Inside The Most Dangerous Place On The Planet, Fukushima Exclusion Zone

By Luke Rudkowski

In this video Luke Rudkowski and Tim Pool give you a brief recap of their trip inside the Fukushima exclusion zone that is still closed down. They go over the dangers of the situation, what they saw and their breakdown of the entire situation. More detailed and exclusive content to come from both of them.

Find Tim Pool’s work here.

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1 Comment on "Inside The Most Dangerous Place On The Planet, Fukushima Exclusion Zone"

  1. If Luke wanted to do some real good he would look into and expose exactly HOW the individual reactors “blew up”.
    They are claiming that it was “hydrogen gas” explosions but hydrogen gas burns subsonically and simply cannot come remotely close to obliterating the several meter thick reinforced concrete containment walls that happened at Fukushima. Especially in reactor number four which was defueled for maintenance at the time.
    There are some high resolution photos from above that show the containment being completely gone.
    There is only one thing that can do this. (And no, it is physically impossible for nuclear fuel itself in a reactor to explode).
    This plant was taken out.
    For those who want to look into this (which is being ignored by the vast majority of “alternative” press, I suggest checking out jimstonefreelance dot is ( and clicking on his Fukushima link.
    (He had to flee the US after submitting his findings because he was immediately targeted.
    (Although if you live in the US there is a good chance that that site is completely blocked for you (you know, “Land of the Free” and all).

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