Activists Help Mainstream Media Understand the Reality in Palestine

Airstrike-Israel-Gaza-ThumbnailBy Michaela Whitton

Activists have taken it upon themselves to show some of the BBC’s most senior presenters the reality of the situation on the ground in Palestine. As a result of the broadcasting company’s persistent, biased, and misleading reporting on the situation in Palestine and Israel, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign has decided to surprise Broadcasting House with a delivery of mugs printed with maps showing how much land Palestine has lost to Israel since 1948.


Among those set to receive the gifts are James Harding, the BBC’s Director of News and Current Affairs, Evan Davis, presenter of Newsnight, Today presenters John Humphrys, Mishal Husain, Sarah Montague, and James Naughtie, and News at Ten anchors Fiona Bruce and Huw Edwards. In case of confusion, the presenters will also receive an accompanying letter reminding them who is the occupier and who is the occupied, according to the U.K. campaign group.

The renowned broadcaster’s offices in London have been the scene of regular demonstrations by activists who accuse the BBC of a pro-Israel bias and reporting that is persistently devoid of context.

On the Today radio programme last week, not only did presenter John Humphrys imply that the 50 people killed since the beginning of the month were all Israelis, Middle East correspondent Kevin Connolly said “it was impossible to guess at the motives of the Palestinians who had stabbed Israelis.”

Impossible to guess? Really? Let us help you with that.

U.N. figures through October 19th list the fatality toll from the latest violence at 43 Palestinians and 7 Israelis. Thousands of Palestinians have also been injured in attacks by Israeli soldiers and armed extremist settlers.

Amid the brutal suppression of protests, elderly Palestinians died from inhalation of tear gas and ambulances were prevented from attending the injured. Israel has resurrected old techniques of punitive house demolitions, which are illegal under international law.

Choosing to ignore the 48 years of brutal military occupation, creeping Israeli settlement expansion, and vast disparities in a justice system where Israelis live under civilian rule but Palestinians are governed by military law — the BBC continues to present Palestinians as prone to committing random and inexplicable acts of violence.

In an attempt to remind the BBC of the reality on the ground, PSC Director Sarah Colborne said:

“We hope having a PSC mug, depicting everything the Palestinians have lost in the last 68 years, sitting on their desks will remind the BBC’s head of news and its senior presenters that it is the Palestinians who are the victims in this situation, not the heavily armed Israeli state.”

“And we hope they enjoy drinking their morning tea from our mugs,” she added.

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9 Comments on "Activists Help Mainstream Media Understand the Reality in Palestine"

  1. How naive are these activists? The mainstream media knows exactly what reality is. They’re in the business of bullshitting you. They’re not stupid. They’re evil. Get used to it.

  2. Yup, never for a seond think the rotten leauge of prestitutes dont know this, they do, but they arent there to tell us anything ever remotely onected to truth, to even belive that is for me a sign of mental illness, an cognitive dissonane of proportions never seen before on our planet.

    They lie and they know they are lying, period, even in Norway all palestinians are terrorists, age gender and so on, christians slaughtered and the Norce dont give a f…. the media dont give a f…., our rightwinged freak gov. wants them eradiated from the face of this earth, we have ministers stating genicde and the MSM dont give a f…., the people in the leftis side dont give a f…. since the Palestinians are eqaull to “ISIS”, all terrorists.

    And thrue all this years, I have comented, long before I stepped this up to the international stage, NOBODY cares about the rights of the Palestinians, nobody, I am to day ensured everywhere, all of the MSM is blocked for anyone trying to show the people whats the truth, but the MSM in Norway is totall controll, and runns accodingly to the Teahings of the Frankfurther schools consensusses about reality.

    The last bastion for the soundrells and warcriminals is their gardiand, the western MSM.
    They are OUR problem, and thats not only regading Palestina but also issues like the present cup in Portugal, and Italy whom have an “apointed” PM, and and the eCONomy witch is lied about ALL the time.

    But any messure against this is a good thing, il dont critizes them at all, anyone doing anything about this to day is a hero, because the wall your are upagainst of formidable.


  3. I watch the U-tube video last night called, “the Grand Mufti of Palestine.” I suggest anyone who really is interested in the history of the what’s going on there should watch it.
    First. I one can really claim that there is no such thing a miracles, well,,,, all one has to do is look at Jewish History and the fact that they have survived without loosing their identity.
    Those who call themselves Palestinians are just Arabs that moved into the vacuum left by Rome’s destruction of the last Temple completed by Herod.
    Folks this is real history. The Romans through Titus changed the name of Israel to Palestine as an affront to the Jews. The name Palestine referring to the Philistines.
    Check the DNA of these people! Let’s settle this now! So much money has been given and squandered by Arafat and all that have come after him that they could have a city in Gaza equal to Tel Aviv. With jobs and schools and PEACE. But they don’t want peace. They want the total destruction of the Jews.
    Picking on one media outlet is rather stupid compared to all the other’s that promote pro Palestine fervor.
    Watch the Grand Mufti of Palestine. Many time in it the people are called Arabs.

    • I wonder who paid and produced this program you watched??

      • Thanks for the reply, Ricky.

        I did go back to look at the credits at the end of the show and here is what I can relay.
        Narrator is Alisdair Simpson

        From the Archives of:
        Getty Images
        Imperial War museum
        Itn Source
        Library of Congress
        British Empire and the Commonwealth Museum
        Us holocaust Memorial Museum
        Us Nationa Archive
        Yad Vashem

        Executive Producers of IMG Media

        Mark Young
        Richard Wise
        I hope this helps.

  4. It is a nwo dictatorship that uses tax money collected across usa/nato areas to restructure the globe. They are not interested in our opinion only control.

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