US Bombs a Hospital One Day after Claiming Russia Targets Civilians

You just can’t make this stuff up. One day after numerous countries – including the US – accused Russia of targeting civilians in Syria; the US committed a war crime by bombing a hospital in Afghanistan, which was run by Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)). This abhorrent, repugnant and inexcusable act, killed at least 19 civilians (including at least three children), and wounded 37.

The previous day, large sections of the Western media had been filled with false stories that Russian airstrikes had killed civilians in Syria, with the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, even calling on Russia to “cease attacks on civilians”. Quoted in an article by Sputnik, Putin replied to these accusations by stating:

As for any information in the media on civilians suffering [from Russian airstrikes], we were ready for such information attacks. I draw your attention to the fact that the first reports on civilian casualties emerged before our planes even left the ground.

Author and independent researcher, Vanessa Beeley, wrote an excellent article for 21st Century Wire where she dissects the humanitarian propaganda promulgated by the West, and the role played by organizations such as the George Soros connected group, the White Helmets, in spreading this disinformation. Beeley also documents the fact that the US-led coalition in Syria and Iraq has killed civilians, a reality that other news outlets such as the Guardian have reported on – the US-led coalition is accused of killing civilians in 71 separate air raids.

Could John McCain Be More Hawkish?

In an interview with Fox News, US Senator John McCain was asked: “If you were President… would you shoot down those Russian planes?” to which McCain said “no”, but he then went on to state that: “I might do what we did in Afghanistan many years ago, to give those guys the ability to shoot down those planes – that equipment is available.” I suppose US policy is quite consistent, as the US was also aiding extremists in Afghanistan by supporting the Mujahideen to fight the Soviets.

The interviewer then asks the US Senator “who would be shooting them down?” and McCain replied: “The Free Syrian Army, just like the Afghans shot down Russian planes after Russia invaded Afghanistan.” McCain also asserts that “we need to have a no fly zone” and “a buffer zone for refugees” in Syria.

The US Senator has been one of the most prominent public figures who has called for the overthrow of the Assad government. In 2013, he was accused of illegally entering Syria in violation of the country’s sovereignty to meet Syrian rebels, with McCain even being photographed talking with the so-called caliph of ISIS, Ibrahim al-Badri (who is also known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi).

Syria: Where the Wolfowitz Doctrine Dies!

There won’t be many people in Washington who are more distraught at the news that Russia is pounding the West’s proxy armies, than Paul Wolfowitz. Regime change in Syria has been an objective of Wolfowitz since as far back as 1991, a man whose previous roles include serving as the President of the World Bank, and the US Deputy Secretary of Defense. In a 2007 speech, former four star general and NATO commander, Wesley Clark, discusses a meeting he had with Wolfowitz in 1991:

It came back to me, a 1991 meeting I had with Paul Wolfowitz. In 2001 he was Deputy Secretary of Defense, but in 1991 he was the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy – it’s the number three position in the Pentagon… I said to Paul (and this is 1991): Mr Secretary, you must be pretty happy with the performance of the troops in desert storm? And he said: Well yes, but not really. Because the truth is, we should have gotten rid of Saddam Hussein and we didn’t… But one thing we did learn; we learned that we can use our military in the Middle East, and the Soviets won’t stop us. And we’ve got about five or ten years to clean up those old Soviet client regimes – Syria, Iran, [and] Iraq – before the next great superpower comes along to challenge us.

Clark adds that the US “was taken over by a group of people with a policy coup; Wolfowitz, and Cheney, and Rumsfeld, and you could name another half dozen other collaborators from the Project for a New American Century (PNAC). They wanted us to destabilize the Middle East, turn it upside down, [and] make it under our control.”

I have previously written about the PNAC group, and their desire to topple the governments in “North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Libya and Syria”. How the neoconservative war hawks will respond to Russia’s policy in Syria is difficult to predict, but most probably it won’t result in the US peacefully backing down.

The proxy armies of the West, Gulf states, Turkey and Israel, are getting annihilated by Russian airstrikes, which moves Syria one step closer to stability and a lasting solution to the refugee crisis.

Steven MacMillan is an independent writer, researcher, geopolitical analyst and editor of The Analyst Report, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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9 Comments on "Obama Says Russian Strikes on ISIS are “Strengthening” ISIS"

  1. Who Believes Anything Our Government and Politicians say anymore…………Our government is run by Psychopaths, Sociopaths, and Pathological Liars! It is just a big organized crime syndicate, with Homeland Security Agencies running the Protection Arm of the Criminal Operations and Terrorism against citizens, that our Government is engaged in. I know because I have been targeted by Government sponsored Domestic Terrorists that operate Above the Law and are immune from Prosecution for their Crimes and Terrorist Hate Crimes against Citizens.

  2. The Russian support of the Syrian government is apparently interfering with the back-and-forth war maintenance of the CIA/MOSSAD´s ISIS. The crippling of truck convoys from Turkey is interfering with the re-supply of ISIS, also. Of course, the string pullers of the alias, BHObama, require him, as the “great” American president, to oppose any hindrance to Israeli directives to ISIS leaders. See the link: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/07/11/hack-of-netanyahu-chief-of-staff-shows-israeli-control-of-isis/
    The leadership of Israel is not accustomed either to resistance or to having its cover removed.

  3. What’s really dangerous is articles like this which totally distort, a full 180 degrees, the truth — in this case, what Obama was saying: that Russia is not bombing ISIS, he’s bombing OUR GUYS. And you want to blow that off with some turnaround smear?

    Folks, lying like this will not lead to a better policy. Somebody needs to figure out if a strong response to Putin, like shooting down Russian aircraft, is a good idea, and if so, how far we go with it — because ought to be reminded that we’re at the century mark of WWI, which got escalated from a double homicide. Is now the time to risk nuclear war from the Persian Gulf to the Baltic? Make that case, because that’s the threshold we are standing on. I’m willing to listen, but STOP LYING ABOUT IMPORTANT FACTS.

    A part of that deliberation is, Do we want to get sucked back in for ANOTHER couple of trillion dollars worth of war, which we refuse to pay for? One of these days the voters are going to pick up on the fact that all the food stamps and Obamacare put together don’t add up to one of these Treasury-bleeding wars that accomplishes nothing but uncertainty, or perpetual occupation, and in either case millenial grievances against America, and at the same time puts our entire economy at risk because we refuse to pay for our these wars. “Deficits don’t matter,” the Bushies said. Another gigantic lie.

    As for PNAC and that merry band of nation-builders, it was those jerks who ripped the lid off the Pandora’s box over there and set loose the demons that still haunt us. I remember a TV interview with some Iraqi citizen after our invasion who was opposed to Saddam, but was on the side of the insurgents. Why? “Because you’re in my country, and we didn’t invite you.” Our utter failure to grasp that simple, patriotic emotion has allowed us to believe we can go anywhere we want and force our will on a nation. It never works if patriots resist. Never.

    We should be trying to disengage over there, letting patriots sort things out, with our support for those wanting good, democratic outcomes. Oh, wait — that’s exactly what Obama has been trying to do!

    If you don’t like it, MAKE THE CASE FOR A BETTER POLICY. This article does nothing of the sort.

  4. The neocons are just as much a part of the totalitarian globalism paradigm as are the neoliberals.

    When Obama came out of nowhere running for the Dem nomination McCain effused in Newsweek how much he admired Obama and wished he (as a RINO) could throw his support to him. McCain has to be the most two-faced politician in the federal government.

    John “Skull and Bones” Kerry is also part of this cabal and the theatrical press conference musing on what could possibly be done to address the situation of Syria having chemical weapons (duh) was the set up for a “diplomatic” solution played up as a coup. At first it looked like it might be the Russians were simply seizing a pragmatic opportunity and appearing to the be sensible just as they did with the Cuban missile crisis episode. However, the drama continued giving TPTB time to create ISIS. Russia didn’t nip the Syrian terrorist problem in the bud even though it would have been a cakewalk given the strength and sophistication of Russia’s military. Why? G l o b a l g o v e r a n c e.

  5. The moderate opposition in Syria is one that, if we’re ever going to have a political transition, we need. And the Russian policy is driving those folks underground or creating a situation in which they are [debilitated], and it’s only strengthening ISIL.

    At the same press conference when these words were uttered, O later said that they were UNABLE to get ‘moderates’ to fight ISIS.

  6. Khorasan is an alleged group of senior Al-Qaeda members operating in Syria – from Wikipedia.
    SS-Sonderkommando, an ad hoc group of elite ‘Nazi’ officers – from Wikipedia.
    Both organisations populated by Jews – from Me.

  7. C R A Z Y

  8. “Soap Bubble Tiger’…gottaluvit as a perfect metaphor…cheers

  9. Obama parties like it’s 1984

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