Company Releases Video of First Ever Drone Neutralizer Gun

drone neutralizer

By Amanda Warren

A U.S. non-profit company has just released an impressive video of a drone neutralizing gun that successfully forces an airborne drone to land almost immediately. The futuristic-looking gun can down a drone at 400 meters using radio signals.

The company’s name sounds like a cross between “battle” and the toy company Mattel – Battelle, based in Ohio. Unfortunately, if you were hoping to get your hands on one of these to keep surveillance bots out of your private space – they are only being marketed to the U.S. Government.

The U.S. Sci-tech contractor will make them available to the government next year, signaling that it is really only government agents that are able to protect themselves from the very invasive weapons that they themselves monopolize.

Many industries are legally using drones – such as the media. If they get too close to a story, can their camera simply be grounded unless “authorized” by the government?

Dan Stamm, leader of research for the company says:

The DroneDefender can help protect us from those who may wish to do us harm. It can help us in numerous settings, from the White House lawn to bases and embassies overseas; from prisons and schools to historic sites. It easily and reliably neutralizes the threat.

Watch it in action:


Drones are great, but not when someone is doing something bad with one, like dropping contraband into a prison or flying into restricted airspace. We’ve got an answer.

*Due to U.S. Federal regulations, this is a simulation of our DroneDefender. It has, though, been successfully tested in field trials.

Photo: © BattelleInnovations / YouTube

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5 Comments on "Company Releases Video of First Ever Drone Neutralizer Gun"

  1. CheetahWhizerd | October 15, 2015 at 3:51 pm | Reply

    Came to this site to see if this story was here. Glad to see it is. Couldn’t believe I was seeing this for the first time on MSN.
    Very disappointed to see that there’s not even an inclination to have a civilian buy this product.
    But, it’s a start in the right direction, and could probably be stolen if the right persons get pissed-off in a SHTF situation.
    And I’m sure there’s going to be products coming out that will disable this product too….
    the game will continue to go on and on and on and on, until a catalyst occurs.
    So be it.

    • This is useless for private citizens, unless you want to stop the USPC and Amazon from recording your personal and private property. The USAF has been approved by the FAA, to put 30,000 drones in the sky over the U.S. They fly at 20-30,000 feet above sea level. 400 meters doesn’t touch them.

      • 30,000 ft you say? Only a matter of time then before they take down a commercial jet like a bird in the turbines. Don’t forget they can be hacked as well.
        All the police & alphabet agencies [& perverts] will be using them to spy on private citizens; count on it. If you bring one down with this device there will be no charges of firing a weapon in a residential neighborhood & less destruction of property.

  2. It won’t be long (if they haven’t already) before some inventive high school student or ham radio operator comes up with an equivalent and puts it on Craigslist or eBay.

  3. Not for civilians, huh? I guess my old 12 ga. will have to suffice until we can get one of those dandy ray guns for ourselves.

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